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Ashoka Samrat Tuesday 9th July 2019 On Joy Prime


Ashoka calls Sushim mad. Who is he to take such a decision? What is his motive? Siamak instigates him against Sushim. He wants the throne. This is the perfect chance for him to make a place for himself in father’s eyes. He wants to make a place for himself. Ashoka refuses to let Sushim succeed. Come with me. Siamak is gone by then.

Siamak informs a soldier that he wants to meet Rajmata. She knows where I will meet her. Inform her. Soldier leaves to inform Helena.

The Unani commander and Ashoka engage in a sword fight. The soldier dies I the end. Siamak is angry to see it. He hides just in time before Ashoka could see him. Ashoka follows the sound (of footsteps).

Helena calls out for Siamak. I am here. Ashoka is surprised. Who is she calling son in this situation? Siamak meets Helena. Ashoka notices them talking. Helena tells Siamak not to worry. I will make sure everything goes as per our plan. Siamak takes her with him. Ashoka gets thinking. Helena left everything and came here even in this situation. Is Siamak on their side?

Ashoka walks in the corridor lost in thoughts. He relates all the facts about Siamak since he entered inside the palace. Why did Siamak stop me from saving father? He is also a Maurya. If Unani’s want to kill every Maurya then why not him? He is the only Maurya roaming in the palace wearing Unani clothes! It is only possible if he is one of them.

Siamak tells Helena that Ashoka has gained entry inside the palace. Helena says he wont sit quietly if he is here. I will have to inform father asap or Ashoka might ruin our plan once again.

Nayak thinks why Ashoka isn’t here. Helena informs Nicator about Ashoka. Mir is puzzled. Who helped him? Helena pulls Dharma and throws her on the ground. Shubhrasi runs to her as Dharma shouts in pain. Helena says Dharma only allowed him inside and guided him. They hit her with a whip. Dharma cries in pain. Bindu is pained. Stop this barbarity! Shubhrasi holds the whip. Helena is an animal only as people cannot be this barbaric. You are a woman. You should be a little sympathetic to a pregnant woman. Helena pushes her away. Forget about sympathy I wont leave this Dharma alive. Dharma tells them to hurt her as much as they want but it is about time. Ashoka will come and defeat you all. Bindu says it is only him who is daring enough to kill you all. He is Vanraj. He follows the rules of Van (jungle). There is only one rule of Van that there are no rules there. Don’t challenge the anarchy inside him. nicator is sure Ashoka cannot do them any harm. Find him. Kill him if necessary. Dharma shouts Ashoka.

Ashoka keeps wondering why Siamak would help Unani. A soldier notices Ashoka and calls for help. They have counted till 6. If you don’t do anything till the next 4 count then they will kill your father. Do something Yuvraaj. You are our only hope. Ashoka realises it as well. He opens the door when Unani soldiers attack him. he kills all of them and frees his soldiers. He asks the same soldier if he will do something for him. Soldier happily agrees.

Acharya RG tells SUshim not to do this. Don’t risk your father’s life. Sushim says I cannot risk Patliputra. Acharya RG asks him if he cares for the people or throne. Sushim looks at him.

Charu thinks Samrat will die here and the path to throne will be clear then.

Nicator tells SUshim he dint leave any option for them. Bid goodbye to your father. mir raises his sword to hurt Bindu when Ashoka comes there asking them to stop. We will surrender. Everyone is taken aback. Bindu looks hurt. Nicator makes him bend down next to Bindu only. Magadh’s brave warrior, Yuvraaj, the Nayak is actually a coward guy. They remove his headband. Say that you accept defeat to unani’s and surrender. Ashoka says I, Ashoka Maurya, Samrat Bindu’s grandson, Bindu’s son, Acharya Chanakya’s disciple accept defeat from Unani’s and surrender! All the Maurya’s are pained. Unani soldier makes him cheer in their favour. When he asks him to say India will lose, Ashoka pushes him. He cheers for India. Nicator makes his soldiers beat Ashoka. Helena makes sure Dharma sees Ashoka in pain. Dharma cries helplessly. Nicator asks her if she wont praise her son now. He taunts Bindu too. Bindu asks Ashoka what he did. I would have died like a brave heart but you made me lose it. I would have been proud if you had fought. What else have you done for me? Dharma tells Ashoka not to pay heed to his father. he has no idea what you want for him. He is proud of the son who was planning to get him killed.

Nicator asks Sushim and his team to drop their weapons now that Ashoka has surrendered to them. Bindu tells Sushim against it. Ashoka shouts that there is no other way. Bindu questions him. Everything is on risk and you talk of surrender? Where did your love for your motherland go? Ashoka replies that he is tired of it all. What did it get all those who have given their entire life to their motherland? Are you not tired? Bindu shares his unhappiness. Ashoka says we will lose everything if we fight. I wont agree for this so we will surrender. It will save many lives. We cannot act foolish anymore. He gives hint to Acharya RG and Nayak that the palace has been bathed with oil. Only a match can light everything. We will have to think calmly. Maybe today’s loss has a hidden victory for tomorrow. bindu does not understand any of it. I never imagined that my son will be so coward. I thought you will lose all your qualities but not your motto. I regret my decision of not choosing Sushim. He is the hope of this empire. He orders Sushim not to surrender. Ashoka tells Sushim if he would have done so if the same sword was kept on his mother.

Mir pulls Charu next. Sushim panics. Bindu complains to Dharma for giving birth to a coward. Acharya RG asks SUshim to surrender. Ashoka surely has a plan. Support him.

Acharya RG asks SUshim to surrender. Ashoka surely has a plan. Support him. Sushim asks them to free his mother. I will do as I say. Ashoka heaves a sigh of relief. Sushim apologizes to Bindu. I cannot be selfish anymore. I cannot afford to lose you and mother. Ashoka made me weak. What’s the point of victory where you lose your parents? Bindu closes his eyes in pain.

Sushim walks in the corridor when he notices something on the floor. He checks it. It is oil all along. He thinks of Acharya RG and of Ashoka’s words. He walks towards where the family is.

Bindu tells Nicator he got what he wanted. Fulfil my last wish. I want to punish Ashoka with my own hands! He has ashamed our lineage. Dharma is shocked. Helena allows Bindu. Bindu hits Ashoka with a whip. Acharya RG, Nayak, Dharma and Shubhrasi feel bad. Dharma requests Bindu not to hurt him but he pays no heed to her. Sushim comes there just then. He apologizes to Bindu who says the one who did not make a mistake is guilty. The guilty one has no regrets. Everything is finished! You (Nicator) can kill me if you want. Helena smells oil. Sushim tells Nicator he did what he asked for. Let me fulfil my wish today. I want to punish this Daasi Putra. I lost my respect, my dignity because of him. Our ancestors and lineage got embarrassed today because of him. I will kill Ashoka with my own hands today. Helena happily gives him a dagger. Dharma requests Samrat not to be so unjust and stone hearted with Ashoka. Bindu stops Sushim. He is your brother. Sushim knows it very well. My pain is more because of the same. Don’t stop me today. Helena says his wish will come true. I wanted Bindu to see his son die right before his eyes.

Sushim walks up to Ashoka. Ashoka thinks the game can turn if he does not do anything now. This is the moment to turn their defeat into victory. Sushim looks at him angrily. He thinks of Ashoka asking for this position. He holds the dagger when Ashoka signals him. Sushim recalls the spilled oil in the corridor. Everyone is startled to see Sushim taking the dagger down. I have burned in hatred all my life but he will burn tonight. I want to see him writhing in pain. Dharma begs him to stop but in vain. Sushim spills oil around Ashoka. He has snatched father’s love, the faith of citizens and everything from me. I lost my respect. I stand like a loser here today because of his foolishness. He picks up a firelight (mashaal) t. Bindu again stops him. I agree that Ashoka must be punished but not like this. Instead of throwing the firelight at Ashoka Sushim throws it far away. A blast ensues as soon as fire comes in contact with oil. Helena and her allies are taken aback. Everyone is shaken.

A fight ensues. Dharma notices Ashoka lying unconscious. Sushim helps Bindu in fighting with Nicator and asks him to save the Queens. Bindu manages to do so. Nayak, Acharya RG enter along with their troops and fight with the Unani army. Dharma asks Bindu to check Ashoka. Something has happened to him. Charu tells Bindu that his security of everyone’s utmost concern right now. Sushim did so much to protect you. Bindu says Ashoka can do anything. He will find a way out of here. He just now gave up on motherland. He will get out somehow.

The same soldier notices Ashoka’s condition but gets stabbed by a Unani just then. Bindu keeps moving ahead by killing all the soldiers who come in his way. Dharma feels pain. I am sure you also don’t want to leave your brother alone.

Sushim fights with Mir. He loses his sword in the process and is almost about to fall from the railing. Dharma hears him calling for help. She heads upstairs calling for Ashoka. Ashoka gains conscious. Mir is about to hit Sushim when Ashoka hits him using a helmet. Ashoka pulls Sushim up safely. Nicator comes there just then with Dharma. He has kept his sword at Dharma’s neck. Surrender now or your mother will die. Ashoka moves towards him but Helena comes there in time. He points his sword at her neck while SUshim points his sword at Mir. Ashoka says you can free both if you want. Nicator tells Helena not to take him wrong. When it comes to throne and kid then this is what we do. You did the same with Justin and killed him with your own hands. This game is of individual victory. Kill her. I don’t care. Helena begs him. Ashoka says this is the difference between us and you Unani’s. We don’t refuse to accept defeat when it comes to our customs. She is our Rajmata. We don’t kill mothers here but show respect to them. he let’s go of Helena shocking her to the core. He begins to keep his sword down seeing which Nicator loosens his grip on Dharma. Dharma pushes him. Ashoka gives her his sword. She says don’t forget that Ashoka has my blood in his veins. Ashoka asks his mother to go as she is not unwell. You have to take care of yourself. She reluctantly leaves. Helena too goes from there.

Acharya RG and Nayak meet Dharma. She asks them to go to Ashoka. Nayak agrees to help Ashoka while Acharya takes Dharma with him.

Ashoka gives Nicator his sword. A real fighter never attacks on someone who has no weapon. They engage in a sword fight. Both the brothers aim their swords around Nicator and Mir’s necks. They both surrender finally.

Precap: Ashoka tells Sushim that Samrat will take a decision. Sushim says it has already been taken. He kills them both and pushes a wounded Ashoka in fire. Only victory is important. I will win today because of you!

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