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Saraswatichandra Update On Tuesday On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Kumud thinking about Saras. She feels sad and says your Kumud has died, but this Kumud have to live. She applies Sindoor in her Maang. She gets a call from Kusum. Kusum asks how she is and asks about Pramad. She asks are you happy there. Kumud says didn’t mum told you that I m very happy. Kusum says you sound sad. Kumud says this is not out house where I can shout and talk, this is my Sasural. Kumud asks about her exams. Kusum talks about Saras. Kumud says forget everything. Kusum says are you crying. Kumud says no and makes excuses. Kumud thinks about Pramad’s rude behavior.

Kusum thinks Kumud has settled in her new life. Kumud says yes, I will, but… Kusum says what but. Kumud says Pramad is calling me, I will call you later and cuts the call. Kumud cries and says how can I tell you about my fate. I started walking and I had to stop and see Saras again. She says when he is infront of me, he reminds how he cheated me, Pramad comes and asks why don’t you tell your parents everything, and how is your husband. Pramad says I don’t care you live here or not. He drinks wine and says Kumud is your name, right. Today because of you, my dad regards me as a dog, but I m angry on you. He brought you to tie me with you. I will never bear this, he wipes her sindoor, saying this relation is forced on me. He speaks against Saras also. Kumud gets angry and says enough, stop it, don’t speak a word against him. Pramad says you spoke, how can you forget that you cannot question me and answer me. He throws her mobile and pushes her. She stares at him. He says don’t stare at me, look down.

He moves ahead to slap her, and she moves back. She walks out of the room. Pramad lies on the bed. Kumud sees Saras outside her room. Saras looks at her, she tries to hide her pain. Saras watches Pramad and says listen to me once. Kumud says go from here, my husband and I want to stay alone. She goes inside the room and closes the door. Saras stands outside the door. Kumud cries as she is badly stuck. She opens the door and sees Saras is gone.

Kuch na kahe… bas chup rahe.. khamoshiyan ye keh jaaye, tham jaaye ye jahaan. aur pal bhi theher jaaye….. Rahe na kuch bhi darmiyaan……. The song goes on..
Saras walks outside the house, its raining. (Saras looks dashing!!) Saras thinks how Kumud closes the door on his face. Kumud is sitting in her room crying. Saras says I got the punishment for my mistake, my Kumud is now someone’s else. I can’t see her like this.

Kumud takes the phone and says this is the first gift which you gave me Saras, it broke and now I m tired of loving you and hating you, go from here. Saras says become my Kumud for one moment, let me apologize to you, then I promise I won’t show my face to you. His head aches, and he gets wounded again. He sees the blood and thinks how can I think my wounds will heal. He says Kumud, I will love you till my last breath and this wounds will not heal. He says I have ruined my life with my own hands, and also your life Kumud. Why did I do this, he slaps himself and cries. He sits on the ground and shouts Kumud.

The next morning, Guniyal talks to Vidyachatur, and asks him what work he has. Vidyachatur says he has to meet someone. He tries to hide something from her. He says I felt Chandresh Bhai wanted to tell me something, Guniyal says yes even I felt so. He says we have seen only Budhidhan and married Kumud in his house. We did not meet Pramad and know about him. Guniyal says even I m worried about Kumud. He says maybe everything is well, but I have given my daughter to them, so I want to be sure. Guniyal agrees and asks him to go. Kusum comes and says my exams ended today, I m thinking to rest now. They have a laugh. Vidyachatur leaves. Kusum asks Guniyal about her health.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud wakes up. She goes to Saras’s room and sees Saras is not in the room. She thinks about what she did the previous night. She says I told you to go from my sight, did you go from this house.

The Episode starts with Kumud looking out for Saras. She thinks he might have left the house and cries. She hears the Shank’s sound and says we don’t have any relation now but the wounds of the heart will have to heal, you are gone so that I can start a new life with a blank new heart. Saras plays the Shank sounds. Saras thinks I don’t have any right on you now, but I want to apologize to you once. He prays to his Lord.

Scene shifts to Guniyal:

Guniyal is feeling lazy. Yash’s mother taunts her. Badimaa says Yash does not work, what will his wife eat then, Vidyachatur manages all of us. They both argue. Guniyal interrupts and says I will make some food. Yash’s mum starts crying and leaves. Badimaa thinks there is no equality between Yash and Pramad. Guniyal says she is right, Chandresh Bhai came and we got a doubt on Pramad. What did he mean, we did not understand. Badimaa says I told Vidyachatur to think before taking a decision. Kusum comes and says she is going to make food. They have a laugh.

Scene shifts to Palak:

Kumud hears Palak talking to Sid about his studies and Pramad. Kumud helps Sid study. She says I will end my work in kitchen and will come to teach you. Kumud’s mum-in-law is working in the kitchen with Murakh Das. Saras comes there and Kumud gets tensed. Saras brings the prasad from the Mandir and offers them. Kumud makes excuses and does not take the prasad. Kumud stares at him. Saras notices that she actually turned him down and is stunned, he feels bad. Saras leaves from the kitchen.

Scene shifts to Kusum:

Kusum makes food and asks everyone to taste it and say how it is. She says she has to leave for the Karkhana. Badimaa asks Kumari to learn everything from Kusum. Kusum thinks is there any problem with Kumud.

Scene shifts to Palak:

She scolds her husband Inkesh infront of Saras. She tells Kumud and Pramad should also be a part of the press conference. She gives him some work and sends him. She asks Saras what happened. Saras asks about Pramad. Palak says you will know it yourself. Palak talks about the social work. She says its necessary for Budhidhan to be in the press conference. Saras says we should be sorry to the opposition party. Palak disagrees. Saras explains his ideas to her. It looks like he is talking about Kumud, not the party. Palak listens to him patiently and then agrees with him.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

The next morning, Kumud is singing a Bhajan Man Mohana in sweet voice. Saras hears her and comes out of his room. He looks out for her and smiles seeing her.(He might be thinking what he missed, silly Saras for not marrying her, really idiotic getting happy seeing her as someone else’s wife!!) Kumud turns and sees him. They have an eye lock. (Please Kumud, hug him!!) Kumud’s mum-in-law comes (Was she required in this scene!!) and says I heard your bhajan, you sing sweet. Kumud greets her. She praises Kumud and asks Saras to take the Aarti and Prasad. She leaves. (Thankfully soon!!)Kumud and Saras are left alone. (Yippee!!)Saras asks for Prasad forwarding his hands. (He looks so sweet!!) Kumud asks Murakh Das to give Aarti and Prasad to Saras. Kumud leaves. (This is a slap on Saras’s face!!) He takes the Aarti from Murakh Das.

Kumud is cooking in kitchen and says I don’t know what everyone likes. Murakh Das tells her about everyone’s likes and dislikes. Murakh Das says I don’t know about the guest Naveen Chandra. He leaves. Kumud says she knows Saras better than anyone else. Everyone sot for breakfast. Budhidhan calls Saras also. Saras is about to eat and turns to see Kumud. Budhidhan asks her to come and sit and have breakfast with them. Kumud sits beside Saras. Budhidhan asks Saras to taste what Kumud made. Kumud says he cannot eat it, its spicy. Everyone looks at her. Kumud makes an excuse. Budhidhan says we like spicy food, but you should try it. Saras thinks Kumud still loves me, please forgive me.

Kumud sits infront of the Lord and says Saras wants to apologize, he don’t have the right to come back, go from here.

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