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Meri Aashiqui Friday 19th July 2019 On Joy Prime


Ritika asks Naina to abide by her, Naina says no, Ishaani still loves Ranveer and Ranveer only thinks about Ishaani. She can’t bear Ishaani’s name even. She says she wants Ranveer to have her name on his tongue always. Ritika tells her not to worry, she asks Naina to invite Ranveer for dinner, so that they can accomplish what they couldn’t last night.
In the car, Ranveer asks Amba and Kailash to reach Naina’s home, he will reach there directly, he thinks thinks he will get a chance to meet Ishaani for dinner, he has to talk to her. He drives to a power grid where in front of his car were some stones. He comes to remove them when some dacoits attack him. A young man drives the bike then towards them, he and Ranveer beat the dacoits who run away in Ranveer’s car. Ranveer thanks the boy. He introduces himself as Shibham, he tells Ranveer that they won’t take his car but only the money if it is there. Police will get him his car by evening. He asks Ranveer where he has to go. Ranveer says he has to go to his fiancés house.
There, Naina was cooking in kitchen. Ishaani comes there, Naina says she is making pasta for Ranveer. Ishaani says he likes simple food, and Indian too. Naina says she is sure he will like what she is cooking. Both remain silent. Naina asks Ishaani to help her serve the food. There, Naina asks about Ranveer. Nurbhay asks if Ranveer won’t come, if they won’t get any food. Ranveer arrives and says there was some problem with his car, a guy helped him and he has invited him for dinner too. Maa says Ranveer can invite anyone for the dinner. Shibham comes in. Naina and Aarti are worried watching him.
Ishaani says to Nurbhay that no matter what, he cannot remove Ranveer’s love from her heart. If she won’t come between Naina and Ranveer, he won’t also come between her and her love. Aarti recognizes Shibham and says he was a student with her in college. Naina stops Aarti, but Ranveer asks if he knows Naina. Shibham says he knows them all. Maa says he was a college fellow with Naina. Ranveer says he did right by bringing him here then. Shibham asks Ranveer to introduce him to his fiancé. Amba says Ranveer is marrying Naina. Shibham says congratulations. Shibham whispers to Ranveer that he knows Naina well, he must listen to him. He takes Ranveer aside saying he must talk to the mechanic for her car. Naina follows.
In the corridor, Shibham asks Ranveer how he knows Naina. Ishaani was passing by, Naina comes and asks if she is taking this milk for Nurbhay and offers that she will take it for him. She spills the glass over Shibham, Nurbhay had also come there. Ranveer ask Shibham if he is alright, Shibham says it burns a lot. Naina asks him to follow her. Ishaani had left, Ranveer wonders where has Ishaani gone.
In the room, Nurbhay asks Ishaani what was happening there. She never leaves a chance to go to Ranveer. He says he won’t bear anymore, she won’t leave the room until all the guests have left.
In the room, Vikram was drinking and thinks he also never leaves a chance to come close to Ishaani.
Maa sends Pratik to bring Naina and Shibham. Naina watches Pratik approaching. She requests Shibham to leave the house. He holds her in his arms, and asks for money. She hands him a bundle, still he hugs her. Pratik watches them together.
Vikram comes to Ishaani, Ishaani asks him to go out of the room. He comes towards her, she beats him with a broom stick. Vikram gives up, he tells Ishaani that Pooja’s death wasn’t an accident caused by Ranveer. Pooja’s death wasn’t an accident but a murder.

Ranveer tells Ishaani that nothing will happen. Ishaani remembers Nurbhay’s warning about killing Ranveer. She pushes him away, tells him not to come close to her and stay away from her. She cries that she is happy, she is in no pain. She gets in the car and leaves. Ranveer keeps on stopping her. He thinks that her tears and face tells him there is something wrong with her. Ritika watched them, she thinks that this game is getting interesting but she must reach home before Ishaani does now.
Ishaani comes home to find Nurbhay, Aarti, Maa and Naina looking forward to her way. She looks at them all quizzically and heads to go inside. Maa stops her, comes to her and accuses Ishaani. Nurbhay come to beat Ishaani as she argues. Maa stops him. Maa says sins have to be repented, she must do it for keeping an eye on a stranger man. Ishaani comes to Naina and says she didn’t go to meet Ranveer. Nurbhay says she went to him deliberately. Maa says she could have returned without meeting him. Maa says she has asked Poojari, he says her repentence is coal and she has to walk on burning coals bare foot. Ishaani was shocked.
Ranveer thinks that Ishaani is afraid of something, something is stopping her. She always cries, she wants to say a lot but can’t. His heart says there is something wrong happening to her in that house.
Naina asks Maa if this all is necessary. Maa says yes, if Naina doesn’t want her to come between her and Ranveer’s marriage she must shut up. She orders Ishaani to walk on the coals. Ishaani steps up the red hot coals. Ritika smiles from upstairs. Nurbhay turns around not being able to watch this all.
Amba blows Ranveer finger as he had burnt it with hot milk. Ranveer wonders how he felt as if he had touched the hot coal.
Ishaani couldn’t take another stop. Ishaani says Ranveer’s love is with her, that is her strength. Ranveer asks Amba to come to Naina’s house with him. He calls the Pandit for Satianaryan Pooja. Ishaani walks ahead. There, Ranveer and Amba comes to Nurbhay’s home. He opens the door and was confronting Nurbhay. Maa was getting the coals cleaned. Nurbhay says he was about to come to take her. The maids had sweeped the floor. Maa says they had arranged a Pooja. Amba invites them for Pooja. Ranveer says there is a Pooja before marriage, it is about to begin in one hour. Amba says she forgot to give them invitation. Nurbhay says they will reach in time. Ranveer watches coals on the stairs, Maa calls the maid. Ranveer and Amba leave. The family was relieved. Maa asks Nurbhay if he had seen them coming, and brought her out of the coal. Nurbhay says she didn’t feel that pain, she was walking so easily on burning coals. He promises to give Ishaani the pain that will matter to her. He tells Naina that she will soon be married to Ranveer. Naina thinks that before marrying Ranveer she must separate Ishaani and Ranveer.
Ishaani put the ointment on her feet and lay on the couch. Ranveer comes to the window and says he won’t leave without knowing Ishaani’s truth. He watches her feet, Ishaani asks where he came from? Stands up at once and locks the door. She was afraid, and says there will be problem if someone sees them there. She says she is Nurbhay’s wife now. Ranveer says this is all rubbish, he met her so called husband who told him that they aren’t husband wife, she just do a drama to be a wife; so she can’t lie now. Ranveer says he just want to know why she is doing this all. Ishaani turns around. Ranveer says all her truth is now here, she broke all her relations, her family and came here. He asks what she got there that she couldn’t get there? He says he wants to know the truth, he swears her of his love.
Maa says that Ranveer has seen the burning coal, he didn’t say anything but he must be in doubt. She says they must do something soon. If Naina doesn’t marry Ranveer, they would be liable on Nurbhay for their whole life. Aarti says what if Ranveer knows what is happening to Ishaani here. Ritika says he will take Ishaani with him, because they are childhood lovers. Naina says they must close Ishaani’s chapter, and discuss a plan with them.

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