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Madhubala Thursday 18th July 2019 On Angel Tv


The Episode starts with the party starting. Bhanu gives a drink to ashok and Ashok refuses. Agni says Ashok won’t change. RK waits for Madhu. Dau ji asks him to bring Madhu. RK says you know ladies take much time to get ready. Agni says but we came early. Agni says Bai ji went to call her, and she did not come. Dau ji looks at RK. Agni taunts RK and says I don’t think Madhu will come here. RK says I will bring her. Dau ji says go and call her. RK goes to Madhu. The dance starts. Everyone enjoy the dance. Aa re pritam pyaare……………. Plays……………

Bhanu dances with the girl. Madhu sees them from a window and does not like the party. Dau ji dances with her too. She closes the window. RK comes to her. He asks why did you not get ready. She says I won’t go anywhere. He holds her hand and says I will show you, come with me. He says will you not come, see I left your hand, don’t come. He lifts her and takes her down. She says leave me. He says what I said, stay here. He asks Agni to see that he brought Madhu. He takes Madhu in the party and makes her sit. Madhu gets up and RK controls her. He says sit here silently and enjoy the dance.

RK talks to her and Dau ji looks at them. RK gets a call and leaves asking Madhu to respect her family and don’t go anywhere. The dance ends. Madhu starts leaving. Bhanu says stop. Bhanu comes to Madhu. He says our relation is of joke, you have to dance with me. Bai ji and her daughters smile. Agni says don’t leave her today. Bhanu says yes, I will make her dance. Tara says it will be a competition. Bhanu laughs. Madhu looks at him angrily. Bhanu asks the dancers to leave and holds Madhu’s hand. He says come, you have to dance.

Dau ji says Bhanu……….. Bai ji asks him not to interfere as Bhanu is only joking. Ashok feels bad for Madhu. Madhu says leave my hand. Bhanu laughs and says play good music. Madhu says I said leave my hand. Bhanu pushes her. RK comes there and looks at Bhanu angrily. RK walks angrily towards Bhanu. RK asks to play music fast. Everyone smile.Madhu is shocked. Bhanu dances. RK takes a gun and says stop the music. Bhanu asks whats this. RK says now you will dance alone. He says Rani, I told you I will show you dance, see now how Bhanu dances. Bhanu says you will make me dance now.

RK says dance and puts the gun at his head. Everyone is shocked. RK says why you can force my wife to dance, why can’t I? He says I will make you dance at any cost. He says you have to dance. He says I m mad, if you don’t dance, I will shoot you. He says you will die. Everyone is shocked. Bai ji says whats this RK. RK says I m joking, why, when he was forcing my wife to dance, you did not stop him. He says come on dance Bhanu. RK says why are you standing like a statue, come on dance, of you don’t dance, I will shoot you. Dau ji and everyone is stunned.

RK says its loaded. Madhu looks on. He says you forced my wife to dance and made fun of her. He says now I will make fun of you infront of everyone. If you don’t dance then this bullet will make you dance. He shoots at the ground and everyone is shocked. Bai ji asks Tara not to say anything, as Dau ji will decide, its much drama now. RK says bullets are expensive. I will shoot at you and you may die. He says play the music now. Bhanu dances on the song Chikni Chameli. RK covers his face with a dupatta. Everyone is shocked seeing Bhanu’s insult. RK looks at Madhu and smiles.

RK says do some Thumkas Jija. Bhanu does so. RK cools down and looks at Tara. Tara folds her hands. RK stops the music and says Rani, and signs its equal now. Bhanu looks at Madhu. Deva Deva………………plays…………. RK throws some cash on Bhanu. RK leaves. Bhanu fumes. RK holds Madhu’s hand and takes her. Bhanu throws the dupatta in anger.

He shoots and ruins the place saying Raja, I will not leave you. Tara says don’t be angry. He says why, you just looked at all, he did not do this right, to insult me fir a city girl, I will show him his place. He will have to pay for this.

The Episode starts with Dau ji thinking what happened in the jashan. Bai ji comes to him and sees him upset. She gives him water and medicines. She massages his feet and says RK has made a big issue today. She says how could he put a gun at Bhanu and made him dance, whats all this. She says its good that Bhanu is good, else it would have been a fight between them, I m sad that you were quiet and did not say anything. She says RK is doing this on Madhu’s saying, he is playing with fire, he did this before also, and now its about Tara’s life. She says explain RK being strict. She says RK has to accept this family. Dau ji thinks. She turns and sees RK standing and hearing them. She is shocked.

RK walks in and says I regard this house mine and I respect Tara a lot, so Bhanu is alive else he…………. He talks to Dau ji and says explain Bhanu that he did a mistake to hold Madhu’s hand, if he sees my wife, I will kill him. Bai ji gets angry and says you both kill each other, Madhu came here few days before, Tara knows you since childhood, you are doing this because of Madhu. RK says no you are wrong, I respect Tara, I came to talk here to maintain peace, Dau ji taught me this, I m mad than Bhanu and my aim is better than him, don’t make Bhanu test me, else I will kill him.

Dau ji asks them to shut up. He scolds Bai ji and asks her to be in her limits. He says how dare you ask me why I was quiet, I m worried about Tara more than you. He says I managed this house till now. He asks RK how can you threaten me. I will kick you till you hold your gun. He says I regard you my blood, I love you but won’t bear or hear anything, I want my respect. He says there is something called home. He says till I m alive, this house is more important than all relations, it will run as I want.

RK leaves. Madhu is in her room thinking about RK and the Jashan incident. RK comes to her and she wipes her tears. He opens the window and says see the weather is so good outside. She says you won’t care, as you are stone hearted. Hum hai tere deewane………………plays………………. RK looks at her. He says see your hair, looks so beautiful flying in hair. He touches her and she gets angry. She scolds him saying it was his mistake too with Bhanu and calls him wild, he will not apologize and is showing love. He says I m helpless, you are claling me wild, and even then I feel love for you. He says when you get angry, I feel you love me. She pushes his hand and says you and your family don’t know how much hurt I m.

She gets annoyed and cries. He says don’t cry, I can take 100 bullets on my chest but can’t see tears in your eyes, I went against Dau ji and Bhanu, only for you. He says I can fight with the world for you. He says what to do for you. She says fine, shoot me. He says I can’t shoot you in any birth. She says then let me go from here, you have forced me to stay here, I request you let me go. You brought me here to make me meet your family, its done, now let me go please, you love me right, then let me go. Phir kyu har pal bechaini hai…………………plays………………

RK says don’t cry. He gets hurt. Hum hai tere deewane………………plays……………. Its night, Madhu and RK think. RK gets a call from someone and says I told you not to call me at night. Madhu hears him talking. He says what and leaves taking a gun seeing Madhu sleeping. Madhu acts like sleeping and sees him going. She gets up and sees him leaving with his friend on his bike. Its morning, Bhanu drinks lassi. Dau ji comes to him and says have it, it will cool your heart. He says it will cool your body and mind, drink it.

Bhanu drinks it. Dau ji explains him that things did not change. He says first it was your mind and my hardwork, and now you and RK should unite. Bhanu says RK united with his wife, he will not work with me now, see in few days he will not lift a gun also. Dau ji says when time comes, he will leave his wife. RK brings a man and throws him on ground. The man says leave me, I did a mistake. RK beats him. Dau ji says Devi Seth, a drugs smuggler, our enemy. Bhanu looks on. RK says he has killed my parents and your son. Dau ji and Bhanu are shocked.

RK says he is the murderer. RK says I will kill him today and beats him. Madhu sees this and comes down to stop RK. Madhu holds RK and says what are you doing, leave him. RK says leave from here. Madhu says he will die, leave him. RK takes a rod to beat him. Madhu stops him and says are you mad. RK slaps Madhu and she falls. Dau ji and Bhanu look on at RK’s anger. Madhu is shocked.

Madhu talks to RK about beating the man. RK says the man was my parent’s murderer without any reason.

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