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Ashoka Samrat Monday 8th July 2019 On Joy Prime


The commander blocks Ashoka’s way and breaks his bow. Ashoka questions him on his act. How can you break the bow of Shri Ram? The commander smiles. Mir asks if everything is ok. Commander laughs that he broke the bow of this guy. He seems to be upset. He seems to be their leader. Mir looks in their direction. Ashoka thinks Khurasani’s and Unani’s won the game they played as it was their game with their set of rules. Now it will be my game.

Dharma comes before the artists. Helena, Nicator and Siamak are hiding nearby behind pillars. Dharma thanks all the artists for coming here. Ashoka addresses her. We are lucky to see you but can we not see Samrat once? Can he not come and bless us once? Dharma lies that he is unwell. Ashoka deduces that his father is still alive. Ashoka proposes to present Ramayana as Ram Naam frees everyone from all the pain. Dharma wonders if it is Ashoka. She recognizes him at the same time. Helena asks Dharma to send them away. We don’t have time. Dharma says you are right. Ram Naam frees everyone from their pain but we are helpless right now. Ashoka tells her not to lose out to situation. A King should be healthy so the state can prosper too. The bad times will go. Siamak is irked. Dharma is teary eyed. Helena whispers at her to ask the artists to leave. Ashoka keeps talking. We have to face the situation sometimes to change it. Dharma gives him hints. Ashoka deduces it all. Bindu is held captive in jail? Plus he is about to be given death penalty? Dharma asks them to take 7 Parikrama’s of Shiv temple and pray for their Samrat. Ashoka finds out the location of where his father has been held captive. The security is tight around father. It will be difficult. Ashoka agrees to follow her words. We will not present Ramayana this time. But can we not have some gift as your blessing before we leave? Helena nods at Dharma. Dharma asks them to come in the courtroom. Ashoka and everyone cheer for Rani Dharma.

Helena, Nicator, Siamak and Mir look on from far as Dharma gives gifts to the artists one by one. Her hands begin to shake as Ashoka comes before her. He holds the plate in her hand and gestures her not to be weak at this moment. We will pray that Samrat gets free from his problems and make preps for the upcoming celebrations. He intentionally drops the basket so he can seek his mother’s blessings. Siamak notices this. Why is this artist taking Dharma’s blessings? She too is blessing him. Why? He does not get to see Ashoka’s face clearly.

Bindu asks Mahamatya to find a way to get out asap. If we manage to give any signal to the artists who have come to meet us then it can help us. Mahamatya reasons that these people wont suffice their purpose. Bindu calls it their only option. We should not underestimate the power of ordinary people. Mahamatya says how we will get out of here. Bindu has a plan.

The artists pass through the corridors cheering Jai Shri Ram. Siamak peeks at them. He notices Ashoka finally. Ashoka gives his crown to someone else and hides behind a pillar. Siamak watches everyone till they walk out of the main door. Ashoka sees Siamak. It means that Unani and Khurasani couldn’t get hold of him. He hides as Mir was passing by from there. Siamak has seen Ashoka.

Mahamatya begins to speak against Khurasani and Unani. He spits in the soldier’s way that comes to hit them. Bindu holds him by his neck at the right moment.

Ashoka heads to the area where his mother had hinted him to go to. Siamak follows him. Ashoka must be going to free father.

Bindu and Mahamatya manage to free themselves and the 2 Queens. Shubhrasi asks about Dharma but he says I have to make sure you both are safe first. I will then see Dharma.

Siamak misses Ashoka. Siamak thinks to inform others. Ashoka is relieved to ditch the person following him (not sure if he knows it was indeed Siamak). A Unani soldier attacks Ashoka. Ashoka kills him and then thinks of something.

Charu, Shubhrasi, Mahamatya and Bindu fight with all the soldiers who stand in their way. Ashoka has donned the dress of Unani soldier. He kills all the soldiers who come in his way. Siamak looks on from far.

Nicator asks Dharma where her hope, her Ashoka is. I cannot see him anywhere. Helena says Magadh’s greatest warrior has become the greatest runaway warrior by being scared by us. Nicator says atleast Dharma wont have to be embarrassed because of her second child. Helena remarks that he will die inside the womb only. Nicator laughs.

Siamak keeps his sword at Ashoka’s neck from behind. He thinks of how Noor was killed. Ashoka says cowards like you cannot kill the person who has vowed to kill anyone who will try to hurt his motherland. Siamak thinks to kill him. Ashoka twists the situation around just then. Siamak says I thought it was some Unani soldier. Ashoka questions him on his attire and why he was eyeing the artists so intently. Siamak says I wore these clothes to keep Unani soldiers in dark. I also wanted to send a signal to the artists so I was looking at them. He asks him how he knows where father is. Ashoka shares everything with him. A soldier is about to attack them but Ashoka wards it off. He enquires about where father has been kept. The soldier tells him. Ashoka and Siamak go towards that area.

Bindu, Mahamatya, Charu and Shubhrasi think to make every move carefully as it is the last door. Ashoka and Siamak knock at the door just then. They enter inside with the pretext of taking water for the captives. Bindu and everyone manage to kill the guards and escape.

Ashoka finds the soldiers dead. Father succeeded in escaping. I have to find him. He wouldn’t have gone far. Siamak thinks to stop Ashoka before he alerts Bindu.

Dharma is dragged by the soldiers. She feels pain in stomach. She asks to be let free. You (Helena) are a mother. You would know that a lady is to be treated nicely in this condition. Helena agrees. It is important only when you have to give birth to a baby. A soldier informs Helena about their soldiers in the corridor area. They are all dead. Helena notices Dharma smiling. Don’t be happy. Helena tells Your foolish son wont be able to get out of here alive today. Dharma smiles. He defeated death the moment he was born. I have always taught him to follow the path of non violence but I wont stop him from doing what he has to do today (even to kill his Pitamahim, meaning Nicator). Helena slaps Dharma and takes her with her.

Mir sends a group of soldiers in different directions. Ashoka kills all of them. Mir notices Bindu, Mahamatya, Charu and Shubhrasi out of jail. Dharma is also brought there. Helena pushes Dharma but Bindu holds her in time. She is upset that all these people are still alive. Nicator calls her dumb for waiting for Ashoka. Helena reasons that they followed Mir’s idea. Whenever we have listened to Mir, we have failed big time. Mir offers to kill them all right away.

They hear a sound just when Mir is about to attack Bindu. A large army stands outside. A soldier informs that they have been attacked. The members of royal family are relieved. Ashoka says no one can defeat us when both my brothers are with me. He goes with Siamak.

Bindu says a mother would have maligned relations but my sons do know how to respect relations. They will defeat you.

Acharya RG and Nayak are right next to Sushim. Soldier updates Helena, Mir and Nicator about the army standing outside the gate. Nicator asks about Ashoka. Soldier denies. Dharma sasy you dint even imagine it. Till now you (foreigners) have seen differences between our family but now you will see their unity. A tree’s branches may go in separate directions but they share the same root. They are so deep rooted in it. People like you wont understand it.

Sushim asks everyone to attack before the opponent gets ready.

Nicator says that they aren’t ready to face this situation. Mir points out that they still have last chance. Nicator understands his point. Samrat will be our shield till our army becomes equal in number to Maurya army.

Sushim attacks at the palace. Ashoka thinks this is the perfect time to surprise Unani’s. It will be great if I get hold of either Helena or Nicator. Siama stops him. Please don’t go. Ashoka says we have been attacked. Why are you stopping me? Siamak says you don’t know Mir. If he can keep sword on his grandson then he can do anything. Ashoka understands his fear. But this is war. I have to face them without worrying about myself. This is the time. Siamak says what if they hurt Mata Dharma or other Mata’s or father. I don’t want you to be responsible for any such situation. My mother has died already. You have been somehow blamed for it. We lost Drupad then. Somehow the blame of it also came on you. Don’t repeat this mistake. Ashoka says we don’t have any other option. I will have to do it without thinking of the consequences. Siamak keeps his hand on his head. you have my swear. Ashoka stands helpless. Siamak smiles. I gave a chance to Pitamahim (Nicator) to handle the situation by giving my swear to Ashoka.

Helena asks Mir to hurry up. They can enter inside anytime.

There are cheers of Jai Janani and Har Har Mahadev from the crowd gathered outside. Bindu looks proudly at them.

Nicator asks Bindu to surrender. Bindu refuses. My citizens and soldiers are fighting with such spirt. You might have to give in soon. Mir makes him sit on his knees. Nicator asks Sushim to stop. Put down your weapons if you want to see Bindu alive.

Ashoka questions Siamak as to why he stopped them. everyone will have to bear the punishment of our cowardice. Siamak acts to apologise.

Nicator gives them a count till 10 during which they must back down or Bindu will have to die. Dharma is panicked. Sushim brought a huge army. What’s the point of living by losing Samrat?

Ashoka thinks it is important for everyone to stay alive by surrendering today. Sushim asks for a solution. Acharya RG asks Sushim to surrender so Ashoka from inside can make them win. Sushim is in thoughts. Ashoka hopes his brother realises it is not about them right now but of Magadh. Don’t bring our enmity between this. Sushim says we can sacrifice one person for the betterment of the state. Father, ancestors, Guru’s taught me this. We have to think beyond personal relations. Whenever people like you (Nicator) will ask us to choose between family and state then we will choose state over family. this is the tradition. Father will be pained if I surrender now. We wont lay our weapons down. We will fight today. There will be a decisive war today! Mir tells them to see Bindu dying now.

Acharya RG tries to make Sushim understand but Sushim says your orders don’t apply on me. Would have told the same to Ashoka if he was here on me? Ashoka wonders why his brother wants to make himself look good in everyone’s eyes in this condition also.

Mir is about to kill Bindu when Sushim asks him to stop. This is very difficult for me. I have a suggestion. You did all this for revenge. I suggest you to kill Magadh’s heir – kill me. you will be allowed to go back from here safely. I will get this permission from father. Bindu refuses to let it happen. I cannot see my another son dying. It will be better to die then.

Nicator asks Helena if Sushim was this Pitr-bhakt (someone loving his father). These people don’t care about anyone otherwise but they unite when any problem comes on them. Helena says Sushim is way ahead than us in cheating. He is only making use of the opportunity. He wont shed even a drop of blood for anyone. don’t trust him. Nicator again gives them the same option. Maurya does not care about you anyways as you are nothing. Ashoka is the heir and Yuvraaj. We don’t have time. Make a decision fast. Sushim thinks to accept the proposal. Father will die otherwise. Citizens will get angry and fight. I will lose in the process. He agrees to surrender. He too says Jai Janani this time. Helena, Mir, and Nicator are shocked. Bindu too murmurs Jai Janani. You did the right thing son. Your decision proves how capable you are to be made a king in future. Dharma cries but Bindu says this isn’t a time to cry. Charu thinks Sushim made full use of the opportunity. Killing two birds with one stone! He is my son after all.

Precap: Ashoka notices Helena talking to Siamak. Helena tells him not to worry. I will make sure everything goes as per our plan. Ashoka gets thinking. Is Siamak on their side?

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