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Saraswatichandra Tuesday 2nd July 2019 On Adom Tv


The Episode starts with Pramad leaving from his room in anger. Kumud cries thinking about how treated her yesterday night. She thinks about Pramad’s warning and Saras’s words. Kusum comes and says see what I brought for you. She brings mahendi and bangles for her for Teej. She says I will apply mahendi to you. Kumud syas Kusum I won’t keep the fast. Kusum asks what happened. Kumud says is anything hidden from you. Kusum says the importance of Teej. Kumud says there is nothing between her and Pramad. Kumud says Badimaa did not keep the fast as she did not have any respect for her husband. Kumud says if Pramad does not ythink of her as his wife, why to keep the fast. Kusum says what will you say to Pramad’s mum. Kumud says I have to tell her the truth. Kusum says don’t hurt her.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur’s house:

Kumari adds red chilly powder in Danny’s food. She comes to Danny and gives him the food plate and asks him to have it. He thanks her. He shouts as its very spicy. She laughs. She says I will add more if you don’t go from here.

Scene shifts to Budhidhan’s house:

Pramad’s mum is doing the Teej arrangements. She tells Kumud about it. She says you have to convince Pramad as he does not believe in this. Kumud tries to talk to her but she leaves. Kumud sees a paper and a pen and writes that I don’t want to hurt you but I don’t want to keep the fast, forgive me. She gives the letter to Pramad’s mum. She says keep it. Kumud says read it. Kalika comes and sees the letter. Kalika says Budhidhan is calling you. Pramad’s mum leaves. Kalika reads the letter which Kumud wrote. Kalika smiles. Kalika writes another letter and keeps it there.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur’s house:

Guniyal and Badimaa are thinking to gift Kumud a jewellery set and clothes for her Teej. They call Kumud’s home. Kalika receives the call and talks to Guniyal. Guniyal says tomorrow Chandrika and Kumari will be coming there bringing gifts for Kumud. She says tell this to Pramad’s mum. Kalika says I will tell it. Saras comes and asks whose call was it. Kalika says wrong number and lies to him. Saras sees the letter, but Kalika takes it back from him before he reads. He wonders what game is Kalika playing now. Kalika comes to Pramad’s mum and gives her the letter which she wrote. Pramad’s mum reads it that Kumud won’t be able to work as she is not well. Pramad’s mum laughs. Kumud comes and says I did not know how you will react so I wrote the letter. Pramad’s mum says ok, as your wish, go and rest. Kumud thanks her. Pramad’s mum returns the letter to Kumud. Kalika is shocked.

Kalika acts like she fell. Pramad’s mum runs to her without giving the letter to Kumud. Pramad’s mum leaves with Kumud. Kalika smiles thinkign she won. Budhidhan comes and asks his wife to forget all the problems. Pramad’s mum asks Pramad where he is going. Pramad says shall I go to bring a gift for Kumud for Teej. Budhidhan looks at him.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur’s house:

Guniyal asks Kumari did she keep Pramad’s mum’s saree. Kumari says yes. Badimaa says ask Chandrika to get ready soon and call us after reaching there.

Scene shifts to Budhidhan’s house:

Pramad’s mum is impressed by Kalika’s work. She asks Kalika to have food. Kalika says I can’t have food because I kept the fast. Pramad’s mum says did your dad saw a guy for you? Kalika says partly. Kusum asks Kumud did Pramad’s mum agree so easily. Kumud says yes, she did not ask me anything. Kalika comes to Kumud with fruits. She says Pramad’s mum has sent this. Kusum asks why. Kumud asks her to leave from her room. Kalika leaves. Kusum says your mum-in-law is supporting you rather than her son.

Kusum says Pramad’s mum is happy with Kumud’s decision. Guests start coming. Pramad’s mum welcomes the guests. They ask where is Kumud. Kalika is planning something evil. Kalika says Kumud is not well, meet her in her room. Kusum makes Kumud eat fruits. Pramad’s mum and Kalika along with the guest come there and are shocked to see her having fruits.

The guests says she broke the fast, what is this bad sign. Pramad’s mum asks Kumud why she is having the fruits. Saras comes and sees this. Kumud says I wrote in the letter that I won’t keep the fast. Saras thinks why Kalika took that paper from him, Kalika is seeding evil in this house. Pramad’s mum scolds Kumud. Kalika smiles. Pramad’s mum apologizes to the guests and asks them to leave as she has to talk to Kumud alone. The guests leave. Pramad’s mum says you behaved like Pramad today and you have disappointed us. Kumud cries. Pramad’s mum leaves saying you have hurt me a lot. Saras looks on.

The Episode starts with Budhidhan coming to Kumud and saying I trust you. He says you decide whether you want to fast or not, no one will force you. Kumud says I know how much Maa wanted me to keep the fast as she feels its very important. He says I will explain her. Kusum says sorry for creating a problem for Kumud, and asks her not to cry. Kumud looks at Saras and he assures her and thinks he will do something of Kalika and he will settle the scores with her for getting Kumud insulted. He says count your days in this house Kalika. Budhidhan talks to Saras and likes his ideas and asks him to talk to Alak. Murakh Das welcomes Chandrika and Kumari. They pass by Saras and does not see him. Kusum and Kumud see Saras and are tensed. Saras leaves from there. Kumud hugs them and is happy to see them.

Kumud asks how are you all. Chandrika asks about Pramad. Kumud says he is fine, went out for some work. Kumud welcomes them. Chandrika gives Teej’s clothes and jewels. Pramad’s mum meets them. Chandrika says we brought some gifts for you. Budhidhan says yes, they came to our house for the first time. Kumari greets him. Kumud says we were waiting for this. Kalika comes and smiles. Kumud have a talk with them. Kusum looks on. Pramad’s mum says I m not well, I need rest so I m going to my room, you guys carry on. Budhidhan says its because of the fast and takes her to her room. Chandrika asks Kumud is everything fine at home. Kumud says yes. Budhidhan talks to Pramad’s mum. Budhidhan says Kumud kept teh fast only for your sake because you believe in Teej. She says what will everyone say, so many people saw Kumud. Budhidhan takes Kumud’s side and asks her to speak to Kumud’s family well.

Budhidhan asks Kusum where are everyone. Kusum says they left early. Pramad’s mum leaves. Budhidhan says tell me if you need anything. Pramad’s mum tells the women about the Teej and its story. Kumud adds to the importance. Kumud says I kept the fast. Kalika says Pramad is not receiving my call, I m trying, did anything bad happen. Pramad’s mum gets worried. Kalika says I know where he might be, shall I go and see. Pramad’s mum says yes, go and see. Kumud stops Kalika and says I wil bring him back. Kalika says you, he won’t come with you. Kumud says I know nothing bad will happen with him, and says I will go. Pramad’s mum says take Kalika with you.

Kalika says the place is very far, how will Kumud manage. Kumud says nothing will happen to me, I will break the fast after I bring him. Kumud and Kalika leave for bringing Pramad in the car. Kumud asks Kalika to stop and says I will go inside. Kalika says you will go inside? Being the bahu of the Budhidhan house. Kumud says I don’t know whats this place, but I will bring him out of any hell.

Kumud enters the place where people are playing cards and drinking wine. Pramad is also playing there. The men see Kumud. Pramad sees her and asks her what you are doing here. She says I came to take you, Maa is worried. He says are you mad, leave from here. She says I won’t leave without you, I promised Maa. He says I won’t come, go from here, don’t create nuisance. She says if you don’t come with me, I will call police. Kalika hears this. Pramad asks his friends to relax and tells Kumud you are warning me, will you send me to jail. He asks her to leave. Kumud calls police. Pramad asks what are you doing. She makes them hear that she called police. The men say lets leave, whats all this. Pramad takes Kumud’s phone and cuts the call. He walks out and sees Kalika. Kalika says Pramad what could I do, your mum asked me to take Kumud. Pramad gets angry. She says you be angry on me, not on her. She taunts Pramad and asks him what you will do. Kalika says hide your face and sit at home. He gets angry.

Pramad sits in the car. They leave for home. Kusum tells Saras that Kumud went to bring Pramad. Saras is worried and says why did she not take me, if Pramad does anything. Saras and Kusum see that Pramad came home. Kumud drinks water. Kusum says you did not eat anything, shall I bring food, Kumud says no. Saras drinks the same water which Kumud drank. Murakh Das says Saras I will bring food for you, you are hungry. Saras says I will eat later. Kusum sees this.

Kumud comes to her room. She is shocked to see Pramad suddenly appearing infront of her. Pramad comes to her and says I care for you so brought gift for you. He shows her bangles and says this are smaller in size. He gives her and says wear it. He hurts her and says this gift will make you know that I m the man and you are the woman. He says I have many ways to show you I m the man but you are not hot. She starts crying. He says sit here and says wear it. She gets hurt. Kumud says what are you doing. He says its not going. Kumud says leave me and says its hurting me. Pramad smiles.

Murakh Das tells Kalika that he is going to find someone for her. Kumud taunts Kalika and says your dad will find someone for you. Kalika and Pramad are shocked.

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