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Madhubala Thursday 4th July 2019 On Angel Tv


The Episode starts with Abhay being called on the stage to announce the winner. Abhay goes on stage and says RK did not win this competition. Madhu is shocked. Abhay says RajKumar won. Madhu hugs RK happily. Abhay looks at them and is angry. Everyone clap for RK. Abhay is asked to give the prize to the winner RK. Abhay asks RK to come on the stage. Madhu says go RK. RK says you also come with me. Madhu says I can’t come. RK insists. Meenakshi takes RK to the stage. RK says I will not take trophy from his hand, he is not hero, he is bad, he is villain. Abhay is shocked. He says Abhay has pushed me in swimming pool. Abhay looks at Madhu. The people start talking about Abhay.

Abhay says it was a joke, a game, how can you tell this here infront of everyone. Abhay says he is a kid, I m sorry, take it now. RK says I will take trophy from my Gudiya, she is my hero. RK smiles looking at Madhu. Madhu comes to him Everyone clap. Madhu says I m very honored, but why me. RK says you said that I should win for you and you prepared me for this day, I know everything, when I woke up at night, I heard you telling Kanha to make me win. He says I want to get trophy from your hands, you are my hero. Madhu smiles and says this is the best moment of my life.

Madhu gives the trophy to RK and says congrats. Everyone clap. Abhay looks on. Madhu tells him that bad happens with bad people. She taunts him and says my husband won and you look so small today, he is the superstar today, people are clapping for him, not for you. RK and Madhu come home. She thanks Kanha. She asks him to get ready as she has a big surprise for him. She asks him to go and have bath. He says keep hot water on the bucket. She says only today. RK comes after her in the bathroom. She shows him the taps and says water is ready. RK turns the shower on. RK claps and says its fun. She runs after him to catch him.

She holds his ears and says she will not leave him. He says I will lift you and take rounds. She says I m not scared. he lifts her. Zehnaseeb………….. tujhe chahun……………..plays………………. Madhu looks at him and smiles. Abhay works out on the treadmill and thinks about Madhu and RK. He says I will not lose. Leela comes and calls him. He stops. She says Madhu is crossing the limit. Madhu tells Dolly that she will make kheer for RK. Dolly smiles. Madhu does the Chulha puja. Dolly guides her. Leela says this is your house and she is ruling, don’t run here, make them run.

Abhay comes to RK seeing him along in the room. RK says you here, in our room. Abhay says yes, I came here to kill you. RK is shocked. RK moves back getting afraid. RK calls out Madhu. Abhay walks towards him. Abhay says I scared you, RK got scared. Abhay smiles and asks were you afraid, I waas joking. He says you won the competition so I brought a surprise for you. RK says even Madhu is giving me surprise. Abahy shows him chocolates. RK says all this for me and smiles. He takes it. Abhay says I have many chocolates, come with me.

Madhu makes the kheer and keeps it for Kanha first. She thanks Kanha for supporting them. She says protect us from Abhay always. She sees a wine bottle and RK coming in drunk state. She is shocked. He says it was fun, I want to drink more. She says did you have wine, who gave you. She scolds him. RK says you gave me this surprise and now you are angry on me. He falls on the sofa and sleeps. She sees Abhay playing RK’s flute. Abhay smiles and says even i play flute well right. He sees RK and says oh, you made kheer for him with love and look at him, he had wine and is sleeping now. You might be feeling bad right, see I broke your dreams, don’t look ate me angrily, he is not your husband but your failure which I have given you. Madhu looks at him. Abhay leaves smiling. Abhay hears the servants talking against him and gets angry.

The Episode starts with Abhay thinking about Madhu’s words. He drinks wine thinking RK called him villain. Madhu comes to him and throws his wine glass. He asks what happened. She says how dare you make my husband drink wine. He says I wished to kill him, but did not do so as you will become widow. He says you made kheer for him with so much love and see he got drunk and slept, I m thinking to make him drink daily. She scolds him and asks to be a man and bear things. She says how long will you stab on back, you cheated me and made me married RK. She asks him to show that he is a man. Abhay says shut up. RK hears them and wakes up. Madhu says I won’t be afraid now, you should die in a small vessel of water, but you can’t do it, as RK did that on stage.

She taunts him and says you are not a hero, but a villain, and villain always die. Abhay slaps Madhu and she falls. Abhay says you spoke a lot, now I will show you whats manhood. He slaps her further. RK comes and says you have slapped my Gudiya. Abhay turns to see him. RK looks at Abhay angrily. Abhay says yes, I slapped and I will slap further, what will you do. RK gets angry. Abhay says you are speaking a lot. Abhay is about to slap Madhu again and RK pushes him. RK starts beating Abhay saying why did you beat my Gudiya. Madhu smiles. The wine bottles break and Abhay gets more hurt.

RK says you have slapped her with his hand, right. He hurts Abhay and says say sorry to my Gudiya. Abhay gets hurt. RK says bad villain, say sorry. RK brings Abhay to Madhu and holds his hands. He beats him more. Abhay says sorry. Madhu is shocked. Madhu taunts Abhay and says you called RK a kid, and see you got beaten up by a kid. Abhay falls on the ground. Madhu asks RK are you fine. Leela and Sweety are shocked to see Abhay hurt. Leela looks at the room and says who did this. Madhu says I did it. Madhu says what will you do, say, you came late and missed the drama, its fine, I will tell you what happened here. She says Abhay tells he is brave and he slapped me and my husband has beaten him so much that he will be scared to look at me from next time. Madhu says take him to the room. Abhay says RK you started it, but I will end it. Madhu asks Abhay to take rest.  RK holds her hand and takes her to the room. Leela says see what they did, you are much
hurt. Sweety holds Abhay and he moves her away. He gets up.

Madhu and RK come to the room. RK holds Madhu’s hand and asks is it paining. She says no. She asks how did you know I m hurt. He says you also did the same when I was hurt. She smiles. She hugs him. RK smiles. RK wipes her tears and says don’t be scared, no one will scold you, I will beat them, I m strong, come lets sit in the cool air in the balcony. He holds her hand and takes her. Madhu looks at him. Abhay cleans the blood. Leela and Sweety come to him. Leela brings hot haldi lep for him. She asks Sweety to apply it. Abhay stops Sweety. Leela says try to understand, you will be more hurt. Abhay says this will heal with time, but what about the wound when RK has done on my ego, it will be healed when RK and Madhu are separated.

Leela asks Sweety to apply haldi and says I understood what you said, but how did this happen, how did you got beaten by RK? Abhay asks her to be in her limits. Leela says fine, but you brought RK to trouble Madhu, but how did he support Madhu, its much romance now, write climax of the film now that they don’t understand what happened with them.

Madhu and RK lie in the balcony seeing the stars and smiling. He says starts have much power and you make a wish that your wound gets well. She gets up. He asks what happened. She says I m having neck pain. He says then put your head in my lap and sleep. He insists. She says fine and he smiles. She rests in his lap and smiles. RK asks is it feeling good now. She sees a shooting star. RK makes a wish. She looks at him. She asks what did you ask. He says I won’t say. She says fine, I won’t rest in your lap. He says ok I will say, I wish we always stay together. Madhu looks at him. He asks is it paining and holds her hand blowing on it with love. Na kuch pucha, na kuch manga, tune dil se diya jo bhi diya………………… tujh me rab dikhta hai…………………plays…………….

She gets tears in her eyes and smiles holding his face. She thinks how RK supported her and protected her from Abhay. RK holds her face and smiles. Rab ne banadi jodi……………….plays…………….Madhu wipes her tears. RK asks what happened. She says I will come. He says don’t go anywhere. She says I have a gift for you, when I call you, come. RK nods yes. He looks at the stars and asks them to make Madhu’s wound well as he does not like Madhu crying. Abhay talks to someone and says do the work today, I will give all the papers and money. Leela and Sweety hear this and smile. Abhay asks the goon to do the work before morning. Leela says poor Madhu and laughs.

Abhay tells Madhu that RK did not sleep at night, so he has sent him to sleep. He says see and come what I did with him. Madhu is shocked.

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