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Madhubala Tuesday 30th July 2019 On Angel TV


The Episode starts with RK telling Madhu that he loves her, so how can it be a rape, he is her husband and not a stranger that he will touch her and she will shout saying its rape. She says she hates him and asks him not to touch her else she will break his hand. Agni asks Dau ji why is she so upset. Bau ji says he did not sleep all night by what Madhu told them yesterday. Everyone backbite about Madhu. Madhu comes there covering herself with a shawl. Everyone look at her. Madhu tells Bai ji that your son has forced me to sleep with him.

Everyone is shocked and looks at her. Dau ji says what nonsense, he is your husband and will do what he wants. Madhu says he is an animal. Bai ji says I will beat you with my slipper. She says how can you call your husband an animal, then are you a witch. Agni taunts her. Bai ji says how can she be so shameless to say this infront of Dau ji and Bhanu. Madhu argues with her. Agni says I think she has any affair, so she is doing drama every day, to get rid of her husband. Agni says husband and wife relation is of love. Bhanu laughs and says she is calling her husband an animal, maybe she will bring a donkey and call it her husband.

Tara says I think she got mad to blame her husband like this. RK comes there. He says Madhu come in the room and talk to me. Madhu says I will tell the whole world that he has raped me. RK gets angry.

Madhu says I will go to police and you all will go to jail. Everyone is shocked. Madhu says you all are laughing now, soon you all will cry. Dau ji asks RK to stop Madhu. Madhu says RK will go to jail and get punished, you all will regret remember, you don’t know what a woman can do, she is not helpless. Bhanu says why are you giving lecture, you go and report in police. He says go, lets see what happened. Everyone smile. Bhanu says don’t threaten us, go. Bhanu asks RK to wait and let Madhu go. Let her know the reason between man and woman.

Bhanu says there is no rape between and husband and wife. Let her say if she wants to say anything. Madhu goes to the police station and says I have been raped. The inspector asks who did it. Madhu says my husband. He says what, husband and laughs. He says you are wasting our time. Madhu cries and says take my FIR, my husband has raped me, punish him. They laugh on her. She asks why are you laughing. He asks where did it happen.

She says in my inlaws house. They laugh again. He says it means in your room and laughs. He says what your husband did with you, he is allowed to do it by law and society. She says do you know the meaning of rape. He says are you not ashamed to repeat this word. She says no, rape means to do it without wish, my husband did it without my wish. He says how can we accept this, maybe you fought with him, or you demanded anything with him, and he did not give it, so you came here to put him in jail, bring him here, we will explain him and solve the matter, you both talk and end the fight.

A woman inspector comes and supports Madhu. She scolds them for laughing on Madhu. She asks Madhu to come with her and tell her what happened with her, and she will get justice for her. .

Bhanu tells Tara and Agni that RK will go to jail now, do the packing, we are going back now. Dau ji will take us back. Agni says no, the game is not yet over, it started. Bhanu says whats remaining now. Agni says we will get rid of Madhu, but RK will come back to us again, he can bring Madhu again. Bhanu says yes, I did not think about this. Tara says I don’t understand, tell me are we going or staying here. Agni says we have to stay here till this matter ends, and fuel the fire between them. Bhanu smiles.

RK thinks about Madhu’s words. RK says my love lost today and her hatred has won. Agni says Dau ji is calling you, come. She says this is why I did not wish to come in city, look at you now. Agni fills her ears and asks him to be like Dau ji and Bhanu, a true man. She asks Dau ji to explain RK that nothing happened. Dau ji tells RK that what you did was your right and what Madhu did was her mistake, come with me to our village. Bai ji says yes, I will find a beautiful bride for you, you did what you wanted, that’s enough now. RK says Madhu is not dead, she is alive, why to find another girl for me.

He says she is annoyed with me, she will come back. Dau ji says I will break her legs if she comes back and I will break your hand if you hold her hand again. Bai ji says yes, she has shown her colors. RK says Madhu is connected to me for whole life and can’t get separated. The police comes and asks for RK. Everyone looks on. The lady inspector says your wife complained about rape against you and we came to arrest you. Dau ji says she is lying. She says the court will decide whats true. Agni and Bhanu smile.

Dau ji says tell me what you want, how many lakhs. The inspector says I can arrest you for bribing me. She arrests RK. Dau ji gets angry. She says enough, else you will be behind bars too. They take RK and leave. Bhanu gets happy. Dau ji asks Bhanu to take him to the police station. Dida talks to Leela and says I m feeling strange, I feel my BP is high, call the nurse and asks her ti check it. Madhu comes home. Dida is shocked seeing her. She asks what happened, you went to your inlaws house yesterday, how did you come today, did RK not come. Madhu says I left him, forever. Dida is shocked. Dida asks why, I m not well today, tell me is he fine. Madhu cries and says he is not a human, but an animal. She says he has raped me. Dida is shocked.

The Episode starts with RK being put in the lockup. Dau ji and Bhanu come there. Bhanu says RK, don’t worry, if this was village, no one would have dared to arrest you, but I will free you soon. Dau ji says I will shoot Madhu and end this matter. RK says she did this in anger, she will come to free me. Dau ji scolds him for singing her song. RK says understand my love, you know me, no one dare to see me and she sent me to jail, I love her and did not scold her, I trust my love, she will come to free me. Dida takes Madhu inside.

Madhu cries and tells her she took this decision herself. She says I did not have any other option, my aim to live is to get that animal hanged to death. Dida cries and is shocked. She says I want to tell him that woman is not weak, her will is strong. Dida says I m with you in your every decision, as self esteem is most important for a woman. She says I m with you. She says I wanted to see you win and live your life well. Leela hears this and is shocked.

Madhu gets the inspector’s call who asks her to come and identify whether he is the one. Madhu says fine and tells this to Dida. She says I have to go to police station. Dida says I will come with you. Madhu says no, I will go, just pray for me. Dida says no, I won’t let you go alone, I will come. Leela starts praying for Madhu. Madhu hugs Dida. They leave from home and see a temple. They pray to the Lord. Madhu takes Dida’s blessings. Dida says everything will be fine.

Madhu leaves. Dida prays for Madhu’s safety. RK says why did Maadhu not come till now. He sees her and is happy thinking she came to free him. He stops her and says we can’t be apart for much time, I have trust on my love that you will come to free me. RK asks Dau ji not to go, as Madhu will free him.

They ask Madhu to identify RK and bring him out of the lockup. RK thinks Madhu came to free her and thanks her. The magistrate asks Madhu is this your husband who have raped you. Madhu says yes, this is that animal, I want to see him severely punished and hanged to death. RK is shocked. Deva Deva…………plays…………… Madhu fumes in anger. The magistrate says take him. Leela talks to Dida and says we have to show Madhu the right way, why did you send Madhu in danger. Dida says I did what I felt is right, I will get RK punished.

Leela says we can’t punish him. Dida says the law will punish him. Leela says you don’t know him, he is not your son Rishabh, he has hanged Abhay Kapoor infront of me and took Madhu at gunpoint, how can you put him in jail. Dida is shocked and says nothing is important than Madhu’s respect. Leela says leave my house and fight with RK. Leela pushes Dadi. Bittu comes and slaps Leela. He says are you not ashamed, you are such a cheap woman, I m ashamed to call you my wife, being a woman can’t you feel Madhu’s pain. Dida cries. Bittu says Leela has done this with Madhu, you got her married without telling me and Dida.

Leela argues. She taunts him. Bittu says I love Madhu, I trust her, I have a right to get angry. He says Dida is not alone, Madhu is not alone, I m with them and will always be. He says don’t scare us about RK, ask him to count his days. Bhanu tells Agni that Madhu will get RK punished. Agni says it means RK is not of our way now. Bhanu says yes, then I will sit in Dau ji’s seat. Agni gets glad. Agni asks Bhanu to go to RK and fill his ears and she will go to Madhu to get her trust, now I will show them. Bhanu smiles.

Sunny tells Madhu that he is with her always and hugs her. Madhu thanks him. Sunny says now he will go what can we do. He says many people are with us, Mr Shroff is coming to meet you. She says his fees might be high. He says I will see it, don’t worry. Bittu asks Madhu not to cry and make RK cry. He says Madhu I m sorry, I did not know the truth, but now I know, this happened because of Leela, I was angry on you as I love you a lot. I trust you a lot, and I will always be with you.

The lawyer Shroff comes. Bittu says he is a famous lawyer, please come. Shroff says I came to know about this case from police station, I will help you. He says woman bear injustice at homes and don’t raise a voice, as its tough to prove marital rape, the opposition lawyer can break you with his questions, are you ready. She says yes, its my decision, you don’t try to scare me. She says I will answer all questions and I won’t be ashamed, he has to be ashamed as he is the culprit, not I. He says so you are sure now to get RK punished. She says yes, I will fight with the whole world. He says fine, take rest, I will come in one two days.

She says I m not worried, but eager to get him punished. He says the case will take years. Sunny says but RK will be in jail right. The lawyer says no, he will get bail. Madhu says he raped me, how can he get bail. Shroff says don’t shout on me, I m telling you what the system does. She says I will change the system. He says fine, change the system and then call me. She says RK has sent you here right. She says he has sent you here to see how much I m eager to get him punished, tell me to get scared as no one can save him. She says you are not a lawyer, but an agent, you are the culprit who sell themselves for money. She scolds him to the limit and asks him to get out. Shroff leaves. Madhu shuts the door angrily.

RK tries to bribe the inspector. RK asks him to free him for two hours. The man asks for Rs one lakh and asks him to come back in time. RK gives him the money and gets free.

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