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Tu Aashiqui Update On Wednesday--Thursday 21st August 2019 On Joy Prime


The Episode starts with Jd asking name. Ahaan says I will directly make her meet you when she says yes. JD wishes him all the best. Ahaan is at the event. The lady asks them not to bid for the instrument which is already sold. Ahaan senses and says Pankti. He turns and sees her in bridal wear. He recalls their moments. He asks her to keep his heart. She asks do you know why I came here. He says I have hope, you say what I want to hear. She asks shall we buy a gift for you. She shows him a musical instrument. The lady says sorry, its sold. She shows other instruments, which are also sold. He asks what does she want to say. She takes him out. She asks him can he buy anything that’s sold. He says no, it has someone else’s right and its not right.

He says its enough you came to me, its fine

if you couldn’t gift me anything. She asks how can I be your gift. He says I was saying about exhibition. She says you said if anything is sold, its of the person who bought it. He asks what are you saying. She says I m sold and shows the stamp on hand. He gets shocked. She says sold things don’t have right to love.
Pankti tells Ahaan that she is sold, and just her owner has right on her. Ahaan gets shocked. She says I m his mistress, leave all hopes, don’t see any dreams, don’t write any lines for me, as someone else has written sold on me, someone has bid for me, you don’t love me. He asks what nonsense, did your mum put this, I will remove this. She says no, my owner has written this. He says enough, I m getting hurt, why are you saying this. He smiles and says you have a dark sense of humor. She says its truth, its not any joke. He asks but how, how can anyone be your owner, you are a human, you are not a thing. She says I became a thing when I was auctioned, when I was sold. She recalls JD’s words. She says I m from a different world, I m not like you. He says I don’t know anything, I just know you are my love. She says no, I can’t become anyone’s love, I m someone’s mistress. She cries.

He says don’t repeat this word, it looks so bad to hear. She says even I m bad, I m bought by money, forget me Ahaan. He gets shocked. He stops her. He says don’t talk like black and white film heroine, why this drama to reject me, say straight. She says this is truth of my life. He asks if everything was normal, would you reject me. She says yes, I would have rejected you, you are immature, you don’t take anything seriously, writing songs, love, this doesn’t fulfill life’s needs, I like to have a good lifestyle, look at me, see this dress and jewelry, its all costly, how will you get this for me. He says no, you are doing drama.

She says nothing can happen of us, you don’t know when I m saying truth. He says I promise to believe you, just answer me, are you happy with this arrangement. She recalls JD’s tortures. She says I get everything before saying. He asks and love? She says love is not needed where there is money, money makes heart happy. She turns away and cries. She asks him not to feel bad of her words, he is a nice guy, if he works hard, he can get successful, his parents will be glad, find someone innocent like him, who doesn’t value money, he will be happy with such a girl, but they can’t be happy together. She leaves. Ahaan cries. She cries too.

The Episode starts with Pankti telling Anita that she ended Ahaan’s love and all of her problems. Anita asks did you tell JD’s name. Pankti says I m not so foolish, I told him that I love money and luxuries. Anita gets glad and goes to get sweets. Purva asks Pankti why did she do this, she should have run away with Ahaan. Pankti says Ahaan would have always loved me and got burnt, so I had this way to free him, I burnt his love. Purva says and your love too. JD comes and asks whose love. They get shocked.

Ahaan burns things and ruins his room in anger. He gets Pankti’s pics. He recalls her words. Kaira comes and stops him. He tears the pics and throws in fire. Kaira goes to Sheetal and Aparna, and tells about Ahaan.

JD stops Anita and asks Pankti again. He shouts on her when she

refuses to say. He asks won’t you tell me. She says I won’t. Anita says forgive her. JD says she got stubborn. He hurts her and shouts say the name. She refuses. Aparna stops Ahaan. He cries. He breaks the guitar. He sees Pankti’s dupatta. He throws that in fire too. He shouts Pankti and cries.
JD slaps Pankti. Anita and Purva worry. Aparna consoles Ahaan. She sees the bleeding in his hand. She asks Kaira to get first aid box. Pankti says no one will come between us today, I also want to see who will win, I m ready to die, but I won’t say the name. JD gets shocked. He holds her face and says great, you fell in love and got courage, I want to hear his name from you, then your courage will break, I m also ready to kill you. He throws Pankti on a mirror. She faints. Anita and Purva hold her and ask her to open eyes. JD looks on. Purva holds his collar and calls him an animal. She scolds him. She asks Anita to be quiet. She asks JD to leave, else she will call neighbors and police. JD scolds her. Purva says we have nothing to lose, if anyone comes, your respect, name and money will be finished. He raises hand. She shouts for help. Anita stops Purva. She asks JD to leave, Purva is getting mad, its imp to take Pankti to hospital, else it will be police case, I m on your side, please go, when she gets conscious, I will try to know the name. He goes. Purva asks Anita to get car fast.

Aparna asks Ahaan not to lose courage, what did Pankti say, did she refuse. Ahaan says I lost, I can’t live in this city. She asks him to listen. He packs his bag. Aparna asks Sheetal to stop Ahaan. Sheetal asks Ahaan to go and do anything he wants, she will organize his tickets. JD calls Anita. She says she didn’t get conscious, we are going hospital. Purva says we couldn’t do anything. Anita says JD is powerful. Purva says people say mum’s love is powerful, but its weak. Anita says I tried to stop JD, why did Pankti hide name, JD would have seen Ahaan, am I saying wrong. Purva says you don’t find anything wrong, this thing is wrong. The driver says car broke down.

Ahaan and Uday are on the way. Ahaan recalls Pankti’s words. Anita says I will call ambulance. Purva takes care of Pankti. Ahaan thinks of Pankti and says so much happened, I feel she is around me, like she needs me. The car passes by. Ahaan sees Pankti injured. Tu aashiqui….plays……… He asks Uday to stop the car. He goes to Pankti. He asks Purva what happened to her. Purva says please take her to hospital. Anita comes and shouts on him. She asks him to leave Pankti. Ahaan says don’t come in my way, else I will forget you are Pankti’s mum. Pankti says Ahaan….. you have come. He says yes, nothing will happen to you.

Ahaan tells Anita that he will find out who did this with Pankti. He threatens her.


The Episode starts with Ahaan saying nothing will happen to you Pankti. He asks doctor to treat her. Doctor asks what happened to her. Anita says she fell down. Ahaan asks how many times. Doctor asks them not to worry. Ahaan sees Pankti and cries. Purva smiles and says you lost, Ahaan knows her truth and even then he is here with her, he didn’t get back. Ahaan warns Anita. He refuses to go. He says I will find the culprit and do the worse with him, don’t think of going to Pankti, you can try and see if you feel I m false threatening. Anita leaves.

Aparna stays sad. Sheetal consoles her. She says maybe Pankti likes other type of guys, our Ahaan is cute. JD comes and asks what’s happening, you have sent Ahaan away. Sheetal says that girl refused to him, his heart broke, no use to tell

her name now. JD says tell me the name, how dare she refuse to Ahaan, after all we are Dhanrajgir. He asks Aparna does she know her. Ahaan talks to Uday. He asks him to cancel his ticket, he is not going anywhere. He recalls Pankti.
Anita says Ahaan is not letting me meet Pankti, he is JD’s nephew, he will try to rule, I will make JD and Ahaan fight, he was threatening me. JD asks Aparna to say. Anita calls him. Sheetal takes his phone and checks the call. JD says its imp call. Sheetal asks more than me, I know its PS and AS. He says AS means assistant. Sheetal jokes that his work is her Sautan, tell her not to disturb when he is with his boss. He nods. Ahaan asks nurse about Pankti. She says she is fine, she got conscious, it will take time for wound to heal. He goes to see Pankti. Anita looks on and says JD will handle him now.

Ahaan sees Pankti. She sees him. Purva comes to them. She asks Pankti is she fine. Pankti recalls JD. She turns her face away. Ahaan says Purva you will ask me not to go from Pankti’s life, ask Pankti not to take tension, as I m going forever, it was her good luck that my flight got missed, tell her bye from my side. He makes a call to Purva and goes out. Purva keeps the phone near Pankti and talks to her about Ahaan. Ahaan hears them. Purva says he still loves you. Pankti says no, its wrong. Purva asks why, he is going away, won’t you stop him. Pankti says no. Purva asks don’t you care, why are you crying then, when Saab was beating you like animals to know Ahaan’s name, why did you not tell him, if you have no feelings for Ahaan, you should have told him Ahaan’s name, why did you break down when you broke his heart. He hears their talk. Pankti says I don’t know, when I realized I can’t see him again, something died inside me, when I felt his heart would have broken by my words, I also broke down, I knew he would have fallen in danger if I took his name. Purva says you have put your life in danger. Ahaan comes to her and asks why.

Manav gets Vikram’s call. He says you reached, Ahaan….. talk to Sheetal. He asks Aparna about Ahaan, where does he want to go suddenly. Aparna says Ahaan was bit upset. Manav asks did he do stupidity again. Aparna says I don’t like telling anything. Sheetal says Ahaan is in love. Manav asks what, who is that poor girl. Aparna says Richa’s best friend Pankti. Manav says so you were teaching her marriage rasams. Sheetal says Pankti refused to him. Manav asks is he fine, he ruined career, he should have been here with us when his heart broke. Aparna says Uday is with him. Manav worries and calls Uday. Aparna says he always scolds Ahaan.

Sheetal says father has other way to show love for child, this anger is love, don’t worry. Ahaan asks Pankti why can’t she tell him that she loves him. He says you said you are fine, then these wounds and tears, how, you said you like nothing else than money, how did you break then, you said you don’t know what I mean to you, but I got to know you love me a lot, maybe more than me, if you can risk life for me, my love is not less, I don’t care that you are sold off, I care for one thing, the hands that gave you these wounds, I have to break those hands, tell me who did this. Pankti cries. He asks her not to get scared, is he very powerful, I m also a Dhanrajgir, my Bade Papa is also very powerful. Pankti and Purva get shocked and see each other. Purva signs no. Pankti says I can’t say. He asks why do you want to save that animal. She asks him to leave. He says fine, but you have to tell me, else I will find him and never come back again. He goes

The Episode starts with Pankti seeing Ahaan leaving. She recalls his words. She asks him to stop. He asks are you stopping me from finding that man or leaving you. She says don’t leave me and walks to him. He asks why. She says you know why. He smiles and says I know, but I want to hear it from you. She says don’t go because….. she hugs him and says because I love you. He holds her and smiles. Tu aashiqui ….plays…..Pankti says leave don’t leave me. Ahaan says I will never go. She opens eyes and sees JD. She gets shocked. JD looks on. She recalls his words and faints. Ahaan holds her in arms. JD gets shocked seeing Ahaan. Ahaan turns back. JD goes away. Ahaan takes Pankti to the ward. JD recalls Sheetal and Aparna’s words. Ahaan goes out. JD pulls Anita. The tea falls at

the door. Ahaan says how did the tea fall here. He looks around.
Anita says you have seen everything. JD says yes. She says talk in low tone. He says I have seen Pankti confessing love to him, Pankti has also seen me. She says what shall I tell you, Ahaan is troubling us, I couldn’t do anything as he is your relative, else I would have got someone else killed, he didn’t let me meet my daughter, I called you as there is no option now. He raises hand on her. He asks since when is this going on. She says Pankti was in hospital when she had fever, Ahaan was also there, he used to follow her, they met in Mahabaleshwar, then Richa’s engagement, he came home on Diwali. JD gets shocked. He asks and today in hospital. Anita says no, he met on the way, he got her to hospital today, I don’t know how to keep Pankti away from him, you are smart, you find some way. Ahaan looks around. JD says its your mistake, I will kill you first. He holds her neck. Ahaan says who was he, because of whom Pankti fainted. He comes there. JD turns and sees a ward boy. The man asks them to vacate the ward. Anita goes. She sees Ahaan out and tells JD. JD says make him leave from there, else next time maybe ward boy doesn’t come. She holds her neck in fear and goes.

Ahaan sees the CCTV camera. Anita goes to him and asks what are you finding. He says Pankti fainted here, I m finding the reason, I think you know this, you would have called that man here right, that devil who caged Pankti. Anita says he is a storm, not devil, none can stand in front of that storm, move off his way. Ahaan says I won’t sit back till I move him off my way. Anita says when society knows Pankti’s truth, what will happen. Ahaan says the society where there are such mums who sell daughters, where there are men who buy girls, I don’t care for such a society. She shouts Ahaan. Nurse says Pankti got conscious. Anita asks him to leave, she knows taking care of Pankti. He says I can see the proof on her body, you can try, I won’t go anywhere. He goes to Pankti. Anita tells JD that Ahaan is not going. JD calls her useless. Anita says I m giving you advice, do something of Ahaan, else he will become your biggest problem. JD says shut up, if I knew this before, this would have not happened, see how I end this. JD sees Ahaan going.

Ahaan comes to Pankti. She thinks of JD and worries. Ahaan asks who was he, I don’t want to give tension, I will find out, what’s the use to hide. Anita says it was me, she fainted seeing me. JD comes home and thinks of Ahaan. He says what did you do Ahaan, you did a big mistake, you have eyed my thing, I will not leave you and that thing, I will ruin you.

Aparna falls down the stairs. JD calls Ahaan and says Aparna fell down, come fast. Anita tells Pankti that JD has made Aparna fall down to move off Ahaan from here, now you are next.

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