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Madahubla Tuesday 23rd July 2019 a on Angel TV


The Episode starts with Bai ji scolding Madhu. She says we have hatred between us, I will make your life hell. She says I hate you more than the murderers of Veer. Madhu is shocked. Everyone come to Mumbai and reaches Abhay’s house. Dau ji asks where is the house. RK shows them the tall building. He says I stay at 30th floor. Bai ji says is this house, not our floor and not our roof, how will we go there. RK says by lift. Agni says I won’t be able to go, lets go back to village. RK says come and see how is this, see Mumbai how beautiful it is. RK takes everyone inside.

Dau ji says it’s a costly house. RK says many people stay here. Tara asks whats this seeing a CCTV camera. Madhu says it records who came and who went, if anything wrong happened. She says don’t spit here. RK says come in lift. Dau ji says yes, else it will go. RK says its not train, it can’t be missed. RK says come. They see the lift seeing a young man go in and an old man coming out. Tara gets scared seeing this. RK says don’t cook stories, come. He takes everyone in the lift.

RK holds Madhu’s hand and they ask Bhabhi to come in. The extra weight beep plays. RK and Madhu get down and asks Bhanu to hit 30 button. Everyone go on the floor and wait outside as they don’t have keys. Dau ji gets to go to loo. The lift does not work. RK and Madhu get stuck on the ground floor.RK calls Bhanu and says lift is not working, I will come, it will take some time. RK says ask Dau ji to go in neighbor house. Dau ji says I m not a beggar, to go somewhere else, you come fast. Dau ji controls.

RK says Madhu shall we go by stairs. She says she won’t come. He says fine, stay here, I m going. RK thinks Madhu can run and goes back. He looks for Madhu and says where did she go. Madhu comes. He asks where did you go. She says to have water, why. Why did you come back. RK says I do what I say, you can’t go by stairs, but I will take you lifting you. She says stop it. He says this is my love. Dau ji controls diverting his mind.

Agni asks Dau ji to go in neighbor house. Madhu says leave me, you can’t climb taking me. He says I will do what I say. He says I m mad in your love. Bhanu talks to the neighbor and scares her. The lady gets scared and shuts thd door. RK gets tired on 14th floor. Madhu challenges him. She sees the lizard and hugs her. RK smiles. Hum hai deewane………………..plays………………Bhanu scolds the woman. Dau ji asks what should I do now. Tara says there is no one here, do it there, no one will see. RK asks Madhu to take the phone from his pocket. She takes it out. He says keep it in hand. She says I m not your servant. He says when did I say, you are my Rani.

He says you look beautiful in anger. Dau ji goes near the flower pot to gte free. Bhanu covers him. Agni sees the CCTV camera and stops Dau ji. She says stop, Madhu said camera……… Dau ji says if I knew this would happen, I would have not come here, call RK and tell him I will beat him a lot. Bai ji says break the camera. RK and Madhu come and see Dau ji going out of control. Bhanu tries to break the door. RK opens the door and takes them inside. Dau ji likes the house.

He says the bathroom is strange. RK says I told you the house is good. He says go and see all the rooms, tale what you like. Dau ji says you decide our rooms. The bell rings. Madhu says I will see. The neighbor lady comes with the police and complains about Bhanu. She says arrest him. She asks where did he go. Bhanu comes. She says he is the one. Tara starts crying. RK says he is Bhanu Pratap Singh, talk with respect. The lady argues. The inspector asks did you say you will kill him. Bhanu says yes, I would have killed her, I asked her to allow Dau ji to her loo but she did not allow. The lady says he is threatening to kill me, arrest him. Everyone is shocked.

The Episode starts with Madhu managing the situation and telling the woman about RK’s family being villagers. The lady asks Bhanu to apologize. Bhanu says I won’t say sorry. RK and Dau ji insists. Bhanu says sorry. He talks rude and says I m sorry. The inspector scolds Bhanu and says this is not your village, not city, be in law limits. The lady leaves. Bhanu says this is the difference between village and city. RK says fine, its over now. He asks Tara to take Bhanu in the room. He asks everyone to take the room they like. Everyone leaves.

Dau ji thinks the law can save Madhu till RK is with her, once he makes RK away from her, then everything will be fine. RK stops Madhu and asks him not to run. She scares him telling about the law of the city. She says she does not want to live with them. She says you are from another world, maybe you are not wrong, I know you left your family to be with me, but I did not say I will live with you, so you can’t stop me. RK says my love and I are the same, you can’t do anywhere. She says you won’t do anything here, here I have police to help me. She says thanks for bringing me here, and all the best to become human, respect others.

She leaves smiling. RK looks on. Madhu comes to her room and packs her clothes. RK comes to her and talks to her. She says thanks for the favor you did on me. I will return it. He says fine, give back the sindoor, relation and love, can you? She says no, there is no need. She says I came to see your family. I don’t have any hope form you now, so I m going my home now. He says this is your home. She says this is my city where I can live freely, I can do what I want. He says I will rule even here, my love did not change with place.

He says you can go out if Dau ji gives you permission, if he agrees then go. She says fine, I will talk to him and not see your face again. He says go and talk to Dau ji. She says its a bet, Dau ji will come to you in next 2 hours and ask you to drop me my home. He gets closer smiling. She pushes him. He says I m your husband, fine, you will go home when your hand is in my hand, if you lose the bet, you will have to do what I say. Hum hai deewane………………plays…………….. They have an eyelock.

Madhu says its 12 now, you will lose the bet at 2, then you will have to change your name. He says I never lose. She says lets see. RK smiles as she leaves. Bai ji tells Dau ji that I m scared in this house. He asks why, did you see ghost. She says no, about bad luck, there is no diya lighting in the temple. She says its Madhu’s work but she is in her room. Dau ji says I m angry because of police, you get lost. Madhu comes there. Bai ji looks at her and leaves. Madhu says this is the chance to make Dau ji agree.

RK comes there and makes Dau ji busy. He asks Madhu to make city tea for Dau ji. She says I need to talk to him. RK says is Dau ji running anywhere, bring tea first. Madhu sees RK’s phone and thinks to take the phone. The water glass breaks and Madhu cleans it. Madhu gets the phone and leaves. Bai ji cpoks with her daughters. Agni says see what Madhu does to us now. She says Madhu has not asked us for tea till now. She says if RK is like this, what can we do. She says Dau ji brought us here for RK. Tara sees the grinder and shows them.

Bai ji scolds Bhabhi. Agni starts the gas and did not light the stove. Bai ji smells the gas and gets worried. Agni asks Bhabhi to go and call Madhu fast. Madhu talks to someone and asks did you understand everything, don’t call back on this number. Bhabhi coms to Madhu and asks her to check gas. Madhu rushes and manages it. She opens the windows. She says the place would have caught fire if I did not come. Bau ji taunts her.

Agni says Madhu always sticks to RK, we would have burnt, she wanted this to happen. Bai ji says change, we can’t see you rule over us. Madhu says I did not do anything. I helped you and you are scolding me. Bai ji asks Madhu to cook lunch in 30mins. Agni says it will be good if we get five dishes. Tara says yes, it will be fun. They leave asking Madhu to cook five dishes and taking the phone from her. Madhu thinks she will go today at any cost.

Madhu tells RK that he will be leaving her to the door and smiles. She challenges RK.

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