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Madubala Friday 26th July 2019 On Angel TV


The Episode starts with Madhu thinking how to tell Dida what type is person is RK. RK comes to her and says I thought you run away leaving me, but now we have a break like Dida. He says I know you won’t leave me now. He says I brought bhajiyas for you, Dida told me that you like this a lot, and you can still try to run. She says leave me alone. Dida comes to them and asks what are you guys doing here. RK says she is acting, I brought bhajiyas for her and she is not having it. Dida asks Madhu to come and not trouble RK. She asks Madhu why does she trouble her son. RK says explain her, she always tries to run away. Dida asks Madhu not to trouble RK again.

Dida says you won’t get such a husband, and asks RK to make her eat. RK says eat. Madhu eats it. Dida smiles and leaves. Madhu spits the bhajiya. RK says spit your anger. Madhu says you fell so low to use my Dida’s feelings. He says I will do anything to get you. He says if I have to kill her, to get you, then I will kill her, leave aside playing with feelings. Madhu is shocked. She says you want me to come with you and live with you. He says yes. She says fine, I will come with you. She puts chilli powder on the bhajiyas and scolds him.

She says you played with Dida’s feelings, see what I do with your family now. RK smiles. Hum hai deewane……………….plays………………. He eats the red chilli bhajiya and says I like you and this red chilli. She leaves. Its morning, Bittu sees Rishabh and Madhu’s pic in his waller and cries. He says Chief, I could not keep my promise, Madhu’s life…. I could not save it from ruining, forgive me. Madhu comes to him and sees him crying. He gets annoyed and ends her relation with Madhu.

Madhu asks why are you saying this, I don’t have anyone other than you and Dida. RK comes and asks Bittu why is he making Madhu cry. Madhu asks RK not to misbehave with Bittu. RK says I m giving him respect. Bittu scolds him and compares him with Rishabh. Bittu says this man does not deserve to stand beside me, I was emotional seeing his face but he is not close to my chief. RK is puzzled. Bittu leaves. RK says he is angry fine, but who is this chief. Dida calls them to do the rituals.

Dida tells RK that he has taken her heart. RK says yes, I have kept it in my heart. Leela brings the shagun gifts. Dida says this is from our side to your family. RK smiles and they take her blessings. Dida blesses them. Ishw hai…………..plays…………. Its night, RK and Madhu are on the way back home. Madhu thinks about Bittu’s words and is upset. He says I know you are thinking how to ruin my family’s peace. She shakes the steering and he stops the car.

RK says your dramas are increasing day by day as Madhu gets out of the car. He says come, I will tell you how to die. She says I will kill your family, see what I do with them. She says just one month, and you will drop me my home. RK says you have challenged my love, these 30 days will be of your hatred and my love, I will win the bet once again, you will lose again. They hold hands to have a bet. They reach home. Agni says its so late and Madhu did not come till now. RK comes with the gifts. Everyone look at the gifts. RK says Madhu’s family has send this gifts to respect you all. He asks Madhu to meet everyone. ‘

Madhu refuses saying I m tired, will meet in morning. Agni taunts her. Tara says see they have not given anything of gold. Agni speaks against Madhu’s Dida. Madhu insults Agni. Baiu ji asks RK to control Madhu. Madhu argues with her. RK scolds Madhu and asks her to leave. Agni gets angry and comes to slap her. Madhu holds her hand shocking everyone.

The Episode starts with Madhu scolding Agni saying Dau ji says girls can’t take the family ahead. Dau ji comes and Madhu leaves her hand. She leaves. Bhanu says Dau ji, Madhu has crossed all limit, explain her else I will explain her my way. RK says I will do what I have to. RK asks Dau ji to shut Agni’s mouth, she called Madhu’s family cheap, can she bear it. RK asks Agni to think before speaking. He leaves. Bhanu asks Dau ji to control RK and Madhu. Bhanu leaves angrily with everyone. Dau ji thinks. Madhu prays to Kanha ji.

She says I m sorry Kanha, I did this bad behavior with RK’s family as I was helpless, I want to teach a lesson to RK, I m sorry. RK comes to her and shuts the door. RK scolds her. She argues with him equally. She says its just the beginning. He says it means you will do anything to win the bet. Madhu says I did what Dau ji says. That girls are of other home and guy ours. She asks him to keep his anger for future and says you will leave me my home in one month, beg me and ask me to go back my home, as I will play with your family’s feelings as you are playing with my Dida’s feelings.

Tara cries. Bhanu aims a gun at Agni. Agni says I m already killed by Madhu’s insult, why are you joking now, kill me. Bhanu aims at Tara and she stops crying. Bhanu says what is gun for. Tara says to kill. Bhanu says no, it has many more purpose, I have seen a crack in Madhu and RK’s relation, see how this gun changes their relation.He says Raja Rani’s story end now. Agni smiles.

Its morning, Bai ji and Dau ji asks everyone to have food. He says I will see what to do about Madhu. He asks them to sit on the floor with him. RK comes and asks why did you sit here, you are promoted, come, sit on the chair and have food. Dau ji says no. RK makes him sit on the chair. Dau ji sits. RK sits with them.

Dau ji says RK that you looks my son when Madhu is not with you. He says shall we go for wrestling. RK says we have gym here, where people practice exercises and make body. Dau ji shows his muscles. Bhanu taunts RK and challenges him to have a gun aiming competition with him. RK says fine, anytime. Bhanu says so lets do the arrangements, lets see how to make Madhu’s name shine. Agni smiles. Dau ji aims and shoots at bull’s eye. He tells Bhanu and RK, that he is still alive, he was showing them how to aim right.

He asks Bhanu to shoot now. Bhanu smiles and says it’s a bet between me and RK, not between you and me. He says if I miss my shot, I will shave my moustache. Dau ji says fine, lets see. Bhanu aims and hits bull’s eye. He smiles and says see. RK comes there and takes the gun. RK shoots at bull’s eye without seeing. RK says I did not even see the target when I shot. I m Dau ji’s blood. Bhanu says fine, if I keep my wife there and shoot, will you also shoot keeping Madhu stand.

Bhanu challenges RK. He asks Tara to come. Dau ji asks Tara not to be afraid as he will not shoot her, go and stand. Bhanu says come, stand there. Tara agrees and stands. Tara gets tensed. Bhanu says don’t be sacred, trust me, stand quiet. Bhanu aims and shoots at the target beside her. Tara shakes. Everyone smile seeing Bhanu’s good shot. Dau ji praises Bhanu and Tara smiles. Dau ji says Tara is brave. RK says fine, I will make Agni stand here, its not a big thing. He asks Agni to stand. Agni asks why, are you afraid of Madhu. Bhanu laughs. Agni asks don’t you trust yourself.

Bhanu says leave it RK, you stick to your wife’s Pallu. Bhanu taunts him. Dau ji asks RK to call Madhu, as he has given his word to them. Agni says go. RK says yes, fine, I will call her. RK goes to call Madhu. Bhanu and Agni smile. RK comes to Madhu and holds her hand bringing her out. He asks Madhu to stand here and takes the gun. Madhu is puzzled and asks whats going on. RK says stand straight, I m aiming now. RK aims at her and she is shocked. Madhu says whats this.

Agni says RK will aim at target making you stand. Madhu asks are you all mad. Bai ji says its about his respect. RK says Bhanu made Tara stand and she did not tell anything, bullet will pass by you, you won’t know. Madhu says Tara does not say as she lived with animals since childhood. She says what do you think about women, I m not afraid of anyone. Dau ji says RK, cut her tongue with a knife else shoot her. Dau ji says if you can’t do this, shoot yourself.

Dau ji scolds Madhu and says RK has a right on you. Bhanu has right on Tara, even though she is my daughter and you are RK’s wife, he will do what he likes. Madhu says no, RK does not have any right on me as I don’t accept this marriage. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: RK misbehaves with Madhu. He lifts her and takes her to the room saying if I love my wife, how is it a rape.

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