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Saraswatichandra Wednesday 14th August 2019 On Adom Tv


The Episode starts with Kumud asking Saras to marry Kusum. He says this is the worry for her which is making you say this. Saras says we will look for a good guy for him. She says that time has passed, its late now. Saras says I love you, she is your sister, how can you think this. Kumud says she tries to commit suicide, we don’t have any other option, Kusum is my shadow, I can’t let her die. She says if anything happens to her, I can’t live. She cries and says I have to support her at any cost. She says Kusum loves you. She requests Saras to save Kusum. Saras says what about you and me. Kumud says we are not one now, its you and me apart. She says we will have to live our lives separately now, the fate had decided this, abgree to this.

Saras looks at her. Kumud says if the question is about my sister, I will agree to this, I have to agree. She says you told me that when Kusum and I are in problem, you will support Kusum as she is weak, today that time has come. Saras says if I do this, I will become weak. Kumud says you won’t, understand that you are doing this for me. Saras says you are asking my breath. Kumud says if you asked me this, I would have given you. Saras is shocked and moves away from her. He leaves. She says you did not reply me, answer me Saras.

She sits crying.

Danny is walking on the road and stops a car. Its Mohan and Pannaben’s car. Mohan comes out of the car and says whats this. Danny says you broke the marriage seeing a video, you can’t do this with Kusum. Mohan says i don’t know anything about the video, but I could not keep the marriage, if you were in my place, would you do the marriage. Danny says yes blindly.

Kusum is crying in her room. Kumari and Kumud comes to her. Kusum says why Didi, let me take out my bangles, I don’t have any right to become a bride. She says whatever came in my heart was a sin, why did you stop me from dying. Kumud tells Kumari not to tell anyone about this and sends Kumari out.

Kumud says don’t take this out. Kusum says who will marry me. Kumud says whom you want to marry. Kusum says what. Kumud smiles and says I told him to marry you. Kusum asks did he agree. Kumud says no, but he will agree soon, he is a nice man he worries about me a lot. Kusum is happy and hugs Kumud. Saras is thinking about Kumud’s words about Kusum. He cries and gets angry. He says I have seen you becoming someone else’s and I asked for death, but its worse than death that I become someone else’s, please don’t do this with me Kumud.

Guniyal cries and asks Badimaa why is this happening with my daughters. Kalika is happy and thankful to the one who has sent the MMS. The pandit is about to leave but someone comes and stops him. She asks Vidyachatur is this true that Kusum’s baraat went back, ask Kumud to come and talk to us. Badimaa says Ratnaben, don’t you have any feelings, are you not ashamed to taunt us at this time. Ratnaben says look at this family, Pramad’s lover Kalika is your bahu. Ratnaben says see your daughter, everyone are seeing the colorful cinema of your daughter.

She says my brother is ready to marry your stained daughter. Pramad says Ratnaben….. Ratnaben says we can save your respect by marrying her married to y brother. Saras comes there and says stop it.

Saras says I m still alive, the need won’t come to send Kusum to your house. Ratnaben says keep her, I will see who will marry her. Saras says Kusum will marry today in this mandap with the one with whom she will always be happy. Everyone looks at Saras. Saras folds his hand and asks Ratnaben to leave. Ratna says Vidyachatur that till Saras is here, no baraat will come in this house. Badimaa says no one can insult our daughters till my son Saraswatichandra is here. Ratnaben leaves angrily.

Vidyachatur says Saras, whats all this. Saras says make the arrangements for the marriage. He looks at Kumud and leaves. Kumud tells everything to everyone and does not support Kusum. Kumud says Kusum loves Saras and he is her happiness. Kumud says let her marry to Saras. Badimaa says how did Saras agree. Kumud says I told him. Everyone are shocked. Kumud says he is helpless as I made him but he will fall in love with Kusum with time. Badimaa says Saras can’t be away from you. Kumud says we were apart when I got married to Pramad infront of him. She says the fate always took Kusum to Saras.

Badimaa says there is no justice in this, I m not with you in this decision. Badimaa leaves. Kumud talks to her parents. Guniyal says will you be able to live without Saras. Kumud says who have I live, I have to be dutiful towards Pramad. Yash’s mum says its Saras’s mistake, if Saras marries Kusum, everything will be fine. Kumud holds Vidyachatur’s hands and tries to convince him. She asks him to agree. He hugs her crying. He says in your childhood, you and Kusum used to divide the stars among yourselves and Kusum always wanted the moon and you used to give her that, even today you did the same.

Saras wishes to the Lord that he has to choose between love and duty, help me in taking the decision. Music plays……… Kumud comes to him and Kuch Na Kahe…… Bas Chup Rahe……. plays………………. She touches his feet and he holds her. They look at each other.

The Episode starts with everyone standing looking at Kusum and her groom. Kalika is happy and says Kumud will be seeing Saras getting married to Kusum. Everyone are upset with the marriage. Kusum is very much happy. Kumud tries to smile and appear normal. Badimaa could not bear to see this and leaves. Pramad comes to Kumud and says now I understood that why a man like me wants to regret. He praises Kumud and says I want to see you and Saras together, maybe the Lord will fulfill my wish. Kumud goes away from him. He says whoever has sent the video, it won’t be good for them.

The marriage rituals are being done one after another. Kumud sees a smiley on the groom’s hand and thinks how Saras made a smiley on her hand once. Kumud smiles and cries looking at them. The pheras start and Kusum smiles looking at the groom. Kumud thinks about Saras’s promise to her that he will always be with her. The groom fills Kusum’s maang with the sindoor. Kusum smiles happily. he then makes her wear the mangalsutra. Kumud thinks of her and Saras’s romantic moments and their engagement. She thinks of Saras’s words and cries.

The pandit says the marriage is completed now and asks the couple to take everyone’s blessings. Vidyachatur blesses them. Kumud thinks I have not broken my promise Saras, I will make you mine in my next birth. Kusum is leaving the house with her groom. Kusum hugs everyone and cries. Kusum talks to Kumud and says you have always given me what I asked for, this one is a favour on me. Kumud says how could I say no to you. Kumud hugs Kusum and says be happy. Everyone looks on.

Kalika smiles hugging Kusum. Kusum meets Guniyal. Guniyal says you won’t get love after snatching it. She says I wish you get it and hugs her, Kusum cries. Kusum is leaving with her groom in the car. Kumari says where is Danny. Kumud says I knew it he won’t come, I will call him. Kumud calls Danny and Kusum finally leaves…………..Everyone bid bye to her.

The groom’s phone rings when Kumud calls Danny. Kumud cries looking at the gate. Everyone stand outside the house for so much time. They see Kumud cry. Kumud thinks of her words and cries thinking about Saras. O piya……… plays…………… Kumud sees her family and comes to them. Everyone cry looking at her. Vidyachatur stops Badimaa from going to Kumud. Kumud goes inside the house. Guniyal cries.

Kumud is shown walking in her house alone crying. She sees Saras infront of her and is shocked. Saras looks at her and she closes her eyes saying no, go, don’t take a step forward to me, our ways have parted, go from her. He disappears when she opens her eyes. She looks around for him and cries. She runs to her room. She sits on her bed and cries. She sees Saras’s mum’s payal which she is wearing and removes them. She looks at them and thinks how Saras made her wear it once. She cries holding it. She keeps it on the bed and rests. Saras comes to her and makes her wear the payal again.

She feels his touch and gets up. She says no, this can’t happen now, I have sacrificed everything, even your mum’s blessings. She throws the payal and says go from here, she closes her eyes and he again disappears. She sees the payal is still lying on the bed. She holds the payal and says I have separated you from myself by my wish, then why do I feel you are still with me. She hugs the payal and cries.

Saras is somewhere talking to his mum. He says Maa, are you listening, are you seeing your son’s state. He says whatever I did is for Kumud, I know you will understand me, I know the marriage in which there is no love, I have seen you in such marriage, I don’t want such thing to happen with Kusum, I wish she gets every happiness in her life. He says if Kusum does something and ends her life, then Kumud won’t be able to forgive herself.

Pramad gives a mangalsutra to Kumud and asks her to wear it. Saras comes there and throws the mangalsutra. Kumud asks what are you doing here, you should be with Kusum now. He says we should be with the one we love.

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