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Meri Aashiqui Thursday 11th July 2019 On Joy prime


Ranveer tells Naina not to think wrong about him, before starting his new life he wants to sort his past. It has come before him, it is disturbing him. Naina thinks about him and Ishaani together in the room, intimate. Ranveer says he hopes Naina understands him. He says he needs her help, he doesn’t know if she wants to help him or not. He asks Naina to think calmly, and tell him by tomorrow night. He says if her answer is yes, she must tie a red cloth at her window. If she doesn’t want to help him it is alright then as well. Naina was crying, she leaves his house. Ranveer thinks he wish Naina says yes to his help. Until he figures Ishaani’s truth, he can’t do justice to both Ishaani and Naina.
Ishaani sends milk for Naina when Maa comes in the kitchen and slaps Ishaani. She asks Ishaani how dare her, Aarti and Uttam comes there. Nurbhay also arrives and asks what she is doing. Maa asks Nurbhay to question his wife, she is an insult for her husband. She kept a false eye on Vikram, she is ill chartered. Ishaani says she didn’t do anything, instead Vikram… Maa holds hand again, Nurbhay says that is it. Nurbhay says this girl is right. Aarti says she is wrong, she is trying to be innocent. Nurbhay asks if she saw her do wrong to Vikram. He says he knows what is right and what is wrong, Ishaani can do anything but what they are saying. Maa says this means Ishaani isn’t wrong, they are wrong. Maa asks if he trusts this girl more than his family. Nurbhay says something happened in this house that no one could. She danced in front of Naina, and Naina started to walk. And today, she wore Pooja’s saree and hit Pooja’s car on tree, Naina got her voice back. Maa says that there must be some of motive of Ishaani behind it. Maa thinks she won’t accept defeat from Ishaani. Nurbhay also leaves, Ishaani thinks Nurbhay isn’t bad at heart. She is sure if conditions change, his hatred for Ranveer may get resolved as well.
Ishaani comes to temple, Ranveer also comes there. Ishaani prays that she has come here so that Nurbhay’s eyes open, so that he can see well in Ranveer. Ranveer prays that he wish Naina says yes to help him, so that he knows about Ishaani’s truth and if Ishaani is in trouble, he can save her. Ishaani turns around and watches Ranveer, she heads to leave when Ranveer holds her hand. Both look at each other. Ranveer takes her out on a side, he asks for whom she came to pray for. Ishaani asks him to let her go. Ranveer says she can’t leave every time without answering him. He says where she has to go? To her husband? He says he has seen many greedy people but no one like her.
Ranveer says she can even make fool of God for money. he says he thought may be Ritika is blackmailing her, but now he understand that for money she was ready to shake hands with her enemies. He says he wonders who will save her husband from her, she must pray for Nurbhay’s life as well. He says he came to ask for something, not money but his love. He says that now she has left his life, he is sure he will get his love as well. He leaves curtly, walking away thinks that he is sorry that he had to say this all. Until he finds the truth, he must hate her like this. Ishaani cries watching Ranveer go. She comes back inside the temple, takes her plate and prays that every reason of his hatred is legal, she wish that nothing such happens that ruins Naina and Ranveer’s life again.

Naina was in her room, thinking about Ranveer’s demand. She says past, and that past is Ishaani. Ishaani had called herself as Ranveer’s wife at the time of accident, she also remembers Nurbhay calling Ishaani as Ranveer’s life. A car pulls up at the garage, Naina watches from her window that it was Ranveer. He asked her to put a red cloth on her window if her answer is yes. Ranveer watches Naina tie the red cloth and smiles happily. Naina appears at the window, and smiles at Ranveer. Ranveer says that now with Naina’s help he will get to her truth that what is happening with her in this house.
Naina thinks she isn’t ready to help him, she will help herself. Ishaani is the string that she wants to hold from his past, she will cut this string now. She cannot forget him now, and will never let him go back to Ishaani.
Aarti says that this is for the first time Nurbhay went against his family for someone. Vikram and Uttam were also there. Maa comes there too. They all watch Nurbhay coming there. Nurbhay takes blessings from maa, Naina comes out and says may God bless him with the best and asks him for a gift. She says she wants him a party for herself. She says they want to announce the marriage date in a party. Vikram says they must do some charity in the function. Vikram says they must keep an auction of his idol collection as well. Naina also agrees, Nurbhay accepts her wish at once. Naina watches Ritika outside and goes there.
Maa asks Aarti and Vikram if they have an idea how precious those idols are. That money can save them so much. Aarti says it will still be for their betterment. Nurbhay valued Ishaani more than them, so now it is time for pay back.
Naina says to Ritika that she thought Ishaani was a pitiable girl as Nurbhay tortures her, but she is past wife of Ranveer. And after Roka, Ishaani must have said something that Ranveer stopped talking to her. Ritika says that Ishaani is cunning, she will not leave Ranveer even after marrying Nurbhay. Naina says she now knows what she needs to do, she can’t let Ranveer to Ishaani as she loves him dearly.
Naina touches Amba and Kailash feet as they arrive for function. Amba says her voice is beautiful. Nurbhay says his wife is coming alone, and goes to take her from the stairs. Ranveer watches her. Naina takes the mike, she says thanks to them all for making the auction wonderful event. She thanks Nurbhay and says since the auction organizer isn’t here, so they will play truth and dare till then. She says this is special because only couples will play it in romantic style, they will know how much a person loves the other. She says may be couples have to sing, dance and smooch for each other. Naina says to Nurbhay that he must do any dare he is given. She announces a break for dinner before that.
Nurbhay asks Ishaani what truth and dare is. Ishaani says there is a game, a bottle is spin in between. A person will either have to choose truth or dare. He asks what smooch is. Vikram asks Ishaani to tell her husband what it is. He says it means kissing. Nurbhay is enraged and says this isn’t possible in the function, he asks where Naina is and goes to talk to her.

PRECAP: Ranveer kneels down and says to Naina that since he has seen her he can’t see anything else. There is no dream in his life, he looks at Ishaani and asks Naina if she will marry him?

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