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Madhubala Wednesday 24th July 2019 On Angel TV


The Episode starts with Dau ji talking to RK. RK says shall I fix a date with Bai ji, take her. Bai ji comes. Dau ji talks to her indirectly. RK asks her to cook something good. Madhu comes and gives tea to Madhu. Bau ji says w don’t understand anything how to use stoves here. RK asks Madhu to cook for one two days and teach Bai ji how to use the modern kitchen. RK says I will eat the food which Madhu cooks. Madhu says me? Bai ji taunts her. Dau ji says Bai ji is right, I will eat food which Madhu makes. RK says me too. RK shows the watch to Madhu and reminds her of the challenge.

He asks her to cook well, not in hurry. She leaves. Madhu starts cooking. She looks at the clock. She says how will I cook so much food, RK did this so that I lose the challenge. Bhabhi comes and asks Madhu why is she worried. Madhu says I have one hour and I have to cook, I have to go out for some work. Bhabhi says whats the problem, you will cook faster here on gas, I will help you. Madhu says no, everyone will scold you, I have to do this, and maybe for the last time. Bhabho asks what. RK comes and hears this. Bhabhi leaves seeing him.

RK says what will you do, call police. She says no need, you will leave me at the door. RK says great and holds her hand showing her the watch. He says your time is running bad. He tries being around her.. His hand cuts as he helps her. She runs to see him and he holds her. Tera ishq hi mera junoon hai maahi……………..plays……………… They have an eyelock. Madhu cocoks some rotis. Hum hai deewane…………plays…………….Her hand burns and he blows on it. She looks at him. Tu hai sirf meri……………plays……………… She says its still 20mins remaining and I will win the bet. She leaves. RK looks on.

Tara makes a Rangoli. Madhu comes to Dau ji. RK thinks what will Madhu do now, how will she make Dau ji agree. Madhu tells Dau ji that she wants to go her Maayka. Dau ji asks why. Bai ji starts taunts again. She says no one from Madhu’s family came to meet us or find about her. She says Madhu wants to meet her family. Dau ji says stop it, she is talking to me. Dau ji asks the reason. Madhu says yes, I have some work. Dau ji says if anyone come from your family, then you can go, but not alone. RK smiles. Everyone looks on as Sunny comes.

Madhu smiles seeing him. Tara asks him why is he spoiling her rangoli, who are you. He enters the house and says I m Sunny, Madhu’s brother.Madhu smiles seeing him while everyone are shocked. Sunny talks to them. Dau ji asks why did your family not come. Madhu says I wanted everyone to meet you, but first the rituals then Mami will meet. Dau ji asks what ritual. Agni says we did all, now what. Madhu says patphere ritual.

Madhu explains him about the patphere ritual. She says RK can’t come with me, but he will come to take me after two days. RK says whats this new ritual, this won’t happen, let Sunny take Dau ji’s permission first. He asks Sunny to leave. Madhu convinces Dau ji to agree scaring everyone that if the ritual is not done, any accident can happen with this family. Madhu says so I thought to do this rasam, you can decide. RK says nothing will happen. Dau ji asks for how many days. Sunny says one or two. Dau ji says we did not know rituals here, but if Sunny came to take you, then fine, how can I send him alone.

Dau ji smiles and asks Madhu to go. RK is shocked. Madhu smiles thanking Dau ji. She looks at RK and shows the time. She says I will bring my belongings and leaves. She brings a bag. She greets the elders taking their blessings. Agni asks Madhu not to meet Bhabhi before leaving. Madhu confuses them by meeting Bhabhi and apologizes to everyone. She thinks she won and RK wont be able to find her now. She says if RK can’t come with me, he can atleast leave me till the door. Dau ji asks RK to leave Madhu till the door. RK comes with her.

Once outside the house, Madhu removes the veil! Madhu smirks .. aww look at yourself.. struck a bet and you lost..! Btw look at your watch still 5 mins to go! Madhu says i won! Raja says i will only look at my Rani..! The bet is when you will cross the gate of the building which u havent yet! Madhu says still 1 minute left and you cant force me here! Raja says ‘Pyaar kiya hai tumse.. na shart harenge… na tumhe.. jahan raja ..wahan rani’..! Madhu says stop the crap! Madhu says i will leave with Sunny and go to a place where neither you nor your force will reach! Raja says ‘Soch aachi hai par kachchi hai’ ..! Raja says i wont stop you ..but for the sake of my love.. countdown ..! Raja says lemme count… 1-2-3-4-5 .. Rani .. Mami..! The gates of the lift open and Lela comes! She greets Raja! Madhu-Sunny are shocked to see her! Madhu stammers ..u? Lela says yes me..! Lela steps out of the lift and says am your Mami-Chachi …why so shocked to see me? Lela says Raja called me and i had to come! Raja says .. you flopped Ranis plans! Raja says she had decided to run off ..but u came and now she cant leave! Raja says now that u r here.. u have to come inside! Raja says when u come inside.. Rani has to come too! Madhu says we wont stay here.. ! Sunny says Lela u wanna stay here.. stay ..we are going! Raja says whats the rush? Keep calm! Raja tells Lela what will Tauji-Taiji think that their samdhan left from the door what will they think? Madhu says let them .. am off! Lela says if i had not come and u left.. it was fine but now that i am here. .i need to meet them..! Lela drags Sunny inside..! Raja shows the watch and says .. its 2pm ..and ur still here. .so u lost and i won! BG- hum hai dewane! Raja puts the veil back on Madhus head!

Part 2

Raja introes Lela to all ..! Lela recognizes Tauji and says my daughter is so lucky..! She says Tauji that he looks like a fighter from historic serials..! Tauji is feeling shy and calls Taiji! Taiji diverts Lela and says a while back asked Madhu when will relatives come and she said will come after pag pehere! Lela explains that Raja called me here! Agni says so u came after Raja called? Lela says was gonna come but Raja called so came pronto! She says consider Raja a son! She says he will stay with us for one day ..and return next day! Tauji says if Raja leaves how will we function? We dunno anything! Lela says ur in the city .. call me in case u need anything! Tauji feels shy again and Taiji interferes and says.. women of our house dun yap with outsider men! Raja says leave all this.. i was gonna go tomorrow.. better i leave today! Raja asks Madhu will she mind it? Madhu fumes! Raja takes blessing and smirks at Madhu! Raja tells Madhu .. shall we leave?

Tara apes Lela! Tauji tells Taiji ..what a strange creature!

Sunny is about to drive the car and Raja says called another car for u ..! I will come with Rani in this car and u with ur mom in other car! Lela drags Sunny away! Raja opens the car door for Madhu! He asks Madhu how does it feel to lose the bet? Raja says..told u ..u will leave this house with me..! Raja says.. ‘Hum jo kehte hain.. woh karte hain’ ..! He tries to hold Madhus hand and she jerks off..! Raja says am ur hubby .. why shy away from me? U just lost the bet now. .soon u will lose ur heart! Madhu gets in the car and slams the car door! Raja says.. thanks to your anger ..someday i will end up dead! Raja is driving the car and tells Madhu ..sorry i sent Sunny to the other car .. how will i tell him that u lost and so i have something romantic to do with u..! Madhu remembers the bet! Raja says i will behave properly ..i will come close to u .. romantically ..! Madhu feels uncomfy!

Part 3

Raja says guess u r not feeling well ..! Where should i take u to please u? Madhu says stop the car! He does! Raja says in the middle of the road? There is nothing romantic here! Raja turns radio on! Song – Baho me chale aao! Raja tries to come close to Madhu ..! Madhu feels awkward..! She pushes him away! She changes the channel ..! Song – Lag ja gale! Raja tries to come close to Madhu! Raja changes the channel and again romantic song! Raja says even radio is trying to make things romantic for u ..! Listen to the winds.. even it is singing a slow song.. everything outside has stopped.. just to see how u will rain romance on me..! Madhu pushes Rajas hand away! Madhu says i wanna go home .. dun misbehave! Raja says fulfill the condition and then lets reach home! Madhu cribs! Raja says feeling strange in car? Raja gets out of car and Madhu gets out of car too ..! Madhu is scared! Raja says simple solution .. look in my eye with love …! U will see love ..and ur face and then u will come close to me..! After that ur fear will be gone and ur love for me will awaken! Madhu is shaking! Raja says dun worry .. u dun need to come close to me.. i will come close to u..! Madhu is panic stricken ..! Raja tries to remove Madhus specs and she jerks his hand off but the specs fall and break! Madhu tries to find her specs! Raja watches.. her struggle..! Raja says u have ruined me with this .. u havent looked so pretty before..! He makes her feel his heartbeat! Madhu cries..! Raja asks can i kiss u on the forehead? He says this is discount! Madhu says i lost my bet .. not my reputation! Madhu says dun dare to come close! Raja says u lost the bet ..! Madhu says u broke my specs.. i cant see anything .. and u care about the bet? Raja says so u cant see without specs? Then i can do anything with u? Madhu says stop it..! Raja closes in on Madhu!

Precap —- Raja tells Madhu not to rub her eye.. as it will be ok in1-2 days! Raja removes Madhus hand and blows air on her eye and she closes her eye..! Raja and Madhu are moving closer to each other! BG – Ishq tu hi hai mera!

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