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Meri Aashiqui Wednesday 17th July 2019 On Joy Prime


Nurbhay brings Ishaani to a room, he says that it is her punishment that she will work with the flowers of Ranveer and Naina’s marriage all night long. He locks her into the room and leaves. Ishaani lay in bed in a store room where flowers were scattered all along. She takes the needle and heads to make garlands.
There, Naina sat on the bed in her decorated room. Naina wonders if Ishaani is prettier than her. She says there will be no one else in Ranveer’s life other than her. She calls the Madhav for juice. Their guard comes and says he had seen Madhav with Ranveer’s servant when they were going for picnic.
Pratik appreciates Ranveer’s get up. Ranveer says he is Madhav’s nephew, for some reason Madhav won’t come for work and he will work there in replacement. Pratik warns him that this is dangerous. Ranveer says he must save Ishaani in any way. Ranveer feels dizzy, Pratik brings him water. Ranveer leaves, Pratik prays for his help.
Ishaani works on the Mala. She says this is all wrong. She cries that everything that is happening is wrong. She says to God that she only prayed for Ranveer leaving all her happiness apart, why she couldn’t get Ranveer as well. She cries and prays to God not to do this, please stop this wedding in anyway. She prays that all her hurdles get away, she knows once Ranveer knows the truth he will take her out of this jail forever.
Ranveer comes in Nurbhay’s house. The guard stops him and asks who he is. Ranveer says he is Madhav’s nephew, Madhav’s stomach was out of order. He goes inside to serve the food. He sets the table, when everyone comes for food. He watches Nurbhay coming to table, Maa asks them to serve the food as Naina won’t eat with them. Ranveer wonders why they haven’t asked them about Ishaani and looks around. The guard brings him in the kitchen and asks if he has come to stare around at home. Ranveer says he was just watching the beauty of the house. Ranveer feels head ache. He says he was scolded badly for the first time, needs water. The guard gives Ranveer a tray of food, gives him the way of the room and a key and asks him to give this food there in the room. Ranveer looks at the clock in the corridor, and thinks he had to meet Naina at this time. His head was banging.
Naina prepared a platter filled with flowers as she watches the clock. There is a knock at the door, she says she had been waiting for him. He came late but still he did. She looks behind her to see Pratik standing there. He apologizes her saying he has slept due to medicines and won’t be able to come to meet her today. Naina says its ok. Pratik leaves. Naina throws the plate away, in rage.
Ranveer comes to the room, Ishaani looks at him from a distance, then heads back to work. Ranveer shuts the door and comes inside. Ishaani tells him to keep the food and leave. He stands there dizzy. Ishaani looks at the plate, then comes to push him out. She is moved at the touch, then looks at his face in shock.

Ishaani stops at once watching Ranveer there. He takes his fake moustache out. Ishaani asks what he is doing here. Ranveer says this is his question, what she is doing here. He says she had married Nurbhay Singh Alawat, he had a lot of money but he has turned her worse than a maid. He holds her tight, but she puts on the flower’s garlard around his neck. He looks at her happily, they share an eye lock.
Ishaani wishes him their anniversary. Ranveer asks what this all? What is she hiding from him? He holds her face, she keeps her face over his chest and says her love. She says she loves him so much, she can’t just tell him. And whenever she said she hates him her love increased even more. He asks if it was all a lie. Ishaani says it was all lie, the truth is that she only loved him always. Even when she said she loved Chiraag, even then she loved him. When she said she loved money, she only loved him even then, because Meri aashqui sirf tumse hai. Ranveer puts on the garland around her neck as well, they remember what they said to each other on their wedding one year back. He places his face on hers, she keeps hers on his chest. He only caress her, she cries. Ranveer congratulates her on their anniversary. He says he knew she loves him, she just can’t show it off. He says he just couldn’t believe, she says he will soon have. She holds his face this time, moves forward to kiss him but faints instead. She fell back, Ranveer also fell on the floor holding her. They lay on the floor, flowers fell off them. Ranveer throws another plate of flowers to shower them on themselves. They get intimate with each other.
It was next morning, Naina still sat on the bed thinking that Ritika had only asked her to spend a single night with Ranveer. She thinks about Ranveer’s apology, curtly throws all the flowers away. She comes out, Ritika stops her and asks what happened excited. Naina angrily says he didn’t come, he just sent a message that he was asleep. Ritika asks why she didn’t tell her, she was home. She asks Naina that it isn’t still late, she must call him. Naina asks if he would come. Ritika asks why not? Naina dials his number, they hear the phone ringing inside. Both wonder where this voice is coming from. Ritika says this is coming from this room. Naina dials the number again, and says this is basement. They go towards the basement, Ranveer and Ishaani lay asleep together. Ritika and Naina were taken aback. She heads towards them but Ritika struggles to take her outside. In the corridor, Naina was enraged and says this is the limit. Ritika stops and hugs her. She tells her to relax, she says she will get her Ranveer but she must first calm down. Ritika says they must also think two steps ahead, she tells Naina that she needs to think about something. Naina says nothing can be done now. Ritika says Ishaani is Ranveer’s past, Naina is the reality. If one improves the present, future will only be made good. Ritika says they must separate Ishaani and Ranveer, and they won’t be able to do anything if they get one.
There, the guard lay Ranveer on the bed. He calls Naina that Ranveer is now on bed. Naina tells him to leave the room, no one should know he came here. Ritika says to Naina to go and do what she told her, sometimes one has to work with brains. Naina goes inside. Ritika says now Ishaani will see how this Naina will take her Ranveer.

PRECAP: Nurbhay tells Ishaani to do what Naina is asking her to, if she is a well -wisher. If she doesn’t do this, he won’t touch Ishaani but he will kill Ranveer.

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