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Sapne Suhane Update on Wednesday--Thursday 21st August 2019 On Adom TV


Chaaru kept Shail’s bag under the table and Dholu finds it and keeps it inside Shail’s amlirah. Door bell rings and buaji opens the door and finds police on the door gate. On asking, buaji was told by Shail that they are here to inform about the dowry and to check out the whole house according to Chaaru. Prabhu tries to call Chaaru’s father but the call was unreachable. Suddenly one of the cop comes and tells that one of the bag has been found and some jewellery boxes. Seema tells everyone that Chaaru herself has given the boxes to take them back afterwards. But chaaru’s mother told that why she’ll give the boxes as she herself has her own almirah. The other cop founds a briefcase Sangeeta told that its key is with Chaaru only she don’t knows anything about it. The box when opened the cops got some silk sarees worth Rs. 10000. The head of the police gave instructions to check it properly the every corner of the house. The cops asks the family about the notes also as the notes were found in Shail’s almirah kept by Dholu which was earlier kept by Chaaru under the table.
Prabhu tells everyone that the bundle of notes were kept by him in Shail’s almirah as he was not able to find his own almirah key’s. Police asks Prabhu to enquire about the notes that from which account they have been withdrawn. Police tells that those notes were withdrawn from Chaaru’s account and were deposited to Mayank’s account worth amount 5 lakhs.
Prabhu requests the cops that he don’t wants the family to be disturbed so three of them were arrested including Mayank, Seema and Prabhu, while Gunjan was requesting cops to give them a chance to prove them right. The whole family got a sudden dileama. Gunjan remembers what Mayank had said about Chaaru. Shail goes inside crying.
Gunjan trying to console everyone that they can’t do anyhting as they are right. they all will be brought all with respect.
Chaaru’s mother telling her all what had happened at Garg’s house. Chaaru gave a devil’s look. She also awares her mom that dowry’s case is not so easy to handel.
Shail asking evryone to save them by hook or crrok. Sangeets says that she had done the big mistake of her liofe to bring Chaaru as Mayank’s wife. Dayal telling that he’ll go to advocate and he will free all from prison. and all were told that it’s not easy.
Rachna goes in her room crying. Vihaan calls her and she cuts the call. he again calls and founds Rachna crying and got worried and pray.
In the jail, Seema was apolozising both for her deeds. Mayank asks her mom that what she got after spoiling her son’s life. They lost all their respect. Seema tells that she doesn’t wants to spoil his life, no mother thinks even. Mayank tells that but she had spolied her life.

The episode starts with Mayank telling Prabhu to allow him to speak and let Seema know how she destroyed his life. He says she destroyed his personal and professional life and tha everything is over. He says he has nothing left and that the company will not allow him to continue working after they get to know what has happened. The police officer tells Mayank that someone has come to see Mayank. Mayank goes into the room to see a person sitting and thinks its Gunjan. He walks towards the person and sees its Charu and looks furious. Charu asks if he is facing any difficulties in jail and that if there is anything lacking to let her know. Mayank is about to leave when she stops him and says she is here to help. Mayank says he doesn’t need her help and tells her to go. Charu tells him that the dowry case can end in a 3 years sentence and tells him that he can be ready to serve the sentence but what about his parents if they will they be able to take it. She says its a wife’s duty to help the husband out and tells him to just tell her and she will show him a way out. Mayank says their path were never the same and will never be. He says whatever she does his decision will never change and the divorce will still be done. She shouts at him saying will he divorce her and says that if she doesn’t take back the complaint many things can happen to him. Mayank says he won’t be free till he is rid from her and their relationship. He says no matter how much she blackmails him, he can’t stay with her for even a moment and tells her its over for him and its the end. She says they’ll see who’s end it will be hers or his. Mayank says he is not scared of serving the 3 year sentence and he is confident that him and his parents will come out somehow. He tells her not to act so innocent as they all know what she tried to do to Rachana. He says she should be in jail not him. He asks if she get and she shouts saying she doesn’t get it. Mayank angrily walks off leaving an angry Charu. Dayal is talking to the lawyer and the lawyer says that bail is not possible and Dayal says they are innocent and are falsely accused. He says for them a daughter and daughter-in-law is the same. He adds that the law is believing a person like Charu who planned all this.

Part 2

The lawyer explains to Dayal that the dowry case is difficult and complicated and that in this case usually the girl and the family is listened to and he says the case will drag on as there was a case of the girl being burnt. Dayal hangs up the phone. Bua asks him to tell what happened and she asks if anything can be done and Dayal says the lawyer says that bail is difficult in these kind of cases. He says what is worst of is that in these kind of cases the girl’s statement is taken more into consideration and that their case is weak. Shail asks if that means there is no way out. Dayal tells her that Charu can only do it by taking back her complain only then can Prabhu, Seema and Mayank be free otherwise there is no hope. Gopal says its no possible since they have not been picking up their phone since morning and Sangeetha even when to their house but no one came to the door. The doorbell ring and Gunjan answers it and sees Charu at the door and angrily says its you and Charu says yes its her and walks into the house. All are angry to see her there. Charu tells them they look very angry. She says why won’t they be angry when she sent her in laws and husband to jail and asks if they ever thought what the reason was for her doing that. She says that who compelled her to do such a thing. She says even a cat protects her kittens and that’s what she did. Rachana says she didn’t do like that because a cat loves and is protective of her kittens which Charu doesn’t have as she doesn;t even love Mayank and Rachana adds that if she did love Mayank then Charu wouldn’t cause pain to him or the family. She says that Seema and everyone used to love Charu so much. Charu says how can she love Mayank when his heart is with Gunjan. Shail says to stop it and they don’t want to hear her nonsense and to leave the house. Charu tells Rachana to tell Mayank that she will not take back the complain till he doesn’t take back the divorce. Dayal tells her to stop it and to leave and they don’t need any help or advice from her.

Part 3

Charu leaves the house and then she think if Mayank can’t be hers then can never be anyone elses. Gunjan is pacing in the room and is angry. Rachana tells Gunjan that how can an educated person do something like this and Gunjan says she is angry with Charu that she came to threaten them in the middle of the night and left her condition in front of them. Rachana says that this is how Charu is demeaning, low and rude. Rachana says she is not surprised by her behavior and Gunjan says she feels like reporting Charu to the police. Rachana says that no matter what Seema, Prabhu and Mayank have to be released no matter what and says she is scared after hearing what the lawyer had to say. Gunjan tells Rachana not to cry and that good things happen to good people and they will return safely. Charu cries telling her father that she didn’t tell him as he wouldn’t be able to stand that such a thing could happen to his beloved daughter. Charu’s father asks whether did the family do anything when Mayank did that and Charu says no one told him or made him understand and that Mayank did as he pleased. Charu says that Mayank had an affair with Gunjan in front of everyone. She says that she was praying to God that Mayank would be back to his senses and he never accepted her as his wife. She then shows her father the burnt wound and says look what they did ti her and thank God she managed to survive it. Charu’s father says how dare they and what did he think marrying her into the family and look how they turned out to be. He says that its a good thing that her mother came at the right time and to let them be in jail as it will mend their ways. He says its better than living in that kind of in-laws that she gets a divorce. Charu and her mother are shocked. Charu’s mother says that it hasn’t been even a year since the marriage and that Charu will be divorced and what will people think. She says that Gunjan should be thrown out of the house. She says she was sure after what happened they would have thrown Gunjan out. She then adds telling Charu’s father not to let Mayank, Seema and Prabhu’s bail to happen. He then says that until the Gargs don’t bow their heads down they won’t take back their complain. Charu thanks her father and hugs him. Shail is praying to God saying that before also God was their support and this time also to help them out of this problem. Rachana asks Shail if she can help and Shail refuses but Rachana insists that she will help. Shail tells Rachana in the many years of marriage she has never seen Dayal this worried before. She says nobody could have ever imagined the police coming to the house and their respect is most important and if anything happens to it nothing else matters. Rachana says that Dayal never had to bow his head before anyone and says poor Gunjan got trapped in Charu’s plan. Gunjan comes and asks why is Shail cooking so early. Shail says she is cooking food for Mayank, Seema and Prabhu and wonders if they even ate properly in jail.

Part 4

Gunjan asks Shail if she can follow her to the prison. Shail refuses but Gunjan insists and Shail allows her to follow. Seema is crying and Prabhu tells her to stop crying as it is they have too many problems and is irritated. The police scolds him for shouting. Shail and Gunjan come to the police station and they both look sad. Gunjan reassures Shail. They approach the policeman and says they want to meet Prabhu and the family. Seema sees Shail and Gunjan and looks a bit happy. Gunjan looks at Mayank looking sad.

Episode Ends

Precap – Gunjan is shocked to see Akash at the house. Akash says surprise and hugs Gunjan. Shail asks what brings him here suddenly without phoning or telling. He says he’s here to take Gunjan. Shail, Gunjan, Dayal and Rachana are shocked….


shayl and gunjan come to the jail both are very upset seeing seema prabhu and Mayank in the cell.. Shayl has got food , Seema serves it Mayank refuses to eat. Shayl is broken Mayank finally eats. Shayl runs away and cries. Gunjan consoles shayl.
They come back home and are surprised to see Akash at home. He hugs gunjan. He announces that he has come to take her back.everyone is shocked .Shayl says that gunjan is his daughter and he should not ask for permission.

Shayl says that gunjan s year is not yet over. He says not to worry about all that and it will be a surprise. Gunjan looks disappointed. Her dad asks for Mayank and wants to congratulate him. The family does not tell him about Mayank being jail.Gopal tells him he might be feeling India is very hot but Akash replies that everything about your country feels good.

Akash says he wants to spend a lot of time with Gunjan. He then asks her about college her friends and even her boyfriends. Gunjan is upset but she says that there is no one.

Shayl is talking to Dayal and he says Akash has come here and should stay for a long time Shayl does not want him to know about Mayank s case. Akash overhears as he is at the door.

Akash tells gunjan about the proposal and the best thing is that Gunjan can be with him in australia. She is tensed and he says the decison is up to her and she can reject it , the guy will come in two days.Dayal tells Akkash they will put a case on Charu s parents, the bell rings Seema Prabhu MAyank are at the door step. Everyone is happy Dholu tells Rachna Gunjan that Mayank is back both are happy. The police come and says that Charu has taken back her complaint and that he will keep a close eye on the family. Mayank is furious clenches his fist and the police tells him to control himself. Seema assures him he will.

Charu is thinking that she will make everything fine soon. Charu s mom tells them to forget eberything and start afresh She says that she has talked to Charu and they should talk to Mayank.
Charu tells the police that she has his number and will call him if need be threatning Gargs indirectly. Mayank says Charu should not be in the house Seema tells him to keep quite thinking about the time spent in jail. Shayl says that even they want the same thing he wants and soon they will find a way to throw Charu out of his life completely. She says she will make halwa and the family will sit and eat together after 2 days

Prabhu talks to Akash. Charu trying to serve halwa to Maynk at dining table he refuses then she tries to serve Rachna. Gunjan comes and Shayl asks what the surprise is
Gunjan tells about the rishta she keeps staring at Charu and then she agrees to it. Everyone shocked and akash is happy. shayl says let her study and Akash says they will only get married after her studies but the boy s family wants the rishta to materialize soon so he will talk to them. Gunjan says she has to marry him some day so why not soon . Mayank is heart broken and leaves. bua supports gunjan s decision that girls should marry .
Mayank is thinking about Gunjan s decision to marry . Rachna questions Gunjan and tells her she would teach her then why is she taking this decision.Gunjan says let s go to college Rachna says if you want to marry then dont go to college. rachna says dont make fool out of me you are hiding something from me . Gunjan says aditya is a gem of a person Mayank calls her and she disconnects. Rachna is furious.

Shayl asks her why she dint ask her even once she questions if she took the decision of marrying because of what is happening at home even rachna agrees to it and Gunjan is silent.

PRECAP: Shayl tells Dayal she is unhappy with Akash s decision and he says he is her father and will think about Gunjan s good. ..

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