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Sapne Shane ladakpan Update on Monday-- Friday 19th August 2019 On Adom TV


The episode starts with Charu packing her stuff. Seema and Sangeetha enter the room and Seema tells her not to take any decision hastily. She says she will talk to Mayank and make him understand and for Charu to listen to her. Charu tells her that Mayank is not going to understand anything and nor can Seema make him understand. Charu tells Sangeetha to keep the bag of her wedding sarees in her room and says she won’t be able to keep them with her as it will remind her of the family and Mayank. She says she will donate them. She tells Seema to keep the jewelry with her in the locker and that later her mother will come and take them and tells her that some are even Seema’s which she would return in front of everyone as she doesn’t want any problems during the divorce. Charu asks Sangeetha to help her take out her things. She says that Mayank has thrown her out of his life so what would he do with her things in the room. Charu comes to see Dayal and Shail. She says she didn’t come to say or ask for anything. She says she will be gone from the house tomorrow and has come for their blessings. She asks for forgiveness for what happened on the Holi day and says intentionally or unintentionally she was about to hurt Rachana. Charu says to forgive her if they can. Shail says the biggest thing is that she realized her mistake and what else would they want. Dayal says they have no other way than to agree with Mayank’s decision. If he is not happy with the marriage then there is no point trying to make him understand. He says with all the bitterness between them its impossible for them to live together.

Part 2

Dayal says its better if they were to separate. Seema tells Sangeetha that she can’t believe Mayank is getting a divorce not even in her dreams. Sangeetha says she can’t believe it too and how she brought Charu for Mayank and how happy she was to see Charu as bride of the house. Sangeetha says because of what she did today Sangeetha has to watch her being insulted. Sangeetha says she can’t show her face anywhere anymore. Seema says she doesn’t know what to do and that Mayank is very angry if she were to tell him anything he starts shouting. Sangeetha tells Seema the best thing to do now is to let Charu go. When the matter settles they will convince Mayank and bring Charu back. Seema says that’s what they’ll do as Mayank is not ready to listen to anyone. Seema says they will try their best to bring her back and prays to God to help to prevent the divorce from happening. Gunjan and Mayank bump into each other and Gunjan tells Mayank what is all this divorce and that everyone is very worried and angry. Mayank says he is not doing it for anyone anger or happiness but his heart has always loved Gunjan and at this time it will only love Gunjan. He says that he won’t take the divorce back just because she says so and that even if she doesn’t want to be with him its ok as that is her decision but he wants to free Charu and himself from the marriage and he says its final. Mayank is talking to the lawyer saying he will meet him today and that the divorce papers should be ready. Charu comes with tea for Mayank and he tells her he doesn’t want it and leaves. Rachana grumbles about not getting an auto and sees Gunjan sad. She tells Gunjan that she must be thinking of the drama at home. Gunjan says that Mayank has to be stopped and she admits its Charu’s fault but divorce is not the solution. Rachana says what can Gunjan do and Gunjan says the family and Rachana is very important to her. Gunjan says everyone is worried about it and she doesn’t know what to do and that she even talked to Mayank about it last night. Rachana is shocked and asks Gunjan why did she talk to Mayank about it. Rachana says its Chatu’s fault and what could Gunjan do and if Charu wasn’t caught on Holi day then her face would have been destroyed for life and the blame would be on Gunjan. Rachana says when Charu and Mayank don’t love each other then there is no point in them being together. Rachana says the auto is here and its the final round and they are late as it is. Charu comes to the kitchen.

Part 3

Charu says its her last day in the house so she would like to make a sweet for everyone. Shail says its her house and she doesn’t need to ask. Charu says that Shail is nice. Seema tells Charu that she’s sad that its Charu’s last day in the house and that she had to bow down to Mayank’s stubbornness. She adds saying which mother-in-law would want her daughter-in-law to leave. Seema tells Shail they will go and let Charu make the sweet. Charu tries to on the stove and can’t and says what happen to the gas and what will happen to her plan. At college a bunch of students are cheering Rachana’s name and some girls are saying that Rajeev will win while another girl says Vihaan will. One girls butts in and says how can they win when they are just mentors. Then one girl says Gunjan and the other says Rachana will win. In the dressing room, Rachana is talking to Vihaan on the phone asking him where has he reached and she is shocked when he says he’s just leaving and says the competition is about to begin. Rachana is upset with Vihaan being late. Rachana tells Chaya that she always has to run after him and remind him of things and can’t wait for the competition to be over to get rid of him and that he makes her suffocated. Rachana sees Gunjan sad and says that Gunjan is not ready and not wearing earrings or lipstick and says she’ll help Gunjan get ready. Rachana tells Gunjan that a lot of people out are waiting for Gunjan’s victory and says jokingly that she also is scared that Gunjan will win. Gunjan says that she’s ready and will leave. Chaya asks if something happened at home. Chaya says that Gunjan used to be happy go lucky and is now not like that. She says that if someone else was in Gunjan’s place would have gone mad. She says many things happened to Gunjan in this year. Her mother’s death, then shifting to Benaras, her engagement broken and Mayank’s marriage and living with in the same house at him and says it must be difficult. Charu comes and tells Seema that the gas is finished. Sangeetha says they forgot to book a new one. Shail says its ok but Charu says maybe she’s not destined to do for them and has to leave with the wish of wanting to make a sweet for them. Seema says she will take it from the neighbours. Shail is hesitant but Seema says they have too and Charu is happy and tells her to get it quickly.

Part 4

Charu is talking to her mother and tells her not to send the car so early and asks if she banked in the money into Mayank’s account and is angry when her mother says not and she says not to ask many questions and to do it fast and to do as she says. Sangeetha comes into the room and tells Charu that she has seen her since her childhood and that she’s not a person that gives up easily and asks how come she has agreed to the divorce and even after being humiliated so much. Sangeetha says its impossible and something is wrong and that she agreed to even leave the house. Sangeetha tells Charu to tell the truth and Charu says the truth is she realized her mistake and she wants peace in the house even though she has to leave. She says its not that she doesn’t feel sad and that she does and that must be her punishment and that she had hurt good people. Sangeetha thinks this is not Charu’s way of talking.

Episode Ends

Sangeeta does not believe Charu has changed but Charu does not tell her anything she thinks its her plan and will manage alone. Gunjan comes out in red dress rajeev stares at her some tender moments as people push them and they are drawn to each other. He tells her that one ear ring is missing and they notice it s on the ground they both bend to pick it up and bump heads. The Contest starts all four contestants Gunjan Chaya Rahul and Rachna dance on Vele from Soty!! Gunjan is the top scorer 9 out of 10 Vihaan is upset Rachna gets an 8 Chaya ia at number three scoring 7, Rahul is eliminated he is upset and misbehaves. Students boo . RAjeev Vihaan cheer the girls. Rachna gets Gunjan to the green room as her leg is swollen Rajeev tells her to take it easy Rachna applies spray. Gunjan is touched and asks her how was the ‘TAKKAR’. Rachna says its only one round and she will cover up.

Lawyer comes home and says he will file the divorce papers but it will take 6 months Charu acts that she will do anything for Mayank and signs so does Mayank. The lawyer is surprised he wants to divorce Charu who is such a calm lady. Charu s mom calls and she says her work is done, the drama has started and the last scene is to be played out.

Vihaan Ravhna on Jee Le Zara from tallash the statue dance. Vihaan is really good and he puts a dupatta on her head and kisses her Rachna comes to life after the kiss and they dance on Marjaniya from Vicky Donor then she turns back into a statue and jee le music.

Chaya-Ankit dance on naino mein sapna from Himmatwala. Everyone cheers for them.
Gunan-Rajeev dance separated by a wall on Bezubaan from ABCD. They touch each other s photo and they touch the wall and dance.The scores are announced Rachna gets an 8,10 and 9 from the judges (27) points. Chaya gets a 6,6 and 8 from the judges, Gunjan gets a 9,8,6 . Chaya disqualified. Rachna says that both of them have one round each and wishes Gunjan luck for the next round . Gunjan says she does not need luck and Rachna tells last round will decide if luck/hard work will help Gunjan agrees!

PRECAP: Rachna says I am sorry Gunjan, the real trophy is you the best performer ,best friend best Sister. Gunjan Rachna both have tears in their eyes Same time Charu has started a fire


Dance starts with two couples rachna vihan and gunjan rajiv.. in between face off dance rachna realizes her mistakes and falls intentionally while gunjan continues to dance.. Gunjan wins.. Rachna tells her sorry for all abuses and mistakes.. Gunjan scolds her that sorry should not come between them…Gunjan shares trophy with Rachna…vihan scolds rachna for losing contest saying that he had seen rachna fell down intentionally.. rachna replies that he will not understand as that is their personal matter…

In Garg house charu burns her hand and all are worried..suddenly charu’s mom arrives at Garg house.. both sisters are happy and make photo with trophy…
Vihan is upset for Rachna losing trophy… Rajiv explains him to move on and vihan wishes gunjan for winning contest. Both brothers insist both sisters for celebration.. Rachna and Gunjan ask Chaya for celebration, Chaya agrees..

charu is in hospital.. charu’s mom threatens all Gargs that she will not give up if Charu is hurt..

Gunjan rachna Chaya Vihaan Rajeev reach cafe. Vihaan pulls the chair for Rachna she tells him not to behave like a gentleman.Chaya looks at the menu and laughs at what MOMO is. Vihaan says its a chinese dish where are you living. Rachna says the same place as you India as if the chinese will know what Gujiya is.Vihaan is upset with her behaviour and Rachna stands up insults him he tells her that the entire cafe is looking at them. He asks her to move on and she says you are a lesson for me and she came here just coz rajeev said so. Vihaan decides to leave and rajeev makes both of them sit down Gunjan says its rachna s opinion and he should respect it!

Gunjan calls bua and is shocked she says they will come. Gunjan tells Rachna to come as they have to go home as Charu met with an accident while cooking and got burnt. They leave saying treat for another day and leave. Police come to the hospital for enquiry Seema says nothing like that but Charus mom cries and says to enquire with Charu. Mayank thinks that suddenly everything is wrong and he needs Gunjan as a friend and needs her and wishes she comes back. Gunjan rachna come and Gunjan asks mayank about charu s health. The police come out and ask who Mayank is and tells he is under arrest for dowry harrasment. The family is shocked seema says he is innocent police asks her if she did it and says Charu has taken Mayank s name in the statement and that the family tortured her for dowry and when she did not pay more they tried to burn her. Mayank says the family never touched her seema says Charu was never made to work then how is it possible. Dayal says they are middle class family and against dowry.

Charu s mom is worried that her father will come to know she emotionally blackmails her mom to support her. She says that she is doing all thi sto save her marriage as he cant see his family suffer and will take the case back. Mayank tells Charu to tell the truth. Charu screams and calls everyone she says that she was being tortured from day one and Mayank is in love owith Gunjan.

Gunjan screams that till when will you take advantage of everyone s and there is a limit to lying. Seema tells that she will make sure everything is fine and to tell the truth;Mayank asks her to tell the truth harshly he hold s her. Charu hugs her mom like a baby and is crying.Charu s mom says that they are doing so much in front of everyone what all will they do behind at tells to arrest Mayank. Gunjan says they cant arrest Mayank based on Charu s statements without proof. Dayal Prabhu agree and ask where is the dowry , they agree to let the house be searched. Charu smirking secretly but crying like a baby. The police decide to search the house and bank accounts.

PRECAP: Mayank is arrested in front of the whole neighborhood and handcuffed taken to the jeep. Mayank Gunajn keeps staring at each herRAZIA SULTAN MONDAY UPDATE EPISODES 38--40 ON JOY PRIME

The eps isode starts with Althunia meeting Maroof and introducing himself as Bakhtavar and asks if he will not hug him. Maroof says he is an imposter and asks what proof he has to show that he is Bakhtavar. Althunia says he has a lot of gold on his horse back which his 7 generations would not have seen. Servant goes and is about to check bag when Maroof stops him. Althunia says he did right and asks him to give his girls. Maroof says girls eloped. Althunia asks how can small girls elope from his clutch and jokes on him. Maroof says he can give him beautiful girls. Althunia thinks it is the right opportunity to save the savior and says if he does not like the girls, he will not give him money. Maroof agrees and asks his men to show girls to him. Althunia checks girls and does not find one with red taweez. Servant asks if he is not satisfied even after buying so many girls. Althunia says he is searching a diamond and got only stones till now. Servant says he will get 2 diamonds in jail, but Maroof will kill them in some time. He thinks maybe the red taweez girl is among two.

Maroof sharpens his knife to behead Razia and Chanda. Servant informs Chand and Razia to get ready to beheaded by Maroof. Chanda gets afraid, but Razia says when god has given them birth, he will save them. Althunia enters jail and finds red taweez in Razia’s neck. He reminisces girl’s description and says he wants this girl. Razia thinks he has come to see them beheaded, she will teach him lesson along with Maroof. Althunia thinks she is very courageous to defend Maroof. He tells servant that he wants this girl. Servant says he can select other girls. Althunia says he needs only this and tries to open lock. Keys fall down. He looks at Razia one and opens lock. Bakhtavar on the other side frees himself and says imposter did wrong by tricking him, sardar Maroof will cut him in pieces.

Maroof comes and stops Althunia. Althunia says he likes wild cats and asks him how much money he needs. Maroof says she is not on sale. Althunia says in this world, even imaan is being sold and says 20,000 ashrafi. Maroof asks him to give 20,000 and take his girls. Althunia thinks he made mistake by tying Bakhtavar and not gettign his ashrafi. Bakhtavar comes just then and says he is real Bakhtavar and Althunia is an imposter, he can check he does not have any money. Althunia gets tensed and says his wealth is on his horse back. Maroof leaves with his men. Althunia asks razia and other girls to elope from here. Servants check horse back and find stones in bags. Maroof gets irked and asks how dare he is to betray him. Althunia asks what is his last wish. Maroof says he will kill him and his girls and says he will behead girls in front of him and he will just watch it helplessly.

Razia tries to elope children when Maroof catches them. Servants beat Althunia ruthlessly and he falls on ground. Razia and girls are being taken towards butcher field.

The episode starts with Razia giving silver coins to all the freed slave girls. One of the girl says she does not know how to thank her. Razia says women are stronger than men and they should never feel weak. Girl asks if she is Delhi’s princess. Razia looks at chanda. Chanda says she just told that to frighten Maroof and says though Razia is not princess, she is princess of our hearts. Razia says they all should thank savior instead, runs towards Althunia and thanks him. He says she should thank her destiny instead as he saved her this time, but will not be there to save her next.

Prostitute turkan happily tells her joker son ruknuddin that Jingura assasin has reached border and will kill Razia soon.

Althunia tells Razia that she is a girl and should not risk her life like this and should leave it to men. Razia gets irked and says he is same as cruel maroof and does not respect women. He says he saved her, but she is insulting him instead. They both start verbal argument.

Qutub looks at calender and tells Shamshad that she has decided she will attend Dargah yearly festival and will also invite sultan Altamash. Shamshad asks if she is in her senses, she should realize that her husband and her son’s fight has started and she should be on her son’s side instead of her traitor husband. Qutub says she knows her husband, he cannot be so cruel, she wants to listen it from altamash itself. Nasir says there is nothing to listen now. Qutub says he does not know his father, if he had to marry Turkan, he would have married 20 years ago. Nasir says altamash is his enemy now and he does not want her to meet him. She slaps him and thinks Nasir will not let her meet her husband and prays god to stop father and son’s fight.

Razia while riding her horse reminisces Althunia’s words. Chanda asks Razia if she is reminiscing that unknown person’s words. Razia says his words were bitter but true. Chanda says whole mandi kabran’s slave girls were praising her for her courage.

Althunia washes his face and takes rest on cot. A man comes and asks him to help him transport his goods to another city in exchange of money. Althunia shows money and says until he has money, he will not work. Man says if he had offered money to anyone else, he would have accepted easily. Althunia says he suffered a lot helping someone and does not want to help anyone. Razia on the other side gets tired riding horse and says Chanda that she wants to reach Ghazni at any cost though.

Jingura assasin reaches mandi kabran and asks slave about maroof. Slave says his dead body must be lying somewhere here. Jingura shows Razia’s pic and asks if h e saw her somewhere. Slave says she is the one who destroyed mandi kabran.

Razia and chanda freely walk in market and chanda asks her to hide her face, else someone will identify her. Razia says nobody cares here and says she wanted to enjoy this free life since a long time. She starts playing happily.

Jingura thinks he thought turkan sent to kill a weak bird, but looking at mandi kabran’s destoryal, it looks like she is dangerous cat and he will enjoy killing her.

Razia and Chanda loudly play music. Althunia wakes up and asks them if they have come to their father’s marriage that they are playing loud music. He identifies them and asks Razia why is she following her. Their verbal spat starts again. Razia asks him dare not to badmouth about her father. He asks if her father is a sultan. She says that is none of his business and says she came following him instead. He asks her to give him fine for waking him up. She shouts at him and leaves. He takes out her perfumed cloth and says this girl is so arrogant, but princess is very well cultured.

The episode starts with Althunia ordering jalebis at a sweet stall. Owner gives him only 2 jalebis and tells a lady bought all the jalebis and is continuing to eat them. Razia munches jalebis yelling at Althunia that he is very arrogant, etc. Althunia tells owner that he heard from elders that if a lady eats more food than she can, it means she is angry on her boyfriend or husband. Razia comes and asks for more jalebis. They both are shocked to see each other and start verbal argument again. Razia asks more jalebis and gets big plate of jalebis, but Althunia holds plate and starts fighting. She snatches it from him and leaves.

Chanda seeing their fight thinks of getting jalebis from other store and walks in market when she see Jingura showing Razia’s pic and asking people if they saw her anywhere. She clashes with him purposefully. He shows pic and asks if she saw this lady somewhere. She says she looks like a princess and must be in her palace. He says she is right and suspects her. She then rushes to inform Razia and he starts following her.

Razia gets full eating jalebis. She sees Nasir’s eagle and a letter on his legs. She reads it and gets angry on prostitute Turkan. She writes back letter and sends it to fathima back.

Fathima in multan hopes eagle must have given her letter to Razia. Sultan khwacha asks Nasir if he stopped Qutub from going to dargah. Nasir nods yes. Khwacha says his decision was right and he should stop Qutub from getting into trouble. Fathima hears their conversation and tells Nasir he is a good man. Nasir says he does not need opinion from slave.

Chanda sees Jingura following her and passes Razia without speaking to her. Razia thinks why she ignored her and is about to go and confront her when Althunia stops her, looks at her eyes and identifies her as princess Razia. Jingura leaves not finding Razia. Razia asks Althunia if he did not see any girl. He says he is looking at her eyes and thought he saw her somewhere else. She asks where did he see her. He says she must be not that girl as that girl was beautiful and she is very arrogant. She asks him to leave her alone.

Razia sees Chanda afraid and asks why is she afraid. Chanda says a man was saking her and has come to kill her. Razia says she is right, shah turkan has sent him to kill her, she got fathima’s message from multan that qutub thinks she has gone to delhi and altamash thinks she is in multan, Shah turkan is planning to kill her and marry Altamash.

They both leave the city and ride their horse towards Ghazni. Jingura follows them, thinks he will not give easy death to Razia, and darts poisonous pin on Chanda. Razia tells she feels killer is following them. Chanda says he cannot as he fooled him. She falls on her horse unconscious. Jingura cuts his hands and thinks he will give a very ruthless death to Razia.

Precap: Chanda falls from horse. Razia shouts for help and sees Jingura walking towards her.TU AASHIQUI FRIDAY TO TUESDAY UPDATES ON JOY PRIME

The Episode starts with Ahaan getting Pankti and Purva back. He sees Anita and asks her will she have anything, he will send waiter. He goes. Anita asks Pankti why did she come with Ahaan, does she know who is he. Thakur takes Anita to click pics. Richa calls Pankti. Pankti sits with her. Richa tells her about the initial letter, that would mean about her soul mate name. She asks Pankti to get mehendi applied and see which letter she gets in her hand. She asks Pankti to show her mehendi. Pankti sees mehendi. Lights go. Ahaan says its injustice that girls enjoyed mehendi, its time for men to come, we shall have sangeet now. Ahaan, Vikram and others dance on Rock and roll soniye….. The girls also dance along. Richa takes Pankti. Ahaan dances around. He sees Pankti. He holds her hand. She sees
her mehendi. She recalls JD’s words. She gets back and leaves. Ahaan runs after her.

Pankti comes on terrace and cries. Ahaan comes there. He forwards hand. She scolds him and asks him to please leave. He says I can’t stop myself from coming close to you, I know why. She asks him not to say anything. He asks why, you want me to be quiet. She says please stay away from me. He asks her to ask her heart, what does she want. He says you also have this feeling now, you can lie to yourself. She says its not true. He asks why these tears, pain and sorrow, fine just smile and say leave, I will leave, let me see happiness on your face. She cries and says why don’t I have any control on me, what’s happening to me. She hugs him.

He holds her and kisses on her forehead. Tu aashiqui…plays…….. It starts raining. He covers her with his coat. They get under the coat. He says you know what I remember by this. She asks what, old or new Aashiqui film. He says no, the day we first met, it was raining like this, when I touched you, I felt you are waiting for someone to save you, I have come in this world for you, to support you. She gets away and says no, none can hold my hand, its too late. He holds her hand and says please give me a chance, share your sorrow and see, your happiness is imp for me, if you go today, I will die. She stops him from saying so. He says it means you care for me. He teases her. He asks her to close eyes and come with him.

He gives her a gift and asks her to open the gift. She unwraps it. She sees a tab and asks what’s this. He says now your poetry won’t be torn or fly. She says no, I can’t take this.

The Episode starts with Pankti saying I can’t take this. He asks because this is second hand and has stains. She says one who has stains on herself, what will she see stains on others. He asks did you not like the gift, explain me, I want to know. Anita looks for Pankti. She sees JD. Ahaan says I was planning this moment since long, I have sung songs and earned money, people were not paying attention, I got anger, but got calm as I had to buy this gift for you, I got all these lights, I got shock too, I was thinking how will be that moment. She says listen. He says I fell in dirt while saving this gift, I thought how will you smile seeing this. JD looks at everyone. Anita fears for his doing. She says don’t know till when will this storm stay in our life. Purva comes to tell about JD. Anita says
I know, where is Pankti.

Thakur gets JD. JD acts good. Anita indirectly tells him that his thing will be just of him, so he shouldn’t get angry. Thakur praises her. She says I will go and find my thing. JD asks Purva to help her. Anita asks her to find Pankti. Ahaan says I will cry if you go, I was planning to say I love you. She looks at him. He says I had to say this, I love you. He shouts I love you Pankti Sharma. She gets shocked and runs. Anita looks for her. JD asks did you do anything that I should get angry. She says never. He asks where is Pankti, did she do anything. Sheetal comes and calls him out. He gets shocked.

JD says I was helping her find something imp. Sheetal asks is it that necklace. Anita says no, I wanted to apologize to you. Sheetal says don’t apologize, I came to say, pandit gave mahurat for marriage, sangeet got over, everyone went to rest, you also rest, you can say if you need clothes or jewelry, I have a royal collection gifted by my husband. She asks JD to come. JD goes.

Sheetal asks him how does Thakur know Anita. He says Richa and Pankti studied together, Anita is from Delhi. She says you took her name with love, I don’t know these details, how do you know. He smiles and lies. She says you know Pankti’s name, she came here twice. He asks twice? She says yes, she came on engagement, Pankti and Ahaan…. He gets a call and doesn’t hear. He says I get angry seeing Anita. She says you were talking to her as you know her, why do you get tensed. He says no. She says I get a doubt. He says matter is something else, when you start doubting, I get tensed. She hugs him and says fine, I will not doubt, don’t worry. He says now take rest, I will see marriage arrangements.

Pankti comes to room and cries. Ahaan and Anita look for her. JD comes and holds Pankti. She gets shocked. He asks were you waiting for someone else, we couldn’t meet on engagement day, so how would I let you go without meeting. He asks did you practice I love you. She cries. He pulls her hair angrily. He asks are you hurt to say this, I also felt wrong when I got to know you came in engagement and came today also, you have grown up, one who crosses door once, can’t stay in four walls, tell me what did you do, did you give anyone right to say I love you, tell me, if I get to hear your stories from someone else, I will ruin you. Ahaan knocks door. JD turns.

JD says who can it be at this time, go and see. JD hides. Pankti opens the door and sees Ahaan.

The Episode starts with Anita sending Ahaan away. She goes to scold Pankti and sees JD. Ahaan says she is very scary. He goes to Richa and says Anita made me leave. Anita says if anyone sees you, please leave. JD asks are you giving me an order. Anita says no, I was asking if you will come home. He says even if I don’t come, you will get a good news, go. Anita leaves. JD locks the door. He starts telling Pankti that all of her identity, existence and everything is just of him, if she dares to see anyone and dream, then he will kill her. He hurts her. She cries.

Richa asks for Pankti. Anita alerts JD. She says Pankti is changing clothes Richa. Richa says I m here, and my ears are fine. Anita says it was loud music, so my ears are ringing, bride shouldn’t roam here and there, you go, I will
get her. She sends Richa. She goes to Pankti. JD gets a call and goes.

Anita scolds Pankti. She threatens her of JD. She asks her to change and come. Pankti asks what’s JD’s relation with this house. Anita says you don’t need to know it. Manav sits working. JD comes there. He asks is everything fine, you don’t look excited for Vikram’s marriage. Manav says I gave cheque to Shukla to pay bills for marriage. JD says I know you are angry, as I invested 10 crores in marriage and didn’t give you 1 crore. Manav says I m angry as you lied to me. JD says I agree, I was ashamed to say truth, I didn’t have one crore, Sheetal is the real owner of company. Manav says if Aparna asks one earring from Sheetal, Sheetal gives her ten sets, its not about Sheetal, if I wanted one flat, she would have given me four flats, I wish what Aparna is thinking is wrong, as I respect you a lot, if that respect idol breaks, it can’t be fine.

JD says I don’t want to take my wife’s help for you, if my self esteem is coming in between, fine we will buy that flat. He hugs Manav and makes a face. Pankti comes to Richa and apologizes. Richa hugs her. She makes Pankti wear ghunghat and says wow, Ahaan is very lucky, just see, you look so pretty. Ahaan comes to call Richa. He sees Pankti in bridal ghunghat. Pankti removes it and makes Richa wear it. She says dreams are not shared, this is your fate, not mine. He asks and mine? Richa says you guys flirt, I will get married and come. Aparna comes and takes Richa. Ahaan sees Pankti. He says please….. She goes.

Aparna gets Richa to mandap. Anita asks Pankti how will she sit in pheras, she has allergy to smoke, she can go upstairs and see. Richa says you had allergy to haldi and now smoke. Anita says Pankti is raised delicately, I m not sending her home, don’t worry. Pankti goes. Thakur asks Anita to come. JD comes there and greets guests.

Purva asks Pankti is she fine, where did she go in sangeet, Ahaan followed her, what did he say. Ahaan asks Pankti to say. Purva helps him and takes the gift boxes. Vikram and Richa exchange varmala. Ahaan says we can see down, but none can see upwards. He makes her sit. Anita looks for her. She asks where are you two. Purva says we are upstairs, house design is such, so you can’t see us, I can see you. Anita says stay there. Richa and Vikram do rituals. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. He fills sindoor. Ahaan says I didn’t come to ask answers, I came to make vows. Vikram and Richa take rounds. Ahaan vows, he will free her of any helplessness. Pankti recalls JD’s vow that he will always cage her. She looks at Ahaan.

The Episode starts with Vikram and Richa taking wedding rounds. Ahaan makes promises to Pankti. He says I will get your freedom so that you can fly high. She recalls JD’s words. Ahaan says I will fulfill your dream what you are trying to forget. She thinks of JD’s anger. Ahaan says I will get your poetry out in the world’s eyes, I will make you feel special, just you will have right on my music, life and breath. Pankti cries. Ahaan says my last and final promise, I won’t let any tear come in these eyes. She recalls JD’s words.

Na kuch pucha…..plays…. She thinks of Ahaan. He wipes her tear. She says let it flow, its a burden of many years. Vikram and Richa’s marriage completes. They take blessings. JD signs Anita. Purba comes to Ahaan and Pankti. Pankti asks did marriage

happen. Ahaan says yes, two hearts joined forever. He goes to congratulate. Purva asks Pankti are you fine. Pankti says yes, I m fine for the first time. Pankti hugs Richa. Ahaan hugs Vikram. Anita prepares to leave. Thakur asks her to stay. Anita says no, girls got tired. He says you are not like other moms, you are an artist, you should think of fans. His wife says let doli go first. Thakur says thanks for coming, I hope we will meet again. Pankti sees Ahaan. They leave.
Anita, Pankti and Purva come home. Anita gets a shocked seeing the house locked. She sees the notice and reads. She says bank is taking the house as home loan EMI is not paid. They get shocked. Neighbors gather. They see a man coming. JD’s assistant Jagdish comes there. Anita recalls JD’s words. She asks did JD do this. He nods. She says he wanted to punish us. Jagdish says he can take it back anytime he wants.

He asks the men to hurry up. Anita says he didn’t say. He says its his house and car, he can take it anytime. They take the car. Uday asks what did she say. Ahaan thinks of Pankti. He says she is also feeling something, she has some hope. Uday asks is my eyes saying something, you are getting mad. Ahaan smiles. Anita scolds the people. Pankti asks till when will we bear your insult, its enough, why don’t we go in a small house. Anita gets angry and says its all your mistake. Pankti cries. She gets Ahaan’s call. Anita takes her phone.

She slaps Pankti. She says you know why JD is doing this, its because of you, you went in engagement and didn’t tell me, you didn’t tell me about Ahaan and Richa’s relation. Pankti asks how is this related. Anita says foolish girl, what do you think, why was JD there, why did Sheetal wear necklace like you, you think you are smart, you like poetry, tell me now. Pankti says JD was guest there. Anita says fool, he is the owner of that house.

Pankti says that’s Ahaan’s house. Anita says I didn’t wish to tell you, I have no option now, its Ahaan and JD’s house, they are part of same family, Sheetal is JD’s wife, that Ahaan who roams around you, he is Ahaan Dhanrajgir, he is JD’s nephew, JD is his Bade Papa. Pankti and Purva get shocked.

JD comes and says I will complete Pankti’s dream to become bride. He puts sold stamp on her hand. She cries.

The Episode starts with Pankti recalling Ahaan’s words. Anita says you made two relations in same family, you are one’s keeper and one’s lover. Pankti gets shocked. Vikram, Ahaan and Uday have a talk. They come downstairs. Richa hugs Sheetal and JD. JD asks how did you like the surprise. She says great, honeymoon in Europe, its best gift. Vikram hugs them. Vikram and Richa leave. Ahaan stops them and hugs. Richa says sorry to leave you in between, promise me, you will succeed till we return. Ahaan promises. They leave.

JD says see Pankti, what all I have to do for you, I have sent Vikram and Richa so that our personal life doesn’t get disturbed, I will make everything fine. He gets a call from Anita. Anita asks Pankti to call JD. Pankti calls him. JD lies to Sheetal. He says my personal
secretary is calling. She asks do you have an affair. He says yes, I have an affair. She gets shocked. He laughs. He says I have an affair with my work. She says if your phone rings again, I will doubt. Phone rings again. He answers. Pankti apologizes and says we are standing outside the house, people are questioning, please come. JD scolds her.

Sheetal asks him to plan a trip for Aparna and Manav too. He nods. She goes. Purva says we should take mum to hotel. Pankti apologizes. She says I got Ahaan, he made me realize that I also have some value, I m also like other girls, I also have a right to stay happy, but its my mistake, I have seen JD in engagement, what right do I have to forget my truth, I have no right to stay happy. Purva consoles her. Pankti says my mistake was not to listen to JD. Anita asks did she call JD, what did he say. Pankti says she called but… Ahaan calls. Anita says I will tell truth to Ahaan, then see how love ends. Ahaan asks Pankti how is she. Anita gets angry. She sees JD coming and disconnects. She tells JD that he is her Lord. Ahaan says she didn’t talk to me. He gets an idea. Anita praises JD. He asks her to stop overacting. He gets them inside the house.

He asks how did you feel, you would have understood well, there is one wall between you and road, JD….He scolds all of them. He asks Pankti did she start dreaming of marriage after attending marriage, she wants to become bride… He says I will fulfill your dream. Ahaan sings pal do pal……. JD makes Pankti ready as bride. He taunts her. Ahaan asks Pankti to call back, he wants to see her happiness, just give the answer. JD looks at Pankti. He says mangalsutra is left, I made a special mangalsutra for you. He applies her sold stamp on hand. She cries seeing it

The Episode starts with JD reminding Pankti the day when she was sold to him, when she became a thing from a human, she is just a puppet monkey, this is just temporary stamp, if she forgets what he said, he will make it permanent. He says you know I m your owner, I have bought you for my entertainment. She cries. He says this is your identity and fate. She looks at herself. He says my hands got dirty while making you ready. He cleans his hand. Her phone rings. Ahaan calls her. JD goes to see. He then sees his phone ringing, which Anita brings. He answers a call from jeweler. He hears Sheetal on call and gets worried. He asks are you at my house. Sheetal asks jeweler to sit. Anita asks JD is everything fine. He says its because of you both, if anything happens, you all will be on road. He goes. Purva

comes to Pankti and sees her.
Anita says Pankti is sold, why this drama. Purva says enough, how can you say this, she is your daughter, not anything. Anita says I can say this, as humans have a heart, emotions and a stomach to fill too. Ahaan sends a voice message to Pankti. Anita asks Purva to recall what happened with them on road. Purva says person sees the world as his thinking, world is not so bad, you are bad, you couldn’t do anything in life, you have killed us. Anita slaps her.

Anita says I have raised you, you are my asset, I can spend you the way I like. She gets the voicemail on Pankti’s phone. She says I will scold this Ahaan, he will never see Pankti. Purva asks her not to say anything. She calls Ahaan. Ahaan answers call. Anita scolds him. She says don’t call Pankti again, Pankti is sold, your Bade Papa bought her. Ahaan says I can’t hear anything, come near window. Anita ends call. She says he is attracted to your innocence, on knowing Anita, he won’t let your shadow fall on him. She goes. Ahaan calls again. Pankti answers. He asks what did you say, I didn’t hear anything. She asks Purva to leave her alone.

Jeweler lies to Sheetal. She asks why are you lying. Anita said her fan gifted her the necklace, tell me address of that designer. JD comes and tells address. He covers up and asks jeweler to make a great necklace for her. She jokes about Anita. They laugh. Ahaan gets restless to talk to Pankti once. He messages her. Pankti sits crying thinking of JD’s words. She reads Ahaan’s messages. Pal dol pal….plays…. She thinks of Ahaan. Purva comes. Pankti praises Ahaan. She says he is mad and should get someone mad who loves him a lot. Purva says you also love him right. Pankti says Ahaan promised me, but I want to keep that promise, will you help me. Purva says yes. Pankti calls Ahaan. He asks how are you, I was calling you. She asks him can he meet in a hour. He says yes. She ends call. He tells Aparna that Pankti called, I will get answer of my question, it will be yes, I love you too, shall I wear red, the color of love. She says yes. He gets Pankti’s dupatta and smiles.

Sheetal says jeweler was lying, did jeweler copy all designers for Anita. JD asks her to stop it now. Sheetal asks Ahaan where is he going. JD says he looks like me. Aparna says bless him, he is going to get answer of I love you. Sheetal says we will prepare for party, who can refuse to such a cute boy. Jd says it means girl is special, who made our angry young man a love boy, what’s her name.

Pankti tells Ahaan that she is sold, and just her owner has right on her. Ahaan gets shocked.

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