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Meri Aashiqui Monday 22nd July 2019 On Joy prime


Ranveer tells Ishaani that nothing will happen. Ishaani remembers Nurbhay’s warning about killing Ranveer. She pushes him away, tells him not to come close to her and stay away from her. She cries that she is happy, she is in no pain. She gets in the car and leaves. Ranveer keeps on stopping her. He thinks that her tears and face tells him there is something wrong with her. Ritika watched them, she thinks that this game is getting interesting but she must reach home before Ishaani does now.
Ishaani comes home to find Nurbhay, Aarti, Maa and Naina looking forward to her way. She looks at them all quizzically and heads to go inside. Maa stops her, comes to her and accuses Ishaani. Nurbhay come to beat Ishaani as she argues. Maa stops him. Maa says sins have to be repented, she must do it for keeping an eye on a stranger man. Ishaani comes to Naina and says she didn’t go to meet Ranveer. Nurbhay says she went to him deliberately. Maa says she could have returned without meeting him. Maa says she has asked Poojari, he says her repentence is coal and she has to walk on burning coals bare foot. Ishaani was shocked.
Ranveer thinks that Ishaani is afraid of something, something is stopping her. She always cries, she wants to say a lot but can’t. His heart says there is something wrong happening to her in that house.
Naina asks Maa if this all is necessary. Maa says yes, if Naina doesn’t want her to come between her and Ranveer’s marriage she must shut up. She orders Ishaani to walk on the coals. Ishaani steps up the red hot coals. Ritika smiles from upstairs. Nurbhay turns around not being able to watch this all.
Amba blows Ranveer finger as he had burnt it with hot milk. Ranveer wonders how he felt as if he had touched the hot coal.
Ishaani couldn’t take another stop. Ishaani says Ranveer’s love is with her, that is her strength. Ranveer asks Amba to come to Naina’s house with him. He calls the Pandit for Satianaryan Pooja. Ishaani walks ahead. There, Ranveer and Amba comes to Nurbhay’s home. He opens the door and was confronting Nurbhay. Maa was getting the coals cleaned. Nurbhay says he was about to come to take her. The maids had sweeped the floor. Maa says they had arranged a Pooja. Amba invites them for Pooja. Ranveer says there is a Pooja before marriage, it is about to begin in one hour. Amba says she forgot to give them invitation. Nurbhay says they will reach in time. Ranveer watches coals on the stairs, Maa calls the maid. Ranveer and Amba leave. The family was relieved. Maa asks Nurbhay if he had seen them coming, and brought her out of the coal. Nurbhay says she didn’t feel that pain, she was walking so easily on burning coals. He promises to give Ishaani the pain that will matter to her. He tells Naina that she will soon be married to Ranveer. Naina thinks that before marrying Ranveer she must separate Ishaani and Ranveer.
Ishaani put the ointment on her feet and lay on the couch. Ranveer comes to the window and says he won’t leave without knowing Ishaani’s truth. He watches her feet, Ishaani asks where he came from? Stands up at once and locks the door. She was afraid, and says there will be problem if someone sees them there. She says she is Nurbhay’s wife now. Ranveer says this is all rubbish, he met her so called husband who told him that they aren’t husband wife, she just do a drama to be a wife; so she can’t lie now. Ranveer says he just want to know why she is doing this all. Ishaani turns around. Ranveer says all her truth is now here, she broke all her relations, her family and came here. He asks what she got there that she couldn’t get there? He says he wants to know the truth, he swears her of his love.
Maa says that Ranveer has seen the burning coal, he didn’t say anything but he must be in doubt. She says they must do something soon. If Naina doesn’t marry Ranveer, they would be liable on Nurbhay for their whole life. Aarti says what if Ranveer knows what is happening to Ishaani here. Ritika says he will take Ishaani with him, because they are childhood lovers. Naina says they must close Ishaani’s chapter, and discuss a plan with them.

Ishaani removes Ranveer’s hand from her face, she says she doesn’t know why Nurbhay said this all but still she thinks everything is fine between them. Ranveer says he only wants to know the truth. He points the gun at his forehead and says he will shoot himself right now. If she is happy here, she wouldn’t have tears in eyes and blisters on feet. He tells Ishaani to tell the truth, else he will shoot himself. Ishaani stops him asking him to put the gun down. He pulls the trigger, Ishaani says she will tell him the truth. He brings the gun down and asks her to tell the truth. She takes the gun off his hand and throws it down the window.
Ishaani shouts if he has gone insane, she left him so that he can live. So that he could get his face back, he was dying from inside because of him. She cried and sat on the bed, she says she still remember his face and how he was depressed. She could see him, she left the house and his life because she wanted his treatment. Nurbhay had the injections but he wanted her to get away from him. She says she sacrificed her life for his happiness.
Ranveer sits down beside her, and says she again sacrificed for him. if she loves him so much, she could have asked him once. Did she think he would live without her? He says he can’t live without her for a single breathe, he would die without her. Ishaani hugs Ranveer, both cried. Ranveer asks why Nurbhay wants them apart when he loves Pooja so much. Ishaani says Nurbhay thinks Ranveer is behind the murder of Pooja. Ranveer says to Ishaani that he doesn’t want to live here anymore. Ishaani says Nurbhay warned her that he will kill Ranveer if he doesn’t marry Naina as Naina loves him. Ranveer says Naina is his friend and helped him knowing about Ishaani’s truth. Ishaani says that in that case, if Naina speaks to Nurbhay he might not object, she must talk to Naina. Ranveer asks Ishaani to promise she won’t go away from her even if death confronts them. She promises him. He leaves to get some important work done, tells her to be prepared as he would come to pick her up. Ishaani was happy and thinks about speaking to Naina.
Ishaani comes behind Naina who was walking in the corridor. Naina thinks that Ishaani must follow her, from here onwards it is her the end. Ishaani comes to the store room. Naina was crying and asking Shibham to leave her, else she would be disrespected as she is going to get married. Shibham denies giving the CD to Naina inspite of giving him money. Ishaani jumps in and calls him as a fallen person. Ishaani comes in between, he pushes her away and holds Naina tight. He says he now wants something other than money as well. Ishaani slaps Shibham, he holds Ishaani and says that now he wants her Bhabi. Ishaani fights Shibham on the couch. Naina hits his head with a wooden stick. He fell off fainted. Ishaani takes the stick in her hand and was in shock. Maa, Aarti and Vikram come from behind. They all make an issue that this is Shibham and Ishaani killed him. Ishaani clarifies herself. Vikram goes to call Nurbhay. Ritika asks Ishaani what they must believe, what she is saying or what they can see. Nurbhay also comes there. Ishaani tells them about Naina and that she was just helping Naina. Naina tells Nurbhay that she doesn’t know about anything. Naina says Ishaani wants Naina to go out of her life, and is accusing her. Nurbhay says Ishaani is accusing Naina so that she goes to jail and Ishaani returns to Ranveer. He says he will just call police. Ranveer comes there, he says no one will call anyone. He covers Ishaani behind his back, he says Ishaani is his love and no one will touch her. Nurbhay says his sister Naina wants to marry him, so he will marry Naina and Ishaani must go to jail. Ranveer asks for what. Nurbhay asks can’t he see the body of the dead. Ranveer says alright, he will end this body. He throws kerosene on the body ad lights the match stick. Ishaani asks what he is saying. Ranveer firmly says that she did what she wanted, now she must let him do what he wants to.

PRECAP: Nurbhay give Ishaani’s hand into Ranveer, he tells them to stay happy and together may be his wife also gets happy with this. They smile and hug each other.

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