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Saraswatichandra Wednesday 7th August 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud standing amidst flowers. He makes her wear the ring and Mann ke dor…. plays…… Kumud smiles seeing Saras. Saras looks at her and smiles while music plays….. Its Saras’s imagination while he is still holding the ring outside the shop. He says you can’t think Kumud how much happy I m today. Guniyal is waiting for Kumud and asks Kusum not to tell anything about Saras as he is going to surprise Kumud. Kalika hears this. Yash says Kumud came. Kumud comes with Badimaa and Vidyachatur. Guniyal welcomes them with aarti plate and tells them about Kusum’s wedding date getting fixed. She sees everyone tensed and asks what happened.

Guniyal asks them and gets worried seeing them upset. Saras is buying a saree for Kumud taking Chandrika’s help. Saras sees a red saree and smiles. He selects a red saree. Saras thinks Kumud understands me without listening to me, what today it will be as I want. Vidyachatur tells everyone that Pramad refused to give divorce to Kumud. Everyone are shocked hearing this. The judge supported Pramad and asked Kumud to give him a second chance as its his last wish. Pramad requested Kumud to give him a chance. He says I can’t fight with you anymore, so I m begging to you, I could not get your love, I want to die peacefully, give me a chance to regret. The judge asked Kumud about her decision and seeing Pramad suffer like this, Kumud had to agree to Pramad’s request.

Kumud is in her room talking to Kusum and says I don’t have any answer, I had to say yes. Kusum says you won’t go back to him, how can you think you would go back to him. Kumud says I m going for you, not for him. Kumud says if I refused going with him, he would have stopped your marriage. Kusum says I can be unmarried for you my whole life. Kumud says I m doing this as its my decision, you will get everything that you deserve and have a right on. Kusum says think again, please stop. Kumud packs her bag and stands to her decision firmly. Kusum tries to stop her. Saras and Chandrika come to a mandir and she tells him how powerful is Devima’s sindoor.

Saras gives the saree to pandit and asks him to place it to Devima. Saras prays that his love is powerful, but their relation was incomplete and he is going to complete it today. The pandit gives the saree back and also gives the sindoor. Saras takes it and smiles thanking the pandit and taking his blessings. Vidyachatur tells Kumud that he can’t permit her to go. Kumud says try to understand. Kalika says Pramad won over showing his weakness to her. Kumud says my family is more than my self esteem, I will do this for Kusum’s happiness. Vidyachatur says no, you don’t have to compromise for Kusum’s sake. Kusum says I won’t be happy seeing you like this. Vidyachatur says you won’t go anywhere Kumud, and this is my command.

Budhidhan and his wife comes to their house. Everyone are shocked to see them. Kumud greets them. Pramad’s mum says think about us, what should we do, my son is going to die. Budhidhan says Pramad wants to spend his last days with Kumud, be humble, support us for some days. Budhidhan promises that nothing will happen to Kumud. Vidyachatur says how can I trust you, she won’t go. He says Kumud has to go over my dead body if she wants to go. Pramad comes there and says Kumud will not go anywhere. Everyone look at him. He looks miserable suffering.

Pramad says I agree with your decision, if you are hurt then Kumud will also be hurt. I want to give her happiness, but make her sad. He says this is my punishment. Budhidhan and his wife cry and supports Pramad. They request everyone to fulfill Pramad’s last wish. Vidyachatur says I can’t send Kumud to your house, but I can help you for humanity. He says my Kumud will be at my house, Pramad can stay with us if he wants. Everyone are shocked. Pramad happily agrees and thanks Vidyachatur. He says thanks for giving me a peaceful death. He starts coughing again. Kalika smiles.

Its night, Kumud is thinking about Saras and says where are you when I need you the most. Saras comes to her smiling and says Kumud. She turns and asks where were you. She says I was searching for you. He says I went so that you don’t search me again, so that I can be always with you. Chandrika comes with the saree and gives him. She leaves smiling. Kumud looks at it and says its late now. Saras says no, its not late, I spoke to Vidyachatur about you and he agreed. I brought the shagun with me. He shows the rung, saree and sindoor. Kumud cries seeing it. He says I told you to remove your wedding dress, but this time I will make you ready as a bride. He sits on his knees and smiles.

Suddenly, Pramad pops up and Saras’s smile is gone seeing him. Saras is shocked and looks at him. He looks at Kumud and she looks down. Kumud says Pramad will stay here forever. She says I did not get the divorce. Saras looks on. Kumud says you are late even this time. Saras drops the ring, saree and the sindoor. His eyes turn red and the lovers cry. Pramad lifts up the sindoor and looks at Saras. Pramad walks towards them and comes in between.

Pramad says Kumud….. Saras get angry. Saras takes Kumud with ehr and brings her to the kitchen and closes the door. Saras asks Kumud why did the divorce not happen, I did not know that this animal would be here. Saras says why did you not ask me once. Kumud says where were you, I had to decide it all alone. Saras says I was doing the arrangements for our marriage, I asked your hand to your dad and shopped for shagun., I was dreaming about our marriage. Kumud says at that time I was facing the reality. Pramad comes to them again and tries to talk to Saras. Saras asks him to leave. Pramad says its not Kumud’s mistake. Kumud asks Pramad to leave as she is talking to Saras. Pramad touches Kumud and Saras gets so angry that he shouts don’t touch and throws water on Pramad’s face. Kumud is stunned.

The Episode starts with Kumud being shocked seeing Saras’s anger. Pramad apologizes and leaves. Kumud says what happened to you. Saras says I don’t need to tell anyone, you do what you wish. Kumud says try to understand, I had to do this. Saras says there is nothing to understand in this, why? He looks at her and leaves. Kumud says Saras, Saras…… and cries. Kumud comes to Pramad and Pramad says look at these dates, only 15 days were there, and today’s day is gone, I could not make you smile today. He crosses the date. Only 14 days left now, I will try my best. Kumud says take your medicines, get ready tomorrow for meeting the doctor. Pramad says fine. Kumud leaves. Saras is thinking about Kumud’s words and is super angry on her. Kumud calls her but he does not take her call.

Kumud says take my call for once. She keeps calling him. He throws his phone with anger. Kumud cries in her room calling him again and again. Kusum sees Kumud crying and says Didi, you say that time is the best healer, then everything will be fine. Kumud says but for me, my wounds are getting more deeper. She says Saras is not supporting me. Kusum hugs Kumud while she cries. The next morning, Kusum is in the kitchen thinking about Kumud’s words about Saras. Kalika sees her lost in thoughts and comes to her. Kalika says its great, potato dish, you know Saras likes it a lot. Kusum looks at her. Kalika says I will ask Kumud to go and give him this dish, but I forgot she is not at home, she took Pramad to the hospital. She says even I m busy, I think Saras won’t be able to taste this dish.

Kalika thinks I m sending Kusum to you Danny, be ready. Kalika calls Danny and says Kusum is coming to you and she made a dish only for you. Pramad asks Kumud shall we go to mandir as I wish to visit it. Kumud agrees. Pramad and Kumud go inside the mandir and pray to the Lord. Kumud looks at a changed Pramad. Pramad looks at her and says I will bring the car. Kumud prays that she can hide to everyone but not from the Lord, she says I m only fine with Saras’s support, explain this to him so that he can trust me. Kumud donates some money on Saraswatichandra’s name and wishes that Saras’s every wish become true. She thinks I will take prasad for Saras, he won’t say no to this.

Kusum comes to Danny and asks where is Saras. Danny says he went out, he might be coming anytime. Kusum brings food for them and says I came to give food, I m in hurry as I have some work. Danny says it smells good. Kusum says keep it for Saras also, don’t eat it all. Danny thinks about Kalika’s words and misunderstands and says I know you brought this for me. Kusum says no. He says I know you, you keep the things I gave you closer to your heart and then you say you don’t love me. Saras comes and Danny stops from going closer to her. Kusum tells Saras that I brought the dish which you like the most, she says I wanted to talk about Kumud. Saras says I don’t want to talk about Kumud and leaves. Kusum gets tensed.

Kumud comes to Saras with the prasad and finds him angry. She says Saras…. He does not look at her. She says look at me Saras. He still ignores her. She comes to him and says sorry. Saras says now you know your mistake. She says Saras, don’t turn, I can’t do this without you. Saras says fine, sign on these papers and give divorce to Pramad. Kumud says what are you saying. He says will you sign on it or not. Kumud says no. Saras says what happened to you, Kumud, tell me the truth, did Pramad force you. Kumud says no, he did not. She says he is apologizing to me again and again and begging me to make his last wish true. He wants to regret from his heart. Saras says great Kumud, you remember some days back, I told you this and what you told me, and when Pramad apologized to you, you had forgiven him.

Kumud says I don’t think this is wrong, Kusum is getting married in ten days, he would have made some issues every day. Saras says you have brought him inside your house, did you think about me, tell me, I kept this saree with me all the way and I thought when I come to you with this, you will be happy, but you did not think about me. He says you did not think when I see you with Pramad, what will I go through. Kumud says I will always be with you. Saras says being Pramad’s wife? Kumud says you always misunderstand me, why don’t you not understand me. She says you never listen to me. She says I m saying yes today and cries. She says its only you who can understand me, I want your support, don’t leave me alone, I can’t bear this alone. Saras holds her face and says I can be angry on you, turn away, be annoyed, but can never leave you alone.

He says I will never leave you alone. He says even the fate won’t be able to take you away fro me. He says no Kumud, not anymore, stop crying. Kumud stops crying and says I should go now. She leaves while Saras looks at her. Saras says this time I won’t let you go away, let anything happen.

Kumud comes to Pramad in their room and gives him medicines. Pramad says its Kusum’s marriage and I m unable to do anything, I m like a burden on you. She says don’t worry about us. you can tell me if I m not taking good care of you. He says I m really regretting today. He says cross a date on the calender, its one day gone again and I could not do anything. Kumud crosses the date. Pramad smiles looking at her and she leaves.

Kumud and Saras talk about Pramad. Kumud cares about Pramad and Saras says I don’t care if anything happens to him, our lives will be easier then. Kumud looks on.

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