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Madhubala Monday 15th July 2019 On Angel TV


The Episode starts with RK showing the gun to Madhu. He asks her to take it and always keep it with her. He says if you can use thi,s then you can rule the world. He says I will teach you how to use it. He shows her how to load the bullets in it and aim. Madhu is shocked seeing it. RK says don’t be afraid, I m not shooting you, keep this. He gives the gun in her hands. Madhu’s hand shakes. He says this will protect you now. He asks what happened. She leaves the gun. He says it will not bite you, keep it. He tucks it in her saree and says now you are looking my Rani.

He says you have to be according to the place, if you want to be safe, you have to keep the gun, if anyone misbehaves with you, just kill him, and then I will manage everything, get ready and don’t throw this in the well, its my special one. He leaves. Madhu looks at the gun. Bhanu tells Dau ji that RK is making Madhu do this, as he is making her sit on the head. Agni says she has kicked our Dau ji’s respect. Dau ji says she is our bahu and will come. RK brings Madhu there holding her hand. Everyone looks at them. RK asks the pandit to start the puja.

The pandit starts the mantras. The minister looks on. The pandit asks Madhu to put sindoor on the goat and sacrifice it with the sword. RK gives the sword to Madhu saying sacrificing is the biggest blessings, we are doing this to make our relation immortal. Madhu is shocked. RK says take this. Mantras Music plays…………..Madhu takes the sword and goes to the goat. Madhu closes her eyes and is about to hit the goat. Everyone looks at her. Madhu hits somewhere else and cuts the rope. The goat runs. Bhanu says catch the goat.

Everyone are shocked. Madhu smiles seeing the goat run away. She throws the sword. Agni says bad luck, she will ruin our family. Tara says a big bad sign. Agni scolds Madhu. Madhu says I have done the rituals, not broke them. She tells Dau ji that guests are Lord, they won’t come back if they get annoyed, I have left Lord and gave respect to our guest. The minister says me. Madhu says I saved you, you promises everywhere that you will save animals.

She says think what would have happened, if the goat got sacrificed, if anyone gave this pic to media, then you would have been ashamed, what would you say to the govt, people will blame you, so I have saved you. She says if you all think I did wrong, I m ready to get punished. The minister tells Dau ji that you did some good work, that you got a smart bahu. He praises Madhu. RK smiles. The minister thanks Madhu for saving him. He leaves.

Madhu says a innocent animal got saved and the puja got over. Agni asks how. Madhu dons her ghunghat and does the puja herself. Dau ji looks on. Its night, everyone has a discussion. Bhanu brings some men and says see Dau ji what RK did, some men are in hospital. RK says yes, he has held Madhu’s hand, I was killing them, but left. Dau ji asks why did he do this. RK argues supporting Madhu. Bhanu says how dare she run from home, ask her why she ran.

RK says she did not run anywhere, she went to lake to do the puja. Madhu is shocked. Bhanu says don’t lie to save her. RK says I respect you as you are the son in law, else I would have killed the man who told against my wife. Everyone are shocked.

Dau ji scolds RK for misbehaving with Bhanu. Dau ji warns him to control his wife and leaves. Agni speaks against RK and how he insulted Bhanu. Tara says this is not right, we have to talk to Dau ji in private. They come to talk to Dau ji. Agni asks whats our value in this house. Dau ji says you are my pride. She asks about RK. She says we see you and we see RK in between us. She speaks against RK. Tara also speaks up and says are we not your blood. Dau ji says yes, you are, but RK is my heir. Agni says why, we are your blood, RK is not your blood. She cuts her hand and shows her blood saying its yours. RK comes and sees her hand.

He says drama queen, why did you do this. He says she came here to complaint about me, right, she is my enemy since childhood. She ties a cloth to her hand and asks her to control her anger. He teases her and leaves. Dau ji tells Agni not to do this again, else it won’t be good. He says I won’t take a wrong decision for you but you should not question my decision. RK came and it won’t be a problem for you, you will be always respected in this house. He leaves. Agni thinks she will take her rights, even if she had to snatch.

The Episode starts with Madhu thinking about RK’s words. RK comes to her and says Rani, what you did today, everyone is praising me to have such a smart wife, the one who loves animals can love humans even more. She scolds him and says its not a ritual to sacrifice animals. She calls him an animal. He says you are calling yourself an animal, being with me, I can’t change. Madhu gets angry. RK says you have to become like me, or accept me as I m. He says when we got married, I was a 8year old, you accepted me and loved me. Tell you heart to accept me.

He says love is necessary between us, as we will be like husband and wife after the puja. She says you hate me, you can’t touch me showing your strength, don’t dare to come close to me. He says why, I married you, if I don’t come close to you, then where will I go. I know you also wait for those moments. He gets a call and leaves. He answers the call coming out and is shocked. He says you got to know, fine, I m coming in morning, I will not leave him and beat him a lot. Bhanu talks to Ashok and tries to fill his ears against RK.

He says leave the stupid job and help me in business, its our right on this house. Ashok smiles and says I don’t have time to think about this. He says I don’t want to get into this politics, I love Agni so I m staying here. Bhanu says I made this house, I was 16 years old, I used my mind and helped Dau ji to make this empire, I won’t let him give all this to RK, even if you don’t support me, I won’t let this happen. Its morning, Dau ji does the puja. Bai ji asks why are you worried. Dau ji says nothing, I need tea.

Bai ji says discuss with me, whats in your heart, I feel bad that you are not sharing anything with me. Madhu gets ready in the morning and applies sindoor thinking of RK. She gets RK’s letter that he is going for important work and she should not tell this to anyone. She thinks he got the call. She says why did he ask me not to tell anyone. Dau ji tells Bai ji about Bhanu and RK fighting, they are one for me, I can’t see this. Bai ji asks him to favor Bhanu as he is his son in law, its good to explain RK to respect Bhanu. Agni comes there and Dau ji asks her to call RK. Tara comes to him with aarti. She does his tilak. Agni comes to call RK.

Madhu says he is not at home, I don’t know where he went. Both of them have an argument. Agni says I will see you today and leaves. Agni comes back and speaks against Madhu infront of Dau ji and Bai ji. Dau ji says where did RK go without asking me. He asks Tara to call RK. Tara calls RK. Agni says Madhu will make RK like her. Tara says RK’s phone is off. Bai ji says we have to control RK before she controls him. Dau ji gets angry.

He says Madhu is feeling we are weak, we will make her fine. Agni says do something to show whats being illiterate. Dau ji says bring her here. Agni and Tara smile. RK meets a police officer who knows about his parents and Dau ji’s son’s death. He says he has TB and needs Rs. 2 lakhs. He will tell him everything if he gives him money. He says I will take you to your dad’s murderer. RK gives him money. The man thanks RK and says now I will be fine.

Dau ji asks Madhu to say where did RK go. Madhu says I don’t know. Dau ji says but I know you are spoiling him and making him like you, so fine I will make you like us, you are showing much attitude. Dau ji scolds her and says you have to get punished today of a illiterate woman then see how hard it is to become a villager. Agni says its easy to cook food in city, make food like us. Dau ji says you have to cook for us, you will have one hour. Madhu says I respect you, but people do their work on their own in city, I did all the work alone.

Agni challenges her to do all the work in one hour. Bhabhi thinks they will trouble her now. She wishes Madhu wins. Dau ji shows the items to Madhu and says make a stove first with mud, and then cook. Madhu is shocked. Dau ji says there is no Chakla Belan, roti should be made round and not burnt, else your hand will be burnt. Dau ji says come on, make it. Madhu says you can punish me, if I can’t do, but what will you give me if I do this work. Dau ji says what you ask for. Agni says come on start. Madhu looks on.

Everyone look at Madhu struggling to take water. Dau ji says apologize to me and say you lost and we won. I will forgive you.

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