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Saraswatichandra Update On Friday--Tuesday 26th August 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Kumud thinking about Saras’s words while lighting the lamps. She cries. Saras comes to her and holds her hands. She looks at him and they are a lightly eyelock. O piya………………….. plays……………………….. he brings fruits for her and asks her to have some. She signs no. He says fine, even I won’t have food today and will go to sleep being hungry. She holds his hand and says have fruits. He smiles. She makes him eat and he makes her eat the fruits. Music……….. plays…………………… Kuch na kahe bas chup rahe………………….. plays……………….. Saras touches her face passionately and shares her tears. They turn the other side and then look back at each other.

They walk in opposite directions crying. Its morning, Dada ji is playing the shank being in the house’s mandir. Everyone are behind him. Dada ji says I m excited to go to Ratnagiri. Badimaa says I will call the children for aarti. Dada ji says wait, I need to talk to you all first. He says I have to talk to Vudyachatur. He says I want to talk about Kumud and Saras. Kumud and Saras are keeping the luggage in the car. Saras gets hurt by her bag and she says sorry. He says I m getting punished for hiding the talk from you. He keeps the bag and says Kumud you have to talk to Kusum. He says you know I can’t do this without you, see Kumud, Danny and Kusum are now in a relation and we have to bring them closer, only we can do this.

Kumud says I want Kusum to be happy, not any sacrifice. Saras says Danny loves her and will always keep her happy, I think we should do that what is right for her. Kumud says what should we do, force her to go with Danny and settle with him. Saras says its not a bad idea, after going to Ratnagiri, why not bring Kusum to our house, what do you say. Kumud looks at him. Dada ji tells Vidyachatur that Kumud can’t be single the whole life. He says Saras is the best for him. He praises Saras. He says why are we afraid, about the society? Badimaa says no, we also want them to get married, but once Kusum and Danny settle down then we will see. Yash’s mum says I will tell you the truth.

Guniyal says Dada ji knows everything. Dada ji says I knew everything before you all told me, he says Saras called me to save Kusum and Danny’s marriage, so I called you all here. Everyone are shocked. Kumud tells Saras that Kusum won’t enter your house with Danny. Saras says she will do the Grah Pravesh, I want to see if you can do this for Kusum. Vidyachatur says Kumud will not listen to us. Dada ji says we should make Kumud marry Saras. Guniyal says you don’t know about Kusum.

Dada j says I know she tried to commit suicide, she was like this since childhood. Vidyachatur says Kusum loves Saras, we can’t be strict towards her as she is mentally weak. We can only make her realize that Saras is not hers and can be never hers. Dada ji says don’t worry Guniyal. I will explain this to Kusum. He asks them to leave and he will come later with the children. Saras tells Kumud that everything is in her hands now. Kumud sees Kusum coming. Kusum tells Saras I have to keep her bag. She keeps her bag. Saras sees Danny coming and goes to him.

Kusum talks to Kumud and says are you all thinking that Dada ji is coming, so I will go to Danny, she says I will go to my house whatever happens and you will help me in this. Kumud looks on. Kusum sits in the car. Kumud is worried and sits with Kusum. Saras comes to them and asks Kumud to sit in the front seat and let Kusum sit with her husband. Kusum stops Kumud and says no. Kumud leaves Kusum’s hand and goes out of the back seat. Danny sits by Kusum’s side.

Yash’s mum scolds Kalika for taking bath for a longer time. Kalika says I was washing my hair. Yash’s mum says pack my bag now and taunts her. She says now Kumud will be going with Saras being Laxminandan’s bahu, but lets see what Ghuman does. Kalika is shocked to know about Saras and Kumud’s marriage. Yash’s mum scolds her and leaves. Kalika says I have to give this fresh news to Kusum. Kalika sees Saras, Danny, Kusum and Kumud leave.

They reach Ratnagiri. Kusum takes her bag and does not take Danny’s help. Kumud asks Danny to stay with them at her house and go to his house the next morning. Kumud asks Kusum to open the guest room for Danny. Kusum says I m tired. Kumud says even we all are tired, open the room. Kusum leaves. Saras says not bad, I want Kusum to come in our house and its your work to do this. Saras and Kumud also walk inside the house. Danny is in the guest room with Kusum changing the pillow covers. She gives him a towel and leaves. Kumud comes to Kusum and says get ready soon, Kusum asks why, don’t you know I m fed up of acting, why should I get ready now. Kumud says its your Grah Pravesh in Danny’s house.

Kusum is shocked. Kusum gets a call from Kalika who informs her about Kumud and Saras’s marriage. She says Dada ji thought about this and everyone are ready. Kusum looks at Kumud and asks why are you doing this. Kumud says because thats your husband’s house, he loves you a lot, give this marriage a chance for my sake, I want to see you happy. Kusum says you want to see yourself happy, you want to remove me from your way so that you can marry Saras without any problem. (Someone slap this shameless Kusum, or stick a tape to her mouth and shut her off!!)

Kusum says you should have told me that Dada ji wants you both to get married, see I m happy, congrats. She hugs Kumud. Kumud says what are you saying. Kusum says don’t hide your happiness from me, see I m smiling. Kusum says you might have known about your marriage with Saras. Kumud says whose call was it. Kusum says you knew that I was getting marred to Danny, not Saras. Kumud asks I did not know about this. Kusum says you want to make me away from this house so that you can marry Saras.

Kusum argues with Kumud. The sisters have a catfight with Kusum being the domination one. They talk about Saras.

The Episode starts with Kusum arguing with Kumud. Kumud is shocked to see Kusum saying this. Kumud says you are misunderstanding me. Kusum says you did this, as you want to get Saras. Kumud shouts. Kusum cries and leaves. Kumud runs after her. Danny talks to Saras about Grah Pravesh. Saras says yes, you are newly married, the time is less, come with me. Danny says will Kusum agree. Saras says what do you think. Danny thinks about Kusum and says maybe. Saras says if you feel so, she will surely come. Saras and Danny hear Kumud stopping Kusum.

Dada ji and everyone arrive home. Saras says we came early as we have to do Kusum’s Grah Pravesh. Kumud is worried. Dada ji asks Saras to do the arrangements. He asks Badimaa to help Saras. Badimaa asks Kumud to make Kusum ready. No one hears Kumud and leave. Kalika thinks what happened to Kusum, why is she silent. Yash takes Dada ji inside while Kumud tries to talk to him. Saras comes to his house and is making the arrangements with Danny. Kumud comes to Saras. Saras says its good you came, we are confused. He says I asked Danny to bring flowers and he brought this plastic ones. He says you keep this.

Kumud says so you did this. Saras says what did I do. Kumud says why is Dada ji talking out marriage. Saras says I don’t know anything about this, who told you. Badimaa comes and says dad thinks it will be good for Kusum if you both marry, she will forget Saras if you both get married. Badimaa says even I think dad is right. Danny hears all this. Kusum is in her room staring at the mirror. Kalika comes to her and fills her ears against Kumud. Kusum cries. Kalika smiles seeing her.

Kusum says what should I do, no one understands me, everyone are pushing me towards this marriage. Kalika says go and stand up against this marriage and tell everyone that you won’t compromise. Kalika says you have to fight with everyone to get your right, go and tell this to Dada ji that you won’t keep this relation, he will listen to you. Kusum leaves. Kalika laughs and says poor Kusum.

Kumud is watching Saras do the arrangements for Grah Pravesh. She smiles seeing him and he acts rude. She comes to him and he moves away. The flowers fall on Kumud and she smiles. Saras looksa t her. Mann ke Dor………….. plays…………………… They have an eyelock and the petals are still dropping on them. A petal sticks to Kumud’s nose and he tries to take it off but does not. She removes it and also some petals from his head. She says this time it was my mistake, but I don’t do much mistake, so its fine. Saras says do you mean to say sorry. They smile seeing each other. Saras gets closer to her and she closes her eyes. He removes the petal over her head and she laughs.

Kusum comes to Dada ji and finds him resting. She knocks the door and Dada ji says come in my princess. He gets up and says come, sit here. Kusum sits by his side and says Dada ji, I want to tell you something. He says say. She says its about me and Danny. She says the time has come to take the decision. Dada ji starts feeling unwell and his hand shakes and he holds his chest.

Guniyal comes to Kalika and asks where is Kusum. Kalika says I don’t know, she went from her room, she was saying she has to talk something important to Dada ji. Guniyal rushes to Dada ji fearing Kusum can say anything to him. Kumud asks where is Danny. Saras says I have sent him to bring flowers. Kumud says Dada ji is thinking what you are thinking. She says do you think, if we get married, Kusum will settle down with Danny. Badimaa comes to them and says Guniyal called and said about dad’s health………. Saras and Kumud are shocked.

The doctor checks Dada ji and tells everyone about the blockage in his heart and the need of operation. The doctor asks why did you not do his treatment before. Saras comes and says because Dada ji did not tell anyone that he is really ill. Saras talks to Dada ji and says you cheated me, if I knew this, I would have not asked you to help me. Kumud says don’t joke about your health, why did you not tell me that you are really ill. Dada ji says to teach you a lesson. Dada ji says I have to get you married to Saras, I won’t die without doing this work. Saras says you have broken the rules and my heart by hiding this fact, I m annoyed with you.

Guniyal asks Kalika what did Kusum tell to Dada ji. Kalika says how would I know. Guniyal says tell me what is it. Kalika says promise me that you won’t tell Kusum that I told you this. Guniyal says ok. Kalika says Kusum went to tell Dada ji that she does not want to do Grah Pravesh with Danny as she does not want to be Danny’s wife. Guniyal is worried and gets angry and leaves. Kalika smiles. Kusum is crying in her room. Guniyal comes to her and says now are you happy, see what did you do with Dada ji. Kusum says I did not tell him anything. Guniyal does not believe her and says I know everything, you are adamant. She says if anything happens to Dada ji because of you, I won’t ever see your face, go and apologize to Dada ji and tell him that you are ready for Grah Pravesh. Kusum says but mum……. Guniyal says go.

Kumud says Dada ji you have decided about my and Saras’s marriage, when were you going to tell me. She says I know you took this decision for Danny and Kusum, even we want this, but we know Kusum, she will be more hurt by my and Saras’s marriage. Dada ji says Saras will speak on my behalf. Saras tells Dada ji that Kumud is right, I want to marry Kumud as I want to spend my life with her, but as you say if the hearts are linked, the relation is not dependent on sindoor. She says Kumud and I are united and will always be, so we don’t want to hurt Kusum and make the start of our marriage.

He says when Kusum and Danny accepts each other, that day we will……. Kusum comes to Dada ji and says she is ready for her Grah Pravesh. Kumud, Dada ji and Saras are happy. Kalika hears this and smiles.


The Episode starts with Badimaa doing Kusum and Danny’s aarti to welcome them inside the house and does their tilak as part of the Grah Pravesh ritual. Danny and Kusum touches her feet and Badimaa blesses them. Saras says one min. He smiles and everyone looks at him. He pulls the rope and the rose petals fall on Kusum and Danny. Everyone smile. Kalika smiles and says all this will end in some days. Everyone claps as Kusum hits the kalash and enters the house. She follows the rituals and marks her foot in the house.

Badimaa hugs Guniyal happily. Saras looks on. Guniyal asks Danny to take care of Kusum. Saras says Kusum is Danny’s responsibility and he will take care of her the entire life. Kumud says lets go. Dada ji says wait, before we leave, I want to talk to Kusum alone. Kusum brings Dada ji to a room and closes the door. Dada ji asks her to sit. He says its easy for marriage to form and break with time, but its all about fate, when I got married to my grandma, she did not even see me, and after the Grah Pravesh, she accepted me and my family. He says we are much happy together, but this did not happen with Badimaa, I did not forgive myself for that, but Badimaa tries to stay happy, I pray the same for you.

Kusum says I did the Grah Pravesh, I will do what you say. Dada ji says no, that will happen what you want, you are doing this seeing my illness, but you did not wished to come here, don’t hide it from me, you are Kumud’s shadow, so listen to your heart like she does, give Danny a chance with trust, and go ahead with him. Kumud took the decision that till you and Danny stay happy, she won’t marry Saras. Kusum is shocked. He says if you understand love, you would have known what Saras means to Kumud, its only him who can bring happiness in Kumud’s life, she won’t accept that happiness seeing you, can’t you adjust for her sake, its not tough as Danny loves you, I have seen him.

Kusum says Dada ji, did I do anything wrong loving Saras. He says no, the one you love, his happiness is in your hands, if you make him annoyed, then its your fault. Dada ji leaves. Kusum looks on. Danny is in his room seeing Kusum sleep. He covers her with the quilt and touches her hair. He takes a pillow and sleeps on the sofa. Kusum opens her eyes and looks at Danny. She thinks about Dada ji’s words to give Danny a chance.

Its morning, Badimaa and Dada ji talks to Kumud. Badimaa says Kumud has to go and help Kusum in the cooking. Kumud gets a call and she leaves. Kumud meets Saras outside the house and he teases her seeing the bag as she is leaving for school. He gives her the sheera which Kusum made. She says Badimaa always scolded Kusum to make this right, she tastes it and says its very nice. She asks whats the plan. He asks her to make him eat by her hands, not by spoon if she wants to know his plan. She makes him eat and he says Kusum makes the sheera better than you. He says I m going to site now, we will have dinner together. He says I m going to Rajkot tonight and will come tomorrow, I want Kusum and Danny to be together. He says I have told Danny to come here to your house for stating some work so that Kusum can be alone at our house. Kumud smiles.

Saras is at the site. Badimaa talks to Saras on phone and says I can’t do this. Saras says you have to do this. Danny asks Badimaa for some food. Saras asks Badimaa not to give food to Danny. Badimaa tells Danny that you won’t have food. Saras says tell him as I say, tell him why should I give you food, you have your wife at home, go and ask her. Badimaa tells this to Danny and Danny leaves. Badimaa says Danny got upset and I m feeling bad. Dada ji laughs. Saras ends the call and smiles.

Saras tells Kumud that we have to do this to bring them closer. Kumud says you look innocent but you are very naughty. She asks did you eat the food. He says no, how would I miss the chance to eat with you. They eat together at the site. Kumud says poor Danny, don’t know he ate or not. Saras says no, he can survive even on noodles, he can have them thrice a day, Kusum is very lucky that she got a guy like Danny.

Kusum served food to Danny. Danny asks are you ready to believe in this marriage. Kusum says whatever, this is the truth. Danny says I can’t see you like this, Kumud and Saras are sacrificing their love for our sake, will you support me in bringing them closer. Kusum thinks of Dada ji’s words and agrees. Kusum calls Kumud and asks about Danny. Kumud asks Danny when will you go back, your wife is asking. Danny says some more time. Yash says you can go Danny, I will do this work. Danny says no, I will do. Kumud asks Kusum shall I come over there, if you are getting bored. Kusum says yes, come.

Kumud calls Saras and gives him the updates. Kumud says I m going to her, when will you come back. He says very soon, I miss you. Kumud says hmm.. call me after you reach. He says fine and ends the call smiling. Kumud comes to Saras’s house and sees darkness. She calls out Kusum and is shocked to see Kusum standing behind her with a candle. Kusum says the fuse blew off. Kusum says lets play our childhood game, where I used to put off the light and you used to bring the light back.

Kumud checks the fuse. Kusum talks to Kumud. The power comes. Kumud says think about your new life, everyone are happy as you are giving Danny a chance. She says you made the sheera very good. She asks Kusum to give her ginger tea. Kusum opens the door of a room and Kumud goes inside to blow off the candle. Kumud is shocked to see the room well decorated and also the kamarbandh lying on the bed.


Kusum argues with Kumud saying why are you sacrificing Saras for me. She burns herself igniting fire in her room saying you are free from me now.

The Episode starts with Kumud being shocked seeing how Kusum decorated the room. She steps out of the room and asks whats all this. Kusum smilingly goes inside the room and turns to see Kumud. Kusum says this is my Saraswatichandra. (Gone mad totally!!) Kumud says what are you saying. Kusum says can’t you see, see by my eyes, you will see him everywhere. She says you will see him in that peacock feather, in this kamarbandh, in this shirt, in everything, I feel him. She says if I burn all this, still that feeling will be in me, and if you can take him away from me, then take this things with you. She says there things are not useful for me, without Saras, I have only his feelings and he is only with you.

Kumud says don’t say this, stop it. Kusum says I won’t do anything, I have hurt you a lot, right, and till I m alive, I will hurt you, only I m in between you and Saras, you were doing a big sacrifice right, but not anymore. Kusum locks the door from inside and Kumud says Kusum listen to me, open the door. Kusum throws the kerosene all over the room. Kumud sees the oil coming out of the room and shouts Kusum open the door. Kusum burns the room and says now you are free Didi. Kumud says don’t be mad, you can’t do this, you promised me.

Kusum says I can’t go away from Saras, but I can’t come in between you, I will prefer dying rather than accepting anyone else. She says if you were not there, Saras would have been only mine. She says when you see Saras, you will think of me, you would have saved me, but you chose Saras not me. Kumud says I did not choose Saras, I chose you, we have not accepted our happiness because of you, open the door. Kusum is worried seeing the fire and says Didi and tries to save herself. She shouts Didi and screams. Kumud is tensed and thinks what to do.

Kusum is unable to breath and faints. Kumud breaks the mirror of the door of the room and sees Kusum lying in the fire. She opens the door and sees fire everywhere. Kumud cries and tries to save Kusum. She runs to Kusum and stops the fire by her hands. (Poor Kumud!!) Kumud pulls Kusum out of the fire and asks her to open her eyes. She hugs Kusum and brings water and puts it on her face. Saras comes and is shocked to see the fire. He tries to put off the fire. Kusum coughs and wakes up. Kumud says nothing will happen to you Kusum. Kusum sees Saras in the fire and looks at him.

Saras comes to Kusum and asks how did this happen, are you fine. He sees Kumud crying and sees her hand burnt and asks tell me. Kumud is in a trauma. Saras hugs her. Kusm gets angry seeing them. Danny ends his work at Kumud’s house. Badimaa brings tea for him and asks him to leave after having it. Danny drinks it and his phone rings. He says its Saras. Saras gives him the update and Danny is shocked. Danny says what, fire. Badimaa is shocked to hear this.

Saras is caring for Kumud’s hand. He says are you much hurt. She cries. He says it might be, as you are so silent, I have not seen you like this before, speak up, fight with me, say something. He cries seeing her crying. She looks at him and says I made even you cry. He says what. She says what did I do, with you, with Kusum. Saras says with Kusum? You saved her life risking your life. She says if I was not there, this would have not happened. She cries and says Kusum is unable to live her life.

She says I have made Kusum stand at this phase of life. Saras says don’t say this, Kusum is with us today because of you. She says is Kusum alive or did I erase her, I have to go far from her, very far. She says this is the only way. If I m not here, everything will be fine. Saras says Kumud, take rest now, we will talk in the morning. He makes her rest and leaves.

Everyone come to Saras’s house shouting Kusum and Kumud. They ask where are they. Kusum says I m here, I m fine. Badimaa asks about Kumud. Saras says her hand burnt, the doctor saw her, he said she will be fine. Vidyachatur asks how did this happen. Saras says I don’t know, I came here and saw Kumud pulling Kusum out of the fire. Kusum tells everyone that the power went and Kumud made the fuse right. I saw fire in my room as a curtain caught fire, I fainted and I don’t know the rest. Saras asks how did Kumud’s hand burn. Kusum says my saree caught fire and maybe Kumud has put off the fire.

Everyone speak in Kumud’s favor praising her. Saras says we can’t meet her now as the doctor said she should not be in any stress and should rest. Badimaa says fine, we will go back now. Vidyachatur asks Saras to take care of Kumud. Everyone leaves. Kusum is relieved as everyone believed her fake story. Saras goes to Kumud and Kusum looks at him. (Kusum’s Shamelessness at the peak today!!)

Saras thinks. Kusum comes to her room and cries. She sees her hand burnt and hurts herself and shouts. Saras hears her scream. Danny comes to her and she thinks its Saras. She is shocked to see Danny. Danny says Saras has given this ointment and applies it to her hand. Kusum is still going mad. Danny asks Kusum to rest and call him if she needs anything. He leaves. Kusum takes the ointment and throws it. Kalika comes to her and asks how are you. Kusum says did you not go. Kalika says I had to come back with food, Badimaa has sent this.

Kalika says only I understand whats in your heart, tell me the truth about the fire. Kusum says I told about the candle. Kalika says how can it be, I got this kamarbandh when I was cleaning the room. Kusum takes it and says maybe it fell, I was wearing it and asks Kaika to leave. Kalika says fine and leaves. Kusum closes the door. Kalika smiles and says I will find out now about the fire.


The Episode starts with Badimaa coming to Saras and waking him up. She asks where is Kumud. He says she was sleeping here. Badimaa says she is not here, where did she go. Saras tries to find her in the house and asks Danny did you see Kumud anywhere. Danny says no. Saras says she is not in the room and asks Badimaa to check in Kusum’s room. Badimaa asks Kusum. Kusum says she is not with me, and thinks about her bitter fight with Kumud. Kusum say did she go because of me. Badimaa and everyone are looking out for Kumud. Saras asks Badimaa is Kumud taking the phone. Danny says her phone is here. Badimaa says where is she. Saras says she went leaving the house. Saras thinks about Kumud’s words.

Badimaa asks did you have an argument with her, tell me the truth. Saras says no, but something happened which made her go. Saras sees Kusum nervous. Saras says don’t worry, I will find her no matter why she left, I won’t let anything happen to her, I will bring he home and inform Guniyal and Vidyachatur else they will bring Dada ji here. Kusum panics. Badimaa calls Guniyal and tells her that Kumud went somewhere. Kalika smiles hearing this. Guniyal says she did not come here, where did she go. Badimaa says we don’t know anything and cries.

Saras talks to Guniyal and says don’t worry, I will bring Kumud home but don’t let Dada ji know this. Kalika says I knew this, the fire was between the sisters. Dada ji comes and asks what happened, is Kumud fine. Vidyachatur says yes. Dada ji says take me to her. Kalika says no, Kumud is fine, I went to her to give her breakfast. Dada ji is adamant. Guniyal says they are coming here in some time. Dada ji says fine, I will not worry seeing her, call me whenever she comes. He leaves.

Kalika says I will go and ask in neighborhood. Yash’s mum stops her and says everyone knows Kumud ran away from Pramad’s house, what will you say, she ran away from here too. Vidyachatur says I don’t care about anyone. Yash’s mum taunts him. Vidyachatur says I have to bring Kumud. Guniyal is upset and says how can you go Kumud. Saras asks everyone to go home and tell Dada ji that I took Kumud to the doctor for her dressing. Kusum comes to Dada ji and he says Kusum, come. Kusum comes to him. Dada ji asks were you also hurt, now I m relieved seeing you, where is Kumud, did she not come with you. Kusum says Saras took her to doctor for her dressing. Dada ji says you have done a good thing by giving a chance to Danny and Kumud might be very happy with you.

Kalika comes bringing tea for Dada ji. Kalika says Saras will find Kumud, don’t worry Kusum, but its strange that Kumud did not leave any letter for Saras. Kalika asks Kusum was there any letter, did you check her room. Kusum gives the tea to Dada ji. Kalika thinks of ruling over Kusum and smiles. Saras is looking out for Kumud everywhere in the village. Even Vidyachatur, Yash and Danny are trying to find out Kumud by showing her photo to people.

Kusum comes to Danny’s house and goes to the room where Kumud stayed at night. Kusum tries to find whether Kumud really left a letter for Saras. She does not anything in the room. Vidyachatur is tired and sits somewhere to rest. Yash joins Saras in his car. Kusum says did Didi write any letter or not, I should get it first if she really wrote. Kusum writes a fake latter herself to fool the family. Dada ji is looking at his watch waiting for Kumud. He gets up from his bed and Guniyal comes to him and asks where is Kusum. Dada ji says she had a headache and left for her house. Guniyal tries to stop him from going to see Kumud.

Kusum comes back to Desai house and says I will show everyone this letter, I hope Dada ji is not present. She slips and the letter falls and goes to Dada ji. Kusum picks the letter. Kalika smiles and says great Kusum, you brought the letter which Kumud did not write.

Saras and everyone come home. Saras tells Kaka, don’t tell this to Dada ji and tell him that Kumud went to school for urgent work. Dada ji asks Kusum whats this. She says its electricity bill. Dada ji says it looks a letter. Kusum says I got this at home. Dada ji gets the letter and reads it. The letter says Kumud is leaving home forever. Dada ji says did Kumud write this. Everyone are shocked. Dada ji asks everyone did Kumud really left house and did she write this letter. Vidyachatur says don’t worry, we are trying to find her, we will get her soon. Dada ji you all knew this but did not tell me. Saras says calm down, it can affect your health. Dada ji is angry and says Saras tell me the truth, can you believe that Kumud can lose to life, never she can’t.

Dada ji says Kusum you lied to me that Kumud went to doctor. Kusum says what could I do, everyone worries about your health. Badimaa asks Kusum how did you go home without telling me. Kusum says I went home to see whether Kumud left anything and there I got this letter. Saras says give me the letter, I know Kumud’s hand writing. He sees the letter and says Kusum, read this letter and tell us is this Kumud’s handwriting or not. Kusum is tensed and takes the letter from him. Saras looks at her.

Kusum says yes, its Didi’s handwriting. Saras says fine, I will give this to police. Kusum is shocked and says police. He says yes, I have to complaint that Kumud is missing. Dada ji says do whatvere you want bu bring her back safely. Saras says nothing will happen to her. Kusum says she is not missing, she wrote in the letter that she left by her wish. Saras says no way, I m sure she left with a burden on her heart. He says who made her do this, I have to find out about it. Saras looks at Kusum. He says Badimaa I will go to police station. Kusum says what will I do if the police comes to know its my handwriting.

The Episode starts with Kusum coming to her room tensed. She acts restless. Kalika comes to her room and says be calm, I know you are very afraid, worrying about Kumud. Kalika says we don’t know what will happen next. Kalika says letter. Kusum asks what. Kalika says I don’t think Kumud left the letter, but see you brought the letter, you sisters love each other and can die for each other, right. Kalika smiles and thinks now Kusum will be caught red handed. Dada ji and everyone are talking about Kumud worrying where she might be and why she did this.

Yash’s mum taunts Guniyal. She says its risky for a young woman to roam in the village alone, anything can happen with her. Vidyachatur says is this the news to talk about bad things. Danny says Kumud saved Kusum, can’t she take care of herself then, don’t worry, nothing will happen to her. Badimaa wishes the Lord to protect Kumud. Danny comes to Kusum and sees her worried. He asks what happened Kusum, why are you looking so tensed. She says because I m worried about Kumud. He says you wrote the fake letter, I have seen her hand writing. Kusum is shocked and says why will I write the letter. He says tell me what happened last night, what made Kumud leave the house. She denies everything. He confronts her and says police will find out everything, tell me everything before else it will be very late.

Kusum cries and says I did not do anything, please save me. Danny says tell me. Kusum says ……………. Saras comes to the police station. Saras says I did not ever think you would leave this way. Danny holds his head and says you did this, you emotionally blackmailed your sister. Kusum cries and says I did not know what I was doing, but now I m dying, if everyone comes to know about this, I won’t be able to see in their eyes, thats I wrote that letter, I m worried, will police take me. Danny says no, it would be a less punishment for you, you should have left the house, not Kumud, you don’t deserve anyone’s love, not even mine.

Kusum stops him and requests him to help her. She holds his leg and says stop Saras from making the complaint, give me a last chance. Danny and Kusum come to the police station. Saras sees them and asks what are you doing here. Kusum says did you complaint, we were thinking not to do thsi as it will be bad for our family. Saras asks Danny. Danny says we need to talk. Saras says what. Kusum tries to take Saras into confidence. Saras says let police ask anything they want, I don’t care. Kusum says you are not understanding. Saras says do you think this happened because of you. Kusum says I m worried about Kumud.

Saras says she did not do anything wrong, it will be bad for others, not her. He says I have complaint to the police, they will reach home soon to take everyone’s statement. Kusum asks is this the same letter. Saras says no, its photo copy, the original is with police. Saras asks Kusum why is she afraid. She says no, I m going home. Saras says stop, you have only one way, tell me the truth, else the police will make you say. Kusum cries and looks at Danny. She says no Saras, please save me, I did not do this purposely, I told everything in anger, I did not know Kumud will really go. She says I m feeling burdened, I can’ bear this. She says Saras, police will take me, save me please.

Saras asks what did you do, tell me everything, what made Kumud leave home. Kusum is silent. Danny asks Kusum to speak the truth, and not think further. He says maybe we will know about Kumud then. Kusum tells everything what happened. (Old scenes are shown) Saras gets angry and says I knew this something happened, thats Kumud was in a trauma, Kumud did so much for you and this is what you did, you made her go. Saras says you made her lose to everyone. Kusum says I was lost, I know I have hurt Kumud a lot, forgive me. Sarasa says you have hurt her and you are not ashamed of your act, you are afraid that you will be caught, if I forgive you, it will be wrong with Kumud.

He leaves. Kusum says I m not worried about me, but Kumud. Kusum tries to talk to Danny. Danny says what you did is not pardonable. She says I know I did wrong, I want to change, stop Saras. Danny says Saras will decide and I will support him. Kusum thinks of stopping Saras, else everyone will go against her.

Kusum runs after Saras’s car and tries to stop him. She falls and Danny rushes to her. Saras stops. She says I want to change and want to bring Kumud back, I m sorry, I m ashamed of what I did. Saras looks at Danny. He says then help me in finding Kumud, if anything wrong happens with her, then you won’t be spared. Kusum says I can do anything for her. Saras says lets see. Everyone at home are tensed. Saras calls Vidyachatur and says I have complaint in the police, Danny and Kusum are with me, don’t worry. He says we will bring her back, take care of Dada ji. Vidyachatur says we are hoping on you, bring her back and keep me updated. Saras says fine and ends the call.

Saras asks Danny and Kusum to sit in the car. Kusum asks where are we going. Saras says no questions, sit. Vidyachatur tells everyone that Kusum and Danny are with Saras. Kalika says Kusum won’t be silent and will definitely find Kumud. Dada ji says Saras will always do whats right. Yash’s mum says what will we do, everyone will ask us about Kumud. Dada ji says Kumud did not harm anyone, till Saras and Kumud come back, no one should say bad about them, else I will leave from here.

Yash’s mum have a talk with Kalika. Kalika tells her about Kusum and Kumud. She says everything is forgiven for Kumud, Kusum and Saras, not us. She smiles and leaves filling her ears against the family. Saras stops his car in the market. Kusum says why did we come here. Saras says Kumud might be here, lets go and ask people about her. Kusum says yes, will ask. Saras asks Kusum to go in the lane and ask people. Kusum says the lane is very long. Saras scolds her and she says I m going. Saras and Danny look at her. Danny says she won’t be able to do this alone. Saras says if she loves Kumud, she will, else….. Danny says how do you know Kumud is here. Saras says my heart says she is here.


Danny and Saras see someone like Kumud and go after her calling out Kumud. Saras follows her and while he is about to reach her, Kusum stops Saras by coming in between and making him busy. Saras sees that girl is gone.

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