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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Wednesday 10th July 2019 On Adom TV


The episode starts with Gunjan and Rachana walking back from college and Rachana thinks how Vihaan says she can’t dance properly and Gunjan dances well. Gunjan asks Rachana what’s wrong and she says her legs are hurting and Gunjan says it happens when one wears heels although it may be fashionable. Gunjan tells her to put her feet in warm water and she’ll get some relief and Gunjan says Rachana is upset because she made a mistake during the dance practice but she shouldn’t be as rehearsals are when mistakes are made so that she’ll be perfect during the competition. Gunjan says Vihaan is an awesome dancer and Rachana says she’s not sure if she can match up to it. Gunjan tells Rachana to just keep practicing. Gunjan gets a text from Vihaan saying it was fun dancing with her and he needs to discuss something important with her and to keep a secret from Rachana as its a surprise. Rachana asks who’s message it is and Gunjan says its her friend. Seema is worried wondering why Charu isn’t back even though she left in the morning. Bua tells Seema to make Charu understand her responsibilities as its been 3 days since her marriage and she should understand household matters. Charu walks in and Seema tells her she took a long time. Charu says so and Bua tells her its not nice for her to do this. Charu says its unfair that the girls of the house can come home as they please but not the daughter-in-law. Bua says sarcastically then she also should go to college and come back whenever classes are over. Charu says she isn’t the type that will sit at home all day. Charu says not to lecture her. Shail tells Charu that Bua is the elders of the house and should not be spoken to like that.

Part 2

Charu says does the new daughter-in-law always get scolded in the house. She says no one asked her why she was late but just started scolding her. Charu says her mother’s health was bad and no one is bothered. Charu says what is she to do when she’s the only child should she fulfill the responsibilities of a daughter or a daughter-in-law. Seema tells her not to cry and that no one will scold her. Seema tells Shail not to tell Charu anything and that eventually she’ll learn the ways of the family. Seema tells Shail to focus on Rachana’s engagement and gives Charu the sweater to give Mayank and tells him Bua made it. Charu comes into the room and Mayank is sleeping and she purposely mumbles to herself that she’s not allowed to go anywhere. Mayank wakes up and Charu asks why is he lying like that and she touches his forehead and says he’s got a fever and he says he’s fine. Charu says he must be cold and gives him the sweater and that he’ll keep him warm. He thanks her and she says its not necessary and says she’ll get him medicine and Mayank says its not needed. Charu insists on calling a doctor and says his condition will worsen. He refuses to take medicine and get a doctor called. Charu tells him to rest. She thinks to herself that Mayank can only be won lovingly and smirks. Rachana puts on some music and Gunjan asks her if they’re having a dance party and Rachana says she’s taking her advice and is gonna practice. Gunjan supports her and she starts dancing on Dance Pe Chance from Rab Ne Bana di Jodi. Gunjan then gets a call from Vihaan and he asks why is it so noisy. Gunjan says Rachana is practicing. Gunjan tells Vihaan she doesn’t understand what the surprise he messaged her about. Vihaan says the surprise will be on the engagement day. Vihaan says he plans to do a musical play showing how they met and the fun things they did. Gunjan says its an awesome idea and that Rachana is lucky to have him. Rachana asks Gunjan who she’s talking too and Gunjan signals her to give her a minute. Gunjan tells Vihaan that if Rachana hears this she’ll be overjoyed. Gunjan says Rachana is already going mad practicing her dancing. Vihaan says let her and not to disturb his would be wife. Gunjan says ok. Rachana is wondering who Gunjan is talking to for so long. Gunjan says she’ll talk to him later. Gunjan then tells Rachana she doing good practicing and Rachana says she hopes that Vihaan never talks to her like that again in the future. Gunjan says he didn’t mean it and Rachana says how does she know and Gunjan says because Vihaan loves her and is a solid guy and husband material. Rachana says she’ll start practicing again. Shail sees Rachana dancing and smiles.

Part 3

Shail comes in and tells them dinner is ready and Rachana says she’s not hungry and Gunjan says she’s really hungry. Rachana tells Shail to let her practice and Shail asks what for and Gunjan replies that Rachana is taking part in a dance competition. Shail says she’ll definitely come to see and Gunjan drags her to watch them dance. They start dancing and they pull Shail to dance as well. Shail then says that they made her forget what she came to their room for and that they should eat. Rachana says she’ll eat after practicing. Shail says she can’t practice with an empty stomach. Gunjan says she’ll bring Rachana’s plate up. Rachana thanks Gunjan. Gunjan and Shail are preparing food when Charu comes and says Mayank has a fever and that she wants to make tulsi tea and that if she can get a stove fast. Shail says she’ll get some medication. Charu says she’s asking for a stove and not medicine. Charu says she knows what her husband wants. Shail gives Charu the stove to use and Charu says that Mayank is like a child and he’s stubbornly asking for tea and that she’ll give it to him. Shail tells Gunjan that if anything else is needed she’ll bring it to the room. Gunjan goes and meets Mayank they look at each other sadly and both are teary. Charu sees this and comes to Mayank asking him why he came out without his sweater and that she made the tea and drags him back to the room. Gunjan looks on sadly and Mayank turns back to look at Gunjan. Gunjan brings the food for Rachana and wipes her tears and tells her to open her mouth to eat. Rachana asks Gunjan who she was talking to on the phone and Gunjan says Vihaan and that he said he enjoyed the dance practice. Rachana says why didn’t he talk to her. Gunjan says that Rachana talks to him in college all day and now also she wants to talk to him. Gunjan says that Shail says she has to finish her food as she needs strength to dance.

Part 4

Rachana says she feels no pain wearing heels today and Gunjan says good they can walk faster as they are late. Shail tells them to eat something but they refuse and then Charu tells them to eat before going. Rachana says they’ll eat at the canteen but Seema says to eat to please Charu since she insisted. Gunjan tells Rachana to sit and eat while she goes to drink water. Charu comes and tells Gunjan not to instigate Rachana if not like how Mayank’s life is ruined so will Rachana’s. Gunjan just walks away.

Episode ends

others enter. Gunjan switches on the music rachna dances with heels. Vihaan is not looking at her and busy staring at gunjan. Rachna feels bad vihaan tells gunjan that he wants to talk to her and they go out. Rachna slips and vihaan tells her that did she practice to slip the whole night. Rachna feels worse when vihaan tells her to stop copying gunjan as she is not a natural dancer and tells her to give 200 percent. Gunjan and vihaan talking and he tells her they will surprise rachna. The plan is to perform rachna vihaan love story via songs and dance sequence. Rachna s friends will be included in the plan including chaya vihaan asks gunjan to keep it a secret.
Gunjan s phone rings and Rachna picks it up. She ends up seeing the sms and feels weird as gunjan lied to her. She walks out and sees gunjan vihaan talking overhears the word ‘secret’. Gunjan and vihaan cover up saying they were talking about cigarette.
vihaan flirts with rachna and asks her who makes her blush.
gunjan meets rajeev who tells her that rachna is not playing hockey gunjan tells him that she is busy with vihaan. Gunjan tells that atleast someone s love is going on. Rajeev tells her that she and rachna have unique bond and they talk about their siblings.
Charu talks to her mom and is very excited sangeeta comes in to tell her that a parcel has arrived. Some people enter with a bed dressing table and other stuff. Everyone is shocked while seema is happy . On shayl s questioning charu replies she wanted to redo her room. Prabhu and bua upset, Dayal finally decides he will pay for everything and send a cheque to her parents leaving charu happy and seema disappointed as she thinks she wont get more gifts from charu s mom.
Vihaan and rachna out in the canteen he promises rachna that the engagement day will be really special for her and her family evil background music in the background.

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