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Madhubala Friday 12th July 2019 On Angel Tv


The Episode starts with RK meeting his Ashok Jija. He sees him and is shocked. Ashok hugs RK and asks how did this happen. RK says my death was not destines. Dau ji says he became a professor. RK says its good, someone is educated in our house. Bhanu says its useless, very less pay, I asked him to join us. RK says Dau ji said we will take care of his business. RK says I have to find the man who shot him. RK thinks of it. The Flashback scene shows RK and Bablu trying to escape in the car and some people attacking RK. RK was shot at his back and he fell there. Meenakshi teacher came there and the goons ran away seeing her. Meenakshi rescued RK and asked Bablu.

Bablu says save Raja, they will kill him, hide him and don’t tell anyone who is he.Meenakshi says who are you and from where. Bablu dies. RK says a man had only one eye, I still remember the face. Dau ji asks Bhanu to get all one eyed men and they will identify him. Bhanu says don’t worry, I will kill that man who shot RK. RK says listen to me. Bhanu leaves. Bhanu and his goons come to meet a man. The man is sleeping. Bhanu aims a gun at him and wakes him up. The man is shocked to see Bhanu. That’s the same man who shot RK. Bhanu smiles. The man says you. Bhanu says yes, I came to told you that RK came to tell me that you lied to us that you have killed him. The man says what, is he alive, we felt he died. Bhanu says now I feel you will die.

The man says listen to me. Bhanu kills him. Bhanu says Raja……. I have written death in your fate, you have to die at any cost. He says you came back, but you won’t be able to take Dau ji’s place, you will die, as I will take Dau ji’s place, as I m his elder son in law Bhanu Pratap Singh. Bai ji asks Tara and Agni to make RK’s fav food. Tara shows her that she already made it. Bau ji is happy and leaves. Agni is annoyed. Tara asks why are you angry. Agni says why is everyone falling for RK, he will make everyone fall on feet. Tara says you don’t like him right.

Agni says yes, why will I like him, he is our cousin, and wants to take Dau ji’s place and property. Tara says leave it. Agni says yes, why will you worry, Bhanu is with you. He will dig gold and see my husband, just a professor, Ashok. Agni says did you not see how RK insulted Bhanu infront of anyone, if he was our own brother, would he do this, never. Tara gets into her words. Madhu cries in her room. RK comes to her and says Rani. He takes the food from the maid and asks her to leave. He shuts the door and comes to Madhu. He keeps the food and asks what do you want, apologize to you, everyone are giving you so much respect and making you Devi.

Madhu says I don’t want such respect, I want to go from here and go my home. RK says why, I married you, you have to be with me, tell me what problem you have, see I love you, I can bring Mumbai here but can’t let you go Mumbai. He says eat food and makes her eat. Madhi throws the food in anger. RK loses his temper seeing the food on the floor. She says I will not eat, I will die, let me die. He says you will show me anger, I will slap you. She says you know only this, to beat people, you are an animal, why did you stop, beat me.

RK says if it was someone else, her tongue would have been on floor, but I love you, I can’t slap you and can’t scold you. He says you told me meaning of love, saw moon and stars, told me importance of sindoor, and made me a human, now you are calling me animal, why. The Flashback is shown. RK says I m not a toy to throw after playing, you can’t go away, you have to be with me and love me. RK says I love you more than myself. Madhu gets scared. RK smiles and tells her I can’t be with you tonight, as you are Devi’s avatar, but tomorrow after the puja, we will be like husband and wife. Madhu is shocked and asks what puja.

He says you have to sacrifice a goat tomorrow. She says to respect our relation. He says yes, you have to put sindoor on him and sacrifice it, over. He says now you threw this food, I will send more food, eat it, you will need strength tomorrow, good night. He leaves and asks the maid to give food to Madhu. Madhu says I will not sacrifice the innocent animal, whatever happens. Dau ji does sit ups and RK counts. RK teases him. Dau ji says you worry about yourself. Dau ji holds his hand and says come on compete. RK says if you bones break in old age, it won’t join again. Dau ji says let me see your strength. They compete and everyone cheer for Dau ji.

Dau ji fools him and RK falls. RK says this is cheating. RK says I won’t play with you again. Dau ji looks at him getting emotional and cries. RK smiles. Dau ji says I made the statue two years before, I also became stone, thinking I lost my heir. RK says why Tara and Agni are there. Dau ji says but they are girls, and I need a boy, you are my Modo, my heir, my blood, you came back see I became young again. He says don’t make me old and don’t leave me, take care, I m afraid anything can happen to you. RK says nothing will happen to me as I have blessings. Dau ji hugs RK and laughs. RK comes to Madhu and brings clothes and jewellery asking her to get ready.

He says you enjoy fighting as its other name of love, why did you not get ready, I know you are thinking I will come then you will fight and then you will get ready. She says I won’t come. RK says sometimes agree to me, get ready fast, its govt’s invitee. Madhu gets worried. RK says I read your eyes. Heart is very bad, I know you heart is asking you to run from here when everyone are busy in puja, don’t think, this is our village, if you run, you have to come back here, get ready now without any drama. RK leaves. Madhu is tensed.

The Episode starts with Tara trying some jewels. She says all got gold, I need new one, but what to wear today. She asks Bhanu and he does not reply. She says I m confused, tell me. Bhanu comes to her and you are looking a gold shop, focus on something else, RK is back. She says I know it. He holds her and says see before RK gets Dau ji’s place, you start talking to Dau ji. He says there is a world without jewels, take care of Dau ji then we will get fruit. She says don’t you know, we have everything, all fruits. She says make some new jewels for me.

Bhanu smiles and makes her wear the necklace. He says if you were not Dau ji’s daughter, I would have killed you. She says are you joking, or telling in anger. He says you got afraid, will I kill you, will I dare to touch you. She laughs and says liar, don’t you touch me. Agni throws Ashok’s clothes from the cupboard. Ashok comes and says smiles seeing this. Agni burns his clothes. He puts off the fire and asks what are you doing. She says I get angry seeing you wearing such plain clothes. He says I wear what I get. She says we have function in our home, don’t wear such clothes, minister is coming, see I brought this for you, show some attitude, did you not see Bhanu.

Ashok says fine, I will do what you say. She says be around Dau ji, learn from him. Ashok says why should I sit with Dau ji when I love you, I left my family for you. He says I don’t understand Dau ji, he starts with guns and my talk starts and ends on books. Agni says don’t tell anything to my Dau ji. He says I was joking, I will try this clothes. He leaves. Agni says I m dead since I married you, don’t know why Dau ji made me marry you. He says I would have killed you if you were not Dau ji’s son in law. RK does the puja arrangements. The goat is brought. RK sits with Dau ji and says I m tired, my eyes are aching, Dau ji cares for him with love.

Bhanu gets jealous. RK jokes. RK says I will call dancers. Dau ji says I will beat you. Bhanu says minister came. Dau ji welcomes the minister. Bhanu is about to put garland on him and RK takes it from his hand. Bhanu gets angry. Dau ji asks the pandit to start. The pandit says call your bahu for sacrificing the goat. Agni comes and says she is refusing to come here. Everyone are shocked. Agni taunts RK and says Madhu is calling us illiterate. People gossip about Madhu. Tara says Agni is right. Agni says she does not respect Dau ji.

RK leaves but Dau ji stops him and sends his gunmen. They come back and say she is not in the room. Dau ji asks where did she go. They say we don’t know.They say maybe she has run away. RK and his goons try to find Madhu. Madhu runs in the village. They get Madhu. Madhu says leave me, let me go. RK comes there in his jeep. The goons holds her hand. RK sees this and comes to them. The goons say she was running, break her legs, she insulted Dau ji, beat her so that she does not run again.

RK says yes, you are right, she runs very fast. He beats the goons. Madhu is shocked. RK says how dare you hold my Rani’s hand, I will kill you. He says I will break your hand and beats them. RK says she is my life and beats all of them. The goons say we came to stop her. RK says she is my life, if anyone makes her cry, I will not leave him, if anyone scares her, I will beat him, I m living only for her, if anything happens to her, I can’t live. RK is about to run his jeep on them but Madhu comes in between. RK says move, how dare they hold your hand, I will kill them.

Madhu says you can’t kill them for such a small thing, they are servants and were following orders, don’t kill them. RK says its their mistake, hoe dare they touch you. Madhu says leave them, I will come with you home if you listen to me. She sits in the jeep. RK brings her to the room. He says sit here and don’t go anywhere, do as I say. He cleans her hand. She asks what are you doing, leave my hand. He says they touched you, so I m cleaning it, no one can touch you except me. He has many guns in his cupboard and gives one to Madhu. She is shocked to see it.

The pandit asks Madhu to sacrifice the goat. RK gives her the sword to cut the goat. Madhu takes it and is tensed.

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