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Meri Aashiqui Thursday 27th July 2019 On Joy prime


Nurbhay asks Vikram why he broke the rule of the house and spoke to Ishaani. He asks Vikram why he was speaking to her, he will now get punished. Ishaani comes downstairs and says he hasn’t broken any rule, he wasn’t talking to her but she was. He had told her he didn’t want to talk to her. Nurbhay asks if she is telling the truth. Vikram says yes. Nurbhay says be it a man or a wife, she will get punished. She will now have to clean all the windows of the house from outside, if he watches a single stain he will get them cleaned again. Vikram goes inside, everyone head to work.
Vikram says to Aarti in the room what kind of punishment is this, this has been done deliberately so that she fell off them. Aarti asks why he is thinking this much. Vikram says Ishaani did so to save him. Aarti says he didn’t ask her to take her name. Vikram says he can do it at least now. Aarti asks what he will do and what he can do. He knows that Nurbhay is just like that, he must not mingle with him and relax. Vikram says this is so wrong, till when they will remain like this. Aarti says he must see his bank balance and cheques first, Nurbhay signs them for him.
Ishaani cleaned the windows, struggling on the corner of walls to stand up. She peeks through the window of the locked door, she thinks it is the same room and Nurbhay must have locked that person inside. Nurbhay looks for Ishaani, he unlocks the room but the key didn’t work, wondering if she has gone inside this room. Ishaani knocked at the window from outside.
Naina was there on wheelchair, she struggles and gets down the wheelchair. Aarti watches her and shouts her name, Nurbhay runs to hold her up again. Everyone come running, Ishaani also come there. Nurbhay asks how this happened, where everyone was. Naina was panting. Ishaani says may be there wasn’t anyone’s mistake, may be Naina herself wanted to get up. Nurbhay shouts who asked her? No one interferes when he speaks and tells her to go and clean the windows. He tells his maa to take Naina outside. Aarti offers to push the wheelchair and goes outside.
Ranveer was listening to the music, he watches the ladies there. Naina coughed, her maa says she forgot to bring her water and geos to get it leaving Naina on the wheelchair. He turns away. A dog runs towards Naina who gets afraid and shivers in fear. Ranveer comes between and saves Naina from the dog’s attack. He throws food at it to indulge him into eating. He tells Naina not to get afraid, humans must be afraid of humans, dogs are loyal to humans. It is strange that humans that are meant to be friends isnt loyal. He says if she is really afraid of dogs, he can tell her a secret. He hands her the biscuit and says she must give these biscuits to dogs, they will become loyal to her. He leaves. Naina keep watching her. Maa brings water for Naina and notices Naina was lost. Aarti tells maa that she got the call, they must leave. Naina goes inside with the dog’s biscuits clutched.
Ranveer comes to sit with the dog and dog’s man, he says sometimes one has to do something wrong to get something right. The man say it was a big risk for him, he could have bitten him. Ranveer hands him money to feed the dog and goes to prepare for exhibition.
Aarti comes down ready and asks how she looks. Her husband appreciates her, they go hand in hand with each other. Vikram comes excited about the exhibition. Ishaani hears this all, thinking they are going on exhibition and no one will be here at home. It is the right time to make that lady run away. But how would she do that, door has been locked and she must enter from the window. Vikram makes fun of Nurbhay saying if he watches them he would also insist to go, and he has no sense of art. Nurbhay stood at the door and asks who is the hitler. Aarti says there is Uttam’s friend, Hitler Singh Oberoi. Nurbhay asks him to invite him sometime, and asks where they are going. Aarti says they are going to art exhibition. Nurbhay asks without him. Vikram says what he will do there. Nurbhay asks why they didn’t ask him. He asks if they must go now. Uttam asks if he has an interest in the art. Nurbhay says they have invited him for ribbon cutting ceremony.

Vikram and Ushat make up in front of Nurbhay that they have to go to some meeting and must not get late. Nurbhay appreciates them for working hard, they must now leave. Aarti says she has something important to do, she will go for some factory work. Nurbhay says that her job is take care of Naina is the Art exhibition. He will get Ishaani as well, they will be photographed in the exhibition.
Ishaani tells the lady she is with her, but the lady wasn’t ready to leave. She says if Nurbhay even watches her here he would kill her. Nurbhay comes looking for Ishaani, Ishaani notices his presence. When he opens the door and looks around wondering she must be here. Ishaani had hidden in the wardrobe. He thinks he had seen here. Ishaani silently runs outside the room, relieved in the corridor. Nurbhay stood just behind her. She turns around and is afraid at once. He asks where she had been, and shouts his question again. Ishaani stammers she went to get water for goat. Nurbhay clutches her hand and drags her into the room. He says he had forbidden her to come out of the room, how dare she? He snatches her dupatta at which Ishaani calls Ranveer.
Ranveer feels the call and gets hiccup. The servant gets him water and asks why is he worried? He watches Ishaani’s photo on his desktop screen, shuts it at once.
Ishaani asks Nurbhay how dare he touched her dupatta. He clutches it and says she doesn’t know his courage. He goes to throw clothes at her and tells her to get ready in five minutes.
Aarti comes to exhibition with Naina. Nirbhay arrives with Ishaani and poses to get photographed with her. He says he hasn’t married her to get a rashan card for himself, else he will get his real husband rott in jail. Ishaani say she would do what he would ask her to. The manager welcomes them taking them inside. Ranveer watches them and takes a drink. Aarti shows the art to Naina. The manager introduces Nurbhay to the artist. Nurbhay asks Ishaani to reply him in English that she does. The manager comes and asks Aarti if she liked the painting. Naina thinks about Ranveer and smiles. Aarti watches the painting that had been designed in that dog’s scenario. The painter was Veer, Aarti asks the manager who is the painter. He points at Ranveer. Ranveer turns around and cautiously smiles at Naina who was also watching him with a smile. Aarti watches her and thinks Naina is smiling and is really happy, she must tell maa. She goes to maa and asks her to come along her to Naina. She weeps and tells maa not to disturb Naina, who is really happy. Maa says in that painting, there is a girl like Naina.
The stage secretary thanks the painter who came to showcase his painting in Karnaal, getting shifted from Mumbai. He says there is a special painting, a work of art that will be go for bidding today. He asks Nurbhay and his wife to remove the curtain off the painting. Ishaani and Nurbhay come to the stage. It was Ishaani and Ranveer’s childhood painting that shocks Ishaani. Ranveer observes her curtly and leaves. Ishaani watches the signature as Veer and thinks it must be Ranveer’s painter name, she looks for him but he had left. Ishaani runs outside the hall and hears someone congratulating Veer. She goes calling Ranveer and places a hand on the painters shoulder calling him Ranveer. Ranveer shows him a thumbs up.

PRECAP: Ishaani wanders in a forest when they hear a wild animal roar. Ranveer had been painting in the same forest.

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