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Sushim nods. I know Ashoka will do every possible thing to look for Gondna. He will never look for Gondna in our palace and my room though. Mahamatya finds it risky but Sushim stays put. You have become coward and weak with age. She will be safe before my eyes. If Ashoka gets a doubt then he will have to face me first of all. Helena likes his idea. I am safe there. Sushim says Ashoka cannot imagine Gondna living in his own house. Charu asks SUshim about Nirankush. You have thought well about Rajmata. She can be safe this way but what about Niranksuh. What if he reaches Nirankush? Siamak suggests killing him. Sushim remarks that he talks like Mahamatya too at times. We will get nothing by killing Nirankush. We can use him to kill Ashoka. Siamak is confused. Sushim explains his plan. I will
send Nirankush to Virat. Once Ashoka reaches him following Nirankush then his failure / death is certain. Everyone knows how much Virat hates Magadh. Ashoka will certainly die from Virat’s hands if he meets him!

Virat is shown atop a hill. Some soldiers push a citizen in Virat’s feet. Virat says the only difference between human and animal is of motive and aim. Animal does anything to stay alive while humans stay alive to do something. A giant eagle comes up. The man is scared. Virat says I will still survive if I am cut into pieces and thrown before this eagle. Face this eagle. If you succeed in taking out even one feather of this eagle then you will get to live. In case you fail to do so then you will become the food of this eagle. The man shouts in disagreement but Virat laughs maniacally.

Kaurvaki opens her eyes. Dharma and Bindu are happy to see her fine. Bindu asks Kaurvaki how it all happened. She thinks that telling them truth will mean telling them her identity. Devi speaks up before Kaurvaki. She might not recall now but she fell from the stairs. Bindu buys the theory and leaves telling Kaurvaki to take rest. Dharma makes Kaurvaki drink some kaadha again. Kaurvaki thanks Dharma for taking care of her. Dharma says not I but Devi looked after you, day and night. She goes to bring medicine for Kaurvaki. Kaurvaki asks about Ashoka from Devi as soon as Dharma is gone. Where is Ashoka? I have to talk to him. He was with me all night. I know it was him. Dharma stops by the door as soon as she hears Ashoka’s name. Kaurvaki continues to ask for Ashoka. He recognizes me, right? Devi recalls Ashoka’s promise. It is your illusion. Ashoka dint come here. I was with you all night. Kaurvaki is sure she isn’t having any illusion. Ashoka was with me here all night. I still sense his touch. Devi repeats her lie but Kaurvaki is sure of it. My heart is saying so. Ashoka did come here. Ashoka and Dharma look on from outside (from two different sides). Kaurvaki falls asleep yet again. Dharma is tensed. She meets the other princesses in the corridor. They ask about Padmavati’s (kaurvaki’s) health. Dharma shares that she is better now. I have decided to postpone the next competition for 2 days. Chanda wishes to meet her. Anindini taunts Kaurvaki for the reason of delay in competition. Devi retorts her on her ideals of love. Anindini is not at all interested in her lecture. I have come here for competition and not to show any kind of mercy on someone. She should back off from the competition now. Chanda refuses to allow Kaurvaki to do so. You please get better. Anindini leaves from there. Chanda and other princesses suggest Kaurvaki what to eat to recover fast. Other princesses leave as they feel hungry talking about food itself. Chanda looks at Kaurvaki. You are my biggest opponent yet I wish that you participate in the competition so I am sure I won it honestly and on the basis of my qualities. Kaurvaki tells her she isn’t her competitor. I only want to marry Ashoka. Chanda is surprised.

Ashoka asks Acharya RG about Nirankush but Acharya RG has no clue about it till now. Ashoka advises him to appoint his best spies for this task. We have to find him even from hell.

Nirankush is tied to ropes and brought before Virat. Nirankush is afraid of the eagle who takes the letter from Nirankush’s hand and gives to his master (Virat). Virat welcomes Nirankush to his world. You will see dreams of living here but you will live as if you were to die today only. Nirankush looks confused. Virat smiles. You will understand.

Ashoka is sleeping. Siamak enters inside palace stealthily. He sends all the soldiers in the corridor to check the security at the back gate. He opens the secret passage seeing their way clear. Sushim steps out. did Ashoka or anyone get a doubt? Siamak denies. They bring Helena. She has covered herself with a shawl. Helena says I feel as if you are taking me to death. If Ashoka finds out then it wont be good. Siamak mumbles that don’t know what all is left for them to see. Ashoka asks Siamak to tell him if he has some other wish. I will fulfil it. Siamak and Sushim turn around in fear. Ashoka says I dint expect this from you. I left some task on you. You cannot help an old woman. See how she is picking up her baggage. He asks her if she is fine. Helena knows Ashoka will recognize her voice if she says anything. She covers her face well. Sushim tells Ashoka to talk to him. Ashoka says I wanted to know what you both are doing here at this hour. Charu comes in. I want to ask you the same question. What’s the reason of you bring outside Samrat’s room at night, the reason of you worrying for Padmavati and whenever anything goes wrong? Ashoka replies that he only cares for the questions or points related to Gondna. I don’t find it nexessary to answer you. He turns to go. All four of them leave right away.

Sushim tells mahamatya to look after his Rajmata. This is the safest place till the matter calms down. No one can come here without my permission. Mahamatya tells Helena he has everything arranged here for her. let me know if you need something. Please don’t go out on your own. Sushim asks Mahamatya to remind Samrat of doing a puja for Rajmata’s soul. It is important to make sure no one doubts Rajmata.

Bindu very sweetly makes Vit drink some kaadha. Ashoka is happy to see them thus. He leaves in between. Vit drinks more than half of it and keeps the glass back. Mahamatya watches their bonding from the door. Vit gets his gift. He hugs his father sweetly for the gift. Mahamatya comes inside. Bindu asks him what happened that he came to talk to him at this hour. Mahamatya presents the idea before Bindu. Bindu points out that they haven’t done in 10 years. How did you think of it now? Mahamatya says it is important for her soul’s peace. She might be roaming here somewhere in the form of a ghost. Vit runs out feeling scared. Bindu calls it superstition. I don’t have time for this. She was a traitor. I wont respect a traitor by doing puja for her. You can leave if you have nothing important to talk about. Mahamatya leaves.

Helena hopes she can sleep peacefully. She is disturbed by the noise of Vit’s toy. Vit’s toy reaches that room. Helena and Vit look at each other.

Helena hopes she can sleep peacefully. She is disturbed by the noise of Vit’s toy. Vit’s toy reaches that room. Vit stops in shock realising that this room belongs to Sushim. He isn’t here though it seems. Helena peeks at Vit from behind the curtains. If he sees me then! She hides by the time Vit goes past the curtains while looking for his toy. Helena covers her mouth well as she sits behind a giant vase hiding herself. Vit finds his toy but then he hears the sound of Helena’s anklets. He stops in shock. Mahamatya’s words echo in his head. He shouts ghost loudly. Bindu and Dharma come there. All the other family members come as well. Ashoka asks his brother to open his eyes. we are here only. There is no one. Bindu asks Vit why he looks so scared. What happened? Vit speaks
of a ghost behind the curtain. Sushim wonders where Rajmata is. Bindu asks his son to come with him. Vit is scared but Bindu assures him nothing will happen to him. They both look behind the curtains.

Bindu assures Vit there is nothing called ghost. Vit insists that he saw the ghost of an old lady. Her feet were really white unlike us. Ashoka asks him if he saw something else too. Sushim questions Vit as to what he was doing in his room. What was your motive of coming here? Bindu reprimands Sushim for talking to his younger brother like this. He is already scared. Why are you troubling him all the more now? Vit shares that he was playing with his toy which came to Sushim Bhaiya’s room during that. You trust me, right? Bindu nods. You are Dharma’s son. you can never lie. Ashoka points out that it might be some outsider. We should inspect all the rooms. Bindu agrees with him. Go look for him. Ashoka goes. Bindu asks everyone to take rest as it is too late. He goes with Dharma and Vit. Everyone leaves except Mahamatya, Sushim and Siamak. They look for Rajmata in the room but in vain. Sushim calls it their good luck that Vit dint see them. Siamak is upset with his decision of bringing Rajmata here. Sushim is sure everyone will get over this. They will think of it to be a kid’s illusion. Both the brothers argue over the matter. Sushim tells Siamak to worry about Rajmata. Everyone is alert right now. If she gets caught then the result will be scary. Mahamatya suggests that all three of them go in different directions to look for Rajmata.

Helena is running in the corridor. Nayak sends the soldiers in different direction to look for any kind of impostor. Helena steps out of her hiding place. Ashoka is coming from the opposite direction so she stands behind a pillar. Ashoka hears the sound of anklets as she moves. He turns but finds no one there.

Sushim is looking for Helena. Ashoka notices him looking for the impostor anxiously. When I spoke of the idea then he showed no interest. He calls out for Sushim. I have the responsibility of internal affairs so I will look for the impostor. Dont be so curious. Siamak adds that the impostor was found in Sushim’s room. It is the responsibility of all of us as it is related to Magadh. Ashoka wonders how he is so worried about Magadh and its affairs suddenly. Plus how come you are taking Sushim’s side today? Anyways, remember that I will be keeping an eye on you both. He leaves. Sushim and Siamak resume their search.

Bindu sends Vit with Dharma. Charu thinks to go to Samrat now that Dharma isn’t there. Let me dress up first. She sends back Nayak and his troops as she heads to her room. Charu sits down to get ready. Helena is in the same room. A mirror breaks down wherein Helena’s reflection is seen. Charu screams seeing it. All the kids hear her scream and rush to her room. Helena tells Charu to be quiet. It is me only. Vit, Dharma, Bindu and Mahamatya also come to Charu’s room. Vit asks Charu if she too saw the ghost. Charu says yes. Ashoka asks for details. Bindu does not buy it. Vit is a kid. How could you believe in ghost? Vit says Badi Ma is strong. Why would she scare someone when she herself is so scary? Nayak hides his smile. Vit shares the description of the ghost he saw. Bindu tells him against it. It can scare the guests in the palace. Will you like it? Ashoka says father is right. There is no ghost here. I will find it if there is one. Vit requests his father to sleep with him tonight. Bintu willingly agrees. Everyone leaves. Sushim asks about Rajmata.

Princesses are scared of the so called ghost. Anindini hopes she does not have to really face a ghost to get Ashoka. Kaurvaki is sure there is some secret. It cannot be a ghost. Is Ashoka’s life in danger? I have to find out. Devi advises her to rest for now. Everyone is looking for that person. He will be found soon.

Helena is in the corridor. I know every corner of the palace. I have to hide to keep Gondna’s secret safe from Ashoka. I can never let him catch me. She hides to avert Nayak who happens to pass from there along with his soldiers. Bindu and Dharma go in the same direction as Helena. Helena hides in a closet in Bindu’s room. Dharma asks Bindu why he looks so troubled. He denies. I recalled Mahamatya’s words a few hours back. he spoke of Rajmata’s ghost. I am confused thinking about the same. i am not scared. I have only been thinking. You go to Vit. I will join you soon. Dharma leaves. Diya’s blow off because of the wind and bad weather. Bindu senses someone’s presence in his almirah. He takes out his sword, demanding to know who is inside. He opens the cupboard and is shocked to see Helena. He steps back in shock and drops his sword. He holds his chest in pain as he falls unconscious on the floor.

Next morning, Vaid tells the family members that Samrat fell unconscious. There is nothing to worry now. Ashoka wishes to know how it happened. Dharma says Vaid ji said He saw something because of which he fell unconscious. Ashoka refuses to believe that his father believes in ghost. Mahamatya repeats his theory of ghosts. Bindu calls it more than just a coincidence. Sushim wonders if his father is having some doubt. Bindu speaks of all the coincidences since Mahamatya first spoke of Rajmata. Sushim and Siamak check his father’s ideology on ghost by presenting counter arguments. Bindu calls it unusual that he saw the ghost of Rajmata the day he refused to do her ghost. I wont do the puja for a traitor but I will do it to free this house from the ghost. We will pray for our peace. Sushim is really content with his idea of hiding Rajmata in the palace itself (in the cave). Flashback shows Rajmata vowing to send Ashoka to pataal loka as he is giving her so much trouble in this age. Flashback ends. Bindu tells mahamatya to make preps for puja. Someone brings a message for Bindu. Sushim thinks his plan is going right. No one can save Ahsoka now.

Precap: Ashoka tells Kaurvaki that he wants something in return for all that she feels for him. Kaurvaki says I can even sacrifice my life for you. He asks her to leave Patliputra. Kaurvaki picks up her stuff and begins to go when Dharma shouts after her to stop, calling her Kaurvaki.


Bindu and all the family members come out of the palace. They see a donkey there. Bindu signals Nayak to get the message. Nayak reads the letter silently. Bindu asks him to read aloud. Nayak says you are surprised Bindusar. He goes quiet so Ashoka takes it from him. Don’t you remember that (even Ashoka goes quiet but Bindu insists upon him to read it). Ashoka complies. Don’t you remember that donkeys take message for a donkey and not horse? I like dogs. Their tails never go straight and they are forever loyal to their owner. I too have one such loyal dog with me named Nirankush. I know you need him. You can try to do anything but you wont be able to take him from here. I can give him to you. I have a condition though. I want Ashoka to come to meet me alone to get Nirankush.
But how will Ashoka find me? Will he be able to find me? I have heard that he is a deserving candidate of the throne. I have heard a lot about him especially of Chand Ashoka. You have to send Ashoka to get Nirankush. The consequence will not be good if you try to do something else instead of what I have asked for – Virat. Ashoka crumples the letter. Bindu says I understood everything except who this Virat is. Why is he insisting upon calling Ashoka to him alone and without a weapon?

Virat reads a letter (flashback most probably). You are taking shelter to Magadh’s traitor. You can get money in return of him if you hand him over to Magadh. But if you win over Ashoka then Magadh will be doomed. Virat is surprised to know that there is some well wisher of him in Magadh. How did he send me this letter? Surprisingly, such good people still exist in the world!

Ashoka says it isn’t important as to why he is calling me to him. it is important to know who he is who dared to go against you. Mahamatya calls him a rebel. He hates Rajvanshi. Just like Lord Parshuram had vowed to kill evil kings, Virat too has vowed to kill Rajvanshi’s. Another flashback shows Virat slaying Rajvanshi’s. I have nothing except death to give to you Rajvanshi’s. I have taken birth to lighten your burden from earth. Virat’s eagle kills the Rajvanshi’s. Virat says we will become our own Bhagyavidhata and not any King or Rajvanshi. Flashback ends.

Ashoka wonders why he has not been caught till date. Acharya RG says he is too cunning and smart to be caught. Nayak adds that all the clues always take them an old well but it is a dead end. Ashoka says he has broken all the limits with his words and letters. He has insulted our motherland, our king and all of us. I wont leave him alive. I will surely go to meet him alone that too without any weapon. Bindu says no. this is what he wants. God knows what his intentions are. They certainly don’t seem to be good. I wont allow you to go. Ashoka wants to find Nirankush to figure out Gondna’s truth. Bindu reasons that Gondna is dead. This chapter is also over. Ashoka says pardon me. we cannot let this Virat challenge us or Maurya lineage. It wont be a good message to our people. They wont feel safe if this continues. I will have to go. No one can stop me from doing my duties, not even you. He excuses himself. Sushim, Siamak and Charu look happy.

Kaurvaki is shocked to know about Virat. How can Ashoka agree to go meet him all by himself? He doesn’t know how evil Virat is. Devi asks her if she knows who Virat is. Kaurvaki denies. This guy named Virat seems to be the next problem for Ashoka. He shouldn’t go. I will have to stop him. She turns and finds Ashoka standing there. He walks towards her. She gets emotional as she looks at him. Ashoka signals Devi who quietly leaves the room. Kaurvaki tells Ashoka he cannot go. He covers her mouth. Your Ashoka will talk today. You will only listen. She keeps looking at him lovingly. He says I kept quiet knowing what all you have been through. You left your loved ones, lost some only to gain me. My silence cannot hide the truth that your Ashoka is living under the burden of your love and favours. I bow down before you. I have always gained something from you. I have come today to ask something from you as well. I have come to request you on the basis of whatever place you have given to me in your life, whatever you have thought of me. Kaurvaki says I can even sacrifice my life for you. You know it well. He shares that he has decided to go to Virat. I don’t know if I will come back alive or not. I want you to leave Patliputra and go to your home. Make this meeting as our last one. Forget me and your aim. Promise me you wont disagree. She is in tears. He extends her hand towards her. She keeps her hand in his finally with a heavy heart. They both keep looking at each other. All the childhood memories flash before their eyes. He wipes the tears off her face. A song plays in the background. They lean their heads together as feeling all emotional and sad. He takes a step back and looks at their hands. She looks at him with pleading eyes but he frees his hand from hers and leaves from the room. She is shattered.

Ashoka picks up his sword and walks up to his father. I will take it back from you once I return. Sushim smirks. you will get it only if you come back alive. Bindu says I can live with disrespect but not without you (Ashoka). Ashoka says your heart knows I will come back alive. I had already told you nothing will happen to me till I fulfil my Acharya’s dream (looking pointedly at all the killers of Acharya Chanakya). It isn’t about me but magadh and its pride. I request you to allow me to go. Bindu says you never listened to me. Why will you stay now? you will do what I will not tell you to. He turns to Dharma asking her why she does not stop Ashoka. Why don’t you tell him it is a risk he is taking? His life can be in danger. His parents are ageing. They cannot bear losing him. Dharma says I think our son should go. he is the son of motherland more than us. It is his destiny. we raise our kids thinking they will stand on their feet one day, and become capable to take their own decisions. We worry when they do so. We should never interfere in it as their parents. We should support them always. We shouldn’t stop Ashoka if his wish is to serve motherland. Ashoka smiles. He seeks blessings of his parents. He walks out.

Epi begins with Ashoka saying I want you to leave Patliputra and go to your home. Make this meeting as our last one. Forget me and your aim. Promise me you wont disagree. She is in tears. He extends her hand towards her. She keeps her hand in his finally with a heavy heart. They both keep looking at each other. She looks at him with pleading eyes but he frees his hand from hers and leaves from the room. She is shattered.

Devi rushes to her. What did Ashoka say? Kaurvaki says he recognizes me. He knows who am I. Devi asks her if he said it himself. Kaurvaki replies that it wasn’t needed. I know my Ashoka spoke to his love, his Kaurvaki today. He knows it. Devi thinks Ashoka dint want to show it. She asks Kaurvaki how she is so sure. Kaurvaki says my Ashoka could only ask for what
he asked today only when he would know that I am his love, his Kaurvaki or he wouldn’t have thought of his right over me. Devi is confused. You should be happy if he recognizes you. What did Ashoka exactly say to you? Kaurvaki says I don’t know if it is good or bad. My world asked for my world today by making me swear on my love. She begins to pack her stuff. Devi asks her what she is doing. Kaurvaki shares that Ashoka has asked her to go away from here. Devi rushes to Dharma. She was about to say Kaurvaki but says Padmavati. Dharma gets concerned. Devi takes her with her.

Ashoka and Acharya RG discuss about Virat. Ashoka plans to go to that old well to look for some clue for Virat. He takes his leave.

Kaurvaki stands stunned in her room as she watches Ashoka leaving palace. She thinks of how he saved from falling in that gorge and took care of her. Dharma comes there. Devi said you are leaving? Kaurvaki looks at her in surprise. Dharma tells Kaurvaki that she does not need to go anywhere. You will stay in this palace only. Kaurvaki asks her if she knows she loves her son. Dharma nods. I want you to be my son’s wife. I knew it even before the competition began. You are the best suited girl for my son. Kaurvaki seeks her permission to ask her something. Dharma nods. Kaurvaki asks her what she will do if Samrat asks her to do something. Dharma replies that his every word will be an order for her. Kaurvaki says the one I accepted as my husband, my everything, he wants me to go from here. You don’t remember your pain when the one you love more than yourself asks you to do something. You give everything to your love. I made a promise already. Kaurvaki picks up her stuff and begins to go when Dharma shouts after her to stop, calling her Kaurvaki. Devi and Kaurvaki are stunned. Kaurvaki drops her box in shock. Kaurvaki and Dharma look at each other. Dharma extends her hands and Kaurvaki rushes to hug her. They share an emotional reunion. Kaurvaki is surprised. You recognize me? Since when and how do you know? Dharma replies that a mother can anytime read her kids’ eyes. I have seen it in his eyes. I have seen how much you mean to him. Devi says now only you can stop her. She is just like her Chand. She agreed to leave upon Ashoka’s saying. Dharma seconds her. You took decision in anger. You aren’t to be blamed for it. I will set everything. Kaurvaki reasons that she made a promise to Ashoka. I cannot break it. Dharma says I can free you from this promise. I am his mother after all. I wish you to be with Ashoka for the same reason because of which he asked you to leave him. He will need you to fulfil his dream. He cannot see it but I can. You will stand strong as his shield in his fight. They hug again. Devi joins them as well upon Dharma’s gesturing her to do so.

Siamak thinks she has grown old but she wants royal treatment wherever she will stay. I will shift them to the cave soon. Vit asks him about the stuff. Siamak says how does it matter to you. Vit falls down as Siamak walks out almost colliding with him.

Sushim peeks inside Kaurvaki’s room. Dharma says let Ashoka come back. I will set everything right. Don’t worry. Devi and Dharma leave from there. Kaurvaki thinks no one can separate him from her now. Charu tells Sushim not to waste his time on useless people. I want you to focus on Chanda. Sushim says it will be decided later who I will marry. This Padmavati will meet her fate today. Charu thinks it will be a problem if Sushim does any harm to Kaurvaki.

Sushim walks inside Kaurvaki’s room. Dint it bother you when you chose to do this? Kaurvaki is confused. Sushim says I am speaking of my emotions. You have played with them. I just heard you saying that no one can separate you from Ashoka. Why did you make me feel things if you loved Ashoka? I have loved you very much. I love you very much. Why did you wake up the hidden emotions in me? He walks around her while talking to her. I fell in love with you. You may not realise but the day you touched me, my heart has been knitting dreams. I have come to know now that it was your entire plan. Why did you do this to me? She takes a step back. It was unintentional. I apologize to you. I dint know you will begin to feel this way for me. Sushim reasons that her apology wont end this matter here. She tries to go but he blocks her way. You have made a mistake for which you will be punished. It will be a sweet punishment which will satiate the hunger of my and your body. Kaurvaki pushes him. SO this is the real face of your emotions? This isn’t love but lust. I had heard about your evilness but I have seen it today with my own eyes. He angrily shouts Padmavati when she warns him to be in his limits. No woman would like to marry you. He tries to attack her but Kaurvaki hurts him with the knife kept in the fruit basket. He holds his arm in pain and shock. Think of the consequence of your lust if you will think of me to be a helpless woman. Durga Ma only ends devils. Sushim is about to react when Bindu comes in hearing the noise. What’s happening here? Sushim cooks up a story. Kaurvaki says I want to be alone for some time. Sushim and Bindu leave. Sushim warns Kaurvaki he wont let her be Ashoka’s if she cannot be his. He finally walks out of the room.

Charu comes to Chand. Sushim is hurt. Do you have some medicine? Chanda gets concerned. I will get it. Charu smiles.

Chanda comes to Sushim’s room and tends to his wound even when he tells her against it. She is really worried for him. He looks away thinking about the pain but she sweetly blows on his hand to lighten the pain. Charu looks on. Sushim keeps stealing glances at her. She bandages his wound after applying medicine. He thanks her. Chanda leaves from the room. Charu sees Sushim’s wound. You need a woman like her only who can heal your wound and not hurt you. Sushim insists upon punishing Padmavati by giving her Ashoka’s dead body.

Bindu tends to Vit’s wound. Vit casually dismisses it. I accidentally collided with Siamak Bhaiya. He was carrying a bag full of sarees and stuff related to women. I asked him about it but he dint share. Bindu is upset by Siamak’s reaction. Mahamatya tries to calm him but in vain. BIndu leaves to question Siamak. Mahamatya thinks if Samrat follows Siamak then he will get to know that Rajmata is still very much alive.

Ashoka reaches the old empty well. He thinks of Virat and his dislike for Rajvanshi’s. He seems to be taking shelter around this old empty well. No one could be near it. some people call it the door to hell while some call it their death. Ashoka throws a big boulder down the well. Flashback shows Ashoka discussing the same point with Acharya RG. Anyone who went inside never came back. They sent a soldier with a rope to check the same. the rope went down 100 feet but get no sign. The rope is cut by the time they pull it up. They decide not to try to figure out the truth of this well. Flashback ends. Ashoka wants to find the truth of the old well even if it means jumping down in it. I have no other option. Jai Janani! He jumps in.

Precap: Virat tells Ashoka he can take Nirankush with him if he fights and succeeds with the eagle. If you fail in doing so then you will become their lunch.

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