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Razia Sultan Monday 12th August 2019 On Joy prime


The episode starts with Razia telling her assistants that she has to find out horse’s seat to prove that Nasir was tricked to lose.

Ruknuddin enjoys bath with lady servants. Turkan comes there and asks him to stop enjoying with ladies. He says he will become Delbhi’s subedar soon, so he is celebrating. She says until Razia is there, he will not. She is going to find horse’s seat, so he should find it before her and erase evidence.

Althunia runs in jungle. His boss’s servants follow him. Althunia kills them and reaches palace.

Razia moves towards horse stable and sees Ruknuddin walking towards it. Fathima says he must be going to pick horse seat to erase evidence and asks Razia to go in while she confronts Ruknuddin. Althunia enters palace hiding from guards. Fathima lures Ruknuddin with her bare legs. He gets lured and starts following her and she hides. Razia reaches stable and asks her assistant to guard outside till she comes back. Fathima continues luring Ruknuddin. He comes near her. She runs again and hides. He says he would have caught her, but he has some important work. She says she fell for him seeing him win the competition. He says he is going on his mom’s work, else he would have lured her and leaves.

Razia gets horse back and gets happy. Ruknuddin comes and she hides seat under grass. Althunia comes there and falls on her. They both roll on floor and then get up. He holds her mouth and says they both are thieves, so she should believe him. Ruknuddin comes near them, but due to dark walks back. Althunia signals Razia to go, but she does not see his signal. He then holds her hand tight and pushes her towards window. He also goes next to her and stands holding her hand again. Ruknuddin leaves. Althunia steals horse and asks Razia to come with her, but she stops and he leaves. She thinks if she comes out, Ruknuddin will see her, but that stranger stole horse from her stable, she will not spare him. She goes to get horse seat, but does not find it. He servant Chanda says what if Ruknuddin took it and apologizes him. Razia says she will stop Ruknuddin before he erases evidence.

Razia runs and asks Ruknuddin to stop. Ruknuddin stops. She asks him to give horse seat. He says he did not hear her as he felt flies around his ears. She says he is right, flies sit on dirt. He says if he does not, will he kill her and then says there no guard here, so he will kill her. He takes out dagger. She says he keeps dagger along with conspiracies. He says everything is fair in love and war and says she insulted him in front of everyone, so he will not spare her. Their argument continues.

The episode starts with Razia confronting Ruknuddin. Ruknuddin says he will smash her. She says when a woman can give him bright, she can vanish him also. He angrily tries to stab her, but she overpowers him and is about to slit his throat when Ruknuddin holds her hand and says he will see who will save her now. Nasir comes there and asks him dare not to touch his sister. Razia tells him that ruknuddin and prostitute turkan cut horse’s seat and tricked him in competition. He has hidden seat now. Nasir asks to return the seat. Ruknuddin says he does not know and starts his drama. He provokes Nasir telling he lost in competition, so he is irked over him. Nasir gets irked and starts beating him. Prostitute on the other side provokes sultan against Razia and Nasir. Sultan as usual believes prostitute. Minister comes and tells him that nasir is beating ruknuddin.

Ruknuddin continues provoking nasir. Razia asks nasir to calm down, but he in a fit of rage is about to kill ruknuddin when sultan comes and asks him to stop. Nasir says he came on right time and says Ruknuddin cut horse seat and tricked him. Turkan throws seat on floor instead and says Nasir’s drama is finished now. Nasir says this is the seat. Prostitute says why will she hide seat if she had done any mistake and says she came to know about his and Razia’s tricks and informed sultan on time. She says she is not feeling bad because of their trick, but is feeling bad for sultan and tells Nasir if he wanted to win, he would have told her and she would not have let her son compete. Razia tells sultan prostitute is lying. Sultan (brainless and dumb) yells at her to stop. Prostitute says these royals cannot digest a prostitute’s son becoming subedar, so she will go back.

Sultan asks her to stop and tells Nasir he disappointed him. He says he gave him sword to teach him that he should be determined even if he wins or loses. Nasir tries to speak, but sultan stops him. Sultan is about to announce. Shamshad asks him to rethink before announcing anything and says his wrong decision will make the whole sultanate repent and history will question his wrong decision.

Althunia sees someone following him. He catches him and asks who is he. Man removes shawl from his face and Althunia is happy to see his friend. Friend happily hugs him and they both corverse.

Sultan in his brainless dumb style announces Ruknuddin as Delhi’s subedar. Prostitute and ruknuddin smirk while razia and her family feel ashamed for sultan. Sultan then announces rest of subedari rituals and felicitation tomorrow in royal hall. Turkan looks at Razia and gives her ugly smile.

The episode with prostitute Turkan trying to brainwash Sultan Altamash (brainless dumb sultan) that Nasir did not accept his decision and will revolt. Sultan says he knows his children and knows Nasir will come to him in the morning. Prostitute says all big dynasties fall due to indifferences between family members and she can see a legal heir’s angst over his sultan father.

Razia asks Nasir to calm down as prostitute tricked dad. He says dad believed prostitute and her son but did not listen to him and whole family. Shamshad comes there and says she cannot see ruknuddin becoming subedar, so to oppose sultan’s decision, they all should leave for Multan. Nasir says she is thinking wrong, Razia’s view on Abbu is right. Shamshad says his abbu values tricks and lies over truth and bravery, so he snatched his subedari and sword and gave it to ruknuddin and this is not the first time sultan did this and tries to continue, but Qutub stops her. Nasir asks why did she stop naani. Qutub says his naani is getting too emotional. Razia says Nasir should apologize abbu. Shamshad says when he did not do any mistake and instead was taken off his Subedari, why should he apologize. She says it is between father and son and there should not be any ego between. Shamshad asks Nasir to take a decision soon as they don’t have much time.

Althunia and his friend wander around royal stable. Friend asks where did he get this horse from and why did he come back to stable. Althunia picks performed cloth and says he came for this. Friend sleeps on floor and asks him to look at moon. Althunia says they have to leave before soldiers come. Soldiers attack them and Althunia kills them all. Friend drags him from there.

Nasir comes to sultan’s room and asks guards if sultan is busy. Guard says he is with shah turkan. Nasir asks him to inform that he has come. He then goes in. Ruknuddin sits on sultan’s seat wearing his dress. Nasir apologizes sultan and says he loves him a lot, but naani and ammi want to go to Multan forever, so should stop breaking these relationships. Prostitute says his abbu does not want to talk to him and asks not to insult himself. Nasir says he is talking to his abbu and asks him to say something. Ruknuddin waves him to leave. Prostitute with her ugly weird face tell sultan does not want to talk to him, so he should stop insulting himself and leave from there.

Shamshad asks servants to pack the items to leave towards Multan. Razia asks her to wait until Nasir comes and asks how can they leave their hometown. Nasir comes and says even he will leave with her.

Sultan is seen sound asleep and Ruknuddin on his seat wearing his clothes.

Precap: Sultan asks Razia where are other family members. She says they went to Multan. Qutub says Shamshad they should not have left Delhi like this.

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