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Saraswatichandra Tuesday 6th August 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Saras asking Danny not to do anything. Saras gets a call and leaves. Kalika talks to Danny and Danny thinks what was she saying. Saras asks Danny to come with him. Kumud sees everyone happy and laughing. The phone rings and Kumud goes to take the call but it stops ringing. Saras comes to her. They look at each other. They talk via signs. Saras says everything is fine. Kumud signs ok. Danny comes and Kalika and Badimaa ask Saras to leave Danny here. Saras agrees. He signs Danny to take care of everything well and leaves. Saras gets a call again. He picks it and its Budhidhan’s call. Budhidhan tells him how adamant is Pramad and he wants Kumud to come to him. Pramad’s mum calls Kumud and tells her that she left Pramad, but can’t see his condition now. She asks Kumud to be merciful.

Budhidhan asks Saras to talk to Kumud once for his sake as she will listen to Saras. He says I don’t want to lose my son. Pramad’s mum requests Kumud to come once and cries. Kumud is upset on hearing this. She runs outside the house. Saras is coming to Kumud and they meet outside and says Pramad…. Mohan’s family asks about Kusum. Danny sees Kusum coming and is sad. Kusum asks Kumari where is Kumud. Kumari looks around and says maybe she is inside, don’t worry, she will come. Kumud and Pramad talk about Pramad. Saras says you can’t go, its Kusum’s engagement. Kumud says we have to go, he won’t listen to anyone, lets go. Saras says listen to me but Kumud goes with Saras.

The phone rings and Badimaa goes to take the call. The ringing stops. Kumud says what are you doing. Saras says calling home, else they will search us. Kumud says if we tell them, they won’t allow us, then Pramad will be more ill, drive faster, we should not be late. The engagement ceremony starts. Danny looks at Kusum. The people say Kusum is very beautiful. Kalika smiles seeing Danny. Kumud and Saras come to meet Pramad. Kumud thinks of Pramad’s torture while walking to his room. Saras sees her fear on her face and says I m with you Kumud, come on.

Kumud goes upstairs and thinks how Pramad tried to burn her alive. He says do for what you came here. Mohan and Kusum starts exchanging the rings. Kusum looks at Badimaa. Danny is unable to see Kusum getting engaged with someone. Pramad sees Kumud and gets up. He says I knew it that you will come. He sees Saras with her and says Saras bhai, I knew you will also come with her. Badimaa says two mins. She says where is Kumud, how long will we wait.

Guniyal says Kumud is not at home. Mohan’s mum says it looks like Kumud is not happy with this relation. Guniyal says no. Kalika says both the sisters like the same, she says if Kusum likes Mohan, then Kumud will also like him. She says she is resting inside as she is not well. Badimaa says we should do this ritual now. She says even Kumud will want this. Kusum looks at Danny’s upset face.

Pramad thanks Kumud and Saras for coming. Pramad’s mum also thanks Kumud and praises her for coming. Budhidhan says I knew it Saraswatichandra that you won’t break my trust. Kumud comes to Pramad and Pramad says sorry. She moves backwards and looks at him. Badimaa asks Danny to call Saras. Danny says I tried but he is not taking my call. Badimaa says what might have happened, where are they. Mohan’s mum asks Kusum to exchange the ring. Kusum says not without Kumud. Badimaa says now we should not wait, we will talk to Kumud later. Murakh Das brings the medicines.

Pramad’s mum asks Kumud to give the medicines to Pramad. Saras looks on. Pramad takes the medicines and have it. Pramad’s parents are happy. Pramad looks like he is deeply regretting. He says you did not wear the kamarbandh today, but still you are looking so beautiful. He says it means you have forgiven me. Kumud stops and Saras gives her the letters. She takes it and says this is court’s notice about the divorce hearing tomorrow. She says and this one is from the hospital, it needs the family’s signature. She gives that letter to Budhidhan. Everyone claps as Kusum and Mohan get engaged. The pandit asks Kusum to make Mohan wear the ring. Kusum cries.

Danny looks at Kusum. Kusum drops the ring and everyone think where did the ring go. It comes near Danny’s feet. Kalika sees Danny hiding the ring and smiles. Kumud tells Murakh Das that Kalika is fine in her house. He thanks her. Kumud greets everyone and says I will leave now. Pramad’s mum says can’t you be here for some more time. Kumud says its Kusum’s engagement today, everyone are waiting at home. Pramad smiles hearing this

The Episode starts with Mohan’s mum Pannaben saying Vidyachatur I think the Lord does not accept this relation. Badimaa says its not like that, we will get the ring. Everyone tries to find the ring. Kalika comes to Danny and says what are you doing, she says its only engagement, not a wedding, Kusum will cry, can you see it. Kalika says love happens by heart and the rest by mind. She asks him for the ring. Danny gives her the ring. Kalika says I got it. Saras tells Kumud we should call them and tell them about us. Kumud says we will be reaching, so no need to inform. Kalika gives the ring back to Kusum.

Mohan’s mum asks Mohan to think again. Kusum puts the ring to Mohan finally. Everyone claps for them. Danny looks at Kusum while Kusum is crying. Vidyachatur hugs Mohan and his dad. He says congrats to Pannaben and asks them to have food as everything is ready. Danny sees Saras and Kumud coming. He tells Vidyachatur about it. Kusum says Kumud came, Badimaa stops Kusum and asks her to be with the guests. Kusum says I want to meet Kumud once. Vidyachatur says I will go and see whats the matter. He asks Kumud and Saras where did they go all of a sudden. Kusum comes and hugs Kumud. Kumud says sorry. Kusum says how can you do this.

Saras says Kumud was not feeling well. He says I took her to doctor, I did not take the call as I forgot the phone in my car. Everyone gets worried about Kumud. Kumud says I m fine now. Badimaa says come inside, the guests are waiting. Kumud asks Saras why did you lie. Saras reminds her when Pramad came last time and how Vidyachatur reacted. She says I m fed up of lies, why do you do this, you should have asked me once. Saras says because of you, if you did not go there, I did not had to lie. She says look there, everyone are happy. She says Kusum’s engagement is done without any problem, because I stopped Pramad from coming here. She leaves.

Badimaa asks Danny to go to Kusum’s room and bring the gifts. Kalika says I will go with him. Kalika tries to talk to Danny and says it was kiddish to hide the ring. She says Kusum does not love you, do you know this, you were hurt seeing her getting engaged, she was also hurt maybe by some other reason so she was so sad. She says you love her, go and help her, try to find out whats in her eyes. Danny says how can I find out. Kalika says try to find it, does she love Saras. Danny is shocked and says your mentality is so cheap. Kalika laughs and says when you come to know the truth, you won’t think this as cheap. Danny says look at this, she keeps my gifts with her,  see our photos, see how happy she is with me. Kalika says she thinks of you as her friend, only friend.

Kalika shows him a peacock feather which Kusum always keeps close to her heart. He says I gave her this. Kalika says Kusum loves Saras. Danny does not believe it. Kalika says ok maybe I m wrong, maybe she loves only you and she is unable to admit it. Danny leaves. Kalika thinks Pramad should have been here to hit the hot iron. Saras sees Pramad coming with flowers to Kumud’s house. Saras is shocked to see him.

Kumud comes and greets the guests. Pannaben asks her how is her health now. Saras tries to stop Pramad and goes after him but till then Pramad enters the house. Pannaben asks Kumud how come you came from outside. Everyone are shocked to see Pramad. Kumud is stunned. Pramad says best wishes to all of you and speaks sweetly. Pramad tells Danny that Saras is outside, go and call him inside. Saras comes. Pramad gives the bouquet to Kusum and says I m really happy for you. Kalika looks at Pramad.

Pramad says I wish everything happens good with you. He apologizes to her saying because of me, Kumud had to come to meet me. Everyone are shocked knowing this. Pannaben says Kumud was at home as she was not well. Pramad says no, I m unwell and Kumud came to meet me.

Pramad praises Kumud for being selfless and caring. He says no one would have left a sister’s engagement but she did and Saras brought her to my home. Badimaa and everyone are shocked. Kalika enjoys the scene. Vidyachatur says what, did they come to you. Pramad says yes, so I came to know about Kusum’s engagement. He says the doctor asked me not to go out from home, but I could not stop myself, as I married Kumud and you all are my family. He says Kusum stayed in our house for so many days, she is like my younger sister. Kalika thinks Pramad is acting so well that even I doubt its acting or real love. Pramad asks Pannaben not to misunderstand Kumud as his parents requested Kumud to come. He says look at her heart, and Kusum is also like Kumud. He says if Kumud can take care of me, Kusum will make your house a heaven.

He says I brought some gifts and starts leaving. Pannaben says come in the marriage. Pramad says I will come for sure. Pramad tells Kumud so we will meet tomorrow in the court, then everything will end. Pannaben talks to Kumud that she is happy to listen all this by Pramad, he looks a good person. She says you should understand him and his feelings. She tells Vidyachatur now we will leave and we meet later to decide the date of the marriage. She greets everyone and leaves with Mohan. All the guests leave.

Guniyal scolds Kumud for meeting Pramad. Vidyachatur says you did a wrong thing. Badimaa says how can you go alone. Kumud says Saras came with me. Vidyachatur says if anything happened to Saras then, he shot Saras some days ago.

Kusum says you chose Pramad than me. She says it was my engagement and you went to meet Pramad, the man who did so much wrong with you. Kumud says listen to me, he would have came here if I did not go, this relation would have broke. Kusum says he still came here, I can’t forget that you were not with me today. Guniyal says you would have asked us before going there, you made Kusum upset. Kumud says yes, I made a big mistake, I should have not come back home. Kusum leaves. Vidyachatur says leave all this, go to your rooms and have rest, lets talk tomorrow. Kumud cries. Saras looks on and leaves. Kumud gets upset.

Its a scene in the court where Kumud says she wants to give divorce to Kumud but Pramad denies shocking everyone.

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