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Meri Aashiqui Monday 1st July 2019 On Joy Prime


Vikram, Aarti and Uttam discuss with each other that Nurbhay must not know about it. They all compel Aarti to talk to Naina. Aarti says she has never been close to Naina. Ishaani comes inside, she says Aarti must talk to Naina. Naina has bolted herself in the room. Aarti says Naina has always been like this, but she won’t take a wrong step. Ishaani asks who can talk to Naina in this matter. Aarti says Pooja used to talk to Naina. Ishaani asks to call Pooja, Aarti says she is no more. Aarti tells Ishaani that whenever Naina was worried Pooja would wear her favorite coloured sari and dance for her to make Naina happy. Ishaani says she will bring the joy for Naina back, but they must all help her and give her that green saari. They were shocked.
Naina was in her room besides the window. The lights go off, Ishaani enters the room. Naina wonders this is Pooja’s saree. Ishaani dances for Naina who gets happy.
Ranveer thinks he must meet Naina as this is the right time. He heads towards Naina’s room.
Ishaani danced in the room for Naina who watched happily. Ranveer passes by the corridor and watches Ishaani dancing in the room curtly. He thinks not Naina but Ishaani is listening to the song, and dancing for Nurbhay. He hadn’t thought she would become so shameless. Nurbhay comes home and thinks this is Naina’s favorite song on which Pooja and Naina used to dance. Ranveer leaves outside the door thinking he didn’t come to see this all. Naina had struggled to stand up. Nurbhay comes to the room and slaps Ishaani enraged, asking how dare she wore this saree. He breaks the vase on the floor. Ranveer thinks in the corridor why he is feeling so angry, Ishaani is nothing to him; he came to meet naina and would meet him. Nurbhay holds Ishaani and says she has crossed all her limits of being a woman, today he will cross his limits. Ishaani pleads him that she hasn’t done anything. Ranveer had just passed the hall where Nurbhay drags Ishaani. Ranveer watches Naina standing at the door on her own feet. He exclaims that Naina is standing, she has got a good height and must be given a title of Miss Mountain Everest. Aarti watches this and goes to bring Uttam. Naina was about to fell off, Ranveer holds her in arms. Uttam cheers watching this. Ranveer tells Naina that life is really long, she must live it each moment. Ranveer tells Naina that she must get a gift, but she must now rest. Aarti cries that Naina has stood on her own feet for the first time.
Nurbhay bolts the door and says he loosened her a bit, and what he has done to him. Now she must see what he does to her. He drags Ishaani’s saree for that she resists. He tells her to open it up else he will do it. He throws bed sheet at her to wear this instead. Ishaani comes out of the partition and gives the saree for Nurbhay. He holds it, he asks how dare she wore this. Ishaani asks him to forgive her, she only wanted to… Nurbhay holds her hair from behind saying she has no right to wear this saree. If she dare touch anything without his permission… Aarti comes running, calling Nurbhay and shouting Naina’s name. Nurbhay hurries outside.
Naina sat with her eyes shut. Ranveer tells her that her gift is ready, she might open her eyes now. She smiles at the smiley he had made. He heads to leave and says he came to see if she is fine, because he saw her a little losted in the garden. Naina smiles, stands up and waves him a bye. Ranveer leaves.
Aarti takes Nurbhay to Naina’s room. He is shocked to see Naina standing on her own feet in the room, smiling. He smiles and comes to Naina who smiles back at him. He hugs her tight and kisses her forehead in love. Naina was happy by herself. They all help her sit down again. Aarti asks where that man went? Nurbhay asks which man? Aarti says he was there on exhibition as well, Naina smiled watching him. Vikram watches the smiley on Naina’s hand and says he must be the painter, he has made it too. Aarti says she is sure today Naina is standing because of him, he is the reason for the happiness of Naina. Vikram holds Naina in his arms and swirls her saying now Naina will stand on her own feet. Nurbhay thinks Naina is only standing today because of Ishaani

Nurbhay comes to room drunk, he gets to Ishaani’s feet who was sitting on the floor. He says he owes her making Naina alright, but he can never forgive her for wearing this saree. He takes the saree over himself, and asks if she wants to know why? He takes her to room that remained locked. Ishaani wonders who that lady was who was locked up in the room. Nurbhay cries that it is Pooja, his wife. He had gifted her the saree and she promised to keep it with her always. Ishaani wonders where is the lady she tried to save. Nurbhay says she must be thinking whom he talks to in the room, it is her feeling here. He says she is alive, in the bouquet, sindoor, bindi. He always keeps her belongings as if she is coming to him even today. He shows her Pooja’s clothes, jewelry and everything. He says his family tells him to put her things in Ganga, but her memories won’t go from this room and his luggage won’t go from this room. He says she is alive till his breathes go on. She wore the saree to prove that Pooja is dead, for this he can never forgive her. He takes the saree off himself, he says he only see the green color of his Pooja that suited her a lot. He says whatever he is, it is because of her. Luck gave him everything, but took away Pooja. This all happened because of her Ranveer… he fell off at once. Ishaani holds him around her neck and helps him to bed. She covers him with quilt, and when she turns to leave he holds her hand. He says please not leave him Pooja. He says with half opened eyes that he always remembers her, why she is leaving him, he loved once in life then why she is doing this all to him. it is his mistake that he didn’t fight for his love, didn’t save her. Ishaani takes her hand off his. Nurbhay was asleep, tear felling off his eye. Ishaani goes to window thinking she got to see a new face of him, he loves Naina, his sister. His dead wife and has been waiting for her. He knows the meaning of love, still he apart her from Ranveer, but why? She has seen his human side today, she will talk to him tomorrow and maybe he sees the pain in her tomorrow. She prays that God has shown her that way, now HE must help her get onto it and let her meet Ranveer.
Vikram calls everyone at home that maa is here. Uttam comes to greet maa. Nurbhay comes downstairs and takes maa’s blessings. She hands him the Prasad. Nurbhay asks how her journey has been. Maa apologizes for not telling him, Nurbhay asks if any mother ever apologizes her son. Aarti brings Naina, Nurbhay says now Naina can walk on her own feet. Maa is excited. Nurbhay helps Naina stands up and walk, at which Naina feels happy. Nurbhay tells maa to stay there, naina will come on her feet to meet her. Naina walks towards maa with trembling legs. Everyone is happy watching her. Maa goes towards Naina and hugs her tightly. Vikram says Nurbhay had forbidden else he would have told her in car.
Aarti asks maa if she remembers when there was the first smile over Naina’s face. There was a man who brought this smile, it must be Veer. Maa says for Veer, he must be no less than angel. Uttam says Veer is only a hero for Naina. Nurbhay tells them not to tease his sister at all. Ishaani heard this all, she thinks Nurbhay is in good mood today. May be he allows her to go away from here, by understanding her. Nurbhay watches Ishaani upstairs.

PRECAP: Ishaani checks on some files in the locker then puts them back. Nurbhay asks what she is doing here.

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