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Madhubala Thursday 1st August 2019 On Angel TV


The Episode starts with RK coming home and seeing Bai ji’s dead body. He cries and shouts Bai ji saying this happened because of me. Everyone one and Dau ji is in shock. RK goes to him. He apologizes to Dau ji and cries. He holds his feet and Dau ji moves it back. RK says forgive me Dau ji. Bhanu says get up RK, Bai ji won’t come back if you cry. Tara says Dau ji, we don’t know what to do, Madhu has to come to fill her Maang before we send off Bai ji. She says Madhu will not come, who will fill her Maang now. RK says no, Bau ji will go with respect, Madhu will come.

Bhanu says she won’t come, she does not worry about us, I pleaded her to bring you to save Bai ji, she did not listen to me, what will she come now. Agni says she is an animal herself. RK says she will come, I will bring her, I will do anything for Bai ji. Madhu talks to the NGO lady. The lady asks about marriage certificate. Madhu says we got married at home, we don’t have MC. The lady says its necessary. Madhu says the situation was like we did not get a chance to make it. The lady says it means I will make a rape case, not marital rape, they can’t prove you both were married, court wants legal papers, this marriage does not exist without it, then no one can save RK, he will be hanged to death.

Madhu says I won’t lie and want to walk on the true path, RK is my husband. I don’t want rape case, but marital rape case. She gets Bhanu’s call who tells her that Bai ji is dead. Madhu is shocked and asks how. He ends the call. Madhu says she was fine two days before. The lady asks what happened, whose call was it. Dida comes and asks what happened Madhu. Madhu says Bai ji died. Dida asks how. Madhu says Bhanu said Bai ji met with an accident, I thought he is lying to get RK freed, and he threatened me so I ignored him, I know I did wrong with RK, but I should be with them now. The lady says you should not go.

Dida says you should go there. Madhu says I will go. RK thinks about Madhu’s words and her words that RK’s family will cry. He thinks about Dau ji’s words how Madhu refused to help them. Bhanu calls Madhu and Madhu says we are coming. Bhanu says no wait, RK will come to take you, he is thinking to bring you here taking advantage of Bai ji’s death, remember Dau ji hates you, I called you as I don’t want Dau ji to go jail in this age, he is mad to kill you, if you come here, he will not leave you. He ends the call. Madhu thinks.

RK comes there with the police. Madhu looks on. RK is going mad in anger. He comes to Madhu and says you took my revenge from my Bai ji, you have killed her. I wish to kill you here. He says come with me, do the ritual, send me Bai ji for Antim Sanskaar. She thinks of Bhanu’s words and says I won’t come, you all will kill me. RK drags Madhu. The lady asks the inspector to stop RK. The police beats RK. RK says the bahu has to put the sindoor in Bai ji’s maang, I promised Dau ji that I will bring you alive or death, either you or your dead body. Everyone is shocked.

Rk says Bai ji died because of you, I won’t let her go without the sindoor. The police beats him The inspector fires in air. He asks RK to leave Madhu else he will shoot him. RK says you do what you want to, as I m helpless, the day I get free, I will burn you and your world. Madhu is shocked. RK says she is the murderer, she did not agree to Bhanu knowing Bai ji needs my blood, you are an animal, see how I make your life hell. He leaves. Madhu says how can I be responsible for Bai ji’s death, Bhanu did not tell me this.

RK comes home without Madhu. He looks at Bai ji. Everyone is upset seeing Madhu not come. Agni taunts him and says we told you she won’t come. Ashok is also seen. RK cries and comes to Dau ji. He says you were right, she called me an animal. But is more worse, she is a stone. He says I lost Dau ji. He says punish me what you want. He goes to Bai ji and says I promise on you, till I take revenge from Madhu for your death, I won’t be quiet. Bhanu smiles.

RK touches Bai ji and Dau ji comes to her and takes the sindoor box. Madhu tells Dida that she did not know about RK needing to give blood to Bai ji, I would have agreed, but Bhanu did not tell me anything. Dida says it does not matter now, but if it’s a ritual then you should go there, Bai ji should go with respect like a suhaagan. Madhu nods yes. Agni asks what are you doing Dau ji, the bahu does a do this. Dau ji says my wife did not go out without sindoor, not even today. RK looks on. Dau ji fills sindoor in her Maang. Everyone cry. Dau ji says lets take her now. RK is about to hold her but Dau ji stops him saying you don’t have any right to do this, stay away. RK is shocked. Everyone look on.

The Episode starts with Dau ji asking RK to move away and tells Bhanu to do everything. RK says no Dau ji, don’t take a son’s right. Ashok takes RK’s side. Agni says you keep quiet, you don’t know anything, Madhu and RK has killed Bai ji. Bhanu pushes RK. They take Bai ji. RK looks on and cries. RK says I will not leave you Madhubala. He gets arrested again. Madhu and Dida come to meet RK and his family. The guard says they went to the graveyard. Madhu asks which one. He says don’t know, call them and ask. Madhu says I will call them. Dida says no need now, we came here to do the ritual and its over by now.

The court case starts. RK looks at Madhu and says she wants me to get punished, but she should be punished for killing my Bai ji, I will punish you. The judge asks RK not to threaten Madhu. Madhu’s lawyer stats firing on RK and says the man who can threaten her infront of the court, think what can he do with Madhu at home, how much can he torture her. She says Madhu, is a middleclass girl who lives in chawl, why will she leave rich comforts of RK’s home and blame him, she will blame him of rape only when she was raped, he should be given a death sentence.

She says he should get a lesson. RK’s lawyer Shroff defends RK. He says I want to question Madhu. Madhu comes in the witness box. She is given a Gita and she says I will speak only the truth and nothing else. Shroff says the matter is without any wish, as it’s a rape to have a relation without her wish, but if she gets married to a mentally challenged man without her wish, will she be quiet or go her home. The judge asks who is she. Shroff says I m talking about Madhu.

Shroff asks Madhu to tell about her marriage. Madhu’s lawyer Mrs. Kapadia says how does this relate to the case. Shroff says its related, and asks Madhu. Madhu says yes, my marriage happened against my wish. Shroff says why did you not complaint to police, its her wish. The truth is she does not trust the law. Abhay died one day suddenly by hanging to fan, maybe she killed him. Everyone is shocked. Shroff says she has killed him. Madhu says this is a lie, I did not kill Abhay, RK has killed him.

Shroff says see she is blaming RK now, it was a suicide case. Madhu says I don’t regard RK my husband. He asks then why did you not take divorce. He says why is she blaming him for marital rape, I will say, its her plan, she has greed for money, it makes a person blind, Madhu is completely blind, RK is very rich, and when Madhu saw his property, she was adamant to get it on her name. He says when RK denied to do this, so she did this to teach him a lesson. Shroff asks RK what did Madhu demand.

RK says Madhu asked for a flat for Dida and half of my property and Rs 1 crore cash. He says she was marrying Abhay, but she married me knowing Abhay has names his property to me, she trapped me. He says what would I do, I was a 5 yr old kid mentally, she married me taking advantage, she has cheated me, she was always with me, never went to police, why was she with me till now, when I refused to fulfill her demand, she blamed me on rape charge, I said her that if a husband loves his wife, then how is it a rape. Madhu looks on shocked. Madhu says all this is a lie.

The judge says the proceedings will be done after one hour, post lunch. RK says he will not leave Madhu and defame her, he will keep her alive and slowly kill her, as she has killed Bai ji, she saw his love, now see his hatred. They wait outside the court. Dida says we won’t go anywhere, let him be infront of us, we should go not leave food. Ashok brings food for RK. RK asks for lassi and Ashok goes to bring. The reporters question Madhu. RK answers them and says she is not courageous, what will she say, come here, I will tell you whats courage.

He answers them and speaks against Madhu. Bittu says lets go from here Madhu, junk is here, so its stinking. Madhu says no, Dida is right, lets face him and see what he will do. Some goons come and beat up Bittu. Madhu and Dida are shocked. RK looks on. The goons asks them to take the case back, else they will kill them, and asks RK not to worry. The media records this. Madhu says you showed your real place, this is your truth which everyone saw it here, now we will fight on the court.

Shroff tells RK that he did wrong calling the goons. RK says I don’t know who called them. Shroff says then your family might have sent them, your one wrong move can make you lose the case. RK asks DAu ji did he send the goons to attack Madhu’s family. Dau ji says I m annoyed but not mad to do this foolish thing, but I did not send the goons. RK asks then who has send the goons.

Shroff tells RK that the one who attacked Madhu’s family has made the case go on Madhu’s favor. RK says I will do everything now, I have some plan. Shroff asks what.

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