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Meri Aashiqui Friday 5th July 2019 On Joy Prime


Naina happily dressed up when Ishaani comes to her room. Naina asks how she is looking. Ishaani makes her sit for a while and makes her wear the jewelry she had got for her. She brings Naina to mirror and shows her. Ishaani says now Ranveer will like Naina, he must see Naina not her jewelry. There is beauty in simplicity, crying. Aarti watches this.
Ranveer and family arrive. Aarti says Ishaani is bringing Naina. They all look upstairs as they arrive. Ranveer heads towards them, he and Ishaani look at each other, Ishaani’s eyes filled in tears. Ranveer asks for Naina’s hand, smiles at her then again looks at Ishaani and takes Naina along. Both sit down. Ranveer says to Ishaani that he can’t wait anymore, she must begin the ritual. Vikram says he is in much hurry. Ranveer says if the elders allow, he would marry Naina today. Maa asks Ishaani to do the rituals. Ishaani comes to Ranveer who can’t take his eyes off. Ishaani forcefully tries to smile. Ishaani’s eyes fill with tears again. Vikram comes to Aarti and says the way Ranveer has hold Ishaani’s hand and the way he has asked Ishaani to do the ritual, maybe he has nothing in mind. Ishaani gives Ranveer a dress. Aarti says Ishaani liked this for him, hope he will like the Shagun. Ranveer says he will keep it, though he didn’t like this colour. He tells Naina to select anything from the next time. They all smile. Ranveer says if you select something for one you like, it is always good. He says one must always choose clothes and humans well. He says his choice for clothes is good, but for humans he has been a fail. Ishaani announces that the ritual has been completed. Ranveer says this means they can now get married. He says to Ishaani that it is good she is working upon tying the relation of two families. Amba congratulates maa. Ranveer asks Ishaani if she won’t sweeten his mouth, Ishaani offers him sweet that he takes from her hand. He keeps on noticing her, while tear fell off Ishaani’s eyes. Ranveer stops Ishaani, takes the sweet off her hand and feeds it to Naina herself. Ritika smiles watching this all, she says Ishaani must know today what is death before dying. But from today onwards, Ishaani would get it daily. Ranveer watches Ishaani leave as he hugged Naina. He straightens up at once, excuses himself and says to Aarti that he will soon be here. Aarti follows Ishaani and wonders Ranveer must have come to meet Ishaani.
Ishaani said to someone that she knows he is doing it deliberately. She was scolding a waiter that there is lemon in it. Ritika brings Aarti inside and asks what she was doing. Aarti says she is keeping an eye on Ranveer and wants to know if he still loves her. She thinks that Ranveer hates Ishaani. Ritika says their love is so deep that they can’t see it. If she wants to know about the reality of it, there is only a single way. Ritika says Ishaani can’t control wine, everything that is inside her comes out. Aarti says Nurbhay would be angry at her then. Ritika says if he is angry and punish her, she would get insulted in front of Ranveer. Ranveer won’t be able to see this, he will do something to save her and this way she would se if Ranveer loves Ishaani or not. Aarti thanks Ritika for the idea.

Aarti comes down and watches Ishaani serving the guests. Maa comes to Aarti, Aarti says she knows what they have to do with Ishaani. It will bring the truth to them. Maa asks what she is going to do. Aarti says it will all be for Naina’s wellbeing. She comes to Ishaani and asks if she was doing somewhere, she says to Ishaani that she has fulfilled all the responsibilities of a sister in law and offers Ishaani a juice. Ishaani looks at Nurbhay. Aarti says Nurbhay would be happy, and asks Ishaani to drink. Ishaani says thank you and drinks from the glass. Aarti comes to maa and says they will now know if there is still space in Ranveer’s heart for Ishaani. Ishaani drools, breaks a glass right there as she got drunk. Amba says to Kailash that she has again started. Ishaani says sorry, then looks around to see the people. She says that she generally wanted to ask if this is a good or a bad omen, that the glass broke today. She asks the waiter if he knows this is good omen. And sends him away. Ishaani asks why they are all staring at her, she says it is Naina’s ritual, who is marrying Mr. Ranveer Vaghela. She says they have come here for that only. She goes to a child who had been eating, she asks how much he would eat? Takes a bite from his sandwich, then goes to drink juice from a guest’s glass. Ranveer stares at Ishaani worried. Ishaani tells the guest if she can see the floor is uneven? Nurbhay says to Ishaani that is it, why she is doing this all. Ishaani asks why he is doing this all, she says today she will ask him, will he tell here or in alone? Nurbhay thinks she will ask about Pooja that why Ranveer killed her. Ranveer thinks that there is water there, Ishaani will fell down. He thinks she must stop. Ishaani says there, everyone must be afraid of Nurbhay but she isnt, she will ask him what no one has ever. She walks towards Nurbhay, slips but Ranveer is restless. Nurbhay holds Ishaani. Aarti and Maa watches the disturbed Ranveer. Vikram apologizes them all from Ishaani saying she must have drink. Maa says to Aarti that Ranveer doesn’t care for Ishaani, but Aarti thinks what she has seen, she thinks he still loves Ishaani. Vikram says that someone must have mixed something in Ishaani’s drink, he is sorry. Ranveer spots Ritika upstairs, he wonders what she is doing here, is she taking some revenge from Ishaani. Ranveer thinks she must be manipulating someone. Nurbhay asks Ishaani to come upstairs, Ishaani says no. Ranveer wonders if Ishaani is in some pressures some problem. He thinks he must speak to Ishaani. Nurbhay takes Ishaani upstairs. Maa watches Ranveer. Ranveer says to Naina that he has now become her family member, won’t she show him her house. Kailash and Amba take a leave but Ranveer says he wants to see Naina’s house. Naina takes him along. Ritika hides herself behind the curtain.
Naina shows Ranveer Aarti and Uttam’s photos, he says nice and goes to another room. He looks around in search of Ishaani. He thinks why can’t he see Ishaani and Ritika, what he must do? Naina asks him to come forward. Naina notices Ranveer worried, he was thinking that Ritika must have blackmailed him. He already thought Ishaani can’t leave him. He must find out and talk to Ishaani.

PRECAP: Aarti and Uttam had made a planning, Aarti points at Uttam who throws water from glass over Ishaani’s face when Nurbhay was sitting beside her. Ranveer watches Ishaani who opened her eyes and with blurred vision could also see Ranveer there.

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