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Saraswatichandra Friday 5th July 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Pramad getting angry. He says Kalika is dying to get married and Kumud is creating problems for me. Saras sees him angry and looks at Kumud. Kumud stops seeing Saras. He asks Kumud not to go to Pramad. She says I have to go and walks. Her saree gets stuck and she stops. Saras says Pramad is very angry, you should not go to him now. Kumud says he is my husband, I have to go him. Saras says he will get his anger on you, he lost today. Kumud says yes, its our first victory. Saras says not ours, yours. He says I lost that day when… Kumud says if you are having so much pain, why don’t you go. Sarass says I can’t go till I settle you down. Kumud asks what did you tell Kalika that she became ready for marriage. Saras says no need for you to know, now only that will happen what you want. Kumud loks at Saras. Saras says don’t look at me, I won’t let anyone come in between your way, not Kalika, and not even myself. He stops Kumud again and says move your hand forward, I know my limits. Kumud puts her hand forward and says you don’t need to tell this.

Saras draws a smiley. She asks whats this. He says be like this from now on, always keep smiling. Kumud smiles. Pramad shouts Kumud. Kumud gets shaken and says don’t worry, you have given me strength and I can face Pramad without any fear. She says go. Saras nods no. Kumud goes to Pramad. Saras gets a call from Mr. Gupta and he says the papers are ready and I need the attestation.

Chandrika is taking care of Kumari and thinks her fever is not going, she should call the doctor. Chandrika tries calling the doctor but does not connect. She gets worried. Kumud comes to Pramad and sees everything broken on the floor. She sees her room shattered. Pramad looks at her. Pramad angrily goes to her and closes the door. Kumud gets tensed. She thinks of her words that she will be able to face Pramad. She tries talking to Pramad about Kalika. Pramad says you think your are smart, what do you think, if Kalika gets married, you will take her place. He says I won’t come after you, if Kalika goes from this house, I won’t see your face and if she gets married, then…. Kumud says why don’t you let her go, whats your relation with her. Do you love her? Pramad stares at her. Kumud says tell me, do you love her? Pramad gives a stare. Kumud says if you love her, then tell me and everyone about it. She says if you really love her, I will help you out, tell me once that you love her.

Pramad says its not important to reply you, but if Kalika leaves from this house, either I will leave this house or I will kick you out, I will leave everyone. Budhidhan comes to Pramad’s room and hears them talking. Budhidhan leaves. Pramad opens the door and leaves in anger. Kumud cries and sees the smiley Saras made on her hand. Pramad stops Kalika and scolds her for being ready to marry. Kalika says I have to tell you something important. She thinks if I tell about Saras, then she won’t be saved. She changes the topic and says Kumud was talking to my dad about my marriage. Pramad says ok so marry as you are dying to get married, he says I don’t care, I don’t need anyone. He leaves. Kalika says I was about to get hold of Kumud but she won over me, but I won’t accept defeat, there will be some way to bring Naveen’s truth infront of everyone.

Danny thinks Saras should reply him about his whereabouts. Danny tells Chandrika that he cannot leave. Chandrika tells him about Kumari. Danny is shocked. Kalika tries to talk to Pramad’s mum. She says Kumud is so nice that she thought about me. She says I am glad to see this. She says I don’t want to marry and don’t want to leave this house. She says Pramad won’t be able to live without me. Pramad’s mum says you have to get married, you have to go from this house. Kalika says but I… Pramad’s mum says I don’t want to hear anything. Kalika thinks of saying Naveen’s truth. Kalika is about to tell and Pramad’d mum hears Budhidhan shouting. Budhidhan shouts Pramad and Kumud. The doctor checks Kumari and says she needs rest. Danny sits by Kumari’s side and says I think there is no viral, some ghost has caught you as you are not fighting with me. Danny says I will go and bring the medicines.

Budhidhan shouts Pramad, Kumud. Kumud comes and asks what happened. Pramad too comes and asks him not to shout. Everyone look at them. Budhidhan says its your habit to shout, I was simply calling you. Alak asks what happened. Budhidhan says I have to talk to Kumud but in your presence. Budhidhan asks Saras are the papers ready. Saras says yes and hands him over the papers. Budhidhan tells Kumud to sign on the papers. Kumud asks whats this. Budhidhan says whatever is on Pramad’s name will be yours from now on. Pramad and everyone are shocked. Kumud looks at Pramad.

Budhidhan tells Pramad that everything will be Kumud’s now. Pramad is shocked and gives Kumud an angry stare. Budhidhan asks Kumud to decide how she will spend the money. Kumud says but… Budhidhan says I trust you that you won’t say no. He says do you trust me, I have taken this decision after lots of thinking, so agree to me and sign on these papers. Kumud looks at Saras and he signs her to sign

The Episode starts with Budhidhan asking Kumud to sign on the papers. Kumud signs the papers. Pramad is shocked. He gets angry and looks at Kumud. Saras smiles. Budhidhan gives the papers to Kumud and says now you have to decide how to use your money. He says now you don’t need to fear of anyone. Pramad says ok, this is the punishment that I shouted on her, so that I become a dog and follow Kumud. He says keep everything on Kumud’s name. Pramad says I don’t want anything from you dad. He leaves in anger. Kumud tells Budhidhan what was the need for all this, I don’t need money. Budhidhan says I did this for Pramad.

Everyone looks on. Budhidhan says we have to control him else he would go far from us. He hugs Kumud and asks her not to worry, as everything will be fine. Budhidhan and Saras leaves. Kumud asks Pramad’s mum whats all this. Pramad’s mum says this is not right, this was Pramad’s right and it is given to you now. She says don’t increase the distance between the father and son. Kumud says Budhidhan did this for Pramad, as he said. Pramad’s mum thinks Kumud is wrong and she did this. Kumud says why are you losing your patience, I need your support to change him, will you support me? Pramad’s mum says no and leaves. Kumud cries.

Danny brings the medicines for Kumari. Chandrika asks did you have food. He says yes, some noodles. Chandrika says will you have food. He says yes. Chandrika goes to bring food for him. Danny talks to Kumari and says you were making me go away and now I m in your room having food. She takes care of Kumari and says the fever is gone now. Kumari is sleeping while Danny looks on.

Kalika goes after Pramad and asks him to stop. But Saras comes running and stops Kalika. She says why did you stop me. Saras taunts her and says this is your limit, don’t go beyond this. Kalika says it looks you forgot that I have you secret, so don’t advice me what to do, I will do what I feel like. Saras says I don’t have anything to lose, but you have many things to lose, if I tell everything infront of Pramad, you won’t be able to do anything. Kalika says if you loved me, then you would have not been alone like this. She calls him Saraswatichandra and smiles. She says this is your name, right? She leaves. Saras gets angry and thinks Kumud is suffering a lot because of him, but not now, he has to shut Kalika’s mouth, if Kalika says anything, then Kumud will be in big problem.

Pramad comes to his room. Kumud comes after him with the papers. Pramad looks at her angrily. He hurts her and says great, you won the big game, first about Kalika’s marriage and now the money. Kumud says what did I do, Budhidhan’s decision is for you. Kumud sees the smiley and thinks about Saras. Pramad says ok he is my dad, but what about Kalika’s marriage. Kumud steps far and says I told everyone about Kalika’s marriage because a thir person can’t come in between the marriage. Kalika will be gone, then you will understand this. Pramad says it looks like you are not afraid of me anymore. He says now you are being proud of this money. Kumud says I did not cheat you, I did this for our relation. Pramad gets angry and leaves. Kumud cries and says I want to make our relation better.

Vidyachatur, Badimaa and Guniyal are shocked to see Danny with Kumari and shout on him. Badimaa asks Kumari whats going on. She scolds Kumari for forgetting who is Danny. Badimaa slaps Danny and says why did you come back in our lives. She tells him about Saras. Danny asks what. Badimaa says leave from here, and don’t dare to come back. She warns him not to come near her house. Chandrika gives tea to Danny. Badimaa asks Chandrika why did you allow Danny to come inside the house. Chandrika says Danny saved Kumari’s life. Everyone look at Kumari.

Kalika calls Pramad and asks him to help her as she does not want to marry. Pramad says you said yes infront of everyone. Kalika says how would I tell everyone that I don’t want to marry as I don’t want to leave you. She starts crying and blames Kumud for everything. Pramad says what can I do. Kalika says do something. Pramad says what will you do staying with me, I m bankrupt now. Kalika says what will you do without me. Pramad smiles and don’t give much value to me, you are not necessary for me. Kalika says if not, then why were not against my marriage. She says you can’t be without me, I m very much necessary for you. Pramad says first Kumud, then you, both are talking a lot these days. Saras comes there and interrupts between them.

Saras says you both are friends since childhood and it won’t be easy to forget each other.
Pramad asks what are you doing here. Saras takes water and drinks. He says I know Kalika, its tough for you, but this is better for you. He says one step wrong, and you can lose your assets. Saras says I think you should not take any risk. Pramad asks what assets. Saras says shall I tell Pramad about your savings and assets. Pramad says tell me. Saras says if you wnat to know about Kalika’s savings, then I will tell you. Kalika signs no. Saras changes the topic and says Kalika got so much love from this family. Pramad asks Saras to leave and mind his own business. Saras smiles and looks at the lovers. Kalika says Naveen is warning me again and again, but he can’t stop me, I will not go from this house and I won’t marry whatever happens.

Kumud asks Kalika are you ready. Pramad looks on. Kumud says I m doing this for you. Kalika warns Kumud and says you will have to pay for this.

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