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Tu Aashiqui Wednesday 14th August 2019 On Joy Prime


The Episode starts with Ahaan talking to Pankti. He gives her chocolates. He tells her how he gets a hope to dream something news, when he sees others dreaming. She asks don’t you have any dream. He says I have a dream, I got it just now. He forwards a hand of friendship. He says when anyone doesn’t accept, one should act as if nothing happened. She smiles. She gets a call from Purva and says I m just leaving. She leaves and goes downstairs. She drops her purse and picks it. Ahaan says let me atleast drop you. She happens to see JD and gets shocked. JD asks who’s there. Ahaan says its me Bade Papa. Pankti runs upstairs.

JD asks Sheetal why did lights go, he will get another phone. Servant gives him torch. Pankti hides in a room. JD comes there. Ahaan asks did she go anywhere. Aparna asks

what. Pankti climbs down the balcony by the dupatta. She falls down. Ahaan holds her in arms. They have an eyelock. She gets away. He asks what were you doing. She says I have to go home. He says by jumping down, you would have reached hospital, tell me. She asks him not to ask. He says let me drop you. She says no need, I will message Richa, thanks for saving me. She runs.
Manav says some people left because of powercut. JD apologizes to Richa’s parents. Ahaan asks Pankti to let him drop her, how will she go alone. Pankti hires a taxi. Ahaan stops her. He asks did I do anything cheap, do I look cheap, why are you running. She recalls JD and Anita’s words. He says you are just running away, I m a nice guy, I m saying truth, ask anyone, I m from a respected family, I respect everyone, I m obedient, I forgive people on doing mistake, I told you thanks for the song that day. She nods. She recalls Ahaan saving her. She says I should thank you for getting me in light from darkness. Driver asks her does she have to go or not. Ahaan says wait. He tells her that he didn’t give up when she went away, can’t she shake hands, friends? He requests. She gets thinking. She shakes hands. They smile. She leaves in the taxi. Ahaan gets happy and dances.

Anita gets up. She asks Purva where is Pankti. Purva asks how did you get up so soon, I will give you lemon water. Anita looks for Pankti. Pankti comes there and gets saved. Anita sees the dress and asks how is this dress here. Pankti gets tensed. Purva says we got this for dry cleaning. Anita says fine. She gets headache and goes. Purva says tell me did you have fun. Pankti says a lot. Purva asks how was the party, what did she do. Anita calls Purva. Pankti thinks of Ahaan and smiles. He imagines her and smiles.

Aparna does prayers. She feeds prasad to Ahaan. She thinks I m not worried for you now, I know she has come, every day will be Diwali now. He asks is she still predicting future. She says yes, a new start will happen, come with me. She takes him to temple. She gives him shank. He plays the shank. Pankti also plays the shank in her house. Anita wakes up by the sound. She goes out. Pankti gives her aarti. Anita says please when did this puja happen. Pankti says house is not called a home if puja doesn’t happen, its Diwali today so I thought to make a start. Anita says this festive irritates me less, play Shank again, ask Laxmi ji to come soon. Pankti says home is called one where people stay together, else its called a hotel. JD comes and asks really….. Pankti gets shocked seeing him.

The Episode starts with Ahaan telling Aparna that Pankti has some sorrow, but she doesn’t share anything. Aparna says you have to make a relation with her such that she can share her problems. He asks how to make such relation. Anita tells JD that Pankti got crazy reading such books. JD says puja happens at home and shops, it doesn’t mean the difference between home and shop, I have bought you, I regret I can’t decorate you in my home, you have to stay in this hotel. Anita asks what are you saying, you have given us this big house, I don’t want to insult this by calling it a hotel, I didn’t know Pankti will live her life as books. JD says its fine, when she grows up, she will know the difference. Anita says she has grown up, she is 19 years old.

JD says this is the difference between

educated and uneducated people. He taunts Anita. JD wishes happy diwali to Pankti and smiles. Aparna says I also feel Pankti has some bad shadow around her, you give her a relation where there is no burden, no conditions and no bounds, there should be just peace, its called friendship. Ahaan smiles and says we got friendship yesterday. Aparna says people with sorrow don’t trust easily, you have to make friendship stronger that she shares everything on own. She gives the rakshasutra and asks him to tie it to Pankti’s hand, it will keep her away from all evil. He thanks her.
JD dines with Pankti and stares at her. Anita asks him about the food. He taunts. Anita asks him to forget it. JD praises Pankti. He jokes and says maybve she didn’t like my sense of humor, why didn’t she laugh, what’s her sorrow now. He asks Anita to let him talk. He says I have sent her to Mahabaleshwar, what does she want now. Pankti says I want to start my music classes again. JD says so she wants music, she misses the guys who used to come there. Pankti looks at him. Pankti says I used to go just to learn music, you know who used to come there. He gets angry.

He says you can see the guys too, your misbehavior has a style, which Purva didn’t have, but Purva used to do few things well. Purva scolds him and goes. JD asks Anita to keep her daughters in limits, else they will be on roads. Uday meets Ahaan and gives the good news, that a music company wants to sign him. Ahaan says its JD’s rivals, he won’t like it. Aparna says I won’t like it if you don’t sign this. He asks will JD feel bad. She says he loves you, he won’t feel bad. Ahaan asks shall I sign, I will call JD once. He calls JD. JD asks Anita and Pankti to get out. He answers the call. Ahaan tells about the company offer. JD gets a shock.

Ahaan says I didn’t say yes, I felt… JD says that I can feel bad, you think so, I m your Bade Papa first and then company owner, I was waiting for this. Ahaan asks did you not feel bad. JD says no, I m proud of you, I regret my rival company is signing you, its fine, happy diwali. Ahaan thanks him and says you are the best. JD says of course, I m the best. JD gets ready and leaves. Anita calls him out to give a drink. She thinks to do something of Purva and Pankti. She calls someone and says I want to talk about Purva. JD asks the man to stop the deal. The man says someone has to stop Ahaan from signing the deal. JD asks what do you mean, I beg Ahaan for this, no way. The man says this time you have to bend, else none can stop Ahaan. JD throws the phone.

Ahaan, Vikram and Uday come to Pankti’s house and wait outside. Pankti is sad and thinks of her dad. She cries. Purva comes to her and asks what is she thinking, is she missing dad. Purva shows colors and says we will make rangoli, we will celebrate like before. They hug. Pankti say we can celebrate Diwali well now. Purva goes to get glue. Pankti smiles.

Ahaan sends the drone camera inside Pankti’s room. She follows the drone and comes out. She sees Ahaan.

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