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Razia Sultan Tuesday 13th August 2019 On Joy Prime


 The episode starts with prostitute Turkan and her joker son Ruknuddin laughing after tricking Nasir. Nasir goes back to Shamshad and says he will also accompany her to Multan. Razia says they should not hurry and she will speak to Abbu/sultan. Shamshad says when Nasir does not want to stay here, she should not force her. Razia says she will stay here to take care of abbu. Qutub says let her stay here. Shamshad says her mom cannot travel much, so she will stay here. Razia goes and hugs great grandmom.

Althunia tells his friend Daru that he has to go back to horse stable as he left perfumed cloth there. Daru asks him to think about him at least.

Turkan asks Ruknuddin to remove sultan’s rings and clothes before he wakes up. Ruknuddin says what if they kill sultan. Turkan asks him dare not to repeat it and says she loves sultan, though he did not make her mallika/queen, anways sultan’s destroyal will start tomorrow.

Shamshad, Nasir and Qutub leave for Multan. Great grandmom/badi nani says because of prostitute turkan, family is shattered. Razia says she will speak to abbu. Badi naani asks her to wait till morning.

Soldiers see perfumed cloth/dupatta on floor and asks whose it is. Althunia comes and says it is his and whoever touches it will repent. A solider tries to pick it when Althunia runs and punches him. Soldier falls unconscious on floor. Other soliders take out sword. Althunia asks them not to trouble him and says he got what he needed, so he will run.

In the morning, prostutite and her son wait for sultan to come and announce subedari. Sultan comes and does not see his family. Turkan says she told him nobody would come from royal family. Sultan gets sad. Razia comes with badi naani. Sultan gets happy and tells turkan he told already, her thinking is very smaller than his and says he knows his children well. He asks Razia where are other and Nasir. She says Nasir left for Multan with Shamshad and Qutub. Sultan is shocked to heart that and prostitute and her son happy.

Qutub at Multan palace tells Shamshad they should not have left Delhi like this. A lady identified as Uzma khala/aunt starts her introduction and overacting. Nasir greets her. She kisses his forehead. Nasir asks where is uncle/khalu jaan. A man comes greeting and hugs Nasir and tells he felt good hugging him. Shazia greets him. Uzma khala asks why is she looking dark and asks if it is due to traveling or she is waiting for her husband. Shamshad asks her to stop her drama and hug her. Uzma says she loves Qutub and sultan more than herself and says that prostitute tricked and made her son Subedar, it is very insulting.

Brainless dumb sultan says it is his insult that his family left without his permission. Turkan and her son smirk. Badi naani asks him to think again and take a decision. He says there is nothing to think and announces Ruknuddin as Delhi’s subedar. Ugly turkan and joker ruknuddin smirk hearing it and Razia sad.

Sultan altamash announces Ruknuddin as Delhi’s subedar. Razia gets sad. Prostitute looks at her and smirks. People chant ruknuddin’s name

Shamshad says sultan altamash ruined qutub shahi sultanat by making prostitute’s son its subedar, which should have gone to her husband sultan kutubuddin aibak’s legal heirs. Uzma says even altamash tricked before and took over her brother Azam Shah’s place. Qutub says her brother was an womanizer and drunkard, so her abbu sultan aibak made altamash as sultan. Shamshad asks them to stop to stop fighting. Uzma’s husband says her that she is favoring her son’s murderer who snatches Nasir’s right. Nasir says he cannot hear wrong about his abbu and knows his abbu well.

Sultan altamash reminisces the recent events where nasir tries to kill ruknuddin and turkan’s tricks and gets sad. Razia comes there and says Nasir did not go himself and he should call his family back. Sultan says they made a mistake by leaving without his permission. Razia requests him to not break the family and call everyone back. Sultan says what nasir did is punishable act, but he will forgive him for her sake. She thanks him. He calls minister markand and asks him to go to multan, thank its sultan for his hospitality and tell family that they can come back if they wish, but not to request them. Razia says she stayed here for him, but wants to go with markand to multan to meet her aunt and relatives.

Prostitute’s son ruknuddin enjoys bathing with ladies. One of them brings alcohol for him. He drowns her in water, laughs and asks them to pour water on sultanat’s subedar. Prostitute comes there and tells sultan has sent Markand and Razia to Multan to bring Nasir back. Ruknuddin says let him come, he will make him carry his shoes. Prostitute says shoes can become crown one day and says he tried Nasir and became subedar, but Nasir is a very good commmander and can become sultan any time, so she is thinking of finishing him. He asks how will she. She gives her ugly smile and says wait and watch.

Althunia sees sweet maker making jalebis wrongly and prepares jalebis himself. Man asks he looks like a soldier. He says he is like a water, he becomes soldier in war, cook in kitchen, poet in poetry competition. Man says he is too good. Althunia then enjoys jalebis and asks his friend to enjoy. Friend daru says soldiers are searching them. some of them comes. Althunia flashes mirror on horses and makes them run with soldiers. Daru says he got very afraid and asks him to finish is jalebis. Althunia says he will go to multan with Razia.

Razia is walking in lawn with her assistants. turkan comes there and gives ugly smile.

The episode starts with prostitute Turkan meeting Razia and asking her to take her gift and blessings as she is going on a long travel to Multan. Razia says she does not need her blessings. turkan gives her broken seat and asks her to get it repaired by multan cobblers, else next time if Nasir falls, he may not get up again. Razia says she should tie it to her son, at least people will think he is horse and not donkey. Prostitute smiles and thinks who knows if she will complete her journey or not.

Razia takes sultan’s permission to start Multan’s journey. Sultan asks raja Markand to protect his daughter all the way to multan. Markand says he will protect razia till his last breath. Razia hugs his dad sultan for the final time and starts journey.

Prostitute tells her son joker ruknuddin that she will create a rift between sultan and nasir and will make sultan kill Nasir, then she will make ruknuddin as sultan and she wil become sultan’s mother. They both laugh.

Razia stops her chariot in the market and gets out of it. She picks mud and gets emotional. Fathima asks wroythhat happened. Razia says she is going to meet dear ones but also leaving her dear ones/kingdom people. Fathima pass thsays she is very emotional for her people. Razia says we all are made of this mud and will get into it finally. She smells it and says our country’s mud smell is different.

Soldier announces in market that royal family will pass through this place towards multan, so people should make a way for them. Althunia who is there tells his friend Daru that he will go with royal troupe till Ghazni. He jumps on Razia’s chariot. Razia asks her assistant what was this.

Razia starts laughing enjoying her trip. Fathima tells she looks very beautiful laughing and tells soon she will get her prince. Althunia who is on chariot top thinks he forgot this this royal troupe and says he is feeling hungry. He steals fruit from Razia’s plate. Razia then starts eating dry fruits. Althunia steals kaju bag. Razia wakes up her assistants and tells food is vanishing from chariot, earlier apple and then kaju. Althunia drops kaju back. Fathima says kaju bag is intact. Althunia starts moving. Fathima sees him and says Razia someone is up. Razia peeps out but Althunia jumps down by them. He drops performed cloth and runs behind it.

Precap: Turkan’s men kill soldiers and try to attack Nasir. Nasir kills Raja markand. Sultan altamash announces nasir as traitor and orders a war against him. Nasir accepts his war invitation..

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