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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Thursday 1st August 2019 On Adom TV


everyone class and encourages Rachna as she stands near Rajeev. He tells her that he is sure she will win and wishes her luck. Rachna says she wants to give another name her sister Gunjan. Gunjan does not want to take part but Rachna insists and she agrees. Even Chaya volunteers and lot of other girls as well. Vihaan is happy as both sisters will compete with each other and there will be lot of drama resulting in the sisters being separated and he is happy luck is on his side. Charu tells Seema that her dad said he will buy a house for them in Mumbai instead of renting. Mayank comes and says he rejected the job on questioning he says he has some important work in banaras. Charu seema are upset. Rachna is walking and bumps into vihaan she says sorry and looks up she wants to go but Vihaan does not let her go and says he has been the fresher of the year so he can help her as she is competing against Gunjan. She asks ‘dear Vihaan’ to help other girls insults him says she will fight on her own and leaves. Charu finds the collage Mayank made for Gunjan and is furious.

Gunjan and Rachna come home to see Charu screaming and accusing Gunjan of stealing her happiness. She keeps crying and complaining to Seema. She shows the V day collage Mayank comes and tells he will answer her questions. Charu wants gunjan to leave the house but shayl tells her to calm down Even Dayal comes and charu keeps insulting gunjan . Gunjan denies that they were not celebrating valentine s and she has moved on in life and so should Mayank. Mayank says its not gunjan but charu who has come between them. Everyone is shocked. He picks the collage and says Charu played with his life by manipulating Gunjan and him. He accuses charu seema and sangeeta, he says every moment is a punishment living with her. He says only gunjan is in his heart dayal asks him to shut up as charu is his wife and all this is wrong. Dayal says the society has some rules Mayank says he will make sure everything is right and will change everything and that is a promise to himself and his life. He says he will change the wrong and make it right. He leaves and charu follows. Gunjan is shocked.

sangeeta warns charu not to say or do anything which she will regret later. Charu enters and says she is trying hard to keep this relationship alive and she did a mistake because she loved him. She asks him what s missing in her mayank says its not about her but problem s with him as he can never love her and later she will end up hating him . Mayank tells charu lets finish this relationship and they should not even stay under the same roof. He leaves the room, Charu keeps crying and says she cant live without him and she will die. She throws things and sangeeta comes in charu says Mayank was not deserving of such expensive gifts and her. She says Mayank is sitting on her head and she will deal with it. She throws sangeeta out of the room cries and then wipes her tears.

Precap: Gunjan asks Mayank why is he following her, mayank shows gunjan shadi ka joda and tells her that if she wont come to the temple wearing it he will jump off a cliff.

The episode starts with Seema telling Dayal that Gunjan should leave the house immediately. She continues saying if Gunjan remains in the house Mayank and Charu’s household life will never be happy and she won’t be happy. Shail tells Seema Gunjan was not involved and is not at fault. Shail says poor Gunjan and Seema gets angry saying that Shail feels sorry for her when Gunjan is the cause for the troubles. She asks Shail why does she always support Gunjan and not kick her out of the house. Prabhu tells Seema to calm down and sit down and talk. He tells her to think with a cool mind and he fears that by kicking Gunjan out Mayank might leave the house as well. Prabhu says that Mayank should be told with love and he will eventually understand as he’s not a child. Dayal says that Mayank should be told that marriage is not a doll’s game that is broken just like that. Dayal says that Charu is Mayank’s wife and he has to live with her for the rest of his life. He then says what is happening to all the children. There seems to be always a new problem cropping up. Shail tells to believe in God. She says all will be fine with time. Rachana says Shail is right and not to worry or his health will worsen. Gunjan confronts Mayank and asks him what his problem is and does he want to make everyone miserable. She says finally she got rid of Vihaan the problem and now he has brought up a new problem. She asks if he has no feelings. She says does he even have an idea how the family is worried and Mayank asks what about him. He says she thinks of everyone but does she think of what he’s going through. He says his marriage happened to a girl that not only does he not love but hates. He says he feels like running away from such a relationship. Gunjan says do whatever but just move on in life. Mayank asks how when Gunjan is his life. Gunjan asks did he think of Charu and what was her fault. Mayank then asks her what was his.

Part 2

Mayank says as much as Charu, Seema and Sangeetha were the cause so was Gunjan. He says if she didn’t get Charu married to him that day he wouldn’t be with the wrong person. Gunjan says that was the past and this is his present and to deal with the present and that Charu is his present. Gunjan tells him not to forget that he married Gunjan breaking their engagement and that he said Charu was the right girl for him. Gunjan says she’s apying for what he said and to accept it and Gunjan’s leaves. Mayank says he will not accept it. He can’t change the past but can do for the present and future. He says just give him 2 days and he’ll make Gunjan his. Mayank says Gunjan will be his. Tum Ho plays in the background and Gunjan and Mayank are sad. Gunjan drops a rose from the book she picks it up remembers Mayank gave her flowers last time and puts the rose back into the book and cries. Mayank holds a rose and thinks of the good times he had with Gunjan and pricks his finger. Mayank is sitting in the porch and Shail comes with a shawl and puts it around him. Mayank is shocked to see her. Shail says she wants to tell him something and asks if he would listen. He says has he ever not listened to her. Shail says along with listening to her to obey as well. She says that the state of his mind is not going to allow him to understand what she’s saying but tells him to move on. He will not gain anything by thinking about the past. She says to control his present to have a future. Mayank says that’s what he’s doing trying to keep the situation under control. Shail says what he think is his present is his past and that his present is Charu now. Shail says she knows he’s sad but no one else but him who can get out of it. She says that Charu is his wife and is his responsibility and he can’t run from her. She tells him not to run away from his path. He tells her not to call it a marriage. Shail says there must have been a reason his and Gunjan’s wedding didn’t take place and that unwillingly Charu entered his life. She says that he may not feel things are right now but it will in due time and to believe in God as he’ll do what is right and only good things will happen to Mayank.

Part 3

Shail tells him to go and sleep as its cold in the porch and he can fall sick. Mayank says that if God doesn’t give Gunjan to him then he’ll snatch Gunjan from God as he does not accept the situation and will change it. Gunjan and Rachana asre going to college in a rikshaw and Rachana spots Mayank riding on a motorbike. Gunjan is shocked to see him. He tells her he needs to talk to her. Gunjan says she doesn’t want to. Mayank says its important. Gunjan says she doesn’t want to and tells him to go. Mayank says fine then and rides very fast and stops the motorbike suddenly causing him to fall. Gunjan and Rachana run to help him. Rachana asks why did he do it. They panic seeing him bleed and Gunjan asks what madness and want to take him to a doctor but he refuses until Gunjan follows him. Gunjan refuses and Mayank says he’ll ride the bike even faster. Rachana tells him not to be stubborn adn go to the doctor. He refuses. Rachana tells Gunjan to follow him as something might happen to him. Gunjan tells him she’ll come with him. Mayank bring Gunjan to the forest and Gunjan asks where is this and Mayank says there is a surprise. Mayank asks if she remembers. He says its eco forest and there were here last time shouting. Gunjan says he hasn’t understood. Mayank says that if lovers separate then one of the trees die. Mayank says he decided he will talk only about love so it will echo in all corners and says I love you Gunjan and he it out. He asks her if he remembers they tied a thread on the tree as their symbol of love. He says he’ll show her. Mayank points at it and says look how carefully the tree has kept it as if it is connected to their love. Mayank says the broke the string of their love.

Part 4

Mayank says what kind of lovers are they. He says they’ll run away to a world of their dreams just like how they did last time and they even had a small shabby house and he reminds her they had so much of fun. Gunjan tells him to stop it. Gunjan says stop living in the past and that he’ll gain nothing from it and if he keeps looking back then he’ll fall. Gunjan says as a friend she’s telling him to stop living in the past. Gunjan says the tree must be suffering of pain from their thread. Gunjan removes the thread from the tree. Mayank is shocked. Gunjan says some things need to be pulled, thrown, and separated to make a new path. Gunjan thinks to herself she sorry that she had to do this for Mayank’s future. Gunjan says she has to go as she has some important work in college. Rachana, Chaya and other girls are practicing with Rajiv training for the Fresher of the Year. Gunjan comes and Rajiv asks if she is ready to practice and Gunjan says she’s not in the mood. Rajiv asks why is it because of Vihaan and Gunjan shakes her head. Rajiv then says is it Mayank and he tells Gunjan not to do that and to focus on the competition as she needs to win. He tells her to come and practice with a smile and to change first. Gunjan is practicing and stops and tells Rajiv she can’t but he says she can. Mayank is watching from far Gunjan and Rajiv. Rachana is looking at them too. Gunjan notices Mayank watching. Rajiv asks what happen and she says Mayank is there. He asks if he should help. Gunjan says she’ll talk to him for 2 minutes. Mayank says so this was her important work and asks why this friendship with Rajiv. Gunjan asks if he’s crazy and to stop following her and leave. Mayank says he’ll go and he says she has to promise to leave him too. He says he want the love and the moments back. Gunjan says the past is the past and can’t be brought back. Mayank says is pain gives him happiness she should let him be. He says if not he has another way by commiting suicide tommorow at the river. Gunjan is shocked.

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