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Madhubla Tuesday 9th July 2019 On Angel TV


The Episode starts with RK pushing Abhay on Madhu’s feet saying this is for making Madhu clean everyone’s shoes. He counts every mistake of Abhay and take revenge. RK says what else did you do. Sweety reminds him more instances. RK says go and bring a wine bottle. Sweety brings the wine bottle. RK makes Abhay drink it. Madhu says stop it RK, you should not punish him like this, can’t take such revenge. RK says I love you a lot Rani, next time don’t come in between, a wife should give hot food to husband and never make husband’s collar spoiled, be like a wife.

Madhu is shocked. RK puts wine in Abhay’s mouth holding him. RK takes Abhay with him. Madhu runs to Kanha ji. She says I don’t understand, RK got well and behaving strange, please take care of him, nothing bad should happen. She calls the inspector and asks him to come fast. She says come to Abhay Kapoor’s house. RK makes Abhay stand on the stool and ties the rope to the door. Abhay’s hands are also tied and says let me go. Everyone come to Madhu. Dolly says I m worried, RK can do anything. Gopi says I will call police. She says I called, inspector will come now.

RK says the time was yours yesterday, I was saved as it was my fate, the time in mine now, I have to see your fate saves you or not. The police comes. Madhu says RK and Abhay are together and they are in a room. They go to see them. RK says till this door is closed, you will breath, if this door opens, you will die, I will not spoil my hands with your blood, I will go, lets meet if you stay alive. RK leaves. Abhay says RK, stop. Madhu and everyone walk towards the room.

RK says inspector Abhay has gone mad, he has drunk lots of wine and is committing suicide by hanging himself. Everyone are shocked. RK says I tries to stop him but he did not. Madhu looks at RK shocked. The inspector opens the door and Abhay hangs. Madhu and everyone are shocked to see Abhay. The police brings him down. Madhu is shocked seeing him dead. Dolly and everyone start crying. The inspector says he is dead. Madhu comes in her bathroom and cries. Dolly says Bebe will die knowing this. The inspector asks who saw him last time. RK says I have seen him, he was standing on the stool trying to hang, he was drunk, I tried stopping him, but you came and opened the door, you have killed him inspector. Inspector says me, why will I kill him. RK says you have opened the door, the file will open and close on you.

The inspector says but someone hanged him making the arrangements. RK threatens the inspector and says you can be arrested and hanged in murder charges. He says else make the file that he was drunk and committed suicide, I will give my statement, think what you have to do. The inspector asks everyone to stay out. RK comes to everyone and scolds Sweety to bring water. Leela is scared of him. RK tells Dolly that bad thing has to end, either he and I had to die, my fate has life and his fate has death. He says I m not your enemy Dolly chichi, go back to your village.

He asks her to take care of Bebe. He says you don’t know me. Dolly cries. Madhu talks to Kanha ji and says I asked for Raju’s life but not as a murderer. RK comes and says Kanha ji tell her I m not a murderer, even you killed Kans. Abhay was also a Kans. Madhu says do you know what you did, you killed someone and you are smiling. RK says I did not kill anyone, he did suicide. He was very sad and got drunk and died. Madhu says we both know the truth. He says the truth is my name is not Raju, not Raja. I did this for my wife.

He says I love you a lot. Madhu says I support truth, being your wife, I m saying you did wrong, accept your mistake, we will go court and tell what Abhay did with us, then we will start a new life. RK says no court, I m a court myself who decides, Abhay Kapoor punishment, now our story begins. He says Raju died with Abhay, so don’ take such names. Madhu is shocked. She comes to the room and cries. He says fine, cry, come downstairs later, I m going to clean some some dirt of this house.

The Episode starts with Leela telling Sweety its your lottery that Abhay died. Wear a white saree and cry aloud. This property will be mine. Sweety says no, I don’t want this, I need my husband and want to dress like married women. RK comes there. They are shocked to see him. He scares them. He reminds them how they have blowed flour in his eyes. RK asks Sweety to cry. Leela covers up Sweety. RK asks why are you happy. Leela says nothing. RK says I m not stupid, I know you are big players, but now I got fine, I became Raja from Raju. Lets blow mirchi in eyes and play a game. Leela and Sweety are afraid.

RK looks for red chilli powder and takes in his hand. He says lets see who blows first. Leela asks him to leave them and apologize to him. She says beat us with shoes, but not this mirchi. RK acts like crying and says now go. Leela says really, lets go. He asks Leela to leave and asks Sweety to stay. Sweety apologizes. He taunts her. She says I m not Abhay’s wife. We had a contract marriage and I gave him divorce too. We used to sleep apart. He says then it means you are not Abhay’s mum in law. He blows it in their eyes. Leela and Sweety scream. He says I did this as you have troubled my Rani. Don’t do it again. He leaves.

Leela and Sweety look for water. Dolly cries seeing Abhay’s dead body. RK says the body will go Jalandhar where he was born, Dolly and Gopi are his relatives and will take him there. The inspector asks who are you. RK says he adopted me, he did not have any wife and son. He says take them with you. Dolly and Gopi leave crying. Madhu comes. RK looks at her. RK stops her and asks where are you going. She says far from you, as I can’t live with a murderer. He says how can you run, I m your husband, I married you.

She says you were right, you are not Raju, I married Raju, you can’t be Raju, as he was innocent and honest. He says your eyes have tears which is making your sight unclear. She says leave my hand, who are you. He says I will tell you who I m, you are my wife, don’t be angry and ask with love. She says leave my hand. He says I did not hold your hand to leave. RK leaves her hand.

Madhu leaves with her bag. He says you are going to Maayka, its good. He asks Leela and Sweety to leave too. Madhu comes to Bittu’s home and hugs Sunny. He says I came to meet mum but did not guts to meet you, I came to know what happened with you, I stopped you from telling truth to dad, and this happened. He says I wish to kill Abhay. Madhu says Raju has killed him. Sunny is shocked. Its morning, the media comes to talk to RK asking about Abhay’s suicide. RK says he was helpless, and drunk.

He says Abhay was sad and started taking drugs and then he acted like in films, and tells how he made him start on the railing. I got saved but he passed away. The reporter gets postmortem report and says RK is right. RK acts sweet. He asks them to write good about Abhay. The media leaves. RK is happy thinking his and his Rani’s film will start. He says action.

Madhu tells Sunny everything and says RK came to take me home, how can I go. She asks him not to open the door. Sunny opens the door and is shocked to see Leela and Sweety. He asks how come you guys in Chawl. Leela apologizes. Sunny does not allow them inside as they have insulted his dad. Leela says where will we go. He says go to any Abhay Kapoor. Leela says sorry, this won’t happen again. Madhu asks Sunny to forgive them and forget everything as Leela is his mum. Sunny says what about my dad, till he comes here and forgives them, they can’t come inside.

RK comes there in style in a car. He says your husband came, welcome me. She says I m not your wife, I won’t be afraid seeing your goons. I will call police. He says atleast take me inside. He says I will love you and do what I want. Madhu goes inside and shuts the door. RK bangs it and says open it, else I will open the door. Madhu asks Sunny not to open the door. Sunny says I will talk to him. RK asks who are you. Sunny says I m Madhu’s brother. RK says I did not see you at Abhay’s house. Sunny says I went to Delhi for some work. RK asks everyone watching to leave.

RK says Leela and Sweety should go in. Sunny says no. RK says when they did bad with you, whats the need to do bad with them, even I have forgiven them, you also forgive them. Leela and Sweety get in. RK says Rani and smiles looking at Madhu.

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