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Saraswatichandra Thursday 4th July 2019 On Adom Tv


The Episode starts with Badimaa asking Saras what is his decision, will he go or not. Saras says no. Badimaa says so ok and goes inside the water. Saras thinks about his mum’s suicide. Saras cries miserably. Badimaa goes deep in the water. Badimaa says Saraswati we lost, Ghuman won over us, Saras does not have any of your qualities, forgive me. She dips in the water. Saras shouts Maa and runs to save her. Pramad asks Kalika did you find about Kumud. Kalika says Kumud’s family acted as if they don’t know Naveen. Kalika says they know Naveen as Naveen and Kusum were in love. Kalika says Naveen did not reach Kumud’s house on the patphere rasam. She says the earrings were Kumud’s and also the poetry. Pramad says Naveen and Kumud are not involved. Pramad scolds her. Kalika says do you find out about Saraswatichandra. Pramad says he died in the same lake where his mum died.

Saras says I will not let anything happen to you Maai. He brings her out of the water and says Maai. He tries to wake her up. He cries and hugs Badimaa. Pramad’s mum asks Kumud’s parents to have food as Naveen might get late with Badimaa. Budhidhan says call Pramad also. Pramad comes there drunk and laughs loudly. He says think of the devil and I appeared. Vidyachatur looks at Kumud and asks Pramad to come and eat with them. Pramad says I wished to have food with you but… Kumud is ashamed infront of her parents. Pramad says I have drunk a lot today, so I don’t wish to have food. He says I can’t stay without drinking. Budhidhan gets angry. Pramad gets up and falls on Vidyachatur. He says sorry and asks Kumud to send Papad and Chana to his room. Kumud looks at him tensed.

Saras sings a song Badimaa used to sing for him. He cries. Badimaa wakes up coughing. Saras says don’t do this again. Badimaa pushes him and says don’t call me Maa. She says you don’t have Saraswati’s values, you have become selfish. She says I tries a lot to make you like your mum. She used to live for others and you are spoiling Kumud’s life. She says your dad is better than you, he cheated me but did not come infront of me. She says maybe its my upbringing’s mistake. Saras says I m living for your love. Badimaa says then you leave from here. Saras says I m helpless, I want to let Kumud get her happiness, that day I will leave. He says give me the last chance, trust me for the last time. I can’t leave Kumud like this.

Kumud tries calling Saras but he does not receive the call. Kalika keeps an eye on Kumud. Kalika says are you taking papad for Pramad, he likes it salty. Kumud says answer when we ask you anything. She asks for whom are you taking the food. Kalika says for Naveen. Kumud says stop, go and give this papad to Pramad. Kalika leaves and thinks can’t I take food for Naveen. Kalika smiles. Kumud thinks what might be happening with Saras and Badimaa.

Kalika comes to Pramad. Pramad asks her to sit with him. She says how can I stay here. He says why. She says now Kumud lives here. Kalika says it matters to me, your wife is beautiful and obeys you. Pramad says its a lie. Kalika says why do you need me now. She says I should go far from you. Kumud comes to see Pramad and Kalika. Pramad holds Kalika and says you are my need. Kalika sys help me in finding about Kumud. Kumud comes with the food and asks Pramad to have it. Pramad says take back the food. Pramad is still drinking. He says everyone knows me what I am and if they still don’t want to take you with them, what should I do. Kumud asks Kalika to leave but Pramad stops her. Pramad asks Kalika to make him drink by her hands. Kalika does so while Kumud watches them. Pramad asks Kumud what happened, shall I hold your hand too. Kumud says let her make you drink the poison, I’m your wife and she can’t take my place and I don’t want to take her place. Kalika gets angry. Kumud cries and leaves.

Kumud comes in the mandir and cries seeing the Lord. She says what are you seeing, how much can I bear, when will my strength break. She says how many times will I get insulted. Saras comes there and catches Kumud’s tears in his hand. Kumud looks at him. He gives her a napkin. He says enough Kumud, you won’t cry further. Kumud says this is my fate and it can’t change. Saras says Kalika will be out from your way, I have done it, if Pramad does not change then… Kumud says I know my promise but all promises can’t be fulfilled. Kumud asks how did Badimaa got wet, Badimaa says I went to the lake to drop few things. Badimaa tells Kumud she wants to talk to Kumud and Saras.

Pramad’s mum asks Kalika to give this saree to Badimaa. Pramad’s mum says Badimaa slipped in the lake and Naveen saved her. Kalika thinks why did they go near the lake. Badimaa tells Saras that you want to support Kumud but she will be alone again tomorrow because you are not her life partner. She says you will wipe her tears and still she will cry. Saras says I will not hurt Kumud. Badimaa says your presence is hurting her, her marriage can break because of you. Kumud says he is trying to make my marriage work. Badimaa says he has put you in a big problem. Kalika hears them talking. Badimaa says everyone’s trust will break when everyone comes to know that he is Saraswatichandra who was going to marry you. Kalika is shocked.

The Episode starts with Badimaa saying Kumud and Saras that if everyone knows about Saras’s reality, their trust will break. Kalika hears this and is shocked. She says yours and Saras’s relation ended when you got married to Pramad. Badimaa says Saras does not have the right to help you. Saras sees the saree that fell from Kalika’s hands and thinks there was someone who heard us talking. Kalika runs to tell this to Pramad. But Pramad is not in his room. She calls Pramad. She sees Pramad’s phone in the room. Kalika says Kumud’s secret is out that Naveen is Saraswatichandra. Saras is coming to her running. Kalika thinks she has to tell this to Pramad. Badimaa explains Kumud that you are playing with fire. Kumud says I did not stop Saras here. Badimaa says ask him to leave from here. Kumud says there won’t be anything wrong. Badimaa says you can’t do this.

Badimaa asks Kumud to look upto her parents and learn from them. Kumud says now there won’t be any mistake. Badimaa says I will leave now, everything is in your hands. Saras searches for Kalika. Kalika is looking out for Pramad. Kalika comes to Pramad and says I was looking out for you everywhere. He says did anyone die. Kalika says you did not trust me, but what I will be telling you now, you will be shocked and you will trust only me. Saras hears Kalika telling Pramad his reality. Kumud meets her family and hugs them while they start leaving. Saras closes the light. Pramad falls. Kalika says I will be giving you a shocking news. She says I m sure that those earrings and poetry were the right proof against Kumud. She says Kumdu has cheated you. She says Naveen is actually Saraswatichandra. She asks why are you not telling anything.

Saras lights the candle and Kalika turns to see him. Kalika is shocked to see Saras. She says you. She asks where is Pramad. Saras says what do you see in my eyes. Kumud tells the Lord that Saras wants to see my happy, he does not think he have a right on me. He is innocent. Kalika tells Saras I see cheat in your eyes. Saras says you are cheating. Kalika says your lie can not be hidden now. Saras says I will show your true face to everyone. He tells some secrets of Kalika like her account number and the assets she has. He says Pramad gave you so much that you have everything in your bank. He warns her that he will leak out her secret if she tells Pramad about him. Kalika says don’t try to do this else Kumud and you won’t be saved. He says I don’t fear anyone. Kalika says I will go and tell everyone about you. Saras says it will be good, I will take Kumud with me forever and we will live together happily. Kalika says you are a slave here, where will you take Kumud with you. Saras says I can buy 10 people like Pramad, I have so much assets, go and tell everyone. It will be a profitable for me and Kumud.

Kumud talks to the Lord and says Saras won’t go from here till he sees her happy with Pramad. She says how can I agree to Badimaa. Saras is my support and my strength. She says Badimaa and others will not understand. She says only the Lord understands that their hearts are pure. Saras tells Kalika that till I m here, no one can hurt Kumud because she is true and right and you are wrong, you should think about yourself. He says if I tell everyone about your theft, then where will you go. He says maybe you have to go to jail. Kalika says no, not jail, I will keep quiet and you also hide my secret. Saras says ok, I will do a favour because of Kumud, else I would have told everyone about you, you are safe because of Kumud.

Kumud says this is the first time I m going against Badimaa and lying to everyone. She asks Lord that is she doing right. Kumud gets a call from her friend Preeti. Kalika walks out after talking to Saras. Saras says he can’t trust Kalika, if she tells Pramad the reality then what.

Kumud talks to Budhidhan and his wife and says Murakh Das wants to say something. Murakh Das says the groom’s family is coming to see Kalika tomorrow. Kalika is shocked. Pramad hears it and reacts. Murakh Das says you have grown up now, Kumud thought about you, thanks to her that I m doing this duty. Saras smiles. Pramad’s mum wishes Kalika gets a good husband. Murakh Das says Kumud found someone for Kalika. Kumud says my friend Preeti told me about a guy. He is really nice. Pramad says no one is coming to see Kalika, ask the not to come. Pramad’s mum says Kalika has to get married some day. Budhidhan asks Pramad what problem you have with Kalika’s marriage.

Chandrika wakes up Kumari and realizes Kumari has high fever. She thinks what to do as no one is at home. Pramad says did anyone ask Kalika what does she wants. He says I know Kalika very well, she does not want to marry. Kumud says I know you are close to Kalika and Kalika loves this family, but we should think about her. Pramad says I told you, thats final. Budhidhan says did anyone ask you about this. Saras says I think we should ask Kalika what she wants.

Budhidhan asks Kalika what does she wants, is she against the marriage. Pramad looks at Kalika. Kalika says no. The power comes. Kalika is scared of Pramad. Budhidhans ays so its decided, Kalika is ready for marriage and tomorrow the groom’s family will come to see Kalika. Kumud says I will go and do the arrangements. Murakh Das stops her and asks Kalika to touch Kumud’s feet as this is happening because of Kumud. He asks her to take Kumud’s blessings. Kalika comes to Kumud and bends. Kumud says its ok. Pramad gets angry. Kumud says I have to think about you, the guy is good and will keep you happy. She says if you don’t like the guy, we won’t force you to say yes. Pramad looks at Kalika and leaves in anger. Saras and Kumud smile.

Saras says Pramad is very angry, you should not go to him now. Kumud says he is my husband, I have to go to him. Saras says today was his first defeat. Kumud says yes, and our first victory.

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