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Madhubala Monday 29th July 2019 On Angel TV


The Episode starts with Madhu getting angry on RK and saying I don’t believe in this marriage. Everyone is shocked. Madhu says he is my husband just for name. Agni says what, don’t you have any husband and wife relation. Madhu says I hate him, and does not respect him, as he is a wild animal, he has to be kept far. RK says enough and scolds her. He says come on the ground now, I had the bet with you and you are fighting with me infront of everyone. Dau ji asks what. RK tells them about Madhu;s bet that she will harm everyone and he will stop her.

He says but you started biting relations. He says come with me in the room and holds her hand. Dau ji says you are telling about bet to save her right. He asks Tara to bring Bhagwad Gita and give it to RK. RK says you are Gita and Ramayan for me, he keeps his hand on Guta and says I really had the bet with him. Dau ji says great, I was afraid that you are in Madhu’s control, hug me. Madhu says I also want Gita as I want to tell something.

She keeps her hand on Gita and says I came here to trouble you all. Deva…………….plays…………… Madhu says we don’t have any husband wife relation, he sleeps on bed and I sleep on ground. Everyone is shocked. Madhu says he brought me here with force else I would have not stayed here, where there is no women’ respect. Dau ji asks RK is she saying right. RK gets angry on Madhu. Dau ji says great, we have gays in our family, who will roam around wife and taunted Bhanu for such a wife, made me leave my village and brought us to city for this girl, so that she can trouble us right? Dau ji gets angry.

Madhu tells everyone that she does not value RK and his family, she says she hates RK. She says I can die but won’t give my hand to you. She says if you want a heir, let him get married to someone else. Bai ji says how dare you talk in high voice infront of Dau ji. Madhu holds her hand and stops her. Everyone is shocked. Shree Durga Maa………………plays………………Madhu says if you dare to slap me, then remember I will forget all limits and call the police, then you all will land in jail.

Bhanu says you……… Madhu says quiet and scolds him for making her dance in the party. She says I hate to call you my relative. Dau ji asks Bhanu to kick out Madhu from this house. Bhanu holds Madhu’s hand but RK stops him. Dau ji aims a gun at RK and says don’t do this to save your wife, now it will happen what I want. Bhanu takes Madhu out. RK stops him again. RK says I m not saving her, but now I will punish her, she has insulted you and Bai ji, she won’t be forgiven now. He says I will show her place, how a wife behaves at home. Madhu is shocked seeing RK’s anger.

He says you call me animal, now I will show you whats an animal’s behavior. Dau ji says fine, I m giving you last chance to prove your manhood and show her whats woman’s place, that’s in man’s foot. RK takes Madhu and brings her to the room. Madhu reminds him of his words, and what did he tell today. She asks him to compare his words, before and now. RK is about to beat her but stops. He says I m also hurt scolding you there, but tell me what can I do, I m helpless, if I did not tell this, Dau ji would have kicked you out of the house, I love you and can’t let you go far from me. Madhu says I hate you.

The Episode starts with RK asking he will become Raju again and throw the gun, then when will accept him. She says never, you can’t change and I can never be yours, you know I hate to see you, go from here. Phir kyu har pal bechaini hai…………. Plays………… RK leaves. Hum hai deewane…………. Plays. Its night. RK thinks about everyone’s words about RK and Madhu’s relation. He thinks that Madhu hates him and is upset. Bhanu comes to him and smiles seeing him sad. Bhanu brings wine and asks what are you thinking. He says this is a good medicine, have this. He offers wine to RK asking him to drink. RK drinks it at one shot. Bhanu says great, did you like it, have more.

RK drinks lots of wine. Bhanu gets glad. Bhanu says see RK, when an elephant goes mad, it can’t be controlled but killed. He says now your Rani has broken all limits, how to punish her, its your work. Bhanu mixes some powder in the wine and thinks RK will not think anything but will do, either by love or by force.

Bhanu mixes some drugs in the wine and gives the glass to RK. RK drinks it. Bhanu smiles. Bhanu says a man does not love a woman, but wins over her, as woman should not be loved, they don’t understand language of love, they understand only language of beating, you loved her and what did you get, insult infront of everyone, show your manhood. He says get your love by force if she does not agree. Bhanu persuades RK to go and make love with Madhu. He asks RK to bring his anger out on Madhu. RK drinks more wine and is unable to get up. Bhanu smiles and makes him go to his room.

RK comes to his room. Madhu is already upset thinking about Dida. RK knocks the door asking her to open the door. She says no and asks him to go finding him in drunken state. RK returns but Bhanu stops him asking what happened. RK says Madhu got annoyed and is not opening the door. Bhanu fills his ears and makes him go inside the room.

RK misbehaves with Madhu. She throws a chair at him and he falls. Bhanu stands out and hears the sounds smiling. Madhu says go out else I will beat you. RK walks towards her and she throws things on her. RK says now nothing will happen with throwing things. She says don’t come near me. RK says you fly like a butterfly and then I will catch it. She says you don’t know what you are saying. He says I m not in my senses, but what respect did you do when I was in senses, you insulted me infront of my family and I fought with them for you. He says I thought I really loved you, and will never force you, I did not do anything till now, and you, what did you give me, nothing, you insulted me. He says today I will not leave you, I have bear you a lot. She says let me go.

RK holds her hand and throws her on the bed. He says I gave you much respect. She says leave me please. He says I never forced you and truly loved you and what did you do, insult. Madhu shouts for help. He says I will not leave you today and gets closer. She says leave me, and shouts help. Bhanu tuns off the lights. Madhu says don’t be an animal. RK says you see an animal in me and I will show you today whats an animal. She says leave me. The power goes. RK gets intimate with Madhu against her wish. Madhu tries to save herself, but fails.

Bhanu says you won’t know it RK, that you loved Madhu so much and you are going to rape her. Bhanu laughs and says your life will get dark when you come out of this room, you will dig your grave yourself. Its morning, sad music plays as Madhu is shown being broken and bruised. She thinks of RK’s words. RK says I love you a lot and did not want to force you. She covers herself with a shawl and tears roll down her cheeks. RK is shown sleeping beside her. He wakes up and looks at her. He touches her and she moves away looking at him angrily. She slaps him hard. She says wild animal, you have raped me at night, do you remember, you have hurt my respect and identity. RK is shocked. She says but now I will punish you which you can’t think of. RK says what is this justice, if I loved my wife, then how is it a rape. Madhu cries.

Madhu tells everyone that RK had raped her. Dau ji says he is a man and can do anything. Madhu says he is an animal. Bai ji and Agni scold her.

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