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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Wednesday 3rd July 2019 On Adom Tv


The episode starts with Gunjan telling Shail to believe her that she did not even touch the mehendi and that why would she sabotage the mehendi. Mayank says everyone knows why and tells her not to act innocent. He says there’s no surprise in what she did today because its become a habit that she always ruins something. Gunjan tells Mayank to stop and that he’s just saying whatever comes to his mind. Mayank says she did it on purpose and Gunjan says does anyone in this house believe her. Prabhu supports her. Charu continues lamenting and Seema tells Gunjan to just admit she did it and Shail tells her to stop it. Shail says believes Gunjan would never do anything so degrading. Shail says the family’s happiness is Gunjan’s happiness. Shail says to ask the person who brought the mehendi what went wrong and says maybe Charu is allergic to the mehendi. Pihu tells she’s stretching the matter and Shail says she knows how everyone in the house is good at stretching a matter. Shail says the person conspiring it should stop if not the consequences will be bad. Charu’s mother says that Charu’s skin is sensitive and apologizes to Gunjan on Charu’s behalf. Gunjan leaves. Gunjan is in her room and cries thinking of what Charu and Mayank said. Gunjan says she hates herself for loving a person like Mayank. She takes a vase and throws it at the mirror. She says its good the dream shattered and she realizes that she’s not with Mayank anymore and its good because Mayank is not worth loving. Mayank is doing push ups thinking of the good times with Gunjan and Gunjan is throwing and tearing away all the memories of Mayank.

Part 2

Mayank’s haldi ceremony is going on. Gunjan awakens with the noise outside and pulls the covers over her. Shail puts haldi on Mayank and is sad. Seema tells Shail to come and dance and also wants to put some haldi on her but Shail stops her and says she has work. Vihaan takes some haldi and goes to put it on Rachana. Rachana hides in her room from Vihaan and Gunjan is standing sadly in the room when Vihaan comes in looking for Rachana and sees Gunjan and he applies the haldi on her from behind. Rachana is shocked and asked him what has he done and Vihaan apologizes and says he doesn’t know how it happened. Rachana apologizes to Gunjan and she says its alright. Gunjan tells him this time he shouldn’t miss his aim and holds Rachana close. Vihaan puts haldi on Rachana and Gunjan and Rachana put on Vihaan as well. Pihu sees Gunjan and asks her to help her with some work and gives her a basket of flowers. They enter Mayank’s room and Gunjan starts tearing up. Pihu asks Gunjan what is he standing and thinking and they have to decorate Mayank and Charu’s bed. Gunjan is shocked hearing this and puts the baskets of flowers down and tells Pihu if she wasn’t Shail daughter she would have told her off. She warns Pihu not to ever try and do this to her. Gunjan leaves and sees Mayank covered with haldi and walks away.

Part 3

Shail asks Gunjan if she following them. Shail says she can understand if she doesn’t want but Gunjan says she’ll follow and there’s nothing difficult when she’s accepted she and Mayank are not together. Shail tells her to get ready and come down. Rachana tells Gunjan that Vihaan kissed her and Gunjan asked her where and she says her hand. Gunjan smiles and hugs her. Mayank is in his room seeing his bed being decorated and Charu calls him to tell him to have money ready to give her friends as they have something planned. Gopal comes and tells Mayank to get ready. Mayank is being prepared by everyone and Gunjan is standing looking sad and so is Mayank.

Part 4

Mayank mounts the horse and Gunjan is standing nearby with Charu and looks at him sadly. Mayank also looks sad. Gunjan looks away and talks to Chaya saying she looks beautiful. Vihaan signals to Rachana she looks beautiful and Rachana smiles. Gopal tells Mayank to come and dance with them as there’s a long time for the pheres. Everyone are dancing and Shail and Gunjan looks sad. Rachana is dancing and sees Gunjan sad and stops.

The episode starts with Charu getting dressed up as a bride. The girls getting ready want to see Mayank the groom and so does Charu but a relative tells her not to. Mayank and the whole family reach the wedding hall. Charu’s mother does some rituals in welcoming Mayank. Charu’s father gifts a car to Mayank and wants to hand him the key. Sangeetha and Seema are happy but Mayank refuses. Seema says that Mayank is shy offers to take the key. Charu’s mother says to proceed before the good time passes.

Part 2

Mayank sits and Charu walks in but he is lost in thoughts and is not looking at Charu. Charu gives Gunjan a nasty look. Charu’s mother asks them to exchange garlands. Mayank and Charu exchange garlands while Bhare Naina from Ra One is playing in the background. Gunjan, Shail and Rachana look sad. Savitri comes and tells Seema she has become a mother-in-law before she has and Seema says its her turn next. Rachana comes and seeks blessings from Savitri. Savitri tells Rachana hope no one castses an evil eye on her. Charu’s friends come to Shail and say they planned something for Charu and Mayank. Shail asks what is it. The girl says during the phere they want to put a video of Charu’s life. They ask he r permission to play the CD and Vihaan comes and says yes they can and they go to get the CD. Shail thanks him for being like a son. Vihaan says she doesn’t need to thank him if she considers him her son. Vihaan tells Rachana everyone’s eyes are on her. She says she wouldn’t know as her eyes are not on everyone. Vihaan asks on whom are her eyes on. Rachana says someone special and she’s looking at him and Vihaan says that person is him. Rachana says its not him and its Mayank because today is his special day. Vihaan says she’s very smart. Mayank and Charu are heading to the mandap. When Mayank sees Gunjan and they both look at each other sadly. Mayank thinks of their happy moments. Gunjan turns away but he calls her.

Part 3

Gunjan says its time for his phere and that someone is waiting for him at the mandap and to go. Seema comes to take Mayank. Charu’s friends come and ask Vihaan to play the CD and he tells them to give the CD. Mayank and Charu start taking the pheres and Shail gives Vihaan a CD and tells him to play it first. The video of Sangeetha and Seema plotting about separating Gunjan and Mayank is playing while the phere. Everyone looks shocked. The video continues playing showing Charu sneaking into the house with Sangeetha’s help and three of them plotting. Gunjan thinks back how Seema said she accepted hers and Mayank’s relationship and how she gave her the saree and jewellery and how Seema reacted after Gunjan melted her chain and Sangeetha telling her the worng timing for the Mayank’s interview. Shail thinks back how Rachana asked her to get 3 CD’s with the music in her room on the bed. Shail finds 4 CD’s and says Rachana said 3 and which one has the music and she checks them out on the laptop. She sees the CD’s with the recording of Seema and Sangeetha plotting. Dayal shouts and says to stop the CD from playing as its defaming the family. He asks Seema and Sangeetha what it is. Sangeetha says they don’t know what it is and someone has done this to frame them. He tells Shail to stop it and Vihaan goes to stop it but Shail tells him to let it play.

Part 4

Dayal asks what is this stubbornness in front of everyone. Sangeetha tells to make Shail understand this is all a lie. Rachana stands by Gunjan. Dayal says there’s no need to do this in front of everyone and Shail says that Gunjan is the daughter of the house too and why did all this happen to her and what was her fault. Dayal says ok but not in front of Rachana’s in laws. He says what will they think about their family. Shail apologizes to Savitri saying whatever is happening is not right but its important to bring the truth to light. She asks Savitri she were in her place won’t she do the same. Charu asks her mother what will happen now and Charu’s mother says she’ll ask. Charu’s mother tells Sangeeth how can she do this to her sister’s life. She says that Charu was a child but she is an adult and she should have made Charu understand. Sangeetha says the CD is a lie. Sangeetha says someone is against her and its the age of computers anything like this can be done easily and this CD was done to defame her. Dholu says she’s lying and that he made the CD and he says he saw her talk like that. Sangeetha says he’s talking to much and he says his CD is real and not fake. Sangeetha is about to slap him when Shail says what is his fault and Sangeetha says he’s become rude. Shail says he’s a child and whatever he said is the truth. Shail says Sangeetha conspired against Gunjan. Seema admits they did it and says its a mother’s love and her wanting her son’s happiness. Mayank angrily pulls the shawl around his neck.

Episode ends

Precap – Mayank apologizes to Gunjan and he says because of him she had to listen to all sorts of things. He says he’ll never let this happen ever again and says he’s really sorry.

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