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Ashoka Samrat Thursday 11th July 2019 On Joy Prime


Kaurvaki is unable to sleep. She dreams of Ashoka in some problem (getting whipped by someone like in reality). She wakes up screaming. Her Daasi Bela comes there. Kaurvaki is worried for Ashoka. His life is in danger. Something is about to go wrong. Bela says it was dream. Don’t take his name or Maharaj will punish you. Kaurvaki is helpless. He is before my eyes when I close them. I look for him as soon as I open them. I am not with him but I am living for him only. I have to meet him to make sure he is fine. I have to get out of here somehow. Bela calls it impossible. Kaurvaki says I have decided it already. I only have to put it in practise.

The Ramayana paath starts in Patliputra. Sushim keeps thinking of Tantric’s words. How will Ashoka get out of my life? Shubhrasi reads Ramayana aloud for everyone. Whoever follows dharma does not care for fame or name. Those who plot against good people are fools. Good people who take wrong decisions under wrong influence will soon realise the right and wrong. Evil people cannot survive for long even after gaining everything. Charu and Sushim look at each other. Shubhrasi continues. People have to pay for their sins soon. Acharya RG looks at Mir and Nicator’s dead body. Acharya Chanakya was right that Khurasani and Unani cannot be anyone’s friends ever. His soul must be in peace today. A soldier hands him a small piece of paper.

Acharya RG shows the paper to Ashoka. We found it from Mir’s clothes. Someone sent Mir a map of our new secret tunnel. Ashoka deduces that some insider is involved. Only two people here know Unani language – Rajmata Helena and Siamak.

Siamak meets Helena in jail. Siamak is angry that both Mir and Nicator were killed. God saved you and spared me from becoming an orphan. She talks of the irony. My enemy forgave me. Siamak wonders how Ashoka backed down. Helena says he pitied me. My own father told Ashoka he can kill me. It dint take him even a second to say so. Ashoka could kill me then. He knows everything that I have done against him till date yet he forgave me. His own mother’s life was in danger back then who is his world. I couldn’t understand it but that one moment (when Ashoka called Helena his Rajmata and how Mata’s are respected in India and not hurt) made me realise that it is the strength of these Indians which we thought to be their weakness. Relations, upbringing, traditions are only a words for us but it is their life. This palace accepts everyone as its own if you accept it properly. I tell you to accept your place here with this family. Become their family member.

Acharya RG knows the particular way in which Helena writes. Ashoka recognizes the handwriting to be Siamak’s. I saw him writing.

Siamak asks Helena if she has gone mad. You speak in Ashoka’s favour today just because he saved you once. I cannot do it! You will have to find another option. She says I have given up. There is no option or plan now. I cannot think even as I am tired of it all. We will have to end it here only. He refuses to do so. My parents were killed. How can I forget it? She suggests him to go to Macadonia in case he cannot forget it. He calls her coward like Maurya’s. There is Khurasani and Unani blood in my veins. I will seek revenge. No one will be able to stop me now, not even you. Helena tries to stop him but he walks out. Ashoka hears them from outside. Helena says it isn’t your fault Siamak. You have Unani blood in your veins after all! You have Justin’s blood. Ashoka is stunned.

Ashoka blocks Siamak’s way. He show the paper to Siamak who recognizes it. what do you know about it? Siamak says it seems to be some royal paper. He begins to walk away but Ashoka follows him angrily. He pushes Siamak towards the wall. Why were you running away and from whom? Do you know something that you want to hide? What do you know about the paper? Siamak acts innocent. Ashoka speaks of the handwriting. Siamak says it might be mine but I dint tell anyone about the secret tunnel. Ashoka points out that he dint say it was about the secret tunnel. Why were you supporting our enemies in that war? Sushim and I were trying out best to save father. where were you? You were with our enemies even after knowing all that they have done against us. How can you support them for your greed for throne? I understand Sushim’s eagerness for the throne as he is the elder son but you? You are a very big stain in the name of Maurya’s. He begins to slap Siamak continuously. Siamak pushes him away. I can never be a stain on Maurya’s name as I am not from there. I was involved in Bindu’s death plan but he is actually the killer of my father Justin. Ashoka is stunned. Siamak says I had no other option. Till when will I bear this injustice? My mother could not get love from Bindu because of your mother. She was disrespected because of your mother. You would have set the world on fire if it had happened with your mother. I only took revenge. Ashoka says you could have done it openly. You have backstabbed everyone. You plotted against us. It isn’t your fault but the fault of the blood in your veins. You lied to everyone till now but I will bring your truth out. We have already made a mistake once of feeding our milk to snakes but not again. He hits Ashoka on his head and runs calling for Bindu. Ashoka chases him.

Shubhrasi ends the first chapter. Siamak comes to Bindu to request him to save him from Ashoka. He wants to kill me.

Shubhrasi resumes reading.

Bindu questions Ashoka. It is become your habit to be a hindrance in every good deed. Ashoka says you don’t trust me but you do trust Sushim. An insider informed Khurasani’s about the secret tunnel. He was right. Ashoka shows him the paper. It was found in Mir’s clothes. Bindu says it is written in Unani language. Ashoka says it is written by Siamak. He asks Siamak to tell truth to everyone now. Siamak accepts writing it. Everyone is shocked.

Kaurawaki being in a maid’s attire. She is determined to meet ashoka at any cost. Ashoka is in jail.Helena said to Ashoka that i will say you the truth about Acharya Chanakya’s death and the killer’s name but you first promise me that you will not do anything to Siamak.Ashoka said i cant believe you and also i cant promise you,i will surely punish Siamak for his guilty.
In courtroom Khalatak said to Bindusar that Ashoka is totally out of control,today he attacked on his father.After this,magadhs every son will not hestitate to kill their own father.Just then Dharma came and said to Bindu that there is no fault of Ashoka.No one is there to shape him rightly after Acharya Chanakya’s death.
Sushim said that he attacked on Magadhs Samrat,his only punishment should be death penalty.Acharya Radhagupt said to Bindu that give me one chance,i will shape Ashoka.
Bindu said this is must needed,his behaviour is changing day by day.,he cant control his anger,he can even break out from jail.He cant be change in jail rightly.
Siamak said you choose first whom you want to see alive,me or Ashoka !! Because if Ashoka will alive then my life will be in danger and also brother Sushim’s life.
In jail helena said to Ashoka that i know you cant believe but you will believe to the person who is going to die.Then Helena slit her wrist,Ashoka shocked and shouted for help.Helena said this is Kalkothari,here no one can listen you except the walls.You promise me or not ,i will tell you the truth of Acharya Chanakya’s death.
Then a flashback shown that Khalatak,Charumitra,Sushim stabbbed Acharya Chanakya one by one.(flashback end)
Helena said Sushim is the mastermind behind this.
Ashoka got very angry and pulled the rods of jail.After a heavy kick he breaked out from jail.He was on his way to the courtroom with a rod in his hand.He beat every soldiers who came in his way.Then a group of soldiers came to stop him.Ashoka said dont stop me today,i am out for justice and to punish the killers of Acharya Chanakya,who will stop me today will become my enemy.The soldiers step aside.
He came to the courtroom where some soldiers caught him,then he threw soldiers backward at a time.
Ashoka angrily said i will punish every culprits.Khalatak,who take Acharya Chanakya to a secret place and Siamak,Charumitra,Sushim all involved in this.Its all only for throne.Dharma said to stop but he said not to stop him.He angrily take the name of Sushim and gave a punch on his face.Them Bindu came to stop him but he pushed Bindu away.Ashoka hold the neck of Sushim tightly from backside and said you killed Acharya Chanakya,you know !! he was not only my teacher,also my God.Some soldiers came and pulled Ashoka,also Bindu pulled the hand of Ashoka to free Sushim.Then Ashoka beat the soldiers,take the sword of Bindu and attacked Sushim on his chest.Sushim fell down unconciously.Everyone shocked.Ashoka said one gone,there will be turn of every culprits.He was going to attack Charumitra,Bindu stopped him and soldiers tied him with chain.

Precap:-Bindu,siamak and Ashoka with Helana in jail,she was in her last phase.Bindu asked her that whatever you said to Ashoka is true !! Helena said i didnt tell anything about this to Ashoka.Hearing this,Ashoka shocked.In courtroom Bindu decide to banish Ashoka from Magadh.From after this,if you will seen in Magadh,you will be killed.

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