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Saraswatichandra Wednesday 3rd July 2019 On Adom Tv


The Episode starts with Kumud asking Pramad to leave him. He says lets wear the other bangle too. Kumud runs away from him. He says wear it, I brought it with love. Saras sees Kumud hurt and crying. He goes to her and sees her hand hurt. She hides it from him. He thinks Pramad did it and says till when will you bear my mistake’s punishment. He says today I won’t leave Pramad. She stops him. He says please don’t cry. He gives her water to drink and asks her to have it. She drinks the water and calms down. He asks did you had food. Kumud says yes and asks did you had food. He says yes. She says will you listen to me.

He says yes, say. She says go from here. She says start your life again. He says I m doing the same, your happiness is my life’s goal. If you suffer here, I won’t go from here. He says will you listen to me. He says if I remove Kalika from yours and Pramad’s life and if Pramad changes, then I will go from here, else you have to go back to your mum’s house. Tell me are you ready for this. Kumud says its very late now, you go now, I m fine.

Saras says go back to your room, I will not go from here. I will be with you till you have smile on your face. Saras looks at her while she leaves. The next morning. Kumud is doing the puja and thinking about Saras’s words. She thinks how Pramad treats her and wishes her strength should not break. She gives the aarti to Pramad’s mum. She sees her hand and asks what happened. Kumud says I was wearing bangles and got hurt. Pramad’s mum asks Kumud not to feel bad by her words. She says I understand about your feeling for Pramad. She says even Kalika kept the fast. Kumud is shocked to know this. Pramad’s mum says Kalika takes care of Pramad well, then why can’t you. We brought you here so that you can change him. She says you can change him if you decide it. She leaves saying this.

Kumud says yes, I can change him and I understood. Kalika comes and says Naveen ji is not at home. Kumud asks her to make the breakfast. Kalika smiles and says I have done many things for you. Kumud comes to Pramad and says I brought lemon water for you. He taunts her. She says have this, you will feel light. He says how do you know, did you try or Saraswatichandra used to drink. Kumud says no, I read on internet. She says your parents feel you need a teacher, not a wife. Pramad says yes, do you beat the spoiled kids? He sees her hand and says maybe the teacher ji got beaten by someone. He says I will apply balm on it, you are my wife, come sit here. He says the balm is not here, you are very unlucky. He sees the wine and says I will apply it instead of the balm. He says you too drink it daily, as its good to get rid of pain.

Kumud says come down for breakfast, else your parents will feel you are still sleeping. She says I will take care of myself and others too. She leaves. Kalika says I m mixed like sugar in Pramad’s life which no one can remove. Kumud says over sweetness should be removed and taunts Kalika. Murakh Das says Naveen will come at night as he went to some village. Kalika thinks why he went there. Kumud asks some work to Kalika. Kalika leaves.

Kumud asks Murakh Das to take care of himself and Kalika. He says what. Kumud says you should think about Kalika’s marriage. Murakh Das agrees. Kumud says we will bear the cost of the marriage, you think about her marriage. Murakh Das says you have also given us so much love, thanks. Kumud says trust me, I want to see Kalika going to her house, I will be glad. Murakh Das says Kalika what are you doing. Kalika says I was with Pramad. He says you have to go to your house, be with Kumud, learn cooking from her, so that you can make me proud one day going to your in laws house.

He says Kumud told me to look for a groom for you and she will do the rest. Kalika and Pramad are shocked to hear that. Kumud comes there and says why are you blushing Kalika, this had to happen as you kept the Teej fast. Kalika says if my dad can’t find anyone, you will find it. She taunts Kumud. Kumud says don’t you know Pramad’s proposal came for me long time ago. Pramad asks Kumud not to interfere in other’s work. Kumud says what are you saying, Kalika is ours.

She asks Kalika what type of guy you want. Kalika smiles and says I will marry anyone you choose as our choice matches a lot, she looks at Pramad. Kumud says ok, I will find soon. Pramad scolds Kumud. The bell rings. Kumud says I will see Kalika, you are a few days guest now. Kumud opens the door and is shocked to see her family. Guniyal, Badimaa and Vidyachatur came to meet Kumud.

Vidyachatur asks how are you Kumud. Kumud is tensed seeing them all of a sudden. Kalika smiles. Kumud greets them and is happy. Kumud welcomes them. Kusum too is happy and greets them. Kalika says I will see who is the guest in this house and for how many days. Kumud asks them you came suddenly without informing, is everything fine. Vidyachatur says we came to meet you and Kusum. Budhidhan and Pramad’s mum comes and greets them and asks them to sit. Pramad’s mum says we should have welcomes you well if you informed us before coming. Badimaa says we called you and informed you that we are coming, some girl took the call and asked us to come today. Kumud looks at Kalika.

Kalika highlights Kumud’s wounds infront of her family. Everyone looks shocked.

The Episode starts with Badimaa telling everyone that some girl took her call and asked them to come. Kumud looks at Kalika. Kalika says don’t thank me, I have thought about you. Kumud smiles. Kalika shows Kumud’s wounds to everyone. Everyone are shocked and look at Kumud. Guniyal gets worried. Budhidhan asks Kumud what happened, and why did she not tell him. Kumud says Pramad brought bangles for me, but the size was small, so I tried wearing it and got hurt. Budhidhan asks her to take care. He asks Kalika to call Alak. Kalika says shall I call Naveen too? She says but he went outside. Kalika says you all meet him before leaving. Kusum asks everyone to talk to her. Kumud is worried that if Saras comes back home, then don’t know what will be their reaction.

Budhidhan praises Kumud. Vidyachatur smiles. Pramad’s mum says we even like Kusum. She says its your family values that your daughters are so nice. Budhidhan asks them to have food and take rest, and we will meet later. Badimaa says I have some work and asks Pramad’s mum about a mandir. She says I kept a mannat and I m thinking to go there for a darshan. Pramad’s mum says ok, go, but have food with us. Budhidhan goes to leave her outside. Kalika watches them and says they are talking about leaving and Naveen did not come. She says if Naveen does not come before they leave, then their trip will go waste.

Saras is coming to the house. He is walking towards the house while everyone are moving out. Budhidhan opens the door and Badimaa, Vidyachatur and Guniyal are shocked to see Saras. Kalika is keeping an eye on their reaction. Badimaa says you, here? Pramad comes there and says its good you met him. He introduces Saras as Naveenchandra. Budhidhan says Vidyahctaur that he was the one whom I was sending to your house. Badimaa says we don’t know him. Saras says I was late that day and did not reach their house. Budhidhan says meet them now. Budhidhan says this is Kumud’s family.

Budhidhan says Saras has become a part of his family. Pramad’s mum says Saras obeys her more than Pramad and Alak. Pramad says I m going to rest, allow me to leave. Badimaa is angry on Saras. Badimaa looks at Kumud. Kumud signs no. Pramad’s mum asks what. Badimaa makes excuses and says she has to go for the darshan. Badimaa says the Lord is calling me so I have to leave. Saras thinks of her mum’s words. Badimaa tells Saras’s mum’s words. Badimaa leaves. Saras says I have to go with her, the way is not safe. Budhidhan says go leave. Kalika says something is fishy.

Pramad’s mum takes Kalika with her to the kitchen. Kalika says I was thinking I would go out and bring things. Pramad’s mum takes her. Saras stops Badimaa and thinks how his mum walked away from him. Badimaa runs and Saras follows her. The same way, his mum once ran away from him. His mum asked him to go back home but the little boy followed her. Vidyachatur confronts Kumud saying why did you hide that Saras is here with you. Kusum says because you would be worried. Vidyachatur says Saras broke the relation with you, and you are here because of him, how dare he come here, what is he doing here. Kumud opens the door and sees Kalika standing outside the door.

Guniyal changes the topic and have a laugh. Vidyachatur and Kusum talk about their childhood. Kalika tries to get some info from them, but fails. Kumud says it looks like Kalika did not hear anything, else she would have gone to Pramad. Kalika leaves from the room. Kumud closes the door. Saras is after Badimaa. Saras thinks of her mum. Badimaa gets hurt similar to Saras’s mum and looks at him. Saras gets more tensed. Kumud cries and sits in Vidyachatur’s feet. She apologizes to them for not telling them anything about Saras. Vidyachatur says its ok and hugs her. He says why did Saras come here. Guniyal asks her too. Kusum says he did not come here, his fate brought him here, to give him a chance to say sorry. Kusum says he is here for helping Kumud. Vidyachatur says you are someone else’s wife. Kumus takes Saras’s side and says we both are not being like before. Vidyachatur says we know you. Guniyal says its not good if Saras stays here. Kusum says he is here and thats why Kumud’s problem are less. Kusum says Saras is making things better for Kumud. Vidyachatur and Guniyal are shocked.

Saras asks Badimaa where she is going, as the way to the mandir is not this. He asks her to listen to him once. Badimaa does not stop. Saras says stop Maai. Badimaa comes near water. Saras thinks how his mum died in the lake. He asks where are you going, you lied to me that you are going to the mandir. He thinks how his mum said that she is going to the Lord. Saras starts crying. Badimaa says his mum’s words. Saras is shocked. Badimaa goes near the lake and steps in the water. Saras shouts no Maai.

Saras thinks of her mum going inside the water. He tried to stop her. Saras says Maa. Badimaa turns and says don’t call me Maa. You have spoiled Kumud’s life. She says stop there, you have to decide, you have to get out of Kumud’s life forever, tell me whats your decision, will you go or not. Saras looks on crying.

Saras saves Badimaa from water. Badimaa faints. Saras cries. Kumud is crying in her room. Saras come to her and catches her tear in his hand. Kumud looks at him.

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