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Meri Aashiqui Thursday 4th July 2019 On Joy Prime


Amba tells them that the woman married her son only for money, her son loved her dearly but she only lied to him. She then married another rich man and left. Aarti says bad happened to Ranveer. Maa says bad was done to him, that woman was selfish. Aarti says such women must be thrown out of the society who only finds happiness in money. Amba says her son didn’t get peace until she lived with him, now she will live without peace. She says that there was no mistake of her son, and she believes it won’t affect the proposal of Ranveer and Naina. Maa says that past is never in their hand. Maa says Ranveer returned Naina her happiness, she has no problem with his past. Amba asks Naina about it. Naina watches Nurbhay and was silent, Nurbhay goes inside the room. Maa thinks Naina won’t go against Nurbhay. Naina goes upstairs, knocks at Nurbhay’s door and enters. Nurbhay asks if she would also need to knock the door before coming to his brother’s room. Naina comes and hugs him, she pleads him to let her marry Ranveer but she won’t marry until he agrees. Nurbhay wipes her tears off her face. He comes downstairs with Naina. Maa introduces him to Amba and Kailash. Nurbhay asks them to decide the date of marriage, he will do his sister’s wedding well. Everyone is happy, Naina hugs Nurbhay. Ishaani is restless. Nurbhay leaves. Maa gives them all sweets. Ishaani goes to Nurbhay. She says to Nurbhay that she got the promise fulfilled, now she needs all the information of Ranveer’s injections. Nurbhay says he won’t give anything. Ishaani says he can’t back up from his promise. Nurbhay says he promised when he didn’t know Veer is Ranveer. If Ranveer marries Naina, may be he becomes a devil for Naina. He twists her hands, and says for Naina’s happiness he can’t give her the injections. Ishaani goes behind him saying he can’t do this to her.
Nurbhay comes to Pooja’s room, he shouts why he is so helpless that he has to do this all. He speaks to Pooja that Naina loves the man who he hates. He has to marry Naina with the one he wants to destroy. He, Nurbhay Singh Alawat is so helpless, that he has to hug the one who took Pooja’s life and killed Pooja. He has to marry Naina to the same man. Ishaani heard this all. She thinks Ranveer killed Nurbhay’s wife, this isn’t possible. Why Nurbhay thinks so? Nurbhay comes out of the room, locks the door again. Ishaani comes in front of him, she says she heard what he said inside. She says he is thinking wrong, her Ranveer can’t kill his wife. A man who can’t hurt anyone, how can he kill someone? And if someone would have happened, Ranveer would tell him. Nurbhay asks how many times he must tell Ishaani she must not come to this room. He locks Ishaani into the room and tells her to think what Ranveer could have done. Ishaani says there is a misunderstanding, she must teach Nurbhay in his own way. She knocks the door calling Nurbhay, then wonders what she should do and how she should make him understand. She thinks that Naina and Ranveer can’t marry each other.
The next morning, Maa asks Ranveer this is why his name is Veer. Ranveer says in business world people know him as RV and in painting world he is known as Veer. Vikram laughs that this is why they got confused. Ranveer looks around, Amba asks if he is still looking for her? Vikram says he would find Naina. Maa asks Aarti to bring Naina. Naina brings the tea and serves it. Ranveer asks about Naina’s elder brother, he had come to meet him. Nurbhay comes down saying he wanted to meet him too.

Ranveer shakes hands with Nurbhay. Ranveer that that his mother wants the marriage to take place soon. Gujrati traditions are different from Punjabi ones. He says that in their families, tikka ceremony isn’t done by brother but brother in law. Maa says alright. Ranveer says she brought the proposal at his place, why she doesn’t want to meet him today. Aarti brings Ishaani downstairs, Ranveer watches her, and she also looks at him. Nurbhay notices them both. Nurbhay comes to Ishaani, holds her from back and says she is his wife, Ishaani. He tells Ishaani that they were saying they will fulfil the marriage traditions according to Gujrati rituals. Ranveer says he wanted her to do the tikka ritual tonight, she must be ready as they will come at six sharp. They take a leave. Nurbhay curtly joins his hands, while maa and Naina were happy. Ritika watches this all from upstairs. Nurbhay looks at the tears in Ishaani’s eyes.
Maa is shocked to hear Ritika tell them that Ishaani is the ex-wife of Ranveer. She isn’t sure how successful Naina and Ranveer’s life will be. Ishaani and Ranveer’s life story is like a movie, quite hit in Mumbai. She tells the family that Ishaani and Ranveer are childhood lovers, Ranveer loves Ishaani madly and won’t look at Naina if Ishaani is there. Vikram asks why he is marrying Naina then? Ritika says he wants to stay around Ishaani, he would be able to love around Ishaani marrying Naina. May be he wants to take revenge from Ishaani, but in anyway Naina will suffer. She says she doesn’t know what is going on in Ranveer’s mind. She requests them not to tell Nurbhay she told them. She says she is an employ of Nurbhay but a well-wisher of this family, so they must think well.
Nurbhay drags Ishaani in the room. He says no one will be worse than him if there is something wrong. Ishaani says last night he kept her locked in the room like animals, and today he wants her to fulfil all the rituals like his wife. Nurbhay twists her arm, and says he could have done a lot. Ishaani asks why he thinks Ranveer killed his wife, he has a misunderstanding. Nurbhay says he can’t misunderstand, he says she must lock all the questions in her mind and focus on Naina’s wedding.
The family say what they must do right now. Maa panics, she says she only knows that her daughter got well only because of Ranveer. She doesn’t want her to get betrayed before getting the happiness. She cries. Aarti says this is all because of Ishaani, but now nothing bad will happen. She says they must find out if Ranveer still loves Ishaani or not. Maa tells Aarti not to hurt Naina at any cost. Aarti assures her and says they must find out if Ranveer loves Ishaani they must create a misunderstanding between them. They have to break their connection. Aarti says they must observe how they react watching Ishaani, they need to say their connection. She has a plan for that. Maa asks Aarti what she is going to do. Aarti asks her to leave it on her.
Nurbhay says he is happy that Ranveer wants to come close to her. He is dying to meet her, and this makes him happy. Ishaani asks if he is using his sister to take revenge. Nurbhay says Ranveer did that all, he can never use his sister. Now his enemy and Naina’s love are single person. He says he won’t free Ishaani, else she will go to Ranveer and then his sister will suffer. She must not act smart in Naina’s roka, else she knows what he can do to Ranveer.

PRECAP: Ranveer calls Ishaani to do the ritual. Ishaani’s tear fell off her eyes while it. Ranveer asks if she won’t sweeten his mouth, and notices her.

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