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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Thurday 25th July 2019 On Ao


everyone sees Vihaan has come to take Gunjan and comment. Shayl stops Gunjan from going but she says she will go and sits on Vihaan s bike. Vihaan purposely breaks again and Gunjan falls on him. Rachna is in auto lost in Vihaan s explanations and is crying. The auto driver asks her if everything is all right she tells him to turn the auto. Vihaan stops somewhere and praises Gunjan that she fought with her masi. He gives her a bunch of flowers as best sister award and tells he will keep Rachna happy. Gunjan says she will do anything for her and Vihaan says just three more days. Gunjan tells him she cant come tomorrow as shayl has organized a puja and asks him not to come. Vihaan insists he will and falls into Gunjan s trap. All the ladies are angry and blame Shayl Rachna defends her mom saying she is not responsible for Gunjan, mayank sees all this as Rachna takes shayl away .

Gunjan and Vihaan come to a restaurant she does not want to enter with him and ducks. He holds her tightly to draw attention Rajeev is waiting there . Vihaan tells he can ask anything. He asks if she is happy and Gunjan replies no and then says she is and he takes good care of her. Rajeev tells her she cant act properly and wishes her luck Gunjan thinks she needs it. Vihaan and Rajeev are talking Gunjan s phone rings and its Mayank who asks her if Vihaan agreed to come to the temple Gunjan tells him he was more than happy to. Mayank tells her about the hungama that happened and tells her to use it to her advantage. Vihaan comes but Gunjan covers up and hangs the phone.Mayank turns to see Charu. She asks him who he was talking to he says a friend . She asks which friend and he does not reply, Charu tells her its her right to know everything mayank taunts her that love and rights are not snatched they are given if the person is worthy. She tells him they have to go on their honeymoon day after and should reach delhi tomorrow. Mayank tells her she can go alone and leaves the room but his phone is on the bed. Charu checks the phone and its confirmed he was talking to Gunjan.

Charu is packing angrily and tells Mayank who returns that she is going. He tells her to enjoy the swiss trip but she says she is going to her mayka. Charu scolds Mayank she is not a villager that she will keep quite if her husband is romancing another woman. She accuses him of loving Gunjan while he says she is her friend. Seema and Sangeeta come hearing charu shout. Mayank does not ask her to stop and Charu leaves the room. Sangeeta and Seema convince her to stay back and say they will talk to Dayal that either Charu or Gunjan will stay. Gunjan comes out of the restaurant and asks Vihaan what will he say after three days. Vihaan says since she is roaming with him it will be easy to dump her as she will be labelled characterless. Gunjan thinks she will teach him a lesson and he wont even remember spelling of character.

PRECAP: gunjan drops shadi ka joda in front of Seema sangeeta and charu packs it in bag and leaves. Mayank is talking on the phone that ‘What Gunjan is marrying Vihaan’ and the 3 ladies smirk.

The episode starts with Savitri telling Vihaan to stop and asks Vihaan if he’s going somewhere and to have breakfast before going. Vihaan says he’s in a hurry and will eat out. He promises to eat together with her when he gets back. Gunjan calls Vihaan’s house and pretends to be his friend warning Savitri that Vihaan is going to make a huge mistake. Savitri asks what mistake. Gunjan says he’s about to get married and hangs up. Savitri tells the driver to get the car out quickly. Vihaan’s father asks where is she going and she says that a girl called saying Vihaan is going to get married. She tells him to follow her to the temple. Dayal tells Shail that she said Gunjan is all grown up and to let her to do what she wants. Shail says she’s her responsibility and Dayal says she fulfiled her responsibility already. Prabhu tells Shail that Dayal is right that she had done enough for Gunjan. Dayal says Gunjan does as she pleases. Vihaan is driving and says he’ll insult Gunjan in front of the family and today will be his day for revenge. Mayank tells Shail that Vihaan’s intention aren’t good and that he always causes problems. Mayank says that Vihaan has gotten Gunjan into trouble. Sangeetha says that Gunjan is no child and is very devious that she will fall into anyone’s trap. Mayank says he smells something is fishy. Vihaan arrives at the temple and Gunjan is wondering where the family members are and if Mayank was able to convince them.

Part 2

Vihaan is wondering where the Garg family is and says that Gunjan said they’ve already arrived. He says that he’ll welcome them in a sarcastic way. Gunjan is trying to call Mayank and she drops her phone. Vihaan turns and walks towards the phone. Gunjan is scared as he walks closer
thinking he’ll see her and that her plan will fail if he sees her in the wedding attire
. Dayal says that they have no need to interfere with Gunjan. He says its his final decision that no one in the family will be present for Gunjan and Vihaan’s wedding. Savitri calls Vihaan and asks where is he and he says in college and where else would he be. Their conversation gets cut due to bad reception. Gunjan picks up her phone as Vihaan turns. Vihaan’s father asks what did Vihaan says and she says he said he was in college before it got cut. Vihaan’s father tells the driver to go back home but Savitri insists on going to the temple for her satisfaction and says they’ll be able to pray anyway. Gunjan is calling but Mayank’s phone is in his pocket and he doesn’t realize her calling. He tells he doesn’t understand why they don’t want to go to the temple. Mayank says they have to stop Gunjan its such a big step. Charu is angry telling Sangeetha whomever Gunjan marries why does it bother Mayank and she wants to say something but Sangeetha stops her. Sangeetha tells Mayank why is he so bothered and that its
Gunjan’s life and let her decide what is wrong and right herself and what does it have to do with him. She says not only them but the law can’t stop an 18 year old girl can make a decision who she does and does not want to marry. Sangeetha tells Shail how can she stop her when Gunjan didn’t give her the place of a mother. Shai says even if Gunjan didn’t give her a place as a mother but Gunjan was her daughter and will always be. Shail says just like Rachana and Pihu she cannot she her daughters self destruct and she will surely go to the temple. Dayal says did she not hear him and that she won’t go.

Part 3

Vihaan calls out to Gunjan and says she called him and everyone’s disappeared. He says if it was a joke it was stupid. There is no puja, people or Gunjan. Gunjan says Vihaan can’t leave and goes after him and calls out his name. He asks where was she and what’s with the fancy dress and where is everyone else. He says that she said it was a puja. He says she knows the consequences for trying to act smart with him. Gunjan tells him to wait and not leave and hugs him. She tells him that a puja is not going on but their wedding will take place. Vihaan is shocked and Gunjan says in the house all sorts of things are happening to her. Its impossible for her to stay there and they are waiting to chase her out of the house. She says no one talks to her at home and everyone has started boycotting her in college. She says she has no one left but him a friend for life and that she has started to like him. He is surprised and says she likes him and she says not like but love and that why she wants them to get married. Vihaan asks if she is mad and Gunjan says she’s serious. She says she has no one and he’s all she has. She continues saying his joke has made her life miserable and says she begs him to marry her. She tells him to say yes and that she need him in her life. Vihaan says does she seriously love him and says they’ll do it but he is not in costume but she is and calls the priest. Gunjan says she can’t marry Vihaan and hopes that Mayank will get her out of it. Shail tells Dayal that they should go and that after this is over they will pack her things and send her to Akash. Shail says she begs to him to follow her to the temple and that its important not to think too much. Mayank says please before a new problem arises at home.

Part 4

Gunjan thanks Vihaan for agreeing to marry her and that it’ll be a new start in her life. She says she loves him and that she Mrs Agrawal will keep her husband Mr Agrawal happy. She says she embarrassed him and insulted him in front of all but he is still saving her dignity and that he is a true man. She says they’ll name their son Vihaan jr and their daughter Vihana. She says what does he want a son or daughter. She says not now but later they will have to. She tells Vihaan will his parents accept this marriage and that they didn’t tell them and even if they don’t they will stay separately in a cozy apartment and eventually they’ll accept her and she’ll win their heart just like she won his. She tells him to say something. The priest says to hurry up as the good time is passing. Vihaan stands up and says what is this nonsense. He says she is mad not him and that he won’t marry her. He says it was a joke to teach her a lesson and Rachana too for the insult and humilation at the party. He says he wanted to do the same to them both. He says he did it by making Gunjan his fiancee and rejecting Rachana on the engagement day. He says for her information he was not interested in marrying Rachana. He says many girls like them have enterd and left his life. He says he feels sorry for Gunjan that she acts smart in front of everyone but it didn’t take 2 minutes for him to make a fool out of her. The love and sacrifice that she has and did for Rachana was a waste. He says he has no interest with both Rachana and Gunjan. Gunjan says she hasn’t seen such a low person in her life and she wished she could expose his true nature to everyone. Vihaan says its her bad luck. He says he proved her characterless and he can easily dump her. He says no one will know that the engagement was a stunt. Vihaan says and she thought she could be Mrs Agrawal.

Precap Postman gives Mayank an envelope addressed to Dayal Garg. He opens it and reads out an invitation to a Valentine party Dil Dhamaal aur Dhoka on the 9th at 8pm at the Padmini Palace

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