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Meri Aashiqui Tuesday 9th July 2019 On Joy Prime


Ranveer’s phone rings, it was Aarti again. Ranveer thinks that he can’t talk to Naina until he figures out about Ishaani. Aarti hugs Naina that Ranveer cut the call. Nurbhay watches this, he thinks this means Ishaani didn’t do what she sent her for. Now he must do it.
Maa hits Ishaani was coming inside. Maa says to Ishaani that she must not play this game, it is about her daughter’s life. She wants her daughter to get married, she will be freed. They will also get a chance to go out of this house. She says they are living as servants of Nurbhay, once her daughter marries Ranveer then they won’t live with an uneducated man. She looks at Ishaani and asks why she is worried? Is Ishaani thinking if she tells this all to Nurbhay what he will do. Maa says if she would shed two tears, he will change his side. If one lives with a wild animal, one knows to handle it. Maa says she knows she went to meet Ranveer, she won’t tell Nurbhay about her neither should she. Vikram comes behind her, and says he is forgiving her for holding hand on him. he says there must be something in her heart for him, Ishaani twists his hand behind him and says she knows how to protect herself and treat wild animals. She pushes him away and says next time he touches her, she will break his hand. Vikram leaves irked. Ishaani thinks these people are worse than animals, and Nurbhay considers them as his family. She thinks Ranveer doesn’t even know which people he is going to get related.
Ranveer was coming out of his house, Nurbhay asks him why he is behaving so awkward with his sister. Ranveer watches Ritika leaving the house in car, he thinks he can’t tell him right now that he doesn’t want to marry. Ranveer says to Nurbhay that he doesn’t know Naina well, he gets awkward on phone and wants to know her. He is a businessman, and was busy with his work. Nurbhay thinks he speaks well, he just need to tell him that he knows Ishaani is his ex-wife. Ranveer wonders if he knows about his relation to Ishaani. Ranveer says Naina must also know him. Nurbhay says he will tell him about the date of wedding and he must bring Baraat within one week. Ranveer thinks he has only one week.
Nurbhay comes home, he calls Maa, Aarti and Naina. He tells Maa that he came from Ranveer’s home, he was just busy in work so didn’t talk to Naina. He goes to Naina and says he has fixed her wedding date. Everyone was happy. Nurbhay says he has fixed Sangeet tonight as well, filmstars are also coming. Aarti asks who is coming. He says the film Kya Cool Hain Hum’s star cast is also coming. He tells Ishaani to take responsibility of this Sangeet.
In the car, Ranveer speaks to his friend that he needs his help. He says if he is coming at his Sangeet. Pratik brings Shagun thaal, Ishaani goes to him at once. Pratik says Ranveer sent her. Ishaani thinks Ranveer had sent her. She asks Pratik why he came. Pratik asks why Ishaani did this. Baa took them to village and she didn’t leave Amba and Kailash as well. Ishaani asks him to stop this all, she is happy in her life. She is Nurbhay Singh Alawat’s wife, confident, rich and happy. She asks what that life she spent there, except for curses. She is happy here. Pratik asks if she is happy with the marriage of Ranveer and Naina. Ishaani says she left Ranveer herself, she doesn’t care what he does to his life then. Pratik thinks that he has come here to remove this cover of greed from over her, their Ishaani can never change for any reason. Ritika watches this, she thinks that Pratik can never be on Ranveer’s side leaving Ishaani, there is something cooking.

Nurbhay warmly welcomes Ranveer and Pratik. Ishaani watches Pratik, who thinks Ishaani can’t bear this now. He thinks he must let them alone. He goes to Nurbhay and asks which stars are coming today. Ishaani drags Ranveer in the corridor thinking she won’t get another chance to talk to Ranveer. She says to Ranveer that he can’t marry Naina. Ranveer asks why? Ishaani says he doesn’t love Naina, if he marries her it won’t mean anything, and what will people say. Ranveer clutches Ishaani, he says he doesn’t care about people but if she wants so he won’t marry. He takes her to the wall and asks her to say she loves him. He says he knows she loves him, he will break his marriage with Naina and come back to her. Ishaani says she has nothing in her heart, she told him the reason. If he still loves Naina he will play with her feelings. Ranveer asks Ishaani if she knows so much about love, why she loved Nurbhay. She didn’t love Nurbhay but his money only. He says he will marry Naina because she has no reason. Ishaani clutches him this time and says she is talking about him, she turns to leave. Ranveer drags her behind, and says it is about them. If she has another reason for him he won’t marry. Ishaani thinks if he marries Naina she won’t be left with a reason to return to him. She needs some more time. Ranveer holds her face and asks if there is another reason. Ishaani looks at him for a while, she says no, there is no other reason. She has already told him the reason. Ranveer leaves her, he says he had no reason before but now as she doesn’t want him to do so he will marry Naina. He leaves asking her to excuse him and let him enjoy. Ishaani wipes her tears.
Amba and Kailash bless Naina. Pratik asks if she won’t touch his feet. Ranveer comes there, Pratik asks if something happened. Ranveer says none, he comes to stand besides Naina and says she looks beautiful. Pratik asks about a Torna ritual, Aarti says they will make two teams. One from boy’s family and other from girls. Pratik asks them to begin the song, Uttam sings one. Aarti sings mocking Amba, Uttam mocks Kailash. Kailash jumps between singing and dancing. Nurbhay says his special guests have arrived from Mumbai. It was Kya Cool Hain Hum’s team. They dance and perform. Ritika watches from upstairs. Nurbhay welcomes them, Ishaani gives them best wishes for their film. The team asks for bride and groom, Nurbhay asks Aarti and Pratik to get Naina and Ranveer. They ask Ranveer what comes in his mind when he first see the girl he is marrying. Ranveer looks at Ishaani, then Naina. He says one only thinks that you have to fulfil the promises you have made to keep them happy. In return you also get some promises but they are at times broken. The team says true promises never break, and Ranveer is fulfilling his promise by marrying Naina. Ranveer change the topic asking about their film. Uttam stops them and Aarti requests them to stay for a while. Pratik suggests about playing Antakshari. Ishaani and Ranveer watch each other.

PRECAP: Ranveer holds Ishaani in a room besides wall, he intimately asks she didn’t tell him how she feel about him marrying someone else. Ishaani says she feels bad. Naina watches this.

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