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Saraswatichandra Tuesday 30th July 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Yash introducing Kalika as his wife. Everyone are shocked. Kalika smiles and greets Yash’s mum and everyone. No one blesses her. Kalika looks at Yash. Yash’s mum says Lord, call me to you, she is unhappy with Kalika. She asks Kumud, would I be happy seeing her, who are you to say about marriage, she taunts Kumud. She says since you came back, you brought bad things to this house. She blames Kumud for ruining Kusum and Yash’s life. She says you are the eclipse for this house. Badimaa and Vidyachatur supports Kumud. Yash’s mum asks Kalika to leave from this house. Yash tries to stop her. Yash’s mum says you don’t know anything about her. He says I know everything about her, Kalika told me everything and I loved her for her truth, she is regretting and wants to change.

Kalika speaks sweetly and says give me one chance, Yash understood me and accepted me, I want to make a new start and I need your blessings. Kumud says enough, and looks angrily at Kalika. Kumud makes Kalika go out of the house and takes her somewhere. She says I told Pramad to stay away from my family, so you are doing this drama. Kalika says no, I married your brother. Kumud says you both are doing this. Kalika says now I m alone, not with him. She says I loved Pramad, but he left me, I supported him but he used me and thrown me our of his life. Kumud says so you trapped my brother. Kalika says I have nothing now, and you have everything, your family and now you are free from Pramad and you got your Saraswatichandra, don’t I have the right to love.

Kumud says love does not sound good by you. Kalika says if you do, then its love, and if I do, then its a trap. Kumud says there is difference between me and you and slaps Kalika. Kusum tells Yash about Kalika’s reality. Yash takes Kalika’s side. Kusum says you would have asked us. He says I fell in love with her and it happens simply. He says I don’t know its right or wrong, but its unstoppable. Everyone looks at him.

Kumud says don’t say a word about me and Saras. Kalika says why not. Kumud says our relation does not have any name, we care about each other, this relation is about friendship, and purity and you won’t understand it. Kalika says even after your divorce, you are in love with him. Kumud says yes I love him, he is my love and my life. Kumud realizes her hidden feelings and sees the bells of the mandir ringing. Kalika says even I m helpless, try to understand me. Kumud is silent and stays calm to understand her own spoken words. Kalika looks at her and smiles. She says you changed my life by coming to my life, not think what will I do with you after coming to your house. She laughs. (Like a mad woman!!)

Kumud smiles thinking about Saras’s words and goes to meet Saras. Vidyachatur is waiting for Kumud. Kalika says did she not come till now, she says don’t worry, Kumud will come. Yash says did she not tell you where she was going. Kalika says no. Kumud knocks the door and asks Danny where is Saras, he says he went out for some work. She tries calling Saras and asks Danny why is he not receiving my call. Kalika spells some good things and tries to impress them. She taunts Kumud. Saras gets Kumud’s call and thinks… he does not pick her call. She says I heard my heart, listen to me once. Kusum argues with Kalika. Guniyal stops Kusum.

Kalika served food to Yash’s mum. Yash’s mum says I won’t eat the food served by you even if I die. Yash interrupts. Kalika says its fine, I made many mistakes but the Lord knows I really want to change. She says let me stay here and give me a chance to prove myself. Yash’s mum asks her to leave from the house. Yash takes Kalika’s side. Kalika says listen to me, I m your bahu. She says Kumud ran away from there and you kept her, then why not me. She says if Kumud wants to marry Saras, will you say you, if she can get a chance, then why can’t I.

Kumud says I want to talk something important to him. Danny asks her to wait. She says maybe he will go my home to meet me, she asks Danny to give her message to him. Danny asks what is the matter. She smiles and leaves. Danny says is she fine. Saras sees 20 missed calls and says if you really care about me, why don’t you listen to me. Yash’s mum scolds Kalika and asks her to leave. Kalika says how should I explain you, I want to rectify my mistakes. Kumud comes and Kalika talks to her. She says you got Saras. Kusum says don’t dare to take Saras’s name. Guniyal stops Kusum. Yash asks Kumud to talk to his mum as she has supported him. Kumud says I supported you in you happiness, and won’t support you in your mistakes. She did not change. Badimaa says our decision is same like Kumud’s. Yash says I will have to go with Kalika. Yash’s mum scolds him. He says I married her and she is my wife, I have to support her always. Everyone are shocked.

Yash says lets go. Kalika says I have changed Kumud, I will make my space in this house very soon. Kumud says you are nothing now, don’t dream to be a part of this family. Everyone tries to stop Yash. Kalika stops Yash. He says we need no one. Kalika says no, we will get house anywhere, but not family. She says give me some time, I will win their hearts, especially Kumud’s. Yash smiles and hugs her.

The next morning, Kumud calls Saras and he receives her call. He asks what is it. She asks when are you coming home. He says don’t know I m busy. She says he gets angry rarely, but when he does, its much. Saras ends the call and says sorry Kumud, I won’t talk to you till you say yes to me. Its night, and Kumud asks Badimaa can I take anything from the puja. Badimaa says are you saying that whish I m understanding. Kumud smiles and says yes, I got it now that I will get happiness with him, I have to tell him yes and that I m incomplete without him. Badimaa is happy. Kumud takes Saras’s mum’s payal and says I want to wear this and go to him. Badimaa says you both need love, don’t be late now, go. Kumud says he is not listening to me. Badimaa says where will he go. Kumud says I m afraid, that if anything happens. Badimaa says nothing will happen, have faith. Kumud hugs Badimaa and they both smile with happiness.

The Episode starts with Saras coming to meet Kumud. Kumud is happy in her room and thinking to admit her feelings for Saras. She wears Saras’s mum’s anklet and smiles. She dances round and looks at the moon. She says when will you come Saras, will you go your home? She calls him and Saras sees her call. He says hmmm…. She asks where are you, I m waiting for you. He says I did not say I m coming to you. She says I want to meet you. He says I m outside your house, come out. She says wait, I have to talk to you. He says I will wait. She runs to meet him and is about to fall. Kusum stops her and asks where are you going. Kumud does not answer her. Kusum thinks I should be happy for her, what am I thinking.

Kumud runs to meet Saras. She takes a lantern with her. Saras is waiting for her. Kumud comes outside the gate and smiles seeing him. He looks at her and music plays….. Kuch na Kahe Bas Chup Rahe….. plays… She shows him his mum’s anklet. He sees it and tries to figure out what she means. He smiles understanding her yes for his love. They smile seeing each other. They think about their love moments and they walk towards each other. They glimpse about their old moments. Kumud says you said that you will wait for me. He is much happy and unable to hold his happiness. Kumud walks towards him with a smile and they think of the promise they made to each other.

She finally comes to him and a car comes towards them. Kumud sees it first and pushes Saras taking his name. The car hits her and flees. Saras sees Kumud on the ground and shouts Badimaa, Kaka…. He says we have to go to hospital and takes her in his car. He rushes to the hospital and keeps talking to Kumud. He says Kumud don’t close your eyes. Guniyal talks to Badimaa and says Kumud looked happy after a long time. Kusum says I should have not stopped Kumud. Saras is on the way to hospital. He drives faster and says I m here with you, keep your eyes open.

He brings her to the hospital and the nurse asks him to wait outside. Saras looks at her through the round glass. Badimaa gets a call and is shocked to know….. The phone falls from her hands. Guniyal and Kusum looks on. Kumud is being treated at the hospital. Saras is numb and lost….. Everyone come to him and asks where is Kumud. Saras shows the operation theatre. Everyone are shocked. Kusum looks on. Guniyal asks how is Kumud. Kumari asks Saras did Kumud get much hurt. Badimaa tells Saras nothing will happen to her. Saras cries and hugs Badimaa. Saras and everyone are waiting outside the theatre. The doctor comes and says the patient is not stable but we are trying. Saras is shocked.

Badimaa thinks about Kumud’s words and cries. Vidyachatur is thinking about Kumud’s childhood. Danny goes to Kusum and says Kusum I know, its tough for you, we can’t think to stay without her, but she will be fine. Kusum says it happened because of me, she was happy and I stopped her, what did I do. Kusum cries. Danny hugs her and says its not your mistake, it was an accident. Kusum says will she forgive and talk to me. Danny says yes. Saras goes and Badimaa says let him go. Yash comes to Kalika and says Kumud met with an accident, get ready, we have to go to the hospital. Kalika is happy and says this was the thing to happen with you Kumud.

She says I want to see you dying with pain and laughs. Saras goes to the hospital’s mandir while Kumud’s hearbeat is becoming low. The doctor says her pulse is dropping. Saras talks to the Lord and cries. He says why is this happening, when I was away from here, everything was fine. He says is this because of me, that I went closer to her. He takes out his mum’s anklet and says did I made Kumud’s fate like my mum’s. He says Kumud also got insulted by Pramad like my mum got by her husband. He says will she also leave me like my mum left me.

Badimaa comes to him. He shows her the anklet. Badimaa takes it and says Saraswati’s anklet, Kumud asked me for it. She wanted to start a new life with you, she knew that she loves you, and she does not have a life without you. She says Kumud wanted to meet you but… He says but… I did not take her call, I did not talk to her for two mins, what did I do. The nurse says the patient is sinking. Saras says Kumud has to come back to me, she can’t leave our talk incomplete, l she can’t go. Badimaa says how can she go, she has to come back and complete her talk. She will say it by herself.

Saras says am I so bad, why is my fate so bad, whoever I love, they leave me all alone. He says mum left me, then you and now Kumud. Badimaa says no Saras, Kumud will not leave you, she can’t go. She hugs him. Saras cries. Danny comes and asks Saras to come fast. Saras runs to the doctor. The doctor says we need to do the operation, but she lost much blood, we need O- blood. Saras asks him to start the operation and he will arrange the blood. Danny says don’t worry, we will get the blood. Saras looks at Kumud through the glass and cries.

Kalika says I have the thing which you want, my blood group is O- Saraswatichandra ji. Saras is shocked.

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