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Tu Aashiqui Wednesday 7th August 2019 On Joy Prime


The Episode starts with Pankti going to the market and buying a phone. She leaves. Ahaan tries to make the song. He talks to Uday and says I m not getting words, I feel like I couldn’t say Pankti’s hearts. Pankti comes to the echo point. She sees the people. She smiles and thinks that Suhana heard her name when she shouted her name at echo point. She shouts out her name Pankti and hears the echo. Ahaan hears her name echoing in the valleys. He happily jumps. He runs and leaves in his car to reach the echo point.

Pankti sits writing about herself. She pens some sweet lines about love. She writes her name at the end. Ahaan looks for her and runs between the crowd. Pankti goes from there. She leaves her dupatta there. Ahaan runs to see her. Tere bin….plays…. He reaches the echo

point. He doesn’t see her and gets sad. He gets to see her dupatta. He gets to read her lines and smiles reading her name Pankti Sharma. He says I was finding her, she has found me, I was trying to reach her and she has reached me, where are you Pankti. He shouts Pankti.
He asks the man about Pankti, she was sitting here. The man says no, I didn’t see her. He asks other people. Pankti smiles knowing the horse name is Ranbir Kapoor. The man asks her to ride the horse. She says none likes to stay following someone. The man says I know you are a writer, you were writing there. She realizes and says my paper and dupatta. She pays him and runs back.

Ahaan gets Uday’s call and says that dupatta girl is Pankti. Uday says I knew its her, there is some connection. Ahaan says I will find her and come. Uday asks him to come soon, she can come to concert. Ahaan asks a vendor to give his number to the girl who comes to find her dupatta. He pays the boy and asks him to talk to Pankti with a smile. He leaves. Pankti comes there to find her dupatta.

She thinks her dupatta has flew far. She goes. The vendor boy stops her and says a guy told me a sweet and innocent girl will come to find her belonging, he has given the dupatta and his number, he paid me to talk to you with a smile. She asks but who is he. He says I don’t know and goes. She says he should have left my poem. Ahaan says I wanted to thank her for completing my son, I wish she calls. Uday says she will call. Pankti talks to Purva and tells her about a guy stealing her poem. Purva asks her to take life seriously as she got two days to live free, pity on yourself, throw the number away. Anita takes the phone and asks which guy.

Pankti lies to her. Anita asks her to say truth. Pankti says I know my limits. Anita threatens her about Purva. Ahaan is close and passes by Pankti. Anita asks Pankti to call JD, and don’t dare to talk to anyone. Pankti tears the number and goes. Uday says don’t say that she is here. Ahaan says I m thinking my chit can get tear like this. Uday says everyone will know you seeing this posters, then tell her you have stolen her lines.

Pankti calls JD. She waits for his call. JD calls her. He says its good you forgot phone, but not to way to call. She says I left home in hurry and forgot phone. JD asks her not to explain, he gets a doubt. He asks what did he teach her, how to talk on phone, yeh vaada…. how the girls talk in that song. He asks her to talk like those girls. Pankti cries and tells as he says. She says its very cold here. He laughs and talks of her figure, none has right to see her except him. They hear music. She looks out of window. Ahaan plays guitar. JD hears Ahaan’s tune.

Ahaan sings the song in the concert. He tells everyone that Pankti Sharma is his inspiration. Pankti gets shocked…

The Episode starts with JD asking Pankti about the tune. She lies and says I have switched off the tv. He asks her to switch on tv, he wants to hear it. She says remote is not working. He asks her to sing. She cries. He insists. Sheetal comes to him. JD ends call. Pankti stands at the window. JD sees Ahaan in news. He gets shocked hearing about his concert. The man asks him not to worry, he started his work. JD thinks Ahaan and Pankti are in Mahabaleshwar, she reaches wrong place. He gets angry and goes.

Pankti is a shop. She buys some snacks. Ahaan gets prepared for his concert. Uday asks him to chill, Pankti will surely come, lets start the concert. He gives the guitar to Ahaan. He records Ahaan. Anita sees Ahaan’s concert news and asks about the concert title. JD slaps her and asks why

did you not go there, go and guard my belonging, you get paid for this. He leaves.
Everyone at home sees Ahaan on tv. Manav says he could have told us, are we his enemy. Everyone talks about his concert. Pankti hears the girls. She gets Anita’s call. Anita asks her to go back to her resort and then come home. Pankti agrees. She hears Ahaan’s voice. Ahaan reads Pankti’s poetry. He starts singing at the concert. Pankti comes there and sees Ahaan singing.

Ahaan sees her and smiles. They look at each other and recall their earlier meets. He says maybe I have missed her by heart, so she has really come, everyone would be thinking of my concert title, the answer is this girl Pankti Sharma. Pankti gets shocked. She covers her face. Ahaan says she is my inspiration. She looks at him. He continues singing. Pankti gets leaving. Ahaan looks for her and gets down stage.

Aparna says what is he doing. Manav says he always break hopes. Aparna says maybe he is finding someone. Ahaan asks Pankti does he have habit to hide in darkness, she will get lights now. He goes to her and gets her in spotlight. He forwards hand and promises her. She looks at him. She turns to go. He holds her hand and stops. Kaira asks JD to come and see a surprise. JD is on call. Sheetal asks JD to see his timing, none can call their Ahaan a one time wonder now. Everyone smiles. JD turns to see Ahaan on tv. Ahaan says I hope my music was deserving of your lyrics, I have made this song by your lyrics, your place is on stage.

JD acts good and says I told you Manav, believe your son, superb, I knew this. Ahaan takes Pankti along. JD says whose hand is Ahaan holding. Uday gets a jerk and falls down. Police reaches there. The video goes. Inspector asks Uday to stop all this. Uday asks why, we have permission. Pankti recalls Anita’s words. She frees herself and goes. Ahaan calls out Pankti. He sees Uday with police. The man informs JD that work is done.

Pankti falls in Ahaan’s arms. They have an eyelock. Ahaan finds her bag. Pankti sees the hoarding falling on him and runs to save him.

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