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Saraswatichandra Thursday 1st August 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with everyone being happy hearing about the proposal that came for Kusum. Saras smiles. Kusum leaves and Kumari says she might he shy. Saras goes to change his clothes while Kumud rests happily in her room. Kalika talks to Kusum and asks her to give the clothes to Saras. Kusum takes it and sees Saras. She follows Saras and sees him taking off his shirt. She comes to him even though he is shirtless. She sees a wound on his back and moves her hand forward to touch it. He turns and sees Kusum. He says Kusum… She says your back is hurt. He wears the shirt fast and takes his mum’s anklet back from her. He says I have to give this to Kumud. She says its your mum’s right, I m happy, its Kumud’s right.

Kusum is upset seeing this and cries. She walks out of the room. Saras is standing smiling with the anklet. She stops and turns to see him again. She takes the shirt he was wearing and caresses it. Guniyal sees her and scolds her saying don’t touch other’s things. Kalika comes and says I asked her to go to Saras to give the clothes. Kalika says give me the shirt, I will wash it. She says it has Kumud’s blood on it, it won’t go off easily. Kusum walks away. Guniyal is worried. Kalika is happy seeing how will Guniyal divide Saras between her two daughters.

Saras comes to Kumud and sees her resting. He rings his sound of the anklet. She says its still with you, I asked you to give it to me. He says even the anklet is saying it wants to go to you. He smiles. Mann ke dor…. plays….. She takes the anklet and wears it. She is unable to wear it and he says give it to me, she says no, I will wear it. He says give me, I will make you wear it. He does it and O piya…. plays…..

He looks at Kumud’s nervous face. He makes her wear it with love which Kumud feels. She looks at him and smiles. She closes her eyes and he looks at her. Kumud says now I won’t remove it ever, even if you ask for it. He says now our love won’t be helpless infront of everyone. she smiles and rings the anklet. He smiles seeing her smiling. She says did you hear this sound, its the beats of our happiness. Saras gets a call from someone and is tensed. Kumud asks him to pick the call. Pramad talks to Saras and tells him that Saras saved Kumud as he did the accident. Pramad asks how is Kumud.

Saras says stay there, I will meet you and tell you how is Kumud. Saras makes an excuse and leaves to meet Pramad. Kumud says your eyes tells everything, where did you go in so much anger. She is worried and thinks everything will be fine. Kusum is on the terrace, crying thinking about Guniyal’s words. Kalika comes to her and sees her crying. She tells Kusum that your mum was right, love is blind, we lose everything in it, look at me, I loved Pramad but …. Kusum says I m not like you. Kalika says but the thing is same. She tells Kusum to forget Saras else you won’t be you.

Kumud is thinking that they made a new start and she forgot her past and its a new day for her. She says I got your mum’s blessings too, this anklet is the witness that we made a new start.

Saras comes to meet Pramad. He sees Pramad at a hospital. He shouts Pramad and gets angry seeing him. Pramad laughs and says Saraswatichandra, I m glad to meet you after a long time, how are you and Kumud, is there any bad news, I was anxious to know about her, is she alive or…. Saras beats him and says don’t take Kumud’s name. Badimaa comes to Kumud and sees her lost in thoughts. Kumud says Badimaa… Badimaa says what happened, why are you upset. Kumud says I expect happiness, but I m more afraid now. Badimaa says this is your fear telling this, even I used to have fear thinking Kumari’s dad will come and take Kumari with him. But I have got rid of that fear and hugged Kumari, now I have trust that no one can take her from me, you also stop fearing from your past. Kumud smiles.

Kalika talks to Kusum and says even Kumud’s marriage did not separate Kumud and Saras, Saras is with Kumud and will always be and you won’t be able to do anything, forgot him and be like me, say yes to the coming proposals. Kalika asks her to agree with her parents. Kusum cries and runs. Kalika is happy and thinks she will play the game of hearts now. Saras beats Pramad and says you wanted to kill me right, come, I am infront of you, beat me if you want, but I know you don’t beat me as you are habituated to stab on the back. Pramad says tell me how is Kumud.

Kumud is restless and says I want to forget Pramad totally, but why do you come in my thoughts. Saras beats Pramad further. Pramad says I came to knock you down, but she came in between to save you, you are responsible for it. A man comes and tells Saras that Pramad is suffering from Liver Cirrhosis at the last stage and he will be living only for few days. Saras is shocked. Pramad says what happened Saras, you might have not thought about this.

Saras talks to the doctor and asks about Pramad’s illness. Pramad comes and says what doubt now, this had to happen, Kumud asked me not to drink wine but I did not listen to her. Pramad coughs and says I did not leave wine, but made her drink wine by force. Saras gets angry. The doctor says now its late, only few days left for him. Pramad tells the doctor that I won’t leave him till I m alive, don’t be happy as my wife is with you, do my treatment in Dubai with any good doctor, else if I die before the divorce, Kumud will become a widow. Saras looks on.

The Episode starts with Kalika coming to Kumud and asking her shall I throw this shirt of Saras as its not getting cleaned. She reminds her that Kumud has thrown Pramad’s shirt once as it was stained. She says sorry for reminding. Kumud says Pramad’s shirt has stains of his shame, but Saras’s shirt has stains of his love and care, there is difference between them, its good that this stain did not get cleaned, as it deserves to be kept forever. Kumud takes the shirt and asks the Lord is everything fine. Saras is with Pramad at the hospital. Pramad falls off the stairs and Saras helps him in getting up. Pramad laughs and says the wine did not cheat me but this disease has. He says I would have killed you, Kumud would have become mine, but Kumud came in between to save you, but now no one is there between us, will you beat me?

Saras says if anyone was in between us, no one would have saved you, now the Lord has taken the decision, I don’t have to do anything now. Murakh Das comes and supports Pramad. He says it was not Pramad’s mistake, Pramad did not do the accident purposely. Pramad says I did the accident by prupose to kill you. He asks how is Kumud, she is my wife, will you able to tell her about my condition. Pramad leaves laughing. Saras gets a call from Kumud and she asks him how is he. He says I m fine. She asks when are you coming home, I will have to tell you something. He says even I have to. Saras looks on.

Everyone at Kumud’s house is discussing about Kusum’s proposal. Kumud asks where is Kusum. Guniyal is tensed. Kusum comes there and Kumud asks Kusum are you ready to see the guy. Kusum nods yes. Kumud says see, I thought she will cry but she is ready to get married. Kumud hugs Kusum. Chandrika says so its decided, we will call the guy today. Danny says today? I mean Kusum felt bad last time. Kumud says Chandrika has brought a good proposal this time. Danny looks upset.

Kalika comes to Pramad and smiles. Pramad is angry on her. He coughs and asks her to move. She says let me introduce myself to you. She says I m not your slave anymore, I m someone’s wife. She says I m Kalika Yash Desai. I’m Kumud’s bhabhi. He asks how is Kumud. She says why are you asking about her, because she went with someone else. She says you did not care about her when she was with you, and now she is with Saras, so you are after her. He says she will be mine always, I won’t let her become Saras’s even after my death. Kalika says so you became Kumud’s lover, you are talking like Saras.

He again asks is Kumud fine. She says do one thing, you come to our house today. A guy is coming to see Kusum, and if you come, it will be great for the Desai family. She leaves laughing. Kusum is in her room crying. Danny comes to her and says sorry. He says will you get married if you like the guy. She says if he likes me then. Danny says then will you go with him. Kusum says then what. Danny looks at her. Saras sees Danny looking at Kusum with love. (Looks like Danny is in love with Kusum!!) Saras asks where is Kumud. Kumari comes and says Kumud is at the terrace. Danny looks at Kusum staring. Danny asks Kusum to wear the dress she selected, if the guy does not like her then he will make her run away with him. He jokes and Kusum smiles.

Saras comes to Kumud at the terrace. Kumud thinks how they made their first earthen pot and smiles. She colours the earthen pot. Saras sees that. Kumud says its like what you made. I had thrown everything when you left me, but I kept this always with me. She asks him what happened. He says I have to tell you something. She says first I have to show you something, She shows him the earthen pot. He says I remember I made it. She makes him hold it and its like me, its not perfect like me. He says no, it does not have anything less, its beautiful like you. He says its perfect like you, its close to me, its different and unique like our relation. This is the witness of our love, our strength that we have shown bearing all the difficulties, this is the witness of our togetherness. Kumud says if you support me, we are bear anything, don’t leave me alone, always be my strength.

Saras says I met Pramad. Kumud leaves the earthen pot and he holds it. She says did Pramad try to kill you, if I did not come in between you would have…. She says my fear was true, I should have not hear my heart, why did you come to me, you saved me and now, I m understanding what the fate wants, stay away from me, you will get hurt because of me. She throws the pot and says till when will you save me. She says this relation has to break. Saras says no… holding the pot. Kumud’s reaction about Pramad was his imagination. He thought about Kumud’s reaction and says I have to be quiet, I can’t let Kumud’s fear become true.

Kumari calls Kumud saying the guy is coming, come down. Kumud says we should go now. She asks him you were going to tell me something. Saras says its not important, you go now. saras thinks how should I tell you your fear was right, I could stop the fire from coming close to you. Pramad is thinking about Kumud and touches her photo. He thinks about Kalika’s words. He still drinks wine and says I made a big mistake Kumud, don’t know how to regret. He says what should I do, my heart is pushing me to see you once. He says I see your scared face with tears in your eyes. He decides what to do by throwing a coin. He laughs seeing the coin and coughs.

Pramad meets Saras and says why did you not tell Kumud that I m going to die and she will become a widow. He says maybe you got afraid that I will take Kumud from you and you will lose her again.

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