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Saraswatichandra Wednesday 24th July 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Kumud seeing the prasad and saying it means Saras lied to me, Kusum is in any big problem. Saras is fighting with some goons. She tries to free Kusum but is beaten up by rods. He fights back and beats the goons. He asks the man why did he do this, who asked them to do this. He says did Pramad sent you. The man says yes. Saras rescues Kusum and asks are you fine. Kusum hugs him crying. He says don’t worry, I m here. He takes care of her. Kumari and Danny try to stop Kumud. Kumud says Saras lied to me, I can’t wait. Saras comes with Kusum. Kusum is like unanswerable. Kumud asks what happened to you. Kumud hugs Kusum. Saras says Kusum is fine. Kumud blames herself for all this. They take her inside the house.

Kumud looks at Saras and leaves. Saras says Kumud and goes after her. Danny is with Kusum and Kusum is speechless. Danny covers her with a blanket and leaves. She stops him and says don’t go, I m afraid. He says I m here, ok. He sits with her. Kumari comes and cries seeing Kusum. Kumud comes to Pramad and slaps him. She says how dare you do this with Kusum. He says what you will do, what will you say to the police, that someone has raped your sister. Everyone comes. Kumud tells them that Pramad kidnapped Kusum but Saras saved her. Pramad says she is lying, where is the proof. Kumud scolds him and says I m sure its you who did this, fight with me, don’t involve my family in it. She says you won’t be able to do anything to us.

She warns him for the last time and says if anything happens to my family, no one will be able to save you from jail. Kumud talks to Pramad’s mum and tries to revive the woman in her. Pramad gets angry and stares at Kumud. Kumud angrily looks at him and leaves. Saras looks on and leaves. Kusum is sleeping and Kumari is with her. Kusum thinks of her Meera act with Saras and how Saras hugged her after saving her. Saras comes home with Kumud and Kusum wakes up and sees them from the window.

Saras stops Kumud and says what was the need to go there. She says why did you lie, if anything happened to Kusum. He says I thought Pramad did this, so I went alone. Kumud cries for Kusum. Saras says Kumud and she rests her head on his shoulder. Kusum looks at them standing far. Kusum cries and has a peacock feather with her. She moves back and leaves. She cries seeing the feather. She says I tried my best not to fall in love with you, but it happened Saras. Guniyal sees her and hears what she said. She is shocked. Kusum is tensed seeing her. Guniyal says Kusum……… Kusum says please Maa, not now, Guniyal leaves. Kumud and Saras look at each other and Kumud wipes her tears and distances herself from Saras. Saras says what can I do Kumud, I can’t tell that I worry about you and will always worry. Kumud says I will also worry about you more than me.

Saras knocks Kusum’s door and asks her how she is. Kusum nods fine. He comes inside the room and says hows your wound. Kusum nods fine. Saras says you will be fine in two three days. Kusum asks are you fine. Saras says I m fine. He says Kusum, the body’s wound heal but the heart’s wounds take some time to heal, but you don’t think, your family is with you. Kusum thinks no Saras, my heart’s wound won’t heal in the lifetime. Kumud comes there. Kusum hugs her. Kumus says forgive me, I have put you in danger. Saras looks on. Kumud asks her not to cry. She says whatever he did with me, I was ready to forgive him, but this, he has to pay for it.

Alak is leaving the house with Inkesh. She gets angry on Pramad and says he tried to kill his wife and kidnapped Kusum. Anything would have happened with Kusum, she says I can’t stay in this house with a criminal. Pramad says let her go. Budhidhan asks his wife not to stop Alak and not to take Pramad’s side. Pramad’s mum slaps Pramad. Atlast the woman in her has revived. She says my daughter left me because of her. She cries seeing Pramad. Kusum tells Kumud to take care of everyone in the family as she has strength. Kusum asks her not to tell anyone about this. She cries. Kusum says I m afraid, please don’t tell this to anyone. Kumud hugs her and says fine, I won’t tell anyone. Kumud gives milk to her and makes her rest.

Saras and Kumud walk together getting out of Kusum’s room. Saras says we should tell the truth to Kaka. She says we should not tell them as Kusum said. He says you did a mistake by taking the complaint back. She says yes, I did a mistake, don’t keep telling me, even you did a mistake, Saras is quiet. She says you tried to rectify it by coming back, so why can’t I get a chance. He says fine, but tell this to Kaka and send Pramad to jail. She says if Kusum wants me to be quiet, I can’t tell this. He says I care about you, if anything happens to you, I would have died. Kumud looks on and says nothing will happen to me. She says don’t make me feel this again and again. She leaves. Saras looks on.

The Episode starts with Kumud teaching kids at the school. She thinks of her hug with Saras and Saras’s words. She says he always reminds me of my mistakes. She scolds a girl. The girl says everyone does mistake, so we should not be angry on them. Kumud realizes and says sorry to her. The girl says you said we should forgive on saying sorry. Kumud says where did all the kids go. She looks out for them. The kids stand with Sorry written on their backs. Kumud is amazed to see it. The kids laugh. Saras says sorry in style. Kumud asks the kids to go. She asks whats all this. He shows Sorry.

Guniyal is tensed thinking about Kusum. Kusum comes to her. She says I should have not done this Maa. Guniyal says when Saras’s proposal came, Kumud said no, do you remember what you said. Kusum thinks she said yes. Guniyal says I asked you not to say you, who knows it may become the truth. She says we should think before saying anything. She asks her. Kusum says what should I say, I did not do anything by thinking. Guniyal says you are thinking about the man who…. Kusum says I know, I know who he is, but I don’t know how it happened, I realized it yesterday, trust me I don’t want anything from him, I will always have it in my heart, I can’t come in between Kumud and Saras.

Guniyal says your eyes will tell everyone about it, Saras will know it. She says this way will not leave you anywhere, if you can’t stop, so change your way. Kusum asks what. Guniyal says marry someone else. Kusum is shocked. Guniyal says I will talk to your dad, forget everything and start a new life with your life partner. She asks is this Kumud’s dupatta, leave it, she will stitch it.

Saras arranges the kids in order and says sorry. Kumud says you would have told this at home. She says the kids come here to learn, He says yes. The kids spell and says sorry. They ask her to forgive Saras. Kumud asks them to go to class. Saras stops Kumud.

Danny comes to Kusum while she is crying in her room. He says she is still crying, have to do something. He helps her in arranging the clothes. He says give me your hand, she says my mood is off, you go and play your games with Kumari. He says its not a game, but magic. He ties a magic band to her hand. He says this band makes everyone happy, my first girlfriend gave me when I was 8 years old. Kusum is surprised and laughs. He says see you smiled, the band works, keep smiling. He leaves saying Kusum, its not your mistake, so you should not cry. Kusum says its my mistake, a big one.

Saras tells Kumud you have the right to get angry. She smiles. Saras says Kumud, can I wait for you, we will go home together. She nods yes. He says do I have to wait longer. She nods no. He smiles. He says same smile like before, I wish I could make everything back to normal and we could smile like we used to. He says what am I thinking, am I doing a mistake.

Budhidhan and his wife comes to Pramad. He says you always wanted to stay alone, so be. We are going from here, he says you value money more than us, he gives him the papers. Pramad looks on. Budhidhan says its your wish what you want to become. Budhidhan and his wife leaves from the house.

Kumud sees Saras at the school’s land. Saras says why am I feeling like before. She asks the men how is the work going on. The man says fine. She tells Saras you said you will wait for me. Saras says I had to come here for some urgent work. She says we will have food together. He says I had food. Saras leaves. Kumud stops him holding his hand. Saras distances himself from her.

Kumud and Saras see a man behind bushed. She says sorry to that man. Saras asks what happened. Kumud says I thought its him. Saras says I told you, don’t be afraid. She says I’m not afraid, I m being careful he is hurting my family to hurt me. Saras leaves. Kumud notices his changed behavior. Guniyal talks to Vidyachatur about Kusum’s marriage. He says whats the hurry. Yash’s mum says Kusum’s age is much now. Guniyal says the same. She says I spoke to her. He asks is she ready for marriage. Guniyal says yes, Kumud will be happy seeing Kusum. Yash’s mum says see the proposals for her now.

Kumud asks Saras what happened to him. He says nothing, the work is much. Kumud’s dupatta gets stuck, Saras helps her. The dupatta gets torn. She looks at him. He sees her through it. She laughs. He says whats the thing to laugh. She is unable to control her laugh and says this laugh came after so many days. He says the bad time has passed. She touches him and he gets a bolt and moves. She asks what happened Saras. He says people are here, they will talk about us again. He leaves. Kumud looks on and leaves from the site. Saras seeing her going and thinks Sorry Kumud, I m running from myself, not from you.

Vidyachatur says maybe Kusum said yes for marriage under pressure. Kusum comes to him. He asks her are you ready for marriage. Kusum looks at Guniyal. He says don’t look at anyone, you tell me your wish. She says yes. He says good, I was thinking am I doing hurry. Yash’s mum says they have grown up, marry Kumari also after Kusum, else these girls will run away like Kumud. Badimaa interrupts her. Vidyachatur says I trust my daughters, they will not cross their limits. Yash’s mum says the boy’s family is coming today evening. Kumud comes and hears this. Kumud says no one told me about this.

Badimaa says we were about to tell you. Vidyachatur takes Kumud’s opinion. Yash’s mum says Kusum said yes what is the need to ask Kumud. She asks Kumud to make Kusum ready. Kumud takes Kusum with her. She asks her do you really want to get married. Kusum says maybe this is right for all of us. Kusum hugs Kumud. Kumud says I m very happy for you, I did not think you will go far from us so soon. Kusum says its good for us if I go away from you and Saras.

Kumud calls Saras but he leaves. Kumud wonders what happened to him. Yash’s mum taunts Kumud. Everyone are shocked.

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