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Madhubala Wednesday 3rd July 2019 On Angel Tv


The Episode starts with Madhu leaving with RK. She takes the medicine bottle with her. Its morning, Madhu is with RK. The doctor says I m seeing you since night, but this morning will bring good news, he is normal now. Madhu smiles. He says Meenakshi told me everything about you. He says may God bless you. Madhu says thanks, when can I taake him home. He says today. She looks at RK. RK wakes up. She says good morning. He says good morning too. He asks why did we come here. Madhu thinks it means he does not remember anything. She says you had fever so I brought you here. He sees a kid playing with Rubik cube and smiles.

RK says I want that cube. He plays with it and makes it perfect. Madhu smiles seeing his intelligence. The doctor comes and says good morning RK. He sees his progress. Madhu and everyone clap for RK. RK says see I did it. The doctor asks Madhu to come to his cabin. Madhu goes to talk to him. The doctor shows her medicines bottles. Madhu says its shocking, Abhay is giving RK high dose. He says yes, thats why he is getting unwell. His brain may damage. he says don’t worry, I noticed he is sharp. He says its rare that he can get well and normal. Madhu says I have the hope that he will be fine, I m his wife and I will make him normal, I trust myself and I will make him fine.

She prays to Kanha and says I know your powers. She says I will try my best and you will make my RK well. Abhay sees the hospital bill and tells Madhu what should I do. Madhu says pay it. Abhay says you will pay it. She says no, you will pay it. She says you have legally adopted RK and signed the bond that you are taking his responsibility. She says if you can’t manage, then give the responsibility to me. Abhay says you say good dialogues. Meenakshi comes there. Madhu greets her and asks her to come.

Abhay talks to Meenakshi. She asks how is RK. Abhay says he stays with his hero, so he will be fine. Meenakshi says I came to invite you on annual function. She says we all want you to come. Abhay says I m very busy and I don’t come in small functions. He thinks and says you went on one month leave right, then how did you come back. Meenakshi says yes, I went but I came back for this function. Abhay says oh I see. He signs Leela. Madhu thinks if RK participates, it will be good for his confident boosting. Madhu tells Meenakshi about RK, can he take part. Meenakshi says sure, I want him to take part.

Abhay says no, he does not know anything. He says he knows only getting scared and crying. Madhu says he plays flute well, I will bring him there. Abhay says I hope you know the difference between confidence and over confidence. He says I will come to cheer my biggest fan. Madhu is shocked. Abhay says RK does not have confidence and he will not be able to perform on the stage, lets see. RK plays the flute. Leela says Madhu is making RK practice. Abhay smiles and asks her not to worry. He says RK will not stand on the stage. He says I don’t have the habit to lose, i will win tomorrow.

Madhu brings RK to the stage and he is unable to bear the sharp lights. She tells him that he will play the flute tomorrow on this stage as its annual function and Meenakshi invited them. RK says fine, we will come, we had lots of fun last year. Madhu says yes, you will play flute, everyone will talk about you, play a good tune that everyone praise you. RK says no, I can’t play flute infront of so many people. Madhu says now I m with you, can’t you do this for me.

Madhu gives him the flute saying this is the chance to prove to Abhay. Madhu says I know you will be afraid but I have a solution, look at me only, not anyone else. She says all the best and remember you are strong and can do anything. RK plays it. RK says I m hungry, where is my pizza. She says promise I will take you but play a good tune. RK plays. Madhu smiles. She says she will make RK fine.

The Episode starts with Dolly waiting for Madhu and RK. Leela asks her why is she at the door. Dolly makes excuses. Madhu makes RK have curd and asks him to take Kanha’s blessings. RK says I have to come first for my doll Kanha. Madhu smiles. Abhay says my blessings are also with you. Madhu looks at him while RK is annoyed with Abhay. Abhay does his aarti and is about to do his tilak. RK stops him.

Abhay asks are you still annoyed, forget everything, I got a  very bad dream yesterday that you lost in the competition, I got much insulted as people know you by my name. He says you have to win the competition for your hero. Madhu says no, he will win for himself, so that he can show thee world he is not lesser than you. Abhay says we will know in evening, whose trust wins. Abhay says I m the Chief guest, I can give you lift in my car.

Madhu says we don’t need your help, we will manage on our own. She says thanks, come RK. She takes RK and leaves. Abhay smiles. The annual function starts. Everyone clap. Abhay lights the diya and is welcomed by them. Madhu sees RK getting tensed and comes to him. RK says there are many people here. She says don’t be scared, see only me and plkay the flute, think you are alone. RK sees kids performing. RK says I can’t play the flute. Madhu says calm down, have this water. She says you have to perform, Meenakshi and Dolly have hopes from you, you have to perform and show Abhay what you are. RK says yes. RK is called next. Madhu says come RK.

RK says you also come with me. I m scared. She says don’t be scared, I can’t come there, but I m with you, come. RK is called on the stage. RK is tensed seeing the crowd. RK finally goes on the stage.Madhu sits and asks RK to look at her. Abhay sees RK and Madhu signing and talking. RK smiles. Abhay thinks I understood your plan Madhu, now see my plan. Abhay starts clapping and says come on RK. Everyone cheer for RK and he gets more scared. Abhay smiles. Madhu gets worried. She asks RK to concentrate and asks everyone to be quiet. RK gets scared seeing the crowd shouting. Madhu looks at Abhay angrily. RK leaves.

RK tells Madhu that he can’t play the flute. Madhy says calm down, its fine, I will not force you. She says I will bring water and leaves. Madhu comes to the school temple and cries. RK is called on stage. RK sees Madhu crying. They think RK won’t come as kids get afraid sometimes. Madhu hears RK playing the flute. RK nicely plays the flute without any fear. Madhu smiles and thanks the Lord. She runs to see him. Abhay is surprised seeing RK’s confidence. RK plays a beautiful tune. Madhu wipes her tears and signs him well done. RK looks at her.

Meenakshi claps for RK first. Everyone clap for him. Abhay gets up and claps unwillingly. RK smiles and runs to Madhu. Madhu smiles. RK hugs Madhu making Abhay angry. Meenakshi smiles.

Precap: Abhay offers RK a trophy, but he refuses to take it from him. RK calls Abhay a villain and that his Gudiya is the hero. Abhay is shown running on a treadmill repeating continuously that he will not lose.

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