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Saraswatichandra Monday 5th August 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Saras talking to Danny saying what are you saying, I don’t understand anything, be clear. Danny says Kusum…. Kumud comes to Saras and Danny and says this cannot happen, the inspector called and said Pramad is ill, this cannot happen. She runs to see Pramad and Saras looks on leaving her dupatta in slow motion. Kumud comes to the police station and meets Pramad. Pramad is happy to see her. He says I had faith that you will come. At home, everyone are shocked to know about Pramad as Danny tells them everything. Saras comes with Kumud and Kumud meets Pramad.

Pramad says Kumud…. Kumud throws a glass of water on his face. She says he is lying and acting, he is not ill, he is cheating. Saras says he is not lying. Kumud says he is acting, he can’t see me happy as I m trying to live my life. She says I trusted him and he tried to burn me alive. Saras says I read his reports and the doctor said. She says he bought everyone, not this time Pramad, I won’t cry for you. She says you see now, I will take divorce from you. Pramad is shocked and coughs. Kumud sees blood in his hands and is shocked. The doctor comes and calls the ward boy. They take Pramad with them.

Kumud realizes Pramad is seriously ill. Pramad says how will I burn you, I m going to burn in few days, he leaves. Kumud is tensed. Kalika is worried about Pramad and trying to call him. Yash’s mum and everyone discuss about Pramad and Kumud’s divorce. Yash’s mum says why did Kumud run to see him, she cares about him. Vidyachatur says I think its true. Kumud comes and says its true. Everyone look at her. Kumud says Pramad has only few days left. Vidyachatur asks her are you fine. Kumud says yes, this had to happen as he has drinking habit, he does not care about anyone, he drank wine that his dad will do something and save him. She asks them not to worry about Pramad.

She behaves normal. Badimaa looks at Kumud. Kumud talks to Kusum about her groom to be saying he lives in America and will take you with him. Badimaa hugs Kumud. Kumud says I m fine and leaves. Vidyachatur says this is the Lord’s justice. Badimaa says it will make Kumud a widow. Danny asks Saras how is Kumud. Saras says not well. Danny says then you should be with her. Saras says I don’t want to weaken her by always supporting her. Saras asks Danny about Kusum and Danny does not tell him anything. Saras goes to rest. Danny shares about their brotherly love times and togetherness. Badimaa comes and brings food for them. Badimaa asks Saras are you worried.

Saras says I did not know Pramad is so ill, I have beaten him a lot. Badimaa says don’t think so much. Saras rests in her lap and she sings a lullaby for him. Saras sleeps. The next morning, Saras comes to meet Pramad in the hospital. Kumud is packing her bag to go to school. Guniyal asks her to take leave today. Kumud says why, I m fine. Badimaa says today we are going to do the arrangements of the engagement. Kumud is happy and says I will be back soon.

Pramad talks to Saras. Saras asks why did you come to apologize to Kumud, Pramad says you will understand it one day. Saras gives him medicines. Pramad looks at him as Saras apologizes to him. Pramad takes the medicines. Saras says I m sorry for beating you. Pramad claps and laughs saying Saras, were you born on this earth or you fell from the sky. He says are you really feeling bad for him, how can you be such good. Saras says you will understand one day. Pramad says I have few days left, but we will be together soon. Saras says that day won’t come. Pramad says one day you will bring Kumud to me.

Badimaa asks Kusum did Kumud call from school. Kusum says no. Badimaa says Kumud is worried about Pramad. Guniyal says she will take care of herself, she is strong. Badimaa asks Kusum to make laddus and goes for some other work. Danny comes to Kusum and says its your engagement today, even then you are quiet. He says trust me, life is easy when you have your love with you. Kusum says I don’t know when love happened, but I know I can’t have hope to fulfill that relation. Danny is talking about him and she talks about Saras. She says I left everything on the fate, don’t tell this to anyone if you are my friend. Kusum leaves. Danny is upset saying I have to sacrifice my love, this is not fair. Saras is at the hospital and calls Kumari and asks about Kumud. He comes to know Kumud is at school.

Kumud is teaching in the class about human body and talks about Pramad’s disease Liver Cirrhosis. Saras hears her and looks on. The class is dismissed and the kids leave. Saras comes to Kumud and sees her worried. She says I did not hate anyone like this, but I hate him for whatever he did, he killed my emotions, he tried to kill you, he has hit me by his car, I wanted him dead but its strange that the Lord is taking our revenge from him, I can’t show pity on him, its good you spoke to the doctor and confirmed it. She says you have hidden it from me, don’t do this again. Saras says I did had the strength to tell you. She says why. He says see how are you now. She says I don’t know why I m being sad for him. Kumud hugs a girl who is hurt and cries. Saras looks at her soft heart.

The Episode starts with Saras looking at Kumud while she receives two letters by post. Saras comes to her and asks what happened. She shows him the divorce hearing papers and the other one being the hospital papers where she has to sign as she is Pramad’s wife. She says what should I do now, sign on this being his wife or go for the divorce. Saras and Kumud are in a dilemma. Kumud goes inside the house while Saras looks on. Pramad is in his home being treated by the doctor. Murakh Das gives him medicines but Pramad throws the medicines saying I don’t want. Budhidhan and his wife comes and asks him to have medicines. Pramad’s mum runs to him and says why did you not inform us, we wold have not know if Murakh Das did not call us.

Pramad says your should be happy, your mistake is going to end forever. Budhidhan says nothing will happen to you. Pramad says no need of medicines, I won’t take it. Budhidhan says whats all this, what do you want. Pramad’s mum cries and says have the medicines, we won’t leave now, I will do whatever you say. Pramad says will you do whatever I say…. Kumud is in her room seeing the letters. Chandrika comes and talks to her about decorations and leaves. Badimaa comes next and asks her to come with her. Vidyachatur is talking to the pandit on phone. He tells Kumud that the pandit said we will do the engagement in the mandir, but I was thinking we will keep it in our hall.

Kumud says yes, we will do it in our hall. She asks where is Kusum. Saras comes and tells Kumud you have third option also, today is Kusum’s engagement, forget all the problems today. Pramad tells his mum that he wants Kumud. Budhidhan and his wife are shocked. Saras takes the letters from Kumud. Badimaa smiles. Saras says all your tensions are mine for today. Everyone smile seeing them. Kumud goes with Saras to do the engagement arrangements. Badimaa says we should also go and help Kumud. Kusum is crying in her room holding the peacock feather.

Danny sees her crying and misunderstand. Kalika sees Kusum crying from the window and smiles. She says look at Saras, he understands Kumud without her words and look at Danny, he does not know whom Kusum loves, I think I should help Danny. Saras asks Danny to help Kumari in the arrangements. Saras smiles seeing Kumud. He still finds her tensed. Badimaa says get ready now, do the work later. Badimaa asks Saras to get ready. He says don’t be sad, its a good day, I don’t want anyone to raise questions about me so I m leaving for home now. Kumud asks Kumari to ask Kusum to get ready. Danny is really upset with such a small face. Kumud closes her eyes and is tensed. Vidyachatur asks Guniyal to talk to Kumud.

Guniyal asks Kumud to come with her. Badimaa stands with Saras while Danny is about to cry. Kumud tells Guniyal I have work, why should I get ready. Guniyal asks her to come after being ready. Saras comes to Kumud and she says what. He says everyone are wearing new clothes and you did not by anything for yourself, so I…. He gifts her new clothes. She smiles and says you bought it, she takes the gift and looks at the clothes. Music plays….. She says its very beautiful. He says not now, it will be beautiful when you wear it. He says Kumud, now are you fine. She says yes. He says ok…. She says are you going, why. He says I don’t want…. She says don’t want anyone to see you. She says wait for some time. He says I m leaving Danny here, he will help you. He says I will be with you always wherever I be. The song Saraswatichandra…. plays….

Kusum is getting ready while crying. She thinks of Saras and his words looking at the kamarbandh. She wears the kamarbandh and cries. Danny comes and says why are you crying now, you decided t get engaged. Danny closes the door and she says don’t be kiddish, why did you close the door. He says tell me why are you crying, as you know you are making a mistake, if we both know then why are you hiding our love. Kusum is shocked. Saras looks around for Danny while everyone welcomes the guy and his family. Saras looks at them. Everyone are happy. Kumud comes there dresses in the clothes Saras gifted her. He smiles seeing her and she leaves. Kumud greets the guests. The guests ask about Kusum. Kumud says I will call her. Saras signs I will call her, you be there. Kumud signs ok.

Saras goes to Kusum. Kusum asks Danny what are you saying, are you mad. Danny says I can’t sacrifice our love. Kusum says what rubbish, love? Danny says yes, our love. Kusum says I don’t love you. Danny is shocked and says Kusum, why are you lying, you told me that you love me. Kusum says when did I tell you, we are only friends. Danny says why are you doing this. Kusum says I m doing this for Kumud. Danny says what. She says you won’t understand. She says leave me, you are hurting me. Danny says what about you hurting me like this. Kusum pushes Danny. Saras comes opening the door and sees Kusum with Danny and asks whats going on.

Saras asks Danny what are you doing, are you mad. Danny says she is mad, she is doing this engagement for her family. Kusum says its not like that. Danny says she was crying when I came here. Saras asks Danny why do you think she is lying. Danny says because I…. He says because I felt this. Saras says Kusum chose Mohan, the family likes him, what problem will she have. Saras asks Kusum to come down soon and says I really want you to get the happiness of the whole world. Saras leaves with Danny. Kusum says my happiness is with you Saras, then how can I like someone else.

Pramad’s parents rush to Pramad while Pramad is coughing on the floor. They get worried seeing his state. Budhidhan sees the blood and panics. He calls the doctor. He asks Pramad to take medicines. Pramad asks his mum to fulfill her promise by calling Kumud. Pramad’s condition gets worse.

Budhidhan talks to Saras and tells him about Pramad’s wish and asks Saras to talk to Kumud about Pramad.

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