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Saraswatichandra Update On Monday--Tuesday 19th August 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Kumud waiting for Saras. She thinks of Kusum. Kusum is on the terrace thinking about Saras’s words. She puts the kamarbandh and has a blade in her hand. She thinks of dying. Kumud says I slapped Kusum today for the first time. The kamarbandh falls down and Kumud sees it. She looks at Kusum and finds her with the blade attempting to cut her nerves. Kumud shouts Kusum…… and runs to save her. Kumud stops her and says what are you doing. Kusum says last decision, mum asked me to choose between you and Saras, and I chose you but I can’t live without Saras, why did you stop me. Guniyal is cooking in the kitchen and Saras comes to her. He says I need to go home, tell this to Kumud. Guniyal asks did Kumud tell you anything. Saras says yes, forgive Kusum, its not her mistake.

Kusum cries. Kumud says look at me, this is not love, Saras does not love you, he is not made for you. Kusum says but I m made for him, she says when your proposal came, you said yes but I told im yes without seeing him and he saw me before seeing you. She says why, because he came here for me, not for you. Kumud says I love him, but there is a difference, as your love is one sided. Kusum says Saras has to make it two sided. She says you did the ghadi ritual with Pramad, not with Saras. Kumud says yes, as you did with Mohan. Kusum gives her some reasons why she thinks she is made for Saras and says Pramad is your fate. Badimaa hears Kusum and Kumud’s talk.

Everyone hear Vidyachatur shouting on Pramad. Everyone run to hear them. Pramad says I m requesting you, I know itshard to trust me, but its about Kusum’s life. He says I told this for her sake. Guniyal asks what happened. Vidyachatur says Pramad feels Kusum does not want to get married with Mohan. Vidyachatur asks Pramad not to tell this again. Saras says Kaka, Pramad is saying right. Everyone are shocked. Guniyal tries to stop Saras. Saras says I can’t be quiet now, its about Kusum’s life. Saras asks Vidyachatur that will you give Kusum’s hand to my brother Danny. Everyone are super shocked.

Kumud hugs Kusum and pacifies her. Kusum says I can’t forget Saras. Kumud says I understand what you are going through, bu you can’t get love by force, he can worry and care about you, but he can’t love you, if you have any hope, your heart will break. Guniyal comes and talks to Kusum. She says you are hurting even Saras. Kumud tells Guniyal that Kusum tries to attempt suicide and she saved her. Guniyal says Chandrika brought Mohan’s proposal, what will we tell her, you don’t deserve anything, see whats going on, Saras is asking your hand for Danny. Kumud says I will talk to Saras. Guniyal says I will do what I want. Vidyachatur shouts Kusum……Kumud, Kusum and Guniyal go to him.

Everyone looks at Kusum. Vidyachatur asks her whats the truth. He says everyone are saying that you don’t want to marry Mohan and want to marry Danny, is this true. Kumud says dad…. Vidyachatur says if you knew this, you should have told me, but I m asking Kusum now. Kusum says I want to marry Mohan. Saras says what are you saying Kusum, don’t lie and don’t make a mistake. Badimaa asks tell us the truth, what do you want. Kusum says I m saying the truth, I think I should marry Mohan. Saras says look Kusum, tell us what you want. Kusum says what should I say, you say that fate gives us whatever we get.

Saras says what about Danny. Kusum says Danny is misunderstanding me. Badimaa says then why do these people think that you are not happy. Guniyal says its nothing, I explained her well. Kusum says you all make the arrangements for the marriage, I m fine. Guniyal smiles. Kusum tries to look happy but is not. Saras sees Kumud silent and thinks why.

Vidychatur looks at Saras and says Saras, look you and Danny are like my children, but you should have talk to us before this relation happened, I would have been happy but now… He says it would be good if Danny does not come here till Kusum’s marriage. Saras says fine. Vidyachatur says take care of Danny. Saras greets him and leaves. Its night, Kumud comes to Kusum and Guniyal. Kusum says you have always forgive me Didi, forgive this one too. Kumud cries and says I have forgiven your mistake but I can’t forgive what you are going to do, you are compromising. Guniyal says every marriage is a compromise, I m doing this for both of you, Kusum is right this time. Kusum says yes, like your fate, I also accepted my fate. Kumud leaves. Guniyal wishes that they pass in the test of love.

Kumud comes to Danny and Saras. She asks Danny how are you. Danny says fine. She says Danny, I understand, I know but I m sorry. Danny says no need of sorry, my fate is bad. She says move ahead, life is long. Danny says I don’t know how I will live knowing that Kusum does not love me. Kumud talks to Saras and asks whats these bags, where are you going. Saras misunderstands Kumud and says maybe Kusum’s decision was yours. He says you don’t trust Danny right. She says I trust you, I am living only for you. He says then give divorce to Pramad.

She says you know we are not having any relation. He shows her the Pramad’s trust fund papers and says he has done everything on your name so that you can fulfill your high school name. He says I spoke to some doctors in the US and Pramad said he won’t undergo that liver transplant as he wants to die in your arms and does not want to leave you if he stays alive. She says what are you saying. Saras says you go to him if you care about him, let me be with my brother as he needs me. He says we are going back to Dubai forever tonight. Kumud is shocked.

Saras gets angry. She stops him and he says no need to stop me, I saw you marrying Pramad, still I was alive, I don’t this to happen with Danny, Kusum cheated him, she should have talk to Danny before taking the decision. Kumud says Kusum does not love Danny, she loves you. Saras is shocked.

The Episode starts with Kumud and Saras talking about Kusum. Kumud says this is the truth, I tried explaining her but she does not understand. Kumud says she agreed for marrying Mohan because of me. Saras says its not your mistake. Kumud says maybe you and Kusum are made for each other. maybe Kusum is right. She says we always tried to meet but the fate always takes you to Kusum, now I understand why Kusum became Meera as you were her Krishna. Her words were true, not an act. You saved Kusum from Pramad’s goons, why, why did she say yes to you when I said no to you, why did she come to you when you came to see me, why. Kumud cries.

Kusum leaves the peacock feather and cries. Saras holds Kumud and says who told you that I saw Kusum first. He says I saw first your eyes, your hair, your kamarbandh, your every feeling, which are in me now. He says so I understood that it was not you. He says what does this mean, tell me. He says it means that before we met, our hearts met and we can never be apart and no one can separate us. Not Pramad, not Kusum and not me and not you. Kuch na Kahe….. Bas Chup Rahe…… plays……………. He holds her face and they have an eyelock. Kumud cries looking at him. Saras wipes her tears.

Kumud touches his face and he closes hie eyes. Music plays…………. They look into each other’s eyes and get strength from themselves. Kumud moves and realizes their closeness. He holds her when she starts going. He says whats Kusum’s decision is the fate’s decision, we can’t change it. Kumud leaves.

Kumud comes home and Kalika is after her hiding something. Kalika comes to Pramad and sees him sleeping. He wakes up and sees her. He smiles seeing the thing. She says before today, I have never stopped you, but this is poison for you. Pramad says give it to me. Its wine. Kalika says why are you drinking this poison. He says I don’t fear of this poison as I m going to die. Kumud comes there and before Kalika could explain, she slaps Kalika. Pramad is shocked to see Kumud. Kumud scolds Kalika. Pramad says I asked her to bring this, its not her mistake. Kumud says its my mistake that I trusted her. Pramad says Kalika, go from here.

Kalika leaves. Kumud says why do you want to die, why did you say no to US doctor’s treatment. Pramad tries to drink wine. Kumud takes the bottle and throws it asking for the answer. He says only this can make me dead, I don’t want to live, if I stay alive, I don’t know how many lives will I ruin. He says its because of me, Kusum had to say that Saras loves her, if I did not do that, today this would have not happened with Kusum. He says I know everything, when I came to Saras’s home, I heard everything. Till I live, I will hurt everyone, so I want to die, help me in ending my life, please. Kumud looks at him while he coughs.

He requests Kumud to help him. Guniyal and Chandrika are applying mahendi to Kusum. Everyone sit around her and are happy. Kalika comes there and Yash’s mum asks her to do some work. She asks her to bring the guests list. Kalika leaves. Danny is packing his bag. Saras comes and says hurry up, else you will be late. Danny says I won’t be able to go. He says I know she does not love me, I want to meet her once. Saras hugs him and says how to tell you the truth, you will be hurt.

Kalika comes to her room and closes the door. She is angry and says enough Kumud, this is your last slap on my face, not anymore. She sees Kumud and Kusum’s photo and says I will take your everything and make you blank. Her phone rings and she receives a voice recording with a girl shouting save me. Kalika smiles and says her lines — now the gold’s rate will fall…… when this marriage’s sound will echo in everyone’s ears. Saras and Kumud talk on phone about Kusum and Danny. Kumud says the Baraat is about to come. Kumud says I spoke to the doctors, he will get the appointment soon. Saras says I m going to drop Danny at the airport. She says and you… He says I told you, I won’t leave you alone.

Saras calls Danny but is worried to see him missing in the house. He thinks where did Danny go. He says Kumud says the Baraat is going to come, did he….. He runs. Kalika says Kumud got married very fast, but Kusum’s marriage will be memorable. Kumud says what did you say. Kalika says nothing, I was thinking this is my first function after my marriage, so…. Badimaa comes and asks Kumud to go and see whether Kusum is ready as the Baarat has come. Kalika plans something.

Pramad stops Kumud and says sorry for talking to your dad about Kusum. She says if you want to help, help yourselves, go to US for the treatment. He says then I have to go fare from you. She says fine, then I will give your money back, either go for the treatment or take your money back. Pramad says she will make me agree to her terms.

Kusum is getting ready. Guniyal talks to her saying I gave Kumud to Badimaa, but never gave you. I love you a lot and I want the good for you. Kusum cries and hugs her. Danny comes there and looks at Kusum crying. Guniyal leaves and Danny hides. Kumud comes to Kusum. kumud wears the saree which Saras gifted her. Kusum asks did the Baraat come, how am I looking, I m looking like a bride, right. She says this room will be yours from tomorrow and acts normal. She says do what Saras is saying, sign on the divorce papers, atleast any one of us will get his love.

Kumud hugs her and says will you be able to hold yourself. Kusum says yes. Kumud leaves. Kusum closes the door and is shocked to see Danny in her room. Mohan and his family comes with the guests. Vidyachatur welcomes them. Pannaben says the arrangements look good. Kalika smiles and says I did the real arrangements, which you shock you Pannaben.

Pannaben is shocked to see Saras and Kusum in the room and says Kumud’s lover with Kusum, and breaks the relation. Everyone are shocked.


The Episode starts with Kalika welcoming Kusum and Danny doing their tilak. Dada ji asks Kalika to make sweets for him. Kusum and Danny are allotted a room and Kusum looks at Danny. Saras and Kumud looks at them. Everyone enters the house. Dada ji is resting and Kumud comes to him. She hugs him and he asks where is my tamarind. She says I brought it but you can’t eat. She asks him to take rest. He says I m fine, give it to me. She says no. They share their old memories and have a laugh. Kumud says we got worried about you when Gyaan called us. Dada ji don’t be afraid, I will stay for long. He says I will see your grandchildren’s marriage. Kumud says I m worried about Danny and Kusum.

She says we should send them for Mata Darshan. Saras says its a good idea, why don’t we go today. Saras tastes the tamarind and….. She shows him how to eat it. Dada ji takes the tamarind. Kumud takes the tamarind from Saras and leaves. Saras smiles looking at her. Saras asks Dada ji is Kumud like this since childhood, ruling over everyone. Dada ji laughs.

Kusum tells Danny you should have refused to stay with me. Danny says its happening because of Dada ji. Both of them have an argument. Kusum asks him to leave. She says I will go to Kumud’s room. Badimaa comes and says no one will go anywhere, if dad knows you are staying separately, we won’t be able to hide anything from him. She says dad is serious and we don’t want him to know the truth. Kusum is annoyed and slips. Danny holds her and they have an eyelock with music playing in the background. Kusum says don’t touch me even if I die.

Vidyachatur and Guniyal comes to Dada ji. Vidyachatur sees the tamarind and says did Kumud gave you this, don’t have it now, think about your health. Dada ji says I m fine seeing you all. He asks everyone to get ready as they are going to the mandir. Kumud comes to a room with her bag. Saras also enters the same room. They fight for the room. Kumud says I stay in this room always, you can’t stay here. Saras says I like this room. He sees Kumud’s photo and says I like her. He says I m tire,d I have to rest, you go somewhere else, I like this room. They have a cute fight. Saras falls on Kumud and they look at each other. Music plays……………. Saras smiles seeing her.

He gets up and gives his hand to her. She holds his hand and gets up. She gets close to him by a sudden jerk. Mann ke Dor……… plays………….. while they are lost in each other’s eyes. Saras adores her beauty by his eyes. (The screen looks beautiful with them!!) He touches her hair and says don’t say thanks. She says what, I m leaving this room only for Danny and Kusum. He says I know and laughs. She leaves. He says even your anger has love, but we have to explain Kusum and Danny now. Kalika is cooking in the kitchen. Jamuna says can I help you. Kumud says no need, let Kalika cook on her own, as its a ritual. Kalika taunts Kumud saying this ritual is only for married women and some people don’t get the chance to do this. Kumud smiles and replies her back.

Saras comes to Danny and asks why are you standing outside the room. Danny says she is getting ready. Saras gives Danny his mum’s bangles and says make her wear this. Danny says she does not want to see my face, will she wear this. Saras says trust your love and mum’s blessings, go. Saras looks at Kumud. He goes to her and says I brought this bangles for you, but Kusum needs it more today. He shows her his mum’s mangalsutra and says the day when I make you wear this, that day will be the best for me and my mum. Kumud looks at it. He asks her did you bring this food for me. She says no, for you and Danny. He says liar, its my fav food, give it to me. He takes it from her and smiles as she leaves.

Everyone are ready to go to the mandir. Dada ji says I will go and bring Kusum and Danny. Kumud stops him saying we won’t let you walk. She says I will bring them. Dada ji says let me love them, think how much she will be happy seeing me. Dada ji jokes. Kumud says let him go, he is young at heart and asks him to go. Dada ji happily goes and everyone follows him. Kusum asks Danny whats this. He says wear this. She says what do you think, you will make my mood by gifting me this.

They argue again. Kusum says you are forcing me to be in this relation even after knowing that I don’t love you, who are you to me. Danny says shut up, Kumud brought me back, as she knows the meaning of relations as she tries her best to change Pramad, but you…. Kusum throws the bangles and asks Danny to keep it with him. Everyone are shocked seeing Kusum fighting with Danny. Dada ji looks at them. Kusum and Danny are tensed seeing everyone.

Dada ji picks up the bangles and looks at Kusum. He shakes and trembles. Everyone hold him and get worried. Dada ji says I m fine. Badimaa says lets take him to his room. They leave. Kusum cries and goes to her room closing the door. Danny stands outside the door while Kumud looks at him. Danny says sorry to Kumud as he could not manage all this. He gives the bangles to Kumud saying its Saras’ mum’s bangles. Kumud says Danny, a mum never feels bad by their children’s mistake. Danny says I failed when she said she does not love me.

The Episode starts with Kumud asking Danny to try further. Danny says I lost when I came to know she does not love me. Kumud says I also used to think like this, but love means hope, trust, test….. She says no one can understand tangled relations more than me. Danny says how can I hope anything from Kusum, her heart can’t change. Kumud says its called love to love anyone without any hope. She says you don’t have to change her heart but see your love’s effect on her heart. She says Kusum will wear these bangles before evening, and if this happens, you won’t lose hope. Leave all this to the Lord and don’t worry.

Badimaa and everyone are worried about Dada ji. Dada ji says I m fine. Saras sits holding his hand. Jamuna comes and asks everyone to take good care of Dada ji. She scolds Dada ji and asks him to take rest and sleep. The doctor comes and talks to Dada ji. Dada ji says I m taking medicines. The doctor asks him not to walk much as you need more rest and stay away from any tension. He asks him to take care and leaves. Vidyachatur says this happened because of Kusum, don’t think about her, I will talk to her, you just take care.

Dada ji laughs. Danny says sorry to Dada ji. Dada ji asks him to come to him. Danny sits by his side and greets him. Dada ji asks what did you do that Kusum became angry. Guniyal says ask Kusum, she always fights. Kusum comes and everyone looks at her. She says sorry Dada ji, the bangles were light so I did not want to wear them. Dada ji says so you threw them thinking its weight, think about your husband’s love. He asks Danny to make Kusum wear the bangles. Danny does so and everyone looks at them. Vidyachatur and everyone smile. Saras and Kumud look at each other. Dada ji says very good, lets go to the mandir now.

Vidyachatur says you won’t go anywhere, you take rest. Dada ji says its very good for Kusum and Danny, their love will increase after this havan. Kusum talks to Guniyal and says I don’t accept this marriage, so what will I do doing this havan. Guniyal says don’t you value your Dada ji. Kusum says how much should I sacrifice. Guniyal says see Kumud, she was sacrificing everyone for you and you were taking away her love. She asks Kusum to get ready but Kusum refuses. Danny comes there and Kusum gets angry seeing him. Guniyal leaves.

Kumud and Saras have a talk. Kusum asks is Dada ji fine. He says yes. She smiles and says he is always lively, so I don’t want to see him like this. Saras says I should have not given the bangles to Danny. Kumud says why not, Kusum has wear it now, they will be together soon. Saras says what about us, I made many mistake but Danny and Kusum’s marriage…….. She says it happened, no need to think how it happened. Danny asks Kusum to wear the bangles and she says I had wear this for Dada ji’s sake. He says I m saying this for his sake only. Kusum says you might be having fun doing this. She throws the bangles again.

Kumud comes to Badimaa and says don’t worry, Dada ji is fine. Guniyal says Kusum is being adamant. Kumud says give her some time. Guniyal says what about Danny, I can’t see him like this. Kumud says Danny loves Kusum, he knows she is annoyed with him, Saras gave his mum’s bangles to Danny to give it to Kusum. Badimaa says what, it was Saraswati’s bangles which Kusum threw? Kalika comes and talks in between. Badimaa asks her not to interrupt. Yash’s mum supports Kalika and blames Kusum. Kalika says I wish Kusum accepts Danny. She smiles and leaves.

Kalika comes to Kusum and says great, always be like this using your mind. She says I came here to talk to you, why did you throw the bangles, its Saras’s mum’s bangles. Kusum is shocked. Kalika says maybe he kept these bangles whom he loves and wants to marry but what did you do, anyways everyone are waiting for you, come soon. She leaves. Kusum thinks for a while.

The havan starts in the mandir. The pandit asks Kusum to give her hand in Danny’s hand. Everyone looks at her and she does not do so. Danny gives his hand forward. Dada ji looks at her. Guniyal asks Kusum to give her hand. Kusum keeps her hand in Danny’s hand and everyone are relaxed. Saras and Danny smile. The pandit guides them through the puja. Guniyal asks I hope you are not annoyed with Kusum now. Dada j says marriage grows in heart slowly. Saras tells him its good you kept this havan for them, I wish they come close after this. Dada ji says this havan can’t unite their hearts, the relation becomes strong when their is love in the hearts. Saras smiles.

Everyone come back home. Dada ji is happy and asks Kalika to bring tea for everyone as they are tired. Saras and Kumud are happy seeing Kusum wearing the bangles. Kusum says Dada ji, now I know the value of these bangles, I will always keep them with me. Danny gets happy. Kusum eyes Saras and smiles. Saras sees that she is staring at her and feels odd.

Saras comes to Kumud and she asks him what happened. He says I don’t know, the relations are tangled, I don’t know how to talk to Kusum, I want her to know how much Danny loves her. Kusum is talking to the peacock feather and is happy that Saras gave his mum’s bangles to her. She sees the bangles and smiles. She says I got your mum’s blessings. She says I want to meet you and say thanks. Kumud says everything will be fine soon. Kumud feels cold and Saras makes her wear his blazer. Mora. piya…………. plays……….. He says give me your hand. She says you want to make smiley? He smiles and holds her hand. He makes her hand warm by rubbing it. Kusum sees this and is hurt and angry.

Kusum sees Saras and Kumud getting closer and cries. She says I can’t remove these bangles and can’t stop loving you.

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